The Pawn of Fate

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Crime thriller with a touch of humour What links a bank robbery, the kidnapping of a politician and 100 monkeys in central London. Follow the story as security and police try to find out and ultimately discover who is pulling the strings.

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 1

“I told you to steal a discreet vehicle that would get us into the compound, like a range rover or an estate car, how does this match that description?” Zavid was angry, a common state for his mind to be in.

Jason backed up a bit, knowing far too well Zavid’s short temper, “what, this will get us in and will easily carry everyone, plus the tanker”, he said in flawless English but with a strong Russian accent.

Zavid sighed and stepped forward, he patted Jason on the back saying, “true it will”, he suddenly grabbed the back of Jason’s jacket and slammed the guy’s forehead into the metal chassis, “though explain to me how a tank is meant to be discrete.”

Jason staggered backwards, he was a tough guy and had taken harder knocks to the head without passing out, “you asked me to take a vehicle, the only ones still working there were this or a couple of hatchbacks, all the rest were either scrap or too wedged under rubbish”, Jason answered rubbing his head.

“He’s telling the truth boss we looked, it was this or a polo”, the voice came from inside the tank, Micah poked her head out from the hatch continuing, “though what the hell a couple of polos were doing in an army scrap site I have no idea.”

Zavid shook his head, “we need something a bit faster than this.”

Micah held up a box with a load of wires coming out, “sorted that, just removed the governor this thing will do sixty mph easy.”

Zavid smiled, “maybe we can make this work, where are Yuu and Kyo.”

Micah had ducked back inside the tank to tinker further, she shouted back her voice muffled, “there was an old weapons cache there that they wanted to have a look through.”

“Typical, Jason go get them and bring back one of those polo’s, I have an idea for it.”

Jason was still trying to stand up, “a polo? You never change the plan.”

Zavid reached down and dragged him to his feet, and then lifted him into the air by his collar, “you know what else I never do; I never appreciate you questioning me. I am not changing the plan. The first part requires a car, not a tank, so we are going to have to use two vehicles to finish the job, OK.”

Jason swallowed heavily, “sorry Zavid, you’re right I will sort it now.”

Zavid dropped him and he staggered back on his feet and began walking off.

Zavid watched him leave, Jason walked across out of the gravel courtyard they were in and through the gate that was now hanging off its hinges, thanks to the tank. It would take him about ten minutes to walk down the road to the old army base. Then probably another fifteen to convince Yuu and Kyo to leave and to then get a polo back here. The area they were in had been a small village that had built up around an army base, then when the base had been closed the village effectively had done so as well, as most of the residents had been families of the soldiers and the rest had made money from selling produce to them. The base was now just a graveyard of old army equipment and the village a proverbial ghost town. The base now only had basic security to protect the leftover equipment which hadn’t troubled them at all. The electronic security system had no backup power supply so they just cut the main line, and the two guards never even saw them coming, not that it would have made much difference if any at all. Kyo had taken them both out from five hundred yards with a dart rifle, they would wake up in about eight hours, long after the job was done. Their employer had specifically asked for no one to be killed in this endeavour. This suited Zavid perfectly as despite what his attitude would suggest, he didn’t like having to kill unnecessarily. He saw each death as an aspect of the plan that had gone wrong, it also meant there was one less person alive to know he had outsmarted them.

Micah interrupted his train of thought at this point, “anything else you want me to change on the tank, or the polo they bring back?”

Zavid knocked on the metal chassis, “no this will be fine, I want you to put any spare toys of Jason’s in the trunk of the polo, I know he made loads of extras, he never can stop himself.”

Micah nodded, “he is right though you normally hate to change even the smallest part of the plan”, unlike Jason she was able to get away with these sorts of comments. Zavid had an old-fashioned respect for women and therefore would never mistreat Micah. Jason, however, had been his friend for several years the two had grown up in Russia together and had both joined the army, and then later become part of the Spetsnaz. Zavid had been a specialist in explosives and Jason in vehicles. In the army, Zavid had been incredibly self-confident and arrogant and risen up through the ranks, though he often didn’t get on well with those who either outranked him or questioned him. A major had managed to do both, in an act of revenge Zavid had used his knowledge of explosives to booby-trap the man’s bedroom. The explosions were triggered when the major lay on his bed, the first put a hole in the roof, the second launching the bed through the hole, fifty feet in the air with him still on it landing in the lake. Zavid at this point went on the run from the law, discharged from the army with a warrant out for his arrest. Jason had left with him, as he had always been effectively Zavid’s yes man, doing tasks for him and putting up with him as a friend as the thought of him as his enemy was too terrifying.

“True, but as I said this isn’t a change, I wanted a military vehicle we could get without anyone knowing to be on the lookout for a stolen military vehicle. That meant stealing one from here the day we need it, so it isn’t reported. There was always a risk of this so I planned us using either two vehicles, or for us to set off the alarm here and steal the vehicle the guards arrive in.”

Micah nodded, she knew she shouldn’t have doubted him, despite his anger issues would suggest, he was incredibly level-headed and thorough. “Why not just set off the alarm and steal their vehicle, has to be better than those polo’s?”

Zavid shook his head, “the vehicle could be anything no way to know if it would be more useful or not, besides it would put them on alert and they would sound the alarm when it didn’t come back and no one checked in. In regards to the polo, if they are in there it will have been used for military work and will, therefore, match the style we need.”

Micah nodded and climbed out of the tank, “they did have military number plates; will that be enough?”

“Yes, the car just needs to look official, we have the fake passes for the rest and besides we only need to get inside long enough to disable the security.”

“So, are we all still going in or are some of us going to wait with the tank?”

Zavid was wandering around the tank, “no we won’t all go in, though I need you to come in, out of the others who could drive the tank.”

“The tank is almost identical to a Russian tank in terms of the drive system, so Jason should be able to, do you need him in because I doubt Kyu and Yuu could do it.”

“No that’s fine, I was hoping we could do it that way Yuu and Kyo would be better to have inside, Jason won’t be needed till later and besides his accent could have caused problems.” Zavid himself had almost no discernible accent and spoke a variety of languages, and Micah was American but spoke fluent French with a mild accent, which was fine for this.

Zavid stopped at the back of the tank, “I can’t see anywhere we can attach a tow cable or really anything to drag the tanker when we have it.”

Micah walked around to where he was, “no there should be a hook under the back plate”. She lay on the floor examining the tanks underbelly, “wait, what? It’s been removed they patched and welded the spot it must have been damaged, sorry I never even thought to check that.”

“This is the last time we take a job where we don’t have at least three weeks’ time to prep, can we attach a chain somewhere else or tow it some other way?” Zavid sighed, pulled out a cigarette and began smoking.

Micah climbed to her feet noticing the cigarette, his little quirk, whenever the plan went wrong even in a tiny way like this he would have a cigarette, when it went well and the job was done he had a cigar other than that he never smoked, often going weeks without either, “bad for your health”, she commented, “we could wrap a chain around the top, mount it to the gun turret but it won’t be pretty.”

“Looks aren’t really my concern” he dropped the cigarette no longer needing it, “do we have a long enough chain?”

Micah was pulling out her phone, “there is some at the site I will get Jason to bring it back.”

It was twenty minutes later and the car had pulled into the courtyard, the chain having been dragged by the polo.

Zavid was now stood facing them all, “so is everyone OK with what we are now doing, Jason, you wait here for our signal and then you drive the tank in, Kyo and Yuu you are my security team, you don’t talk, not that you ever do. Micah, you are my personal assistant, when we get to the centre of the complex we wait for them to open the door and let us into the lab, we need to take out the backup generators before we take out the main power or the alarm will sound anyway.”

Everyone nodded, Jason headed to the tank and Micah, Yuu, and Kyo heading for the polo. Zavid stopped, “Yuu, Kyo, dart pistols only, no guns they have to stay here.” They weren’t happy but they handed their beloved MP5 machine guns to Jason to store in the tank”, each though still had a dart gun under their suit jacket. They all climbed into the polo Kyo driving, Micah and Yuu in the back with Zavid sitting in the front passenger seat, they were all in smart suits with Id badges except for Micah who was wearing a black dress with an Id badge pinned to the top, she wasn’t happy with this, she had never felt at home in a dress or skirt.

They drove off, the tank following, two miles down the road the tank pulled into a field at its designated point, ahead of them was a large complex with a metal fence all the way around. Zavid smiled as they pulled up to the security gate, “just as we planned OK.”

They pulled up to security and wound down their window, there were two security guards sat at the gate post, “good evening gentleman can we see some identification please”, the guard asked in French politely but obviously suspicious of the fact he hadn’t seen them before.

Zavid smiled and replied in fluent French, “no problem, my pass, and here is my paper work for this visit”, he indicated to Micah to hand over the paperwork.

The paperwork was accepted and the ID card scanned, their employer had set up this side of the plan having managed to have them listed on the system and creating fake IDs through contacts in the compound. This was the only part Zavid had been nervous about as it was outside of his control. Though after a minute his worry proved unnecessary the guard handed back the badge and documents, “I apologise for the delay, of course as one of our main benefactors I will have someone meet you inside to give you a tour.”

“Thank you”, the barrier was raised and they drove through, “park right by the wall”, Zavid said, still reaching for his ID badge, they pulled up by the wall just as a man in an army uniform came out to meet them, arriving as they got out of the car.

“Good day gentleman and lady”, nodding towards Micah, “I am Colonel Peters while I was informed of your impending visit but not when it would be or what it was you wanted to see?”

Zavid smiled again, “my apologies that was my fault I have a busy schedule and wasn’t sure when I would be able to fit in this visit, mostly I want to see the main lab though the site grounds as well.”

“The grounds?” a look of surprise on his face.

“Yes, I want to see the potential for expansion, and also the security in place.”

“No problem, we can start now.”

They headed inside the complex, two sets of cameras following their movement. There were two soldiers inside at the main desk, both were armed. “I must ask you all to sign your names and empty out your pockets for a security check, standard procedure.”

“Not a problem, my two guards are both armed, I would prefer to keep it that way if that’s ok with you, their military ID gives them clearance for pistols.”

“Not a problem, I will have to scan their cards to check their clearance but pending that it is fine.”

They all signed in and passed the necessary checks, they were then lead through a maze of corridors passing multiple guards and men in white lab coats. They reached the end of a long corridor with a large metal door blocking their path the Colonel swiped his card and held the door open. “This is the main lab as you can see, state of the art and security is state of the art to”, there were four armed guards inside and two lab technicians, cameras covered the room, in the centre, was a glass and steel box with a two-stage door system on the front with heavy bullet proof glass. “At this point, the product is finished, it is now just a case of concentrating and producing larger quantities of it.”

“How far has that progressed”, Zavid asked studying the security in the room.

“Progress has been good, we have it now concentrated nearly one-hundred times stronger than before, and have about a thousand litres stored and ready to test.”

“Excellent”, he held out a hand to Micah who passed him his briefcase, “can we get a copy of the test results”, he said opening his case and producing a passport drive.

The Colonel did not look happy about this. “that would be most irregular the data is still classified.”

“Very well, may I at least view the data on the computer here?”

“Of course, the only copy is in the lab core”, he headed towards the glass core and opened the first door stepping in and asking Zavid to join him, the two stood in the airlock the first door closed and the second opened. The Colonel loaded the database up on screen, Zavid began flicking through as the micro camera in his buttonhole recorded everything, a few minutes later he stepped back, “Thank you, that is all I needed.”

The Colonel nodded and led him back out where they re-joined the others, “where did you want to see on the grounds”, the Colonel asked, Micah stepped forward at this point.

“We primarily want to see the security on the rear end of the building and for potential expansion as well, also the backup power generators we want to see about the space and see if it would make sense to move them and expand that way.”

The scientists around them looked over in their direction at this point, the idea of expansion obviously enticing them, the Colonel merely nodded again. “Certainly, we have plenty of space out the back and again security is always priority.”

They headed back outside the lab and through another maze of corridors to the rear of the compound, it was a large open tarmacked space with a high metal fence with security cameras covering all directions, with guards patrolling up and down.

“This space definitely has potential, though I think we can get more out of the space if we put the generators back here, the schematics make it look like they are taking up a lot more space than they need, very inefficient.”

“I’ve never really thought about it, though I suppose there is quite a lot of space around there”, The Colonel didn’t seem entirely convinced that an extension there made sense, but obviously didn’t want to upset who he thought to be their largest financial supporter, and was deciding to humour him, “This way then please”.

They walked around the complex, cameras covered the outside of the building, with guards patrolling the perimeter fence and the building itself. They turned the corner of the building, Micah was starting to get nervous, they had known the security and the number of guards there would be, but seeing it in person put a different perspective on it. Yuu and Kyo were also obviously tense both keeping their arms close in, near their guns. She glanced over at Zavid, he was walking with as much confidence as if he really did own the complex. She would never understand how he did it, but it reassured her to see how calm he was, she just hoped he was right about there being a hole in security because so far it seemed pretty tight, cameras covering every angle with so far no blind spots. Guards patrolling everywhere and the security checks had been thorough, well not strictly true they had managed to get Kyo and Yuu in with their guns. This gave her a bit more confidence, they had beaten at least one part of security, sort of, and Kyo and Yuu being armed was in itself comforting, even if it was just a pistol, they were a force to be reckoned with.

As they approached the generators, the Colonel slowed down and turned to face them. “What specifically did you want to see around here”, he asked indicating around him to the generators.

There were seven generators forming a figure eight pattern.

“I wanted to look at the general space and also take some soil samples to see how suitable it would be for an extension site.”

“Soil samples?” The Colonel asked.

Micah stepped forward for this one, “yes we need to check the saturation levels of the soil to see if any of the fuel from the generators has seeped in.”

The Colonel shrugged, “not a problem, feel free to take all the samples you need”.

Zavid smiled, “thank you”, he indicated to Yuu, who walked forward pulling a zip lock bag from his pocket, he scooped up some soil from near the closest generator.

They all walked into the centre area of the generators complex, each generator was over two meters tall and five meters long.

Yuu carried on collecting samples from various points around the generators.

Zavid turned to the Colonel at this point, “you know Colonel I must congratulate you on this compound, you were right the security is excellent.”

He smiled, “thank you, we pride ourselves on having a state of the art system.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t go that far”, the Colonel looked up sharply at Zavid at this point, he continued, “I mean there is one obvious security flaw.”

“What, what flaw?” the Colonel said confused and now slightly suspicious.

Micah was watching Zavid, enjoying the show, this was always what he enjoyed the most, getting one over on people. “Really, you don’t see it, where there are no guards, where no cameras can see, no security of any kind?”

“The whole perimeter has cameras and there are guards everywhere they see everywhere”, he said trying to follow where Zavid was going with this.

He smiled, “can they see us right now?”

The Colonel scoffed, “of course they can”, then realised that due to the height of the generators none of the cameras could see into the middle of the area, and none of the guards walked through where they were, he recovered quickly though. “The cameras can see all around this section anyone going near them will be spotted a mile away and the guards are always close enough to intervene if someone is caught snooping on camera.”

Zavid was still smiling, “they hardly have to sneak up.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, we’re already here”, the Colonel was taken aback for a second then he turned quickly as if to run and call the guards, and was met by Kyo’s fist coming the other way, he was unconscious before he hit the floor.

Zavid was suddenly all business, “Micah what do you need to be done”, he was already rifling through the Colonel’s pockets relieving him of his key card.

Micah was already opening the suitcase and taking out her pen that doubled as a screwdriver, and threw her metal clipboard towards Yuu, who was abandoning the soil sample collection. “I need the panels taken off all the generators and then I need to have the cables dragged out once I disconnected them.”

Zavid nodded to Yuu who began using the metal clipboard to lever the panels off.

It took seconds for Yuu to pull off the first panel, and Micah began sorting through the cables on the inside and pulled a cleverly concealed knife blade from her hair clip, and began cutting cables loose from the cable ties and unscrewing the cable connectors. Zavid and Kyo were moving the Colonel’s body to one side and propped him up so he wasn’t in the way.

Yuu had already pulled the next two panels off the other generators, and Micah had disconnected the first set of cables. She moved on to the next and Kyo and Zavid began dragging the cables into the centre of the area.

Ten minutes later they had all the cables out and wired up, Zavid was panting slightly from the effort of dragging the heavy cables, “Micah, is it done?”

She stood up from her crouched position over the cluster of cables, “I think we are good” she said looking over the trail of wires, “yeah everything is ready at this end.”

“Good”, Zavid turned to Kyo and Yuu. “grab the Colonel it’s time for the next stage.”

The two men picked up the Colonel holding him up one under each arm, they walked out from the centre of the generators area Zavid leading, as they got past the generators and back into visible view he began waving his arms and shouting at the top of his lungs, Micah joined in pointing towards the Colonel while doing so.

Two guards patrolling fifty meters away turned and ran towards them, as they got closer Zavid started talking in fake hysterics, “He just collapsed clutching his chest I think it was a heart attack or something he needs help we need to call an ambulance.”

The first guard nodded and grabbed his radio calling for an on-site medic team to their location. The second began helping them carry the Colonel towards the building,

Just as they were getting to the entrance of the building, the door opened and the medical team ran out, putting the Colonel on a stretcher bed and wheeling him inside. Zavid and the others followed, Zavid keeping up his false hysteria babbling to the guards about how the Colonel had collapsed.

They were heading through the building towards the medical centre, they were rushed inside and three doctors were preparing a space for the Colonel.

“Is he going to be OK?” Micah asked.

The guard smiled in a reassuring manner, “I’m sure he will be fine.”

The two guards stood to the side of the room watching, the medics began talking to the others as they entered the room explaining to the doctors what had just occurred.

They instantly began examining him, connecting him to monitors, checking his pulse and preparing any equipment they would need for a heart attack victim.

Due to this rush of panic, no one saw Kyu and Yuu step to separate corners of the room and draw their dart pistol, or Micah closing the blinds facing the corridor.

The doctor looked up from the Colonel, “This man does not appear to have had a heart attack?”

All seven men collapsed to the floor with a dart in their neck before any had chance to react. Zavid smiled, “nice work”, nodding towards Kyu and Yuu, “those two panels there”. They immediately walked over and began removing the panels while Micah again drew out her screwdriver and knife.

“Just as you said boss”, Micah said to Zavid, “this will only take a minute”.

Zavid smiled again. The wall separated the medical room and the security room, the two most important to be powered by the backup generator, and therefore the junction box was stored in the wall separating them, this wall.

True to her word a minute later Micah stood up her rewiring complete, “job is complete boss the main power will cut out and then the fire alarm will go off, they will assume something blew the main line and caused the fire.”

“The alarm though will only be triggered internally and then fifteen seconds after the backup generators kick in. They will cause an overload to the system, blowing themselves up creating an EMP pulse wiping out all portable communications in the process.”

Zavid nodded, “perfect we will disable all the cars out front so no one will even know about this outside of the facility for at least an hour, and that is more than an enough time, did you put the extras in the car as I instructed.”

Micah snorted in mock indignation, “you need to ask”, chucking him a mobile phone.

Zavid caught it motioning his other hand in an apologetic fashion.

“We are at the front of the facility and the fire Rendezvous point is at the rear of the building, security will escort everyone out quickly, this end of the building should be clear in the first ten seconds. At that point, I activate this we run through the main lab grab the container and by that point Jason should be outside and ready, clear?”

They all nodded, “let’s do this then.”

Micah turned back to the circuit in the wall and joined the last two wires, and on queue all hell broke loose, the power cut out and was picked up almost instantly by the generators, at which point the fire alarm broke and sprinkler system activated. The sound of people running through the corridors and security shouting down the halls to evacuate, echoed around them.

Ten seconds in and as predicted the sounds were dying down as people left. Zavid pressed a button on the phone’s keypad and a short way off was the sound of an explosion. Then five seconds later there was a second explosion, this time the generators exploding, plunging the room into darkness.

Zavid moved towards the door, “Now, let’s move.”

In unison, each moved behind the sound of his voice and each placed a hand on the shoulder in front of them, led by Zavid who had made a point of memorising the precise layout of the building. They walked several metres down the corridor and opened the door to the main lab which was light, due to the new hole in the wall courtesy of Jason’s explosives in the boot of the car.

Kyu and Yuu were covering the rooms two entrances, while Micah and Zavid opened the doors to the main core now the power was off and began clearing everything between the container and the doors.

There was a low rumble as the tank now appeared widening the hole in the wall as it went. Jason was out straight away and began helping to drag the chain to the container and harnessed them together.

Zavid grabbed an ammo belt from Jason that had five grenades on it. “Let’s go”, they all climbed into the tank, Micah now taking the driving controls and Zavid stood with his torso sticking out the top of the tank, and began chucking grenades into the car park. He took out the three parked cars that the exploding polo had missed, one into the empty security booth and threw one into the main lab for good measure.

He climbed down into the tank and shut the hatch, Micah glanced over at him, “You know the cars wouldn’t have been working anyway right, the EMP would have fried the battery in them.”

“They could have still got lucky and started one somehow, besides this will cause more confusion and panic and the sounds of explosions will likely prevent them going near the front of the complex for slightly longer.”

Micah shook her head, “always able to justify an explosion”, she laughed

“Did everything go OK?” Jason asked.

“So far everything is going precisely according to plan, now on to the next phase.”

They only drove about two miles and then exited the tank and got into a range rover, placing the container on a trailer on the back of it and attached an identical container only holding water to the back of the tank.

They all got into the car, Jason driving, Zavid front passenger, and the rest in the back. Micah had a large remote control with a screen on it. She flicked a few switches up and moved a slider forward and the tank revved up, “rock and roll”, she smiled.

The car and tank left together and split at the next junction, forty-five minutes later the land rover arrived in Paris and pulled up by the south leg of the Eiffel tower.

They climbed out of the car, and Kyu and Yuu began disconnecting the trailer while Jason opened the boot and lifted down a large remote control car, which they used to tow the trailer to its final destination.

“The tank is now entering the motorway and currently clocking sixty-five mph” Micah said smirking, “only a matter of time before they start following it, should keep them from looking for us anywhere else for a while.”

“Good, lets head for the tunnel then the bunker is this way”, Zavid said as he started walking carrying a rucksack, Jason using another yet smaller remote to navigate the RC car.

They entered into the so-called secret military bunker, nothing more than a tourist attraction these days but still with one interesting and useful feature.

Zavid crouched by what looked like a large metal bulkhead, and after a few seconds of analysis opened his backpack and withdrew some C4. He placed it in three patches around the bulkhead, he stepped back, “fire in the hole”, the was a small explosion and the bulkhead fell off revealing a tunnel.

Jason expertly guided the RC car into the tunnel, he then taped the controller to the top of the container, Micah then handed the control for the tank over to Jason and began attaching a device to the top of the container.

Zavid was now watching Jason’s screen, “looks like the tank is serving its purpose the first blockade stop and let them take it, we are done.”

They packed up and headed out the last thing Micah did was use a piece of tape to hold the controller on the RC car in the drive forward position. It proceeded off down the tunnel, “night night little soldier boys.”

They climbed the steps. At the surface, they got into the black range rover. Zavid drove with Micah in the front passenger seat now using a laptop to monitor the location of the container.

Two minutes later Jason looked up, “road block, the tank is stopped”, Zavid nodded now more focused on the status of the RC car.

“It’s in position”, said Micah as they were leaving Paris.

Zavid smiled, “then do it.”

Micah pressed the enter key and whispered, “goodnight.”

A few minutes later the first few were affected and within ten minutes the whole of the military complex Ecole Millitare, France’s largest military college for training staff and field officers was paralysed. By this point, they were long outside Paris and heading for a villa in the south of France to relax before their next job, whatever that may be.

Half an hour later Zavid’s phone then began to ring causing him to frown, no one had this number except the people in the car with him and their current employer, who had no reason to be calling right now as the plan had been a success. The only further contact he was meant to give was the rest of their payment sent to their account, he answered the phone pulling in on the side of the road as he did so.

“Hello”, he said.

“Hello Mr Vetrov.”

“You have me at a disadvantage, you know my name yet I don’t know yours”, Zavid kept his voice level.

“Believe me, I know more than just your name, by the way well done on tonight very impressive, the old bunker under the Eiffel tower I assume.”

Zavid was shocked, though he kept his voice level, “Correct I didn’t think many new the tunnel was there.”

The man laughed down the phone, “true, not many do, though it is hardly a secret most though are unaware how far it goes. Though it is not about tonight that I have phoned I am calling because I have a job for you.”

Zavid did not like this, normally he found clients by knowing they wanted something done and discretely offering their services, or alternatively others would contact him with whatever criminal underground they were in the vicinity of at the time, this was a first.

“That is all well and good but first I want to know who you are and how you got this number.”

He laughed again, “I am your new employer, that is all you need to know, in regards to the number, I hacked your colleague’s laptop”, Zavid looked over at the laptop as Micah gasped looking at the screen, text had appeared saying ‘proof enough?’ “I then accessed all your phones and narrowed it down to this one as all the others have your name saved under contacts.”

“Very clever, if you can do all this why do you need us?”

“I can do things on computers, it is however, something else I require you for, specifically a robbery the computer security will be dealt with, you just need to get past all the physical barriers.”

“What’s the job”, Zavid didn’t feel in control something he wasn’t used to.

“In due course, for now, I just wanted to introduce myself and retain your services.”

“We are not a catering service, you can’t just phone up and book us”, Zavid was now angry.

“Mr Vetrov, in no way did I mean to patronise you as I said I am a fan of your work, I was merely trying to state I wish to pay now to secure you for services later, the sum of fifty million Euros, with a further fifty million when the job is done.”

Zavid was shocked though held his voice level still, “that will do nicely, when will the job be and how do we contact you.”

“The job will be in the next few weeks and you don’t”, the phone went dead.

Zavid threw the phone down on the floor, “problem boss”, Jason asked.

Zavid rolled his eyes, “no everything is fine and we are dancing through a field of daisy’s, of course there is a problem!” he sighed, “I don’t know how but someone has tracked us down, fortunately they want us to pull a job, though as soon as we get to the villa we check everything, work out how someone found us.”

“So, we are taking the job?”, This came from Micah still looking at the message on the screen.

Zavid looked at his phone seeing he had an update on it, he tapped the icon seeing that it was from the banking app he had installed, saying fifty million had entered his account, he smiled, “Yes we take it.”

This was two weeks ago.

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cristina337: Oh wow, what a series! Started with book one, and by the next day I have read them all. I just couldn't stop teading :)

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