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Hiding A True Identity?

After Guy settled Cordelia inside the bedroom without any word he gets dressed, wasn't expecting such a problem today,

He's angry.

Dialing a number, Guy slipped on his cap entering the backyard, he speculated the body and began digging through the stranger's pockets finding his keys.

When his caller finally answered,

Guy spoke "Kilo"

The deep voice sighed "What did I say about calling this phone! and who is this?" He asked.

"It hurts you forgot about me Kilo, Its Guy Norman" Guy spoke. Packing his intruder's belongings into a zip-up baggy.

"... What a surprise, how long has it been? Ten years?"

"Twelve actually, now lets cut to the chase, I need a favor"

His caller chuckled "Of course, No fucking wonder your calling, so what is it?"

Guy stood, started walking further inside the forest until he reached his destination which was a rusted large metal trash can filled with ashes, clutter, trash, and rocks beside a large thick bark tree.

"I need a car scrapped completely Kilo, No scrap of metal, Nothing! can you do that?" Guy asked placing the phone between his shoulder and ear while pulling out his lighter, smashing the phone and pouring gasoline all over his appliances.

"It depends Guy, Am I doing this illegally?" Guy rolled his eyes watching the stuff burn.

Next, The body.

"Why do you give a fuck Kilo? Last time I checked you ain't no goddamn saint" Guy growled returning to the house.

He hoped Cordelia isn't panicking or worried he wanted to coddle her until she felt better.

"Just saying jackass, when should I expect you?"

"In two hours" Guy responded.

Approaching the house, he hung up placing his cell back into his pocket.

Guy opened the door so he could drag the dead body inside. After he closed the door, shutting the blinds, Guy started moving the body towards the basement door located beside the pantry.

He grunts having trouble, the intruder is 256 pounds included with heavy clothing and boots. Once the basement door opened Guy let the body tumble down, ending with a thud.

"Guy?" A soft voice spoke. He quickly looked up and saw Cordelia standing in the kitchen doorway, body trembling.

Guy fixed his posture, dusting off his hands.

"Sweetheart, I'm busy, you should be in the room" Guy told.

"Where's the man?" Cordelia asked. The witness of seeing someone die scarred her mind.

"Don't worry about it, Now go!" Guy raised his voice.

Cordelia flinched quickly scattering from the room. Guy groaned about to go after her but suddenly his phone started to ring.

He snatched it forward, answering the call "What!?" He snapped.

"We're gonna have to cut our visit short, I'll see you right away," Kilo told hanging up.

Guy cursed, Began heading downstairs, It's dark, wet and moldy, cobwebs, Guy switched on the light and grabbed the body, dragging it to a dark pit that is being blocked by a thick rusted gate.

Guy grunts opening the gate, it showed nothing but a black pit, leading farthest deep into the ground, Guy continues to grunt picking up the dead body and threw it into the pit,

About a minute and a half later, There was a faint echo of a thud. Guy calms his breathing, started to close the gate again, covering it up with a low table that sealed it completely.

Guy felt better, the task is finished. He began heading back upstairs. Letting the basement become pitch black again.

The stranger will be missed, the people won't know his corpse lays dead with a bunch of skeletons and perishing bodies.

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