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Can I Even Count On Hope?

Cordelia Bane.

After my attempt at escaping, my captor carries me back to my room as I struggle the pain in my right foot kept throbbing continuously. we entered the room and into my cell as he tossed me onto the bed making a creak, the captor swiftly bound my wrists to the bed rail above with rope as the amount of trashing I caused nothing overtook him,

He succusses to bound me tight and snug, I feared the cold look on his face which made me still, he breathes heavily glancing at my injured foot and without a word he huffs stomping out of the room.

I silently cried until he returned with medic supplies, I am filled with fear as nothing could execute it. this man terrified me to death and I don't know what he is capable of. I watch my captor taking out equipment one by one as he sat down on the bed placing my bleeding foot on his one knee, my body quakes, I grimaced noticing pieces of glass stick from my foot and with every piece Guy pulled out I wailed in pain.

"The glass went in about two inches deep... It will take a while for you to walk again" He informed. I cried, even harder, knowing I can never escape with an injured foot. it will be a while god knows how long. I hissed when he dapped ointment onto the deep cuts the. after he finished bandaging up my foot.

My captor remained quiet and angry as I watched him pack away the medic equipment. he leaves the room without any word and I pull at my restraints noticing the throbbing in my foot faded away. Minutes later, he returned holding a needle as my heart raced with panic while he has gotten close.

"I need to run a few errands sweetheart and I don't need you starting any more shit," He told. Before I could protest, he stuck the needle into my thigh injecting the liquid into my system, I whimpered immediately felt it take action and I cried feeling his lips kiss my forehead as seconds later I blacked out.

The sound of ruckus made my eyes flutter open, I am deeply groggy but I needed to open my eyes as I first saw my captor constructing something on the cell door. I was fully awake sitting up as my wrists were now freed and I scanned the room curiously.

He seemed to notice me while removing his work goggles, I secondly notice he wasn't wearing a shirt, I quickly looked away rubbing my wrists.

I am confused and curious.

" long was I asleep?" I croaked out.

"Only a whole day sweetheart" He answered.

My eyes widen what!? How much of a dose did he give me?

"The stuff I given you only knocked you out for a few hours, the amount of energy you ingested caused your body exhaustion, so you needed the rest," He says putting his equipment away. It's like he could read my mind, I ran a hand through my oily hair as I cringed needing a shower.

I stayed quiet glancing at the door where he was working

"W-What did you do?" I asked gesturing at the lock?

"I switched locks, from a lock to a keypad sweetheart" His voice came out cold, my stomach sank in hearing the dreadful news. I wanted to cry more but what would that do? Nothing! I frowned hugging my knees dodging my injured foot.

How long does he plan on keeping me? Months, years?

"Let's go" His voice startled me I looked up noticing he's beside me now, I gasped.

"W..Where?" I trembled

"You need to eat and shower," He said picking me up bridal style, I yelped forcing myself to put my arms around his shoulders. I got red as a tomato noticing how close we are and how our bodies are touching.

I am nervous for some reason so I didn't speak, all I did do is scan the whole house as we passed through. so this is my outside prison? It was clean, spotless, quiet, open, and dead.

My question is; what does he do exactly? All I know is he's some sort of a technician, kidnapper and a cold person... The rest is a mystery and I do plan to find out for a way to escape from my captor.

I hope...

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