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Is This All An Illusion?

The hours Cordelia spent was waiting for Guy to return home, in boredom she cleaned, watched TV, Sleep and cooked and still no Guy,

She wondered where Guy was and if he was coming home, It would be the first but Cordelia hoped he would so she wouldn't be alone.

Sitting inside their bedroom, Cordelia waited on the bed while reading a book.

She knew Guy is upset, so is she. It's night and Cordelia sighed in annoyance as the brace kept making her ich knowing there will be a rash later on.

Suddenly she heard a door open, Cordelia rosed up from the bed and quickly entered the foyer and saw Guy stumbling inside and locking the door behind him,

He's drunk

Cordelia thought and helped him before he could fall.

"You drove home like this!?" She scowled smelling the alcohol surround him

Guy chuckled wrapping his arm around her "How else was I suppose to get home? Walk?" He sarcastically said

"You could have had an accident!" She exclaimed as they started walking to the bedroom.

"Oh you would have like that wouldn't you?"

"Just stop it, Guy!"

Reaching the room, Cordelia pushed him on the bed as Guy released a grunt.

"Feels good to lay down" Guy grumbled resting his head back.

Cordelia pursed her lips and started taking off his boots "How much did you drink?"

"Enough" He slurred.

Finished with his boots, She began taking off his jacket and having trouble from his weight however Cordelia managed to remove it.

Guy became limb and releasing small snores, Cordelia had an idea but it was a minimum chance.

"Guy?" She called

He snores.

She climbed on the bed and sat beside him, laying her hand on his cheek and patted softly "Guy?"

"Hmmm" He mumbled

Cordelia softly kissed his lips "What's the code to my ankle brace?" She asked

Guy didn't open his eyes but he opened his mouth "I-It's 5,9....' He trailed off and Cordelia felt high hopes...

But unfortunately, Guy fell back dead asleep making her sigh in defeat.

"Great" She whispered and quietly left the room.

She's defeated once again. Entering the living room, Cordelia turned back on the television and decided to watch until she fell asleep.

The next morning, Guy has woken up with a headache as he groaned and fluttering his eyes open and saw no Cordelia beside him.

It's fuzzy but Guy does recall the bar scene and drinking, younger girls trying to flirt and grope him, however, Guy declined and pushed them away.

He wasn't interested.

Getting off the bed, Guy made his way to the living room and saw Cordelia sound asleep as morning shows played on the television.

He faintly smiled about to carry her back to the bed so they can sleep together,

Knock, Knock!!

Guy froze and slowly looked at the door.

Knock, Knock!!!

The banging started becoming harder and Guy quickly picked up Cordelia and being the heavy sleeper she continued to lightly snore, Guy swiftly got inside the bedroom, setting her on the bed and covering her up.

Guy slipped on another shirt then rushed to the front door, He wonders who it is and when the door opened, it revealed a middle-aged man dressed in a suit,

Guy furrowed his brows in confusion but masked it.

"Can I help you?" Guy asked

The man held up his FBI badge including his warrant to search the premises.

Guy internally clenched his fists

"My name is Jonah waver, FBI, I've been given a case due to kidnapping and this is the only house on my radar that hasn't been... questioned," Jonah told

Guy narrowed his eyes, Jonah's face seemed familiar to him.

Where has he seen him before?

"A year ago someone has and I told him I didn't know anything about a kidnapping" Guy answered.

Jonah remained calm "I know, He gave me his statement... Tell me Mr..." He trailed off

"Call me Guy" Guy finished

"Mr. Guy, What was the girl's name you had over that day? and do you have company now?"

Guy scoffed "How should I know, I have girls over every week and still don't remember any names and no I don't... Now I have to go"

"No Guy" Jonah cut him off "As you can see I have a warrant to search your house if you don't mind" His voice turned hard

Guy wanted to make this human disappear but he also needed to think quick so Guy stepped aside and Jonah entered the house and scanning the area.

"You have a nice home, Mr. Guy" He spoke

Guy glared at the back of his head and closed the door.

"Thank you, Would you like a drink?" He asked and glancing at the hallway entrance praying Cordelia wouldn't pop out.

"No, thank you"

Guy left the room to enter the kitchen and grabbed an object then...

"Actually, I would have that drink" Jonah's voice spoke behind Guy,

He turned and saw the detective suspiciously glancing at the kitchen.

What did he see?

Guy thought then he finally remembered why Jonah looks so familiar...

Jonah was the man who questioned Guy at the grocery store a year back after check out.


Suddenly the sound of Cordelia's voice spoke up down the hall.

Jonah quickly turned his head "I thought you said-"

Being cut off when Guy smashed a glass plate against his head, Jonah fell unconsciously to the floor.

"I'll be right there sweetheart!!" Guy replied, grabbing his ankles and started dragging him towards the basement door.

Opening it up, He pulled out his phone, or any tech and pushed his body down the stairs as he tumbled down.

Closing the door, Guy was gonna deal with him later.

He didn't know why police are so interested in his house so suddenly but he needed to find out and quick.

What did he do? did he give off the wrong signals to the public?

When Cordelia stepped foot inside the kitchen,

She gasped seeing the glass shatter. "What happened?! are you okay?"

Guy dusted off his hands grabbing the broom by the basement door. "Just a little accident sweetheart, My damn hangover has me tipsy" he chuckled

Cordelia could have sworn she heard another voice but she decided to leave it because of his hangover. "O-Okay, do you need help?"

He waved her off "No, no, Go do your business and I'll get breakfast started" Guy assured

"Alright" Cordelia is confused as she walked away and inside the bedroom.

After twenty minutes past, Guy cleaned the mess and cooked a quick breakfast. When he was about to call Cordelia to eat there was another knock at the door.

Guy rolled his eyes but suddenly there was a huge bang that could have shook the whole house.

In seconds, voices began to shout that made Guy react at a hasty pace. He ran towards the voices and saw six officers and Jonah's partner, Adam aiming their guns at Guy.

"HANDS IN THE FUCKING AIR!!!" Adam bellowed slowly walking forward.

Guy showed a dark, grim expression and complying.

"Where is he? I know he's here you damn prick!"

"In the basement" Guy answered flatly.

Two officers stepped forward and slammed his body to the ground, stomach on the floor.

In the corner of his eye, He saw Cordelia peaking out from behind the wall as tears flowing down.

"There she is!" One exclaimed

"I know, grab her" Adam ordered slapping handcuffs on Guy's wrists.

Cordelia is overwhelmed, she thought this was a dream or an Illusion but it was not when she felt the officer softly grab her waist and hand in a hasty matter.

"N-No, no wait!!" She panicked


Struggling in their arms and staring at Guy who is blankly looking at her.

"We are trying to save you" The officer retorted out the front door, heading to the cars.

"NO!! You don't understand!" Cordelia panicked and cried

And then suddenly...

Beep. beep. beep, beep, beep, beep, beep!!!!!

The rapid beeping gathered everyone's attention

"What is that?" The fellow officer asked his partner in confusion.

The ankle brace flared, released a jolt of electricity that shot up through Cordelia's leg, up through her body that made her eyes roll in the back of her head and body quake,

Causing Cordelia to blackout.

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