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Deep Kisses And A Visit

It's dawn, Cordelia and Guy were still awake and in his bedroom laying naked in bed while he was on top ravishing each other's lips as Cordelia runs her fingers through his hair, Her flesh is warm and her chest pressed against his, the whole night was spent making love and given apologies.

Guy loved every moment having Cordelia underneath his broad body, her skin is soft and satiny he couldn't stop feeling her up as for Cordelia. They finally pulled away for a break looking into each other's eyes, Her fingers traced down his face admiring his handsome looks

"Aren't you tired?" Cordelia whispered.

Guy brushed his nose gently against hers

"No" He shook his head "I can't stop when I'm with you" Cordelia shuddered pecking his lips over and over.

"Me neither" She breathed.

Flipping him over so she was on top, Guy sat up reconnecting their lips again as they kissed hungrily. Cordelia kept getting butterflies in her stomach enjoying every minute. Once again, Guy got back on top feeling her fingertips dig into his back as they began another round of ecstasy.

Guy thrust with a quick pace as Cordelia cried in pleasure, The amount of time without sexual activity, Cordelia felt complete bliss and didn't care how loud she was, Guy held her wrists down as he attacks her neck, leaving marks all around.

She loved how he felt deep inside and continued until they were exhausted then came undone, embracing into each other's arms

It's now the afternoon as the two slept deeply into each other's arms, Cordelia laid on Guy's chest, Hair spread all over, legs tangled together and birds chirped in the background. Cordelia finally came too opening her eyes very groggy.

Again she had a good night's rest especially in Guy's arms that she didn't want to leave the bed. So Cordelia snuggled more into Guy's warm body closing her eyes again listening to his heartbeat.

Suddenly she heard a car engine, Cordelia gasped popping up her head in surprise, she felt her heart begin to race this is the first time she ever saw someone on this residence.

Suddenly Cordelia started to think

Do I want to run?

Do I dash from this room for freedom?

Cordelia had her eyebrows scrunched glancing at Guy who is still sleeping peacefully suddenly she raked her finger down his innocent face still remembering the night they both had together.

It was heavenly and sweet.

Knowing her answer, Cordelia shook Guy's chest and in seconds he opened his eyes as he tugged up the corner of his lips but then he heard a car door as it disappeared swiftly.

Gently brushing off Cordelia, Guy quickly got up grabbing his jeans off the floor and slipping them on meanwhile Cordelia lowered her eyes liking the view.

"Stay here" Guy warned in a hard tone.

She covered herself with the sheet while watching him leave the room. Cordelia took the duvet with her walking over to the window very quietly getting a better look, the large open window had a good view of the front door.

This is my chance to escape but do I want it?

Cordelia asked very curiously knowing she needs to make a decision and quick!

Meanwhile, at the door, Guy cleared his throat forgetting to grab a shirt so right now his bulky torso is on display.

Mentally he kept cursing hating the company, Guy never has company nor people in his house... Ever.

Opening the door to be met with a middle-aged man dressed in a police uniform, Guy remained calm and grim wanting to get rid of this guy.

"Yes sir, may I help you?" Guy asked leaning against the door frame crossing his arms. The policeman narrowed his eyes glancing inside the house.

"Yes, We are visiting every house in this town investigating a kidnapping, Do you know this woman?" He held up a picture of Cordelia as she smiles happily along with her friend that happens to be cut out from the photo.

Guy looks at the picture acting concerned.

"I'm sorry officer I never saw this woman in my life and I have to say this kidnapping does worry me and I will keep an eye out" Guy answers in his English accent staring into his eyes.

The officer nods "Thank you for your cooperation sir... Do you have, uh company over?" He asked pointing to his own neck getting suspicious.

Guy touched his own sensing a hickey "Yes... A guy can get laid once in a while, Can he?" His voice is becoming annoyed and angry noticing Cordelia in the corner of his eye as he tensed up

The officer nods apologizing.

"Have a good day sir" Guy quickly closed the door, locking it securely and he felt better when he left, hearing his car fade away.

When Guy's eyes fell on Cordelia he is surprised, happy, and relieved, and somewhat angry.

Cordelia's body is covered in Guy's t-shirt

"Is he gone?" She asked. Staring at the floor.

Guy ignored her entering the bedroom sitting on the bed thinking of what just happened. Cordelia soon followed watching Guy blankly stare off.

"You okay?" Her questions kept coming

"He could have seen you" Guy spoke.

"B-But he did-"

"You should have stayed put when I told you too!" Guy barked. Cordelia sighed walking closer

"I'm sorry-"

"Just don't! I could have lost you!" Guy raised his voice making Cordelia jump back.

She noticed the fear in his eyes causing her heartache. Cordelia stepped closer resting her hands on his shoulders.

"I thought about running Guy" Cordelia spoke causing him to stiff and clench his fists and she continued

"And then I remember our night together... How I felt, how you made me feel and I loved... It" She finished shocking herself. Cordelia straddled his lap and cupping his face.

"So I stayed... I wanna be with you" She whispered pecking his lips. Guy is stunned but felt such happiness having to hear those words from the girl he loves.

Guy kissed back holding her waist as the kiss grew passionate, Cordelia broke away quickly removing his shirt.

Guy's eyes grew dark with lust trailing his hands upwards groping her breasts than his mouth connected to her right nipple, Cordelia moaned wrapping her arms around his neck starting another round for the fifth time.

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