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Shopping and Mishaps

Cordelia Bane.

The next day seemed uneventful I’ve been in this cell all morning with no visit from my captor... Yet all I did was sit on my cot picking at my gauze wrapped around my foot I am bored, lonely, sad, depressed, weak and useless all I wanted was to be back with my family and friends but now I’m captured sitting alone in a dark cell.

It’s been two days since I’ve been kidnapped and I continue to mark the days hiddenly on the wall behind my bed I sighed deeply scooting downwards so I can rest my body it’s like nothing else I can do.

I stare at the ceiling beginning to count sheep I miss the sun, people, the fresh air, chatter, laughter, partying, Pizza I chuckled from the thought... Maybe I should just behave for the sake of seeing sunlight again I just hope my captor ain’t mentally sick in the head so it wouldn’t be so terrifying when doing so. Closing my eyes I continue to count backward when I got up to 50 I soon fell asleep.

Third Person, End Of Pov

It was evening the captor finally drove into the town in needing of supplies for the house and his prisoner it took about a few hours to get there he pulled into the parking lot of home depot started to walk inside he wore simple interior jeans, white t-shirt, leather jacket, his cap and glasses then took off once inside,

Guy started to walk down the electric supplies aisle wanting to craft a special gift for his tressure once he found he was looking for he started to head for check out the store is surprisingly busy he thought finally at the cashier.

“Find what you’re looking for sir?” The female cashier kindly smiled couldn’t help but admire his good looks. Guy is middle-aged but his handsome looks always attracted the younger girls.

“Yes, thank you” He spoke in his English voice Guy hated speaking in a way but needed to for various reasons.

Leaving the store he stopped in his tracks spotting a group of men and women handing out flyers? he needed to pass them in order to get to his car Guy noticed the despair in their facial expressions proceeded to walk one woman forcefully handed him a flyer

“Please call if you find anything,” She said as she had dried tears on her face Guy nods glancing at the paper.

There was printed a large picture of Cordelia showing a happy smile underneath was details of her appearances and where she was last seen and a possible suspect that’s what made Guy’s heart speed up.

A Male, Middle-aged, Britsh- already sitting in his car he crumbles up the paper tossing it in the shopping bag starting the ignition needing to make another trip to the store.

He sighed in annoyance tapping his thumb repeatedly on the steering wheel focusing on driving. It was a small town, of course, everyone will be worried and Guy needed to be on his routine like before

Shop, four-hour gym workout, breakfast every Sunday at the diner, work. Unlike most men he doesn’t have friends, Family, Guy doesn’t trust anybody,

Does he feel bad about kidnapping the women he may possibly love.... No.

Will he ever let her go?... No

Arriving at the store/walmart he parks the car and walks in there was even a group of people handing out flyers here too, as usual, he grabs one just to be careful. Guy walks in beginning to shop he knew Cordelia needed stuff, of course, she is a girl.

He grabbed her favorite drinks, junk food, underwear, pads, hair dye, health snacks, Etc for him Guy got cigarettes, lighters, more food, and coffee.

After a night of stocking up, he finally checks out at Do-it-yourself line wanting to go home he hated shopping always have.

Grabbing his receipt he started leaving the store in a quick pace Guy told himself never to be worried because he been planning this for a year but once he saw the police standing at the entrance looking at every middle-age men who walked in and out.

Guy cursed he stood tall, calm and collected walking straight ahead ready for what they had in store.

Once there the police spoke “Hello sir, fun shopping?”

Guy glanced between them spewing a amuse expression “Yes I have actually” He told in his English accent.

The two officers share looks.

“You happen to hear anything about a recent kidnapping?” One asked. Guy pretending to seem concerned and worried knowing this town has never experienced an incident this huge and scary before.

“Sadly to say I haven’t officers My wife and I will keep an ear out about this, I promise” Saying their goodbyes Guy departs returning to his car heading back home.

Meanwhile, the police scrunched their eyebrows noticing he wasn’t wearing a ring.

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