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Burning Questions & Compassion

Cordelia Bane.

The constant beeping and hush voices filled my ears, I groaned slowly opening my eyelids only to find three people that I come to remember instantly.

My father, mother, and doctor.

The parents that I haven't seen in over a year and a half because I was kidnapped by the man who I fell in love with,

Oh, Guy.

Tears filled my eyes knowing I will never see him again. He's gone and out of my life forever.

My parents saw me awake and they quickly embraced me.

"My baby, You're awake I can't believe it" My mother sobbed and my dad is beside her as tears crept in his eyes also.

I licked my dry lips "W-What happened?" I asked.

She pulled back and petted my head "You were electrocuted baby, They had to rush you to the hospital because it caused your heart to stop beating but the doctors managed to do CPR to bring you back... Delia, you don't know how much we never stopped looking for you" She explained while crying.

"Yes honey, All of us never gave up hope, we are so happy you are alive and well" Dad tried so hard to hold back his tears.

It's been so long, I missed my parents which is I hugged my mom very tightly.

"I missed you both too" I whispered and I pulled back to look at my ankle where the brace is but it was gone!

"What happen to my ankle brace?" I asked in confusion

They frowned sharing glances

"The police had to use some sort of equipment to remove it, It was shockingly hard to get off" Dad informed seeing the anger in his eyes

I gulped "... And him?"

They didn't want to answer but they did

"They have him in custody Delia, He will be put away for a long time"

My heart dropped and I held in my tears.

And suddenly there was a knock on the door and two officers came in, we all looked at them.

"Now is not the time detectives, My daughter just has woken up, give her time" My father spoke in a hard tone

"I'm sorry sir but we need to do this now so if you would please give us some privacy if you'd please" One spoke.

He is young but stern

I didn't want tension so I spoke up

"It's fine mom and dad" I assured. They looked at me as my head nodded.

"Fine, we'll get you some nourishment" When they left, The detectives stepped forward.

"Hello Miss Bane, My name is Adam Holt and this is my associate, Nate Silver" He introduced.

"Hello" I nod

"Now, My partner who is hospitalized at the moment is working on your case and in case anything happens to him, I will step in for him for the time being," Adam told and continued,

"Tell me, How did your captor kidnap you?" He asked holding his notepad.

I frowned, casting my gaze downwards "I was clocking out from work one autumn afternoon and I was passing through this parking lot, It was quite empty and that's where he... Captured and threw me in his trunk" I answered blankly.

"And answer me this Miss Bane... Are you in love with your captor?"

My gaze quickly reverted to him

"Why would you ask me that!?" I exclaimed

"You were gone for a year and we pulled up some camera footage of a grocery store showing our Guy and girl with black hair, covered with a beanie and seeing now you have black hair," He told while pulling out pictures of Guy and I while we were shopping.

It was that time when I made the choice to stay with Guy.

I frowned once again and stayed quiet.

"And shockingly you are still alive and healthy to this day which we are glad to see Miss Bane"

"So what are you trying to say to me?" I questioned.

"It's what happens in all kidnapping cases, Cordelia... Mind if I call you that?"

I nod

"So can you answer my question?"

I sighed in a shaky tone while nodding my head "Y-Yes... I am" My voice is bound to break.

"I'm not going to judge you, Cordelia, I know now why you chose to stay with him... It's what happens when a person develops Stockholm Syndrome" Adam told with pity

I furrow my brows "Excuse me?"

"This man corrupted you and he's not the man you think he is Cordelia"

I shook my head "He is! Guy wouldn't hurt me, which is why I stayed! We love each other" I retorted

Adam frowned glancing at his friend.

"This is one of the symptoms Cordelia,

in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending, It will take time to process things... So I'll just leave this with you" Adam hands me over a second file.

Leaving it beside my legs.

He stands "It will be hard Cordelia but all I want to do is help, get your mind straight and back to health again"

Adam patted my foot and left the room with his associate.

Once their gone, I broke down. It was hard to believe it, I never come to think that I would develop such a thing.

Is my actual love for Guy just corruption all this time?

I'm a fool, All I wanted to do is wish that all of this didn't happen to me.

Why did Guy have to kidnap me? Why Me!?

I cried until I fell asleep.

End Of Pov.

Two days later, as everybody is where they should belong, Guy sits in a chair dressed in an orange jumpsuit as his hands were handcuffed to a table awaiting his consequences.

Minutes later, The two faces he wished he could have killed before he got taken away from his beloved.

Jonah and Adam.

"Hello Guy" Jonah greeted as bandages rested on his head and left limb.

Guy blankly stared at them, just leaning back.

The two detectives sat down including their files.

Jonah opened one and chuckled while reading.

"Guy Norman, Guy Clarish, Guy Quin and Guy Tobin... I must say all the fake names used gotten you clearance at times. So what name did you use on the poor girl you captured?" Jonah asked

Guy remained blank "... Just Guy" he answered

Jonah continued reading "Wanted in three states and look at this, Got away scot-free for murdering his own parents, I must say you are smart...

Smart enough to blame your own brother for it, the enormous hate he got led him to suicide" He said in a statement

"And why Is that Guy?"

Guy glared but stayed quiet

"It shows here that your mental health became a problem at the age of sixteen... Is that why you killed your own parents? Because they wanted you in a ward?... Don't try to deny it, Guy, I got all the paperwork, reports, records, and receipts here in this file" Jonah interrogated sternly and in hatred.

"I finally got you, Guy, No more ruining poor, innocent girls anymore, and don't think I don't know that you are responsible for the kidnappings and the murder of Stacy Quin?" Jonah told while pulling out more photos of Guy's victims

While hugging them, kissing them while they looked scared, tears running down their faces.

Guy clenched his jaw while staring at them while Jonah continues.

Placing down evidence, baggies that had perished bones that Guy has hidden, pictures.

The police raided Guy's house completely, finding a lot more shocking stuff.

Jonah finished and sat back down "That certain basement of yours had a disturbing underground, didn't it? My men found over a few hundred perishing bodies including Mr. Dylan's who went missing weeks ago, we still haven't found his car yet but knowing you, I know you probably scrapped it to nothing" Jonah explained with disgust while Adam took notes.

"Tell me, Guy... Why did Miss Bane never join them?"

Guy felt anger while he never stopped looking at the evidence.

"..... Because I love her" He answered.

Jonah nods "So if she didn't you would have?" He pointed out

"Are we done here?" Guy is annoyed

"So is that why you murdered those girls is because they didn't love you!? Did you murder your parents because they didn't love you!!?" Jonah raised his voice with anger

"YES!!! No one ever loved me!!! NO ONE!!!" Guy snapped

Jonah crossed his arms

".... Well, your desperate need for love just got you the chair, Mr. Guy, I'll see you soon" Jonah, Adam stood and with one last glance, they left the room.

Leaving Guy thinking of what just happened.

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