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Formulating A New Plan

Cordelia Bane.

I don't know how long I was asleep and when I woke up Guy was nowhere to be found, I searched the entire house and surprisingly I haven't found anything.

After last night, I don't wanna see his face. Actually, I don't know what came over him but I hope it will never happen again.

I sit at the kitchen table, drinking my warm coffee waiting for Guy

The images of those girls still scarred my mind... I'm nervous and afraid I will end up like them. I sighed knowing it's another good time to check that room again, more information the better.

Standing up, I started walking back to the office again and opened the door swiftly. Turning on the light, I began searching the boxes. This time I found more newspaper clippings on the previous girls I found so I decided to read on.

I frown and tremble as the girls who Guy took seemed to never be found...

"What happened to them?" I ask myself.

"What are you doing?"

The sound of Guy's voice startled me, I gasped turning around with the papers in my hand.

He carries a bouquet of large roses while looking blank. I am speechless knowing I've been caught,

The fear of being punished is becoming wreaking.

I gulped "I'm...I'm" I couldn't form words so Guy walked further into the room, scanning the boxes I just dug through.

"I guess I should have told you that digging through someone's stuff is an invasion of privacy" Guy said placing down the flowers on the table beside us.

The color drained from my face "I'm sorry" I whispered and afraid of what he'll do to me.

Guy bores his gaze into my feared ones. "So everything is out in the open now... Ain't it sweetheart?" He grabbed the newspaper, looking it over.

"I-I got bored" I nervously chuckled.

Guy arched his brow becoming silent and glanced at the paper.

"They were nothing... I tried giving them everything... and what did they do,

betrayed me,

tried to run,

hate me,

fought me...

No matter how hard I try they never tried loved me" His voice spoke, running his fingers along the paper.

I tremble knowing I did half of those.

He's really gonna kill me?

Guy finally look back at me as he steps closer, caressing my cheekbone "I thought you were gonna be the same as those stupid girls... but you weren't sweetheart, You actually learned to love and cherish me for the past year" Guy told closing the gap between us,

My breath hitched as I held his jacket.

Letting him continue

"I do hope you will move past this sweetheart and keep loving me just as much as I love you" Guy cupped my face as I tried hard to resist my fear.

If he actually means what he said then it makes me free from any harm which I'm willing to avoid.

And after what I revealed...

The word 'escape' sounds pretty good to me.

But when?

I can't love a murderer nor stay and shamefully to say I do love Guy very much...

I love him however it can't be,

It's for the best and I can't let another woman be a victim like I have.

I sniffed, leaning into Guy's touch. "And I do love you, Guy... I love you so much" I finally speak, pressing my lips against his.

Guy immediately reacted as our lips danced together.

"I love you more sweetheart" He mumbled pulling away.

Guy reached behind us and gently gave me the roses as I smiled.

"What are these for?" I asked leaning my nose to the pedals, smelling the pleasant scent.

"I was a damn jerk for last night sweetheart, I'm sorry" He apologized.

I accepted the flowers and smiled

"Thank you"

Guy kissed my forehead "Anything for you sweetheart... now promise me you will never come in here again" His tone formed hard.

I quickly nodded my head "I promise"

We collided hands and left the room together. I discreetly frowned and needing to start forming a plan.

I didn't want to leave Guy...

But I had too in order to bring those poor girls to justice.

Including me.

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