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New Facts Will Be Heard

Cordelia Bane.

Staring at my injured foot, I took the gauze off grimacing at my cuts, the wounds were slowly healing I even tried to walk which I failed completely.

I woken up a few minutes ago, my room is dark and cold, my stomach keeps growling I still had no visit from my kidnapper which I hope will be soon so I could eat and if my foot wasn't injured I would try to escape even if it killed me so I'm practically useless without by foot.....

But I still have my brain to use so I could formulate a plan to escape from this lunatic it will be a while but hopefully it will succeed, my captor did say if I behave I could explore more so my brain could memorize the grounds and his routine around the house after I gather up everything I will Escape.

I pray it will not be a misfire.

Hearing the door jingle, I gasped when the door opened revealing my captor as he holds a brown paper bag and a drink. I back up against the wall as he was dressed up closing the door behind him why does he have to look good? I pushed away the thoughts watching him unlock my cell door.

"Wanna share a burger and fries?" He asked. I looked at the logo that read Burger King, my mouth waters, and my stomach growled. I didn't care, now I just wanted to eat.

"Okay," I agreed. He smiled walking further into my cell, I stiffened when he sat beside me on the bed my heart quickened becoming awfully nervous, I don't know how to feel, scared or worried so I tried hard to ignore it.

He started taking out the food the smell of it made me want to go crazy, he passed me a large whopper and fries.

I love whoppers, my best friend and I would always go to burger king Saturdays and Wednesdays

"...Thank you" I whispered.

"Anything sweetheart" He chuckled. We unwrapped our burgers together and so quickly I took a large bite, moaning from the delicious taste.

"I knew you would be hungry sweetheart which is why I got your favorite," He told. I almost choked on the food.

h-how does he know that!?

"W-what!?" I mumbled. He chews on his food glancing towards me

"Nevermind, keep eating" He ordered. I nod, he doesn't have to tell me twice and I'll let it slide for now but I will get the answer.

The part confuses me is why my kidnapper is being nice towards me and sweet if he doesn't plan on killing me then why in the hell did he kidnap me in the first place.

I swallowed my food "Do... Do you have any siblings?" I asked very tentatively. The room is quiet and it will help with my plan.

He stopped chewing starring at the burger wrapper.

"No" He replied dryly. I could tell I hit a nerve, I cursed at myself

"I'm... I'm sorry" I muttered. I tensed when his hand placed on my knee I gotten goosebumps from the impact.

"Don't be sweetheart I'm the only child" I nod not very hungry anymore now I'm very curious to learn more about him for some reason.

I chose to ignore his hand on my knee.

"Mind if I ask more personally?" I said. He arched a brow looking at me warily.

Shoot! I shouldn't be to forward or my plan will be diminished.

"Vice versa?" He asked. I become relieved

"Fair enough"

"Ask away"

I nod wanting to ask a lot

"What's your full name?"

He cocked a brow "It's just Guy for now sweetheart... My turn, What are you afraid of?"

I scrunched my eyebrows "It's too embarrassing... Tell me about your family?" I asked. Becoming curious, he sighed beginning to wrap up his food.

"I have no family, Parents are dead, grandparents are dead" His voice turned cold. I frowned turning our conversation downhill

"I-I'm sorr-"

"Don't be! I don't need your damn pity" He told getting up. Shit! I scrambled up to limping on my good foot.

"Don't... Please don't leave" I blurted. I hated being alone in this room! Guy stopped in his tracks and I gasped losing my footing,

I was ready to hit the floor but it never came.

Guy had caught me in his arms

I cling on to his leather jacket so I wouldn't fall again.

I breathed heavily from slight panic and scare "I-I actually f-fear the dark Guy please don't leave me in there" I whispered and admitted.

It's true it's always been a fear of mine to be in the dark... Alone.

Suddenly I yelped in surprise when he picked me up bridal style

"W-Where are we going?" I asked as we leave the cell

"To my bedroom" He answered.

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