Longest Nightmare

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Chapter 19

Every fiber of my being wanted to run, just ride my bike and get out of there as fast as I could. I couldn't though...I needed to be there and I needed answers. If he knew something he would give me the answers I needed.

After I stashed the bike I made my way to the gate. As I got closer I noticed how different it looked from how I remembered it. It didn't change the fact that it still looked and felt like one of the circles of hell. I got to a wall, grabbed my line from my belt and scaled the wall as fast I could. It felt like they made it higher from the last time I climbed the thing.

I reached the top and got a view of the area, 'What's wrong with this picture?' I asked myself as I looked at the grounds. The guards that usually did regular walks of the grounds seemed lax for some reason. There were usually two man walks where the groups would intersect at regular intervals. Now there were only one man units.

It felt weird, I had wondered if so much had really changed from when I was there before. I dropped to the ground and stayed as close to the shadows as I could. I found a single man unit and took him out quietly. The security firms in Stonehurst were never the best so knocking the guy out in a hold was child's play. I took the guy's jacket, hat and his walkie. It made things very helpful to keep an eye or ear on the walk-abouts.

I stashed the guy the best I could and made my way back to the main building. It was easier than sneaking around through the shafts. I walked through avoiding the people who might have noticed that I wasn't supposed the be there. Which was effectively everyone in the building. It wasn't as easy as I would've liked but I got through.

The building was the same, small changes but the layout was the same. I knew the way to the major threats of this looney bin. The maximum security wing had it's guard sitting there at a table dozing off. I walked over to him quietly and spoke lightly, “Inmate check, you mind?” He grunted and his mind didn't tell him to fight me on it. The door to the wing opened and I went in. I ditched the hat and the jacket once I got in. The inmates made the fact that they knew who I was no secret as I walked through. These patients didn't try to hide that they weren't being treated or if they were it was the wrong kind. I knew a few of these guys myself at one time or another. I walked to the one cell at the end of a wall with the next cell over empty and the one across had it's inmate huddled in a corner; the only one who was silent. I was silent as well.

“Hmm.” he said, getting up from the bed, “I thought visiting hours were over.” He stood up fully and I was surprised at how much he had changed. “Come closer, I haven't had a visitor in so long and I hadn't seen you since you betrayed our partnership Chase.” His hair was longer and he had grown facial hair. It was surreal from how I remembered him from before. His room was bare and his door was see-through, nothing was ever said but from the set up you could tell they were worried that he would try to escape. “Would you believe not even my family would stop by anymore?” He asked.

His eyes looked me up and down and my skin crawled. His eyes still had that sickening gleam to them, like that night. “I betrayed no one Wulfhaus.” I said, “But I'm giving a chance to redeem yourself.”

“God, how I've missed that,” He said, “You always loved to do that little voice of yours when you wanted to scare them.” He began to pace his cell, “It had been how long?” He asked, “You must know, I mean you were out there for me it has always been the first day when my parents abandoned me here and you kept doing your little thing over in the town we kept safe.”

“There was an attempted heist yesterday Steven.” I wasn't having his crap that night. “I have evidence that it was you who supplied them with a hook up from the police for the bullets.”

“What bullets Chase?” He asked,

“Teflon bullets.” I stated, “The same bullets...Wait a minute.” I changed everything once my mind started making connections. “You were in on it weren't you Steven?” He said nothing, he did smile that damn smile of his, “Someone had information on me, that's how they could have found out who I was and used that to get to me.” I said, it had all begun to click in one way or another, “And I know only one person I could think of who would want to use it to have my head on a pike.”

“Only one?” He asked. “You've been gone what? three years Chase?” He asked, “You know how long Three years feels when you have no contact with anyone?” He asked, “I mean doctors are one thing but I only get the old and ugly ones you can't do anything with-!” I punched his cell door, I was already in no mood when he was involved, especially after coming across what I thought was finally the truth.

“You were the reason those people were shot weren't you?” I growled, I had to calm myself, “Who let you out Steven?” I desperately wanted to know, to see if I was right, “Who would have the power to give you enough of a free reign like you had?”

“Free reign?” He asked looking back at me as he got closer to the cell door. “You know better than anyone that I am anything but free Chase.” He pointed at me, “You made sure of it that night when you kept me from finishing my list!” I punched it again,

“All these years and you're still angry about that?!” I honestly couldn't have believed the guy, “They were innocent girls and you attacked them!” I exclaimed,

“No one is innocent!” He yelled back, “Especially that tramp!” Though “You know better than anyone! Hell you know one of them personally.” He added a cackle to his little jab.

“What are you talking about?” He just chuckled a smile crept on his face as well showing those disgusting teeth of his, they had gotten only worse since he had been here.

“Oh my, you don't know do you?” He asked, “This is rich, the great detective wannabe doesn't know that someone in his little circle...Well I'll just let you think on that one.”

“Someone in my circle?” I asked. “How do you know-?” He licked his lips and I went off, I didn't know what happened but a part of me snapped and red blurred my vision. I lashed at the door and heard a snap, part of it was my hand and the other was his door. I should have thought about it then, but he didn't let me.

“YES!” He yelled, “YOU KNOW THAT FEELING CHASE, DON'T YOU?! IT'S THE ONE YOU'VE PLAGUED ME WITH ONCE YOU LET ME FESTER IN THIS PUTRID HOLE!” I couldn't stop I kept bashing the door until it broke open and I ran in. He didn't move to stop me, he let me grab him and pinned him against the wall by his throat.

“What do you know Steven!?” I yelled, “Who did it?!”

“My, my Chase,” He said smiling, holding back laughter, “So easily angered these days.”

“You know who shot him don't you?!” I yelled shaking him, “Who shot my brother!?”

“Have a nice rest of your night Chase.” He said with a light laugh before he began to shake wildly. He was having a seizure, but that wasn't what caught my attention.

Red and blue lights flashed, loud sirens blared and the door to wing had opened. The cops had arrived. I had no time. I made my way for the door and knocked out the guards who were coming in. I didn't even hear them come in over the mic. I listened to them very closely then. “Cops are coming, one of them said to take him in alive but if we need to rough him up.” I always knew what that meant, the kill order had been given and my head had a price on it, just waiting for someone to collect.

I made my way to a shaft after I had torn the grate off and crawled through it until I reached one that overlooked some of the garden outside. I dropped down and the next thing I knew I heard two cops whom at the time gave me no doubt that they had their guns trained on me. “FREEZE!” One yelled as I stood straight up. “Place your hands on you head and stay still.” The other said as they drew closer. I moved my hands up and waited for them to get closer. One went to my back while the other called in the others to say they had caught me. It wasn't my best work but I had to get out of there, hopefully the guy who went behind me would have good insurance to cover a knee surgery. I took out the other one after I had disarmed him and struck him in throat, left him gasping for air. I ran.

Cops and gunfire were the perfect motivator, along with the random shots at me and the occasional shot that made it through my armor. Those guys weren't playing around that time. I was running on adrenaline and as I looked back on it I had no idea how I reached the top of the wall that night. A quick glance behind me showed that they were still following and guns had been trained on me again. 'How did those bullets get through?' I asked myself and then I remembered that people were still taking shots at me.

I had no time, I dropped and ran back to my bike. The rest was a blur and I was glad about that. I was played and I was going to pay for it somehow, I just knew it.

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