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Spending The Days Without Hitches... Or Not.

Cordelia Bane.


It's evening, Guy and I lay in the backyard on a fleece blanket watching the stars above us. In the last hour, we spotted a shooting star and we both made a wish. I continued to laugh as Guy keeps telling cheesy jokes.

During our months together has been wonderful and happy but deep down I still know Guy kidnapped and taken me from my old life, I should hate him for it, be depressed...

But shockingly I don't.

And sure, I do miss my parents but if they found me or if I told them anything they would've taken Guy away from me... Forever and I can't let that happen.

I love Guy, I would be heartbroken.

I suddenly grew quiet causing Guy to notice, he petted my hair planting a kiss on my head as I smiled warmly.

"You okay sweetheart?" Guy asked. I sat up gazing down at him.

"Aren't you afraid someone will find out anything about me?" I asked with a frown. Because I am.

Guy sat up too as our faces were close. He tucks strands of hair softly behind my ear

Guy looked calm and warm "You shouldn't worry about that sweetheart-"

"But what IF Guy? You don't know what could happen" I told in concern holding in my tears.

That was one of my wishes, Not to lose Guy, nobody ever bothers us, Be in love with no one interfering.

"Come here," He told.

Guy helped me over to straddle his lap. Just being in his arms is making my heart flutter.

"You're right, I don't know what could happen sweetheart but all I know is, You will never be taken away from me, ever," Guy told seriously. My hands found cupping his face softly, my eyes scanned every feature of his.

"Good, because I don't want to lose you" I whispered wrapping my arms around his neck, resting our foreheads together. the silence all around us consumed.

I loved it, just us and no one else.

"And you won't sweetheart" He replied. I couldn't hold back anymore, my lips found his as I kiss him hungrily. My hands pushed him down without breaking our kiss, I didn't care if we were outside or if owls are watching.

I felt his hands hold my waist caressing me up and down, slipping inside my shirt,

I moaned tugging his shirt over, tossing it aside then it was my clothes until we were both naked.

I guess he doesn't care either.

The next day we were now inside laying naked in bed, I woke up not even five minutes ago, I got up discarding Guy's shirt from the floor slipping it on letting him sleep, I sneak out heading for the kitchen needing coffee and breakfast so I started cooking because I am very hungry.

Above the sink is the window showcasing the backyard, I see there is still blankets and empty bottles of juice we drank last night enjoying our night that brought a smile to my face.

I dried my hands off letting the coffee brew, I made my way to the backyard inhaling the morning air, starting to pick up the blankets.

My eyes saw the forest before me, I always wonder what hides behind it? Probably a river or more trees. Suddenly I got curious so I started walking forward, hearing nothing but silence.

"Hello!!" I called loudly


I grinned as a chuckle escapes my mouth loving the privacy. Guy must be up now so I return to the house. It felt good to roam, Guy even removed the ankle brace long ago which made me happier.

Before heading back inside, I placed the trash into the outside waste bin, then I heard a...

"Excuse me?" A male voice spoke from behind me.

I gasped feeling my heart stop completely.

I'm panicking, nervous, and most importantly, scared. I kept my back to him, clearing my throat.

"Yes?" I spoke softly, not facing him at all. It's too risky for him to see me. I pray that Guy comes any second.

"I am hoping if I can use some assistance?" He asked. I gulped turning my head just a little. I shrugged feeling my heart jolting.

"I-Um... Sorry but um... I'm very busy" I rejected.

"But you are on-"

"Please leave! I'm busy" I made my voice harsh hoping it will help. Hearing his footsteps fade, I sighed in relief glad that he's gone.

When I finally turned around to head inside, I halted spotting the man still here, When his eyes saw me...

They widen in shock.

"IT'S YOU!" He exclaimed.

I backed away feeling stunned and scared. When he pulled out his phone and began dialing I held out my hand.

"Please don't!-"

Suddenly Guy popped out wrapping his one arm around the guy's neck, with his other, Guy held a syringe pricking the man in the neck, filling the stranger with all the substance.

In seconds, he fell to the ground having a full-on seizure, Guy shows the deadliest glare down at the man. I stood back shocked as ever.

I couldn't move nor speak. When Guy's eyes found me, he held out his hand "Come here"

I gulped extending out my quakey hand placing it in his, Guy picked me up so I wouldn't have to walk over the dead man.

I am trembling, I can't believe what I just witnessed.

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