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The Captor's Prisoner

Cordelia Bane.

The sound of gravel-filled my ears, whatever this man gave me it wore off minutes ago. I kept kicking the trunk hood over and over again we've been driving for god knows how long and I sobbed, couldn't do anything but lie here.

I tried screaming for help.

"Please god help me" I wept to myself.

This trunk is empty, no weapon whatsoever. I am filled with fear and afraid I'm going to be killed or whatever he plans to do with me.

Suddenly I screeched when my body flew forward from the sudden halt, I kicked the wall out of anger started to scream again

"LET ME OUT!!! HELP MEEE!!" I kept kicking.

My wrists were bound together by duck tape. Abruptly the trunk opened as the bright sunlight caught my eyes,

I groaned swiftly looking away and the dark figure grabbed my arm roughly dragging me out from the car.

"NO!! HELP ME!!!" I Screamed on the top of my lungs. Being tossed over his shoulder, I scanned my surroundings noticing we are in the woods and a glasshouse that looked dead and quiet.

The man-made a beeline inside the house, I continued to hit his back and kicking my feet. I grunt begging him to let me go and finally we entered a dark room, in seconds the light turned on,

I yelped being placed on the floor as I land on my back finally taking a look at my captor, my eyes widen in shock seeing the man that comes into the diner every Sunday.


He looks down at me as he removes his cap that looked awfully worn out, he is out of breath caused by me.

"You can scream all you want sweetheart, no one can hear you," His British accent told deep and rasp. I breathed heavy sliding away from him.

"P-Please let me go I haven't done anything" I whimpered. "Please"

He took steps forward squatting down to my level, I cried as his finger caressed my cheekbone.

"It's not happening sweetheart--do you see that there" He pointed with his finger,

my gaze followed then I see a jail cell that used half of the room, there was a bed placed inside and a toilet and padding on the wall and one vent.

That brought more fear to my body

"P-please don't put me in there! PLEASE!" I Cried, even more, struggling to break the bound.

"I don't think so" He replied suddenly he reacted by picking me up,

I yelped being thrown into the cell while he joins swiftly removing my red trench coat and shoes, I cried being held down as he did so.

When he finished, I was stripped down to my black sports bra and black boy shorts after he exits my cell taking my clothes with him, locking the door securely.

"Please don't leave me in here!!" I begged. He blankly looked at me then exited the room slamming the door shut and then after the lights shut off leaving me in the dark alone with my thoughts

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