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Missing You Does Hurt.

Cordelia Bane.

A day later and I'm finally being discharged from the hospital, I couldn't sleep or eat, all I can do is cry and think of Guy.

When Adam gave me the file I didn't have the heart to read it yet. My parents stayed both at my side as we head for the entrance but I gasped noticing all of the reporters and news station vans parked outside.

"What's going on?" I stopped in my tracks.

Looking at my parents.

"We'll explain later honey, Come on," Dad told

I didn't want this attention, not now I'm broken and hurt enough as it is. these people are heightening my nerves. We reached outside and everyone went into a frenzy when they saw me! and they gathered in a huge crowd, swarming all around.

I gulped as we have trouble walking forward

"Miss Bane!! Where did your captor keep you?"

"Are you two in love?"

"Is it true he would starve and beat you?"

All of the questions were thrown around and they kept coming, Mics and recorders being shoved in my face, my dad did his best to push them away.

I hugged myself keeping my head down needing to get away from here.

Finally approaching the van, I quickly get in as people started chasing after me so they could get a statement.

When the door shut, I am met with silence. Taking a deep breath, I held in my tears staring out the window as the car began moving and away from this chaos.

I felt empty for some reason, I felt lost but I am where I should be, with my family, friends back to my life where I was taken away from.

I frowned as the tears betrayed me, they dripped down my rosy cheeks and hid my face with my two hands.

"Cordelia? sweetie?" My mom asked in concern

I sniffed wiping my tears "I'm fine mom" I assured

The truth is... I wasn't

Another day passed, I lay inside my old bedroom at my parent's house. Everything has been a blur,

The reporters still haven't backed down and my parents are glued to my back. I haven't quit crying, they can't seem to stop either.

I listen to the thunder and rain pour and hit against my window, Guy is all I think about... I miss him so, Just thinking of him is gathering my tears.

Knock, knock.

I sighed in annoyance, wiping away my tears. "Leave me alone!" I reply.

They ignored me and opened the door.

I sat up slowly and saw my mother holding a tray of food.

"I said I'm not hungry" I flatly told.

"You need to eat Cordelia" My mom sets the food on my dresser. My eyes were puffy and red even she noticed it which is why she came to sit beside me.

We sat in silence just staring out the window.

"When your father and I first heard about your abduction... our world completely stopped, we were angry, sad and didn't ever think that this would ever happen to us... but it did Cordelia and I'm so sorry for what you had to go through even now, You're hurting, heartbroken and I don't want this ruining you, I can't lose you again" She spoke up while tears streamed down including mine

"And it won't mom... yes I am hurting but with you and dad by my side, I will get through this so don't ever think that way, It will only take time so please hold my hand until then," I told genuinely

She smiled sadly and kissed my knuckles twice

"Of course honey, I'm just so happy we got you back, w-we're so lucky" Her voice cracked.

She kissed my forehead one last time before leaving me alone and reminded myself to eat.

Taking a deep breath, I got up and grabbed my tray then began to eat knowing I need my strength.

Two weeks later.

It's been tough, heartbreaking, and sad. I thought the days would become lighter and healing instead its a frenzy with all of this drama of my kidnapping.

The media has been non-stop trying to get coverage 24/7 and yet they still want a personal statement from me which I'm still declining.

I don't want my own personal experience exposed, All I want is for everything to disappear, away from me and mind.

What makes it worse is Guy's sentencing is today, the first time in two weeks I'm finally seeing him face to face... And I'm scared.

I finally managed to stop having dreams about us and that house, our room... The ankle brace, I happen to have scars from the shock it gave me, the shards of glass.

The memories are haunting me.

Because of it, I started going into therapy, It's been helping partly but my feelings for Guy are still sitting.

And yes I did read the file that Adam gave me, at first I cried and cried... Shockingly I still love Guy regardless, they were stunned which is another reason they wanted me in therapy.

Once again, The courthouse had its crowd of reporters as my parents including me walk towards the entrance.

They had help escorting me inside, Adam and Jonah. I wear a black strap dress that hugged my body, reaching down to my calves.

They all had their crazy questions which I choose to ignore.

Today had me blank, I am worn out and timid, all I wanted is to see Guy once again.

What will his sentencing be?

Will I be able to see him?... Alone? I have no clue.

Finally, we made it inside the large courtroom followed by a jury and sums of people.

It's all so overwhelming, My parents sat us down in the third row, upfront.

My mom tightly holds my hand as I stare at the door knowing Guy will walk through it,

But when?

Minutes had passed as everything went by so quick, my heart is pounding, I squeeze my mother's hand when the door finally opened revealing,

Two officers... And Guy!

Wearing a jumpsuit and wrists cuffed together in front as they guide him to his chair and lawyer.

His hair grew inches longer, he seemed colder, and when our eyes met...

All we did was stare at each other

"Guy" I whispered as my heart dropped and I frowned.

When he sat down, Guy still continued to stare at me with empathy but when he was forced to turn around,

I frowned feeling sad.

As the judge showed, I knew it was time and I wasn't looking forward to it at all knowing Guy is gone...


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