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The Captor Has Other Plans

The Captor Has Other Plans.
Cordelia Bane

I was becoming nervous as he continues to carry to his bedroom my fingers clench on to his shirt I look ahead ignoring his cologne that filled my nostrils I was stunned he wasn’t going to let me stay in that cell because I was scared of the dark being knocked out of my thoughts a door has been kicked opened it revealed his bedroom I thought it was going to be all dark themed but it was the total opposite.

It had a large window that had no opening whatsoever revealing the outside which was the backyard all I saw was trees, the furniture is shiny wood even his bedframe the room hardly had any personal items it mostly looked like a hotel room only thing the bed is messy.

Being placed on the bed careful of my injured foot I watched my captor stand removing his leather jacket he was wearing a V-neck shirt showing his muscles I shifted my gaze elsewhere after he got on one knee grabbing my foot I looked down at him I watched as he speculated my injured foot

“It needs new bandages sweetheart, wiggle your toes,” He said. I did as told it was no problem I was happy my foot is healing which means I could and try to escape again he started removing the gauze I grimaced as he finished my foot is purple from the bruises.

He left to get the supplies I just sat there looking at the door that leads to freedom but I can’t walk or run I ashamedly sat on the bed waiting for him to return.

When he did he started treating my wounds again I couldn’t help but stare at his face, Why would a man this handsome wanna be a kidnapper? And possibly ruin his life by this, When I saw the pain behind his eyes when he mentioned his dead family members earlier I couldn’t help feel sympathy for this man, could this be a reason for kidnapping me? He wants someone to love? If he did just want to kill me he would have done it by now.

“All done” He announced. I blinked retracted back my foot staring at the new clean gauze I mumbled a ‘thank you’ my captor walked over to the dresser pulling out a pack of something. when he returned his hand held out the package I saw it was a pair of women’s underwear I furrow a brow taking it

“I hope it’s your size,” He said. I am stunned, they were!

“Thank you”

“Of course, Let’s get you to the bathroom” With his help I stood up placing my right arm around his shoulder limping to the bathroom across the room. We entered he left me to be so I can freshen up I looked in the mirror a sigh left my mouth with sadness.

My appearance is dead how can he not notice that probably did but isn’t saying anything. turning on the faucet I splashed water on my face getting changed into the new underwear but I saw there is no clothing.

“... Guy!?” I called out.

“Yes!” He replied behind the door.

“I have no clothes,” I told. It was silent few seconds later he knocked unlocking the door I opened it a crack he stuck his arm in holding only a shirt. Having no other choice I grabbed it thanking him locking the door again.

Holding up the shirt it was the same one he was just wearing I sighed slipping it on, his scent is strong on this shirt why does he always do this!? I finally exit from the bathroom with a limp.

I found Guy standing shirtless beside his dresser digging through it his back muscles were clearly on display I notice some scares underneath his shoulder blade and back. Its dark outside I can even hear the crickets sing.

“I’m done,” I said making myself known Guy turned his head to me scanning his eyes up and down my body I shivered down the spine to the core.

“Good, can you walk to the bed?” He questioned. I nod limping towards the mattress sitting down moments later Guy handed me a glass of water my eyes wanted to look at his hard stomach I slowly looked up at him hairs raised and goosebumps erected. Guy stared down at me.

“Drink up”

As I took the glass our fingers touched making my heart race quicken I ignored it taking a big gulp didn’t realize how thirsty I am. Once I was done Guy retracted the glass from my fingers setting it down on the nightstand.

“Good girl” He stepped away with a brow arched moments later I blinked a few times suddenly becoming groggy my vision starts becoming blurry feeling hands cup by face I groaned saw a face-up close to mine.

“I got work to handle sweetheart have a good sleep in the meantime” His faint voice echoed. He drugged me! I felt him kiss my forehead laying me down on the bed covering my body with the duvet.

After my body sunk into the soft mattress and warmth I instantly fell asleep.

Feeling the bed move that made my eyes flutter open I was still groggy it was getting light outside, So it’s morning how long was I out? I am laying on my stomach laying comfortably I’ll admit this was the best night sleep I’ve had since I came here.

Spotting a figure laying beside me that’s when I shot my eyes open getting alerted then I saw its Guy! Sleeping soundly on his back... Shirtless!

We slept in the same bed!? Of course, it’s his room I sat up hoping my clothes were still on. I glanced down sighing with relief that they are. My eyes scan the dark room then I spot crutches next to the dresser

What did he do? I asked myself suddenly the urge to pee needed my attention I quietly start getting off the bed limping towards the bathroom. Once I did my business I exit I gasped finding Guy awake sitting on the bed.

“Good morning,” His British voice spoke huskily.

“Morning” I reply shyly. When I was around him part of me is scared and nervous I limp back to the bed didn’t know how to act with Guy.

“Sleep well?” He asked. I nod


“I managed to get you crutches so you’ll be able to walk around better until the foot heals,” Guy told. I glanced down suddenly my eyes grew wide with shock.

“What is this!?” I exclaimed. Quickly sitting on the bed didn’t care if I hurt my foot even more.

Guy stood wasn’t even effect on how I’m feeling right now. Around my right ankle lays a thick black large strap connected with a small metal box showing two lights One Red and One Green right now the light is green.

“Calm down sweetheart it won’t hurt you... Unless you take a step foot off this property then you will experience a bolt of electricity jolt through your leg causing serious pain to you which I don’t want” Guy explained making my stomach drop

“W-What?” I muttered scared.

“I crafted the device myself, Sweetheart. Once the time comes you can see outside again I even marked the spot where you can’t pass... And I suggest you behave yourself if you don’t want to end up back in that cell” He told very grimly I gulped feeling my throat get awfully dry. By now Guy is right in front of me he softly held my chin caressing it.

“Just behave, Cordelia, then I’ll give you everything”

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