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Emotions Are Being A Ferris Wheel

Cordelia Bane

Hate, love, affection, passion, compassion, despair, anger are all in one and is to what Guy and I are feeling in a bundle.

I know Guy is smart but I just didn't think he was smart enough to read my mind or body language to figure out my plans.

It hurts that Guy placed the brace back on my ankle... after all, we've been through and it will be harder now to execute my plans with it on and no way how to remove it.

The brace has been updated.

After Guy left and I calmed down, I slipped on one of his shirts and left the room only to find him inside the kitchen setting two plates for us on the table.

"How can you do this to me Guy?! Why are you making these accusations that are insan-" My tone is angry and sad but Guy didn't care nor wasn't in the mood which is why he cut me off

"Don't Cordelia, And don't make it seem that I'm reading the non-facts which are actual facts here sweetheart... You can never fool me" Guy clarified showing a hard stare "Now sit down and get ready to eat" He finished and turned his back to prepare the food.

I frowned and decided to comply because of my empty stomach.

It hurts knowing that I possibly lost his trust... Yet again.

What am I gonna do now? But I'm sure I'll think of something.

When Guy brought the food over including the utensils then he sat down and we began to eat.

I took small bites as he took big ones.

All Guy did was keep his gaze down at the food and I wondered what kind of thoughts that are swimming through his mind.

At this point, I was nervous to ask so we kept silent and continued to eat.

End Of Pov.

Later in the day, Guy slips on his leather jacket needing to clear his mind and after last night and morning,

He's angry and hurt.

Guy knows Cordelia loves him, he can see it deep in her eyes but knowing he found out about her invisible plan is forcing him to go back to square one,

The ankle brace and possibly back to the cell... Or Guy can just kill her but his love for Cordelia is too intense.

Entering the living room where Cordelia is located watching TV, He leaned against the doorframe and cleared his throat making her shift her head towards him.

She's confused,

"I'm heading out for a few, I'll be back" Guy muttered, Cordelia, on the other hand, didn't want him to leave so she can persuade Guy to take off the ankle brace,

But before she can do so, Guy was out the door.

Putting on his cap, Guy gotten into his truck and quickly started the ignition then drove off. Guy drives down the open road while playing with a large coin within his fingers, being too careless the coin slipped from his fingers and dropped to the car floor,

"Shit!" He cursed

In a hasty pace, Guy leaned down as his gaze missed the hidden black slick car that was parked within the trees that had two men sitting in the front as their eyes were glued to Guy's truck as it passed by,

The driver checked his watch and written in his notebook.

"Alright, Let's check it out" He grumbled pulling the car out from its spot and began driving towards the peculiar house that was Guy's,

Approaching the driveway entrance, The men glanced at the house with binoculars,

One happened to be middle age and the other in his late twenties, both good looking.

"I see no human activity whatsoever... I should though it's all-glass walls here" He spoke

The older male snatched the object from his hand and took a glance of his own.

"We probably are just wasting time here Jonah" His partner spoke

"Nonsense Adam, Ever since I met this man he's been nothing but strange not to mention weird" Jonah retorted placing down the binoculars and grabbed his notepad.

"Remember the plan right?" Jonah asked his partner, Adam.

He nodded "Yes"

"And marked the time?"

"Already did" Adam finished looking at his own notepad

"We need this to work Adam, I didn't put in all this hard work and time just to mess it up," Jonah told in a hard tone.

"I won't let you down on this but I think it's crazy that you will be willing to risk your life" Adam comment

"It's my job and I want to succeed" He replied sternly and started driving away ready to execute the plan shortly.

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