Longest Nightmare

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Chapter 21

I left Dad's with a bit of clarity. I had an idea who was in the cage and I thought it was time to start rattling it just enough to get some attention.

He said he wouldn't help me but I had to try. There was information I needed and he was the one person I could think of that could have possibly helped me. I knocked and heard a voice call from behind the door. “Coming.” A woman's voice said, the door opened and I was a little surprised. The woman was athletic, that was a given but her voice didn't match her body type it was higher than it should've been in my opinion.

“Is Houston in?” I asked, she smiled kindly, nodded and then turned,

“Honey, someone is here for you.” She called,

“Who is it ba-Chase.” He said, his tone changed flatly once he saw me

“You got a minute?” I asked I looked from him to the woman, “Alone would be preferable.” The woman looked between the two of us while Houston stayed focused on me. Made it easier to only show him the bandaged leg hidden beneath my pants. He looked at me for a second, “I'll meet you downstairs.”

“You know the entire precinct is after you Chase?” He asked, “There's even talk of feds being brought in.”

“That good or bad?” I asked as I leaned against the alley wall,

“Just what the hell are you hoping to accomplish Chase?”

“Someone, shot my little brother Houston.” I said, “Are you telling me you wouldn't do anything in your power to do the same?” I got off the wall and he said nothing, “I need your help.”

“I told you no Chase,” He said, “I am not helping you and putting a target on my back.”

“If they knew Brandon was my brother what makes you think you don't already have one?” That question made him go quiet, “This would be the last time Houston...I just need this.”

There was silence between the two of us and I could tell he really didn't want to help me. I couldn't blame him. He had a good life, a job he was good at and enjoyed, even the off chance of someone seeing him talking with me could destroy all of that for him. I thought at that moment I was asking too much, I had finally overstepped the line, “Houston I-.”

“Shut the hell up Chase.” He told me, “All of the years you had done this, you've helped countless people, people you didn't know. People that everyone else would've given up on just by looks alone. Put yourself on thinner ice than anyone I've ever known and all because you thought it was the right thing to do.” I said nothing, “You've been pleaded with to stop but you never did. You actually got better at it, it was amazing and even though these are cops who would have you burned alive you still want to do this?”

“It's what's right Houston.” I said,

Another moment of silence passed between us before he ran a hand through his head, “I must be crazy.” He said,

“I've been called worse.” I told him with a smirk,

“What do you need?”

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