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Will I Succeed To Escape Him?

Will I Succeed To Escape Him?

Cordelia Bane.

I sat on the crappy bed hugging my knees I hated sitting in the dark I felt scared and useless my stomach kept growling waiting for my captor to return my mind worked in wonders; How am I going to escape? Will help come? Why is he doing this?

He did say I could explore the house if I behave but if I do that it will take forever and I want to escape asap hearing the door raddle I fix my posture seconds later the door opens including the lights switch on.

Guy enters my prison wearing a fresh shirt and holding a tray of food that contains a bottle of water, sliced apples, banana yogurt cup and ham sandwiches their was a slot beneath the jail cell door,

Guy squated down sliding the food under to my side I didn’t waste time rushing towards the tray I grabbed the sandwich taking a huge bite hearing him chuckle I glared at him continuing to eat.

“Eat up sweetheart next meal is in five hours” He informed standing back up. I ignored him starting the yogurt he was nice enough to give me a spoon... A plastic one, of course, I shoved a spoon full inside my mouth one by one until the cup was empty I didn’t know I was this hungry soon enough the tray had no food remains on it.

“Good girl I’ll be back later so you can eat I hope-”

“What do you want from me?!” I screeched. His blank expression formed into a cold one Guy crossed his arms looking down upon me

“Isn’t it simple sweetheart you’re mine and that’s that” He answered. Speculating the room I glanced down at the spoon I quickly took it tucking it away in my shirt.

Guy returnes his gaze to me “As I said I’ll be back tomorrow since you pissed me off, sleep tight” He told. Taking the tray turning off the light and exited the room. I was in dark once again scooted backward I rest against my bed taking out the spoon.

Using both hands I break the head off in an angle once it snapped it formed into a sharp point using the tip of my finger I touched the point I hissed drawing a pinch of blood.

I smile faintly climbing to my feet I stick my arms through the bars started picking the lock with the knife I crafted I sighed in frustration having trouble.

I’m having doubts ten more tries my heart raced with happiness when the lock clicked the thick metal fell to the floor creaking the cell door open I rushed to freedom even remembering Guy didn’t lock this door once I opened it I was greeted with bright sunshine squinting my eyes,

First action I did was run!

Sprinting down the hallway I heard a radio execute faint music I found myself in the foyer a door down to the left showed the living room that’s where I spotted Guy sitting on the couch cleaning an object I panicked worrying he will see me I gotten scared having to pass that door in order for me to escape,

Having no other choice I made a run for the door in top speed.

“HEY!!” He roared. I shrieked in fear unlocking the bolts I swiftly opened the front door to freedom...

Taking one step outside I screamed in dreadful, excruciating pain falling to the ground I held my leg and saw shards of glass lying in front of the doorway.

I cried as pieces of glass stuck in my foot I cried even more spotting Guy looking furious standing before me.

“What did I say, sweetheart? Try to escape me and you will end up getting hurt” He growled. Yanking my arm upwards he tossed me over his shoulder taking me back to my cell I cried hitting his back knowing I failed miserably.

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