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Will We Become A Downfall?

Cordelia Bane.

The amount of information I found is making my head spin after I was finished, the boxes I took are put back in place inside the office. Guy should be back any minute, during the time I ate, showered, worried, and confused.

If Guy kidnapped girls in the past and killed them, then why am I still alive? Not that am I complaining but I even notice those girls didn't last six months and I've been here for a year and counting.

Why am I different?

It's time to pursue an approach towards Guy. I can't ask him the questions directly or he'll get angry with me, I have to work between the lines and if his answers are true... then I will have to pull the plug.

My stomach and heart are sinking already from the wrenching news. I'm afraid of Guy will become a different person if I mess this up. I hope I didn't leave anything out of the ordinary so Guy won't notice.

I love Guy and I find out this. Standing in the kitchen, I fill up my glass with water taking a big gulp until it was gone as questions roam my mind.

Will I end up like those girls?

Will Guy eventually kill me?

Does he even really love me? Just thinking about it is making my eyes tear up, I gave him everything, my heart, trust, and love.

I don't know how to act when Guy returns, Calm, scared, worried, horrified, hatred? Right now I feel sad and foolish.

Suddenly I become startled hearing the front door open, He's home! I'm abruptly nervous.

"Cordelia!, Sweetheart!" Guy's voice called out.

I wiped my eyes hoping he won't notice. "In here!" I reply.

His footsteps faded in when Guy entered the kitchen as he removed his cap.

I cleared my throat "Everything okay?"

"The problem is dissolved... And about earlier, I'm sorry sweetheart I didn't mean to blow up at you, I got so stressed when I thought you would be taken away from me" Guy explained, walking closer, pressing me up against the counter.

I look up at him, holding back my tears.

"I-It's okay... I forgive you" I spoke in a mumble.

Guy cupped my face when he pressed his lips to mine but... I didn't feel the spark like I felt before instead of kissing back I turned my head away.

Guy is confused.

"What's wrong sweetheart?" Guy asked.

"N-Nothing... I-I just missed you" I said.

It shocked me, why did I feel like this just now?

What changed?

The thought of Guy kissing all of those girls he had kidnapped in the past then killed them,

It makes me feel used, worried.

Will I become them?

"I missed you too sweetheart" He whispered, going in for another,

I bulked up and kissed him back. I wanted to pull away and confront Guy, knowing he will get upset and God knows what he'll do to me.

Things started to become heated, Guy's hands kept tugging the hem of my shirt as his tongue slips inside my mouth. The images of Stacy's scared, horrid eyes popped into my mind, her eyes that screamed fear and help that once had within me,

I couldn't continue, abruptly I pushed Guy away that made him stumble back,

Confused and surprised.

"What? What's wrong with you?" Guy asked deeply?

I caught my breath, shaking my head. "I-I'm sorry but I can't right now" I frowned.

"Are you okay?"

No! You lied to me and possibly using me for your pleasure, once you're done you'll probably kill me!.

I wished I could really tell Guy how I felt but I couldn't so instead...

"Today has been so o-overwhelming for me Guy, I'm still a bit shaken up," I told quietly, avoiding eye contact.

Guy nods his head, understanding.

He brought us into a hug, feeling him comfortably rub my back.

"I know what you mean sweetheart and I'm sorry you had to experience that today," Guy said, pecking my temple.

His warmth helped a little. I still need to figure some things out.

Deep down my love for Guy is still there

Hopefully, I get my answers soon but not tonight, I still want to see what Guy's hiding, maybe later tonight when he's asleep I'll return to his office and find more information I can.

"You hungry?" Guy asked, pulling away. " I could eat" I reply with a smile.

Guy pecked my lips before getting to work.

A big meal can put you to sleep quicker and I am hungry.

After dinner we watched TV, Guy tried to make a few moves on me, surprisingly I wasn't really into it, I can see he's getting irritated by it, therefore, Guy crossed his arms and remained grumpy throughout the night.

I can't help how I feel and quite frankly I wasn't in the mood.

Decided it was time for lights out, Guy and I traveled to the bedroom for sleep. My mind kept thinking about what I found, can't seem to focus on anything.

Guy can sense it.

Already in bed, Guy is still in the bathroom, I yawned turning to my right side, back facing the door. I didn't want him to see me stress anymore then he needs too.

He'll just ask more questions.

I frowned recalling the day when I picked Guy over my family. Over a kidnapping killer who possibly doesn't really love me, who plans to kill me when he's finished.

Just like those poor others.

Hearing the door open, I closed my eyes pretending to sleep. I wonder if he knows I've been snooping?

Feeling the bed dip and covers being moved, I suddenly shivered when Guy's hand placed on my waist, stroking up and down.

"Anything wrong, sweetheart? You've been acting weird all night" His husky British voice whispered into my ear, knowing I'm faking.

"I'm fine" I reply with a whisper. The fabric on my shoulder slid down by Guy's hand, I squirmed underneath his touch then felt him kiss my bare flesh.

"You are not sweetheart but I know a remedy to make you feel better" Guy continued to whisper. I glanced back at him and saw the look in his eye.

I still wasn't in the mood, not even by his kisses.

Giving Guy a soft push back "Go to sleep Guy, besides I'm tired" I refuse, returning back to my side and closing my eyes.

I hope he can understan-

Suddenly I gasp when Guy abruptly flipped me over onto my back, straddling me, getting between my legs.

He held my hands above my head, noticing he's not wearing a shirt.

"Guy I'm tired" I wiggled.

Guy wouldn't force me, he wouldn't do that.

"I need you, sweetheart" He spoke, quickly tugging my only pajama shirt over my head.

I gasped pushing on his shoulders

"Please Guy, I'm tired" I refuse.

But he wasn't complying whatsoever.

His kisses were rough,

His touches were hard,

It was seconds until we were both naked, Later in the night Guy got what he wanted and I lay there on the bed, shocked by his actions.

And I was wrong...

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