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Captor Reading The Abnormal

Cordelia Bane.

The next day, I sit in the living room reading my novel, and Guy excused himself to go workout in the other room.

The plan is pretty simple, In the next few days, Guy will make another stop into town for supplies and I'm tagging along.

Once we reach the destination, I will already have made a call to the police and they will be waiting when we arrive.

I managed to push my deep feelings aside and bulk up. Cold feet have been called for and every time I look at Guy... it happens but at the same time those girls' faces end up flashing inside my mind and I find the motivation.

That's the key.

After I got caught, Guy's been acting as if nothing happened, I should be relieved however doubts in my plan are not subsiding at all.

Guy is smart I know he will find out somehow and that's the other flaw I'm worried about.

I know he will find a way, I frown.

So the time being, I'm gonna spend the amount of time I have with Guy until the day comes... knowing I'm gonna dread it due to my love for him.

Now that I think of it, My love for Guy saved my life, if I kept hating and fighting I would have ended up like those poor girls... even Guy said so himself.

I decided to finish up on my novel for now. Exiting the living room I head inside the kitchen for some water.

Taking a glass from the cabinet, I fill it up with water from the tap and taking a big gulp.

Suddenly the cup is taken from my grasp, I become startled turning my head and saw Guy drinking the rest knowing he needs to quench his thirst from his work out.

He only wears basketball shorts and a towel resting on his shoulder including sweat coating his skin,

revealing his muscular body.

I chuckle "Excuse me, I was drinking that"

Guy finishes, returning the cup while staring into my eyes amusingly "I'm gonna shower" He spoke then leaving the kitchen.

I sighed placing the glass inside the sink and decided to make Guy a snack knowing he will be hungry. After I finished, I placed the plate on the table,

I started to clean my mess up. I know Guy is a clean freak so I washed up a few dishes that I dirted.

Suddenly I feebly flinched feeling Guy press his body against mine, I shudder clenching the washcloth within my hand.

"How was the shower?" I breathed.

I felt his hands held my waist, pressing me close from behind.

"It was fine sweetheart... I just wish you could have joined me" Guy said in a husky tone, feeling his nose nuzzle in the crook of my neck.

I closed my eyes leaning back.

Guy's hands trailed down my waist, landing on my hips. He moved my hair to the side and began planting kisses along my skin.

The sensation brought tingles to my body as my breathing quickened. The fresh scent of his brought me weak to my knees.

"You could have asked" I whispered very loss of words due to his affection

He chuckled against my warm skin "But only I wanna make you wet sweetheart"

Just listening to him is making me so

Being turned around, I see Guy's eyes darkened so did mine. I gasped when he picked me up, I quickly acted wrapping my legs around his waist and arms snaked his neck.

We didn't waste time as our lips connected, Guy leads us towards the bedroom and filled the night with passion, affection, and love.

Waking up by the birds, I fluttered my eyes open and saw the sun brightening the sky. I yawned sitting up while holding the sheet against my chest, I noticed Guy wasn't in bed nor inside the bedroom.

"Guy!" I called because I missed his face already.

Placing my two feet on the floor but I furrow my brow feeling an object on my ankle so I shifted my gaze downwards and saw...

"GUY!!" I shouted in shock

Seconds later, he emerged holding a coffee mug and saw my expression but his remained calmed and stern glancing at my foot

"What's going on!?" On the urge to cry

Guy walked closer placing his cup down on the nightstand and squatted down starring at me while arching a brow.

"It's just precaution sweetheart-"

"Precaution!!" I exclaimed and continued "You put the brace back on my ankle Guy!"

He noticed my despair, sadness, and needing an explanation.

"I'm not stupid sweetheart, I saw the look in your eyes when you saw who I really am, fear, hate and love its all mixed and when we made love last night you couldn't bring yourself to look at me in the eyes, I know you must think you can fool me by forming a plan in that brain of yours and escaping...

You are mine Cordelia and I love you and I know you Love me too which is why I never wore a condom last night so I'll give you a week or two until I see the signs of you pregnant with my child, who I'm excited to see in the next nine months" Guy explained and finished standing up

I'm hurt, shocked and angry

Tears were now streaming and Guy wiped them away with his thumb standing before me.

"I love you too sweetheart, I'll start making breakfast" And with that,

Guy left the room leaving me speechless.

When I got the ability to use my voice...

I screamed in agony.

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