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Just Another Captive Day

Cordelia Bane.

After we left my cell, I scanned the house and wondered if I could ever explore if I gained his trust enough, which I know it could be a while. my captor continued to carry me to the bathroom in need of a shower.

Once we entered, he set me down on the marble counter, the bathroom is medium size, it wasn't luxurious but somewhat comfy and nice. I watched him get my shower ready I even noticed all sharp objects or any object

are put away, it was bare.

"Alright, It's ready do you need any help?" He asked. I had to look in his greyish blue eyes

"No thank you" I whispered shaking my head. He stared at me blankly for a few seconds before leaving closing the door behind him, I released a deep breath that I didn't realize I had, I even felt my heart racing.

Hopping off the counter landing on my good foot, becoming curious, I put pressure on my injured foot but I hissed in utter pain lifting my foot from the floor.

Pain shot through my foot it even brought tears to my eyes, it will be weeks for me to walk normally again so I decided to continue to my shower I undress carefully getting inside the shower cleaning my whole body off.

The only clothes he has given me were one of his shirts again, boy shorts and a pair of black ankle socks. once dressed, I knocked on the door letting him know I'm finished after he opened his eyes scanned me from head to toe.

"Good, let's go" I gasped being picked up bridal style again I hated it but I couldn't walk... Unfortunately.

I felt so much better to be clean however I am still kidnapped no way to escape, all I can do is sleep, cry, pray, hope, eat, and think. Will help ever come? Are they looking for me? I'm pretty sure they are.

"Here we are" His British voice spoke up. I can smell delicious food ingest through my nostrils, my stomach growled being set down at the table chair I see plates of Steak, veggies, and potatoes.

"...You cooked this?" I asked stunned. He set down plastic forks and knives taking his seat across from me. I'll say the food looks so delicious and well cooked.

He cocked a brow "You seem surprised sweetheart, don't be--more exquisite meals to come"

I frowned picking up my fork, we began to eat in silence I wanted questions and answers but I don't want to make him angry, I hate to say I like how he's being nice towards me for a kidnapper.

"How is it?" He asked. I blinked realizing I ate every bite

"It was great, Thank you," I told. Very nervous around him, I didn't know what to expect.

"I'm glad you liked it" He began gathering the dishes placing them into the sink. I sat there wanting to burst out with questions, very tempted.

After Guy was finished, he dried his hands.

"Are you gonna kill me?" I blurted. My captor stopped what he was doing and looked at me blankly.

"Do you want me too?" He arches a brow, I quickly shook my head.

"N-No" I stammered.

"Then I won't... It's time for bed" His voice said grimly. Great I made him mad

"Please don't put me back in that cell" I begged, hating the room it was dark, cold, lonely and I'm scared of that it gives me nightmares.

"I don't quite trust you yet sweetheart besides only room left is my bedroom... Is that what you want? To sleep in the same bed as me?" He taunted.

Part of me said Yes for a good night's sleep but the other part said Hell No! because he is my kidnapper who took me from my life.

So pretty much it's 50/50. I sighed in defeat slumping my shoulders "...No"

Soon I returned to my cell once again.

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