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A Serious Choice Has Been Made

Cordelia Bane.

You know-how in your dreams you are screaming on the top of your lungs for help or trying to run full speed away from the monster but you just end failing completely,

That's what is happening now, my eyes followed my parents as they head for the produce on the other side of the store. my mouth kept opening and closing but no words could come out I even took one step... That's all I can take, though an invisible barrier stood in front of me

The life in me didn't want to cross it, A voice kept telling me to run, go hug my parents and tell them, I'm fine, healthy... Happy. I scrunched my eyebrows looking off where Guy went a few minutes ago, I then closed my eyes reminiscing our sweet time together...

We always have late-night movie dates, we cuddle, kiss, laugh, smile, tell each other our childhood memories, make passionate love until we fall asleep and wake in each other's arms the next morning,

Just thinking about us brings butterflies to my stomach and a smile to my face even it... Makes me... Happy!

My old life had its journey, happy times, fun times with friends and family but it did have its downfall, My parents and I bickering from time to time,

Having to pretend that I don't know it was my best friend who my first boyfriend cheated on me with, Struggling with college, lying to everyone telling them I have a perfect life... Truth is I don't.

To the present day, Guy is making me happy that I haven't felt in a while he makes my heart race, gives me tingles, brings a real smile to my face that I hope will never go away.

I reopened my eyes again that is now watery, I take a deep breath getting reassured. My parents are still in sight still shopping for produce I turned my head again where Guy went then my parents.

A tear fell as I quickly wiped it away

"I'm sorry mom and dad... I love you" I whispered. Feeling a hand softly grab mine I see Guy holding the item he forgot.

"Are you ready?" He asked. I smiled nodding my head.

We head for the checkout, once we were finished Guy leads the way out colliding our hands. I took a farewell glance at my parents as they disappeared behind the walls.

Guy placed the bags into the trunk as I watched him then he escorted me to the passenger side. Opening the door, before I got in I looked up into Guy's eyes.

He arched a brow... Damn him.

I stood on my tiptoes kissing his lips until he returned it, I pulled back only an inch.

"I love you" I whispered.

Guy turned stunned then he cupped my face, kissing me again passionately.

"I love you too" He replied affectionately continued to kiss me, I even wrapped my arms around his neck as we kissed underneath the snowflakes as they fall above us all around.

The End.

Just kidding!!


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