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You Have Two Choices... Love or Betrayal

Cordelia Bane.


I stand in the backyard watching the snowfall from the white sky very slowly, I held out my arm as snowflakes instantly melted in the palm of my hand. My body is tucked underneath warm clothing that Guy bought before the snow came along,

It might have been three months but shockingly enough my time with Guy I wouldn't trade in the world, I wouldn't trade it to be rescued.

I kneeled down swapping some snow, my eyes found Guy ahead of me chopping up wood with the ax as he grunts with every hit.

"Are you gonna be finished yet?" I asked. Guy looked at me adjusting his cap

"Almost sweetheart, Why won't you go inside its getting cold"

I nod wiping my hands off and beginning to walk into the house, I enter the kitchen taking off my jacket and knitted hat. the warmth in the house made me feel better,

Minutes later, Guy came inside removing his jacket and cap too, I smiled grabbing a cup filling it with water, I take a few sips letting the liquid soothe my dry throat.

When I felt Guy's body hug me from behind, I smiled turning my head to look at him "Are you hungry?" I asked.

Guy rotated me around as my arms circled his neck our body heat brought warmth to the both of us.

"No, I'm not" I closed the gap between our lips and Guy wasted no time to respond, he cupped my face and It's starting to get pretty heated then my hands traveled to his belt buckle...

"Hold on sweetheart" Guy stopped me by grabbing my hands, I looked at him confused. "I have to make a run to town," He said. I pouted kissing his lips again and again until Guy returned it.

"Can it wait until tomorrow" I suggested lifting up his shirt very aroused, wanting him but Guy stopped me once again by snatching both of my wrists.

Guy chuckled noticing the desire for him in my eyes.

"I promise sweetheart we will definitely proceed this when I return but for now I have to get ready" Guy kissed my knuckles before leaving me alone in the kitchen.

I rolled my eyes knowing it will be hours till he gets back and knowing I won't be in the mood anymore.

I sighed washing my glass putting it away back in the cabinet I decided to find Guy who is in the bedroom finding clean clothing in his drawers. I sat on the bed watching Guy take off his shirt my eyes admired his back muscles suddenly an insane idea came to mind.



"Um... Can I-um... go with you?" I asked.

Guy seems to froze, I gulped hoping I didn't make him angry but it will be nice seeing people.

"... No"

I slumped my shoulders "Why?"

"No Cordelia!" Guy raised his voice. I crossed my arms feeling his eyes on me then I heard him sigh.

"It's just people will recognize you sweetheart... I didn't mean to yell at you" His voice is apologetic, I looked at him with sad eyes.

"I proven my devotion to you for the past months, at least you can do is trust me, Guy," I told. He sat down placing his hand on my knee.

"And I do... I just can't risk the chance of you being taken away from me"

My finger caressed his jawline "Please Guy I'll make sure you won't"

Guy's eyes found mine, I can feel he's having an inner battle with himself I really want for this to happen I miss seeing civilization, stores, laughter and people even pizza.

He sighed and nodded his head as my face lit up with happiness I hugged Guy very tightly.

"Thank you, thank you!" I grinned. When we pulled away, Guy stood walking over to his dresser pulling out a box.

"If we do this sweetheart there is something I want you to do for me," Guy said

"Anything" I chirped. Guy passes me a box that read

'Loreal black hair dye'

I arched a brow shifting my gaze to him.

"You want me to dye my hair?" I questioned.

He nodded "Chop, chop sweetheart, we ain't got all day, it will be dark in a few hours" I shrugged getting off the bed and heading inside the bathroom ready to endure my new look.

Half an hour later, I stare into the mirror at my new hair color I am not a brunette anymore it's officially black! Minutes later, Guy stood in the doorway.

"I look so different" I gasped.

Guy smirked, "That's the point sweetheart, Are you ready?" He asked. I smiled nodding my head.

"Yes" We exit the bathroom as Guy hands me a black fluffy beanie, I slip it on as we hold hands leaving the house I watched Guy lock the door. Before I got dressed he took off my ankle brace that felt good to remove.

The snow looked beautiful as it fell. the whole ground is covered.

Guy helped me into the car then he came in afterward, I heated up my hands waiting for Guy to turn on the car in moments, we were off.

We made it to town, I stare out the window stunned that I'm finally back, it took a good hour or three to travel over here but in the car with Guy is great. The car stops at a grocery store, I raised a brow looking at Guy.

He chuckled opening the door.

"I thought you would like to pick out any food you want," He said getting out I followed after as we collide hands heading inside the store.

I put on sunglasses that Guy gave, As we both enter the building It's slightly packed with parents and their little children, I even spotted a few people that I recognized they sometimes visited the diner where I use to work.

Guy leads us to the snack department, I held tightly onto his hand as we walked past people I made sure not to make any eye contact. What made my heart race beat a little faster is when I saw an old couple just staring at me narrowing their eyes.

I held Guy's arm holding him closer making it to the aisle, I stepped over to my favorite chip which was cheddar sun chips I grab two bags missing my snack.

Once we were done here, Guy wanted to go over to the medic supplies since its winter he wanted to make sure we had the right supplements if we ever get a cold.

We even did food shopping for the house once we were done we head for check out, I halted in my tracks that made Guy halt too making him chuckle,

Seeing candy bars in front, I bit my bottom lip becoming greedy so I grab three different bars,

Hershey bar, crunch bar, and Reese's buttercup

"Okay, I'm done" I smiled. Guy was about to check out until I heard him cursing "What is it?" I asked.

"I forgot an item" Guy mumbled suddenly he grabbed the back of my head bringing us close.

"Stay here, can you do that?" He questioned very grimly. To make him feel better, I kissed his lips.

"I'll be here" I whispered. Guy kissed me again before jogging off, I hold the items seeing a magazine rack beside me. To occupy my time I take a book starting to flip through pages getting the latest gossips on celebrities.

This column seemed pretty interesting, I put the magazine into the basket continue to wait for Guy as my eyes scanned the store until my gaze found...

My parents, entering the place with depressed eyes.

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