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The Truth Behind The Man I Love

Cordelia Bane.

Guy never mentioned where he was going before he left the house, I am left here confused, curious, and unanswered. I did notice the door inside the kitchen beside the pantry but I just didn't care for it, now that Guy did something down there I'm curious.

I left our room heading for the kitchen and my eyes found the door, At first, I thought it was just a broom closet but when I heard his footsteps fade I knew it was a basement.

I exhaled softly then gulped, opening the door I saw blackness before me, my hand found the light switch as the lights flickered on. I felt a cold shiver down my spine.

Crusty Concrete, Cobwebs, silence, coldness, and the shivers it gave me.

My mind screamed 'No!'

but I needed to see what is down there. Maybe that's where Guy hid the body.

This predicament scares me, I started placing my bare feet on the cold concrete staircase, walking downstairs I hugged myself for warmth reaching the bottom.

It was like something out of the horror movies but there were no ghosts or malicious killer here, just me. The basement creeped me out, I walk further into the cold, moldy room as I use my hands to push the cobwebs away from my path.

The basement had no chains, blood, bodies, or bones like I was expecting, Just storage, boxes, a large broke coffee table, and old furniture stacked away.

Nothing here!

Then why did Guy come down for? Decided to head back up, I turned off the light and closed the door behind me. The warmth returned and I instantly felt better to be out of there, even though there was nothing to find it still scared me.

I leave the kitchen heading back to the bedroom sitting down on the bed, scanning the room trying to find an activity to keep me occupied.


I sighed in boredom exiting the bedroom again walking down the hallway... Suddenly I saw a doorway that I didn't bother to enter before so I did.

It's an office, I switched the light on and saw what an office should have, desk, lamp, bookshelf's, coffee cup, computer, and chair but everything was dusty and had boxes stacked neatly beside the desk.

What? Why would Guy have an office? Or wouldn't tell me about it? I step further in, wondering what else Guy hasn't told me. I scan every box in here and what caught my attention was a wooden box that had a snap lock and small metal crate which I took too.

Sitting on the bed back in our bedroom I set the two boxes down, starting with the metal box. I opened the lid and saw a lot of photos of girls and men my age who didn't give permission to capture them, they were afar and enjoying their day with friends and family and newspaper clippings.

My eyebrows furrow with confusion.

Why does Guy have photos of these people? What's their relation? I continued and seen dates marked behind their photos.

It's 2024 and these dates are marked from eight and twelve years ago! I continued on, men in some of these photos are acquainted with the girls that are seen separately in other photos!

Are they their boyfriends? Probably.

As I flipped through the picture to picture, they started to change, the girls were suddenly happy, then bags started to appear underneath their eyes as weeks pass on, I picked up another set and I gasped in shock!

One girl, in particular, was in Guy's possession, As he forcefully hugs her, she looks sad and depressed, scared. My heart is racing with anxiety.

Setting the photos aside I began reading the newspaper clippings,

Stacy quin, 21, five months since the abduction, police finally call off the search.

My eyes widen in shock, its the same girl that Guy was hugging,

S-So I'm not the only girl he's ever kidnapped!?

The newspaper continued on and it wasn't just Stacy, there were a lot of girls, in different cities.

Locals found human remains deep in the forest, Top investigators calculated Stacy quin's DNA and matched the decayed remains.

I gasped, stunned of what I'm reading, that poor soul.

Guy isn't the man who I thought he was,

This is scaring me! he kidnapped multiple girls and possibly killed their boyfriends so he could have them.

Moving on to the other box, I opened the lid... And it's the same! But the only difference...

It was all me!

Pictures, having fun with my friends, walking my dog and family and nothing else but just one thing,

There was a camera that hasn't been used yet.

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