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Just Another Visit From The Captor

Cordelia Bane.

"HELP ME!!" I Screamed.

Shaking the bars that are keeping me trapped. its been a few hours since he left and all I did was struggle and scream for help. As my situation looks I had no luck. letting more tears fall, I slide down the wall resting my head into my hands.

Throughout my life I always had no care In the world, I took life for granted and I guess always telling myself nothing will happen to me because I'm me and now look at my situation,

I'm kidnapped.

Hugging my knees, I calm my breathing wanting answers. I sniffed wiping my eyes needing to find a way to escape.

I gasped hearing the door jingle, I scooted towards my crappy bed as the lights switched on. my heart raced with fear as my captor's body emerged inside the room,

He looked calm and grim, he even noticed the fear in my eyes causing him to plaster a smirk while holding a stool. those icy orbs of his sent a shiver down my spine.

My breath is shaky watching his every movement, he sat down near my cell door as he wore a dark grey oldy band T-shirt hugging his ashamedly nice looking muscular torso with camo colored pants and black boots.

I shifted my gaze to the floor "What d-do you want from m-me?" I trembled.

He collided his hands together staring at me, I felt uncomfortable and scared.

I just wanted to be back with my family.

"You will know in time sweetheart, Cordelia" His smug expression formed.

I am stunned, h-how does he know my name!? I always had a deep habit of forgetting to wear my nametag at work so that can't be it.

"Th..they will know I'm gone t-they will come looking for me... if you take me back now I promise I won't say anything" I try to negotiate.

He chuckled fixing his posture.

"You will figure it out all in good time why your here sweetheart but I'll have you know you aren't leaving me" He informed grimly standing to his feet.

I panicked in fear when he started to take his shirt off revealing his skin.

"What-what are you doing!?"

He chuckled "Don't worry Love, just something to cover your skin and the real reason I am here is to discuss rules" He told. The nameless man tossed the shirt on the bar leaving for me to grab later.

I am not wearing his used shirt! It's bad enough he kidnapped me I don't want his smell lingered on my body.

He sat down again ready to speak and I was forced to listen.

"If you are attempting to escape Cordelia it will only get yourself hurt which I don't want to see,

2nd, you will eat three times a day and if you behave, well... I'll just give you desert,

3rd, The only clothing I'll be giving you are my shirts, No pants nor shoes, 4th if you behave very, very well, you can explore the house and have privileges but that depends how good you are,

5th, No pissing me off, I do have a temper that can lead physically, 6th, you can shower three times a week,

7th, The more you fight, I will keep you locked in this room with no sunlight, food, or water... Stand by these Cordelia because you are never leaving" He finished.

I shook my head as tears filled my eyes

"Please don't do this! I-I have a family" I cried. Crawling to the bars, he sighed standing up and grabbing the stool.

"I'm not repeating myself, sweetheart, I'll be back with food so make yourself comfortable," He told walking towards the door.

"WAIT!!" I called out. He turned his head.


"W...what's your name?" I asked.

His eyes racked my body "Name is Guy" with that, he exited the room and switching off the light again.

I hugged myself while getting goosebumps and having the chills. I glanced at his shirt sheepishly and taking it, slipping the fabric on.

I frowned waiting for his return.

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