Longest Nightmare

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Chapter 23

The next target was simple enough, I needed an ace in the hole and two more were needed. I had heard from Houston that after the whole thing with Tate, that Stockholm had upped the security. I was okay with that, I always had loved challenges.

Houston told me that my actions caused Stockholm to go a little paranoid and went as far as to even hire outside security detail. All those new faces meant one thing to me when I learned that, more holes to sneak in through. Houston asked me why not just wait until he leaves or something like that, I told him that my reasoning for it then was something that needed me to be at the prison. As stupid as it sounded to him, he respected it.

I sat shotgun in a van I borrowed from Darry, I decided not to ask why he had it but I knew he would. Houston was in the driver's seat and we sat on the fringes waiting for any stragglers that came in for their shift. “This is crazy,” Houston said as I watched the back intently, “You know this is crazy and yet you're still going to do this. You know what that means right?”

“There's a guy coming, I think he's the last one.” I told him as I awaited a man who walked slowly to the jail. “Get ready.” I told him as I unfastened my seat belt.

“And I'm the guy helping, what does that make me?”

“Someone who needs to shut up, the guy is coming closer.” I told him as I got ready for the guard to come up closer.

“Now.” He said after a moment of waiting. I threw the door open and pulled the man in, closing it quickly. Thankfully he was caught off guard and knocking the guy out was a simple and quick job. Taking his clothes was another piece that I never really wanted to think about after that whole thing.

“You got your part down?” I asked him,

“I'm waiting while you go in and try to do something really stupid.” Houston said as he looked forward.

“Sounds about right.” I said with a smirk as I threw the door open and out of the van I went.

I hadn't walked the halls this free since I was in my costume; which I hid under the clothes I stole from the guard. The outsourced security Stockholm had hired must have had a constantly changing staff since no one asked me too many details that would keep me from getting to where I needed to be.

I had reached the Wardens office with little trouble. Two guards stood there at attention and honestly there was where it was going to go the way I wanted. “Hey guys,” I said waving,

“Yo.” One said, the other just looked me up and down.

“I was told to do a quick detail of the office.” I said,

“Oh?” The other one asked, “From who?”

“Uh...” I needed to think quickly, “Sorry I just started, it's the guy with the weird southern drawl always has a thing of chew on him?” I asked.

“Yeah, sounds like Baker.” The one who greeted me said, “How bout it Phil?” The other one; Phil, just nudged his head,

“I'm gonna make a quick call,” Phil said, “go on and go in with him will ya?” He asked. The other one nodded and turned and took out a key. As he pushed in the key I pulled down the mask I hid under the hat I stole from the man. “Who th-!?” I struck Phil in his throat and kicked the other in through the door.

I kicked the door closed after I had dashed in to the room. “What is the meaning of this?!” A man yelled from behind the desk.

“You're Stockholm?” I asked, the man behind the desk was average height with a thin frame with thinning blond-gray hair and beard with a dimly colored suit.

“Who are you?” I tore off the guard clothes I wore; save for the pants, and stood there as I saw the man's gaze.

“You already know the answer, no doubt.” I said as I walked over and knocked out the other man who had begun to stir. “We're going to talk.” I told him. I walked over and placed a foot on the desk.

“I don't have-UGHH!” I kicked the desk forward pushing it into the mans lower body. It knocked the air out of and kept him in the chair.

“I'm sorry to say that you have no choice sir.” I said with a smirk as I got up on the desk and squatted to be on the level of the man who sat before me. I then noticed something that made me quirk an eyebrow. A smile was on his face. “Why are you-?”

“Nightmare, I'm glad you could visit.” A voice said from over the P.A system.


“I heard you were a fan of the whole sneaky crap.” The voice said out of P.A.

“Damnit.” I had been had.

“Don't get too upset,” He said, “I have some friends who will be coming to take you too me soon enough”

'Son of a-!' The door burst open and men filed in. I didn't take time to count and only prepared to work. I got off the desk and made my way to the closest one, using him as a shield. Rounds were fired and thanked whoever was watching out for me were using rubber pacifier rounds instead of regular bullets.

The shield passed out from the number of hits he took, which made it easier to steal something, and then throw the man into the group to break up their rhythm. I followed closely and took down three as quickly as I could before the guns fired again. 'Shit.' I said inwardly before I made my way back to the desk I had pushed and pushed it back, hiding behind it. Had the kick the decoy out from under it since it seemed he thought he could claim the spot as his own.

The shots hit the desk and I thought I was going to have some problems hearing for a while after that happened. They emptied their mags which made what I was about to do easier. I lifted the desk and ran into the them with it. I got a few but some got out of the way. I ditched the desk and went after the ones I had missed. I pulled out the thing I had stolen from one of the guards and threw my hand outward showing an impact baton.

There were three left. I attacked getting into a skirmish with one who had taken out his baton, he must have thought it would've put us on equal footing. I was certain that he never took an escrima to the face before that day. He was gracious enough to allow me to take his baton and go after the other two. One was reloading his pistol and the other tried to look for something to attack me with. I struck the gun from the mans hand and struck the knee of the other man forcing him to kneel.

I stood between them one baton pointing at each of them. “There are two options you guys have.” I said to them before I took a more detailed look around, there were no cams here so he couldn't tell if I had lost or not. “One: You both take me to where Stockholm's holed up in.” I said, “Two:-!” One tried to grab for the baton but I just struck him in the knee forcing him to the ground, just like the other one. “As I was saying, Two: I have a baton that each of you could have end up in a very bad place.” I said with a smirk, “And you two will have to share.” They looked at each other, “Do you two really want to try me and see if I could pull it off?”

“Warden.” One of the guards said, “We have the intruder sir.” 'Of course the man was in a security station.' I thought as they took me into the place where the real Stockholm was hidden.

“About time,” I wanted to kick myself for not knowing the difference the first time around as we walked into the station and I saw the guy. All three of us stood in the room and Stockholm, who was more stocky and wore a brown suit. He looked us all up and down. “Why isn't he dead?” he asked pointing.

“Y-you said you wanted him brought to you sir.” One of the guards said,

“Hmm...” He let out as he turned back to the desk he sat at and pulled a gun from a drawer and shot twice. “Yes, but I never said alive.” Stockholm said as he moved over to inspect his work.

As he looked over everything he leaned down to move my mask and as he did I had to play into the cliché. “Uglier than I remember...” He said shaking his head,

“Oh, that's not nice to say...” I said with a smirk as I drew out the baton and knocked out the other guard with a loud thud as the man dropped to the ground.

Stockholm turned quickly at the noise and came face to face with a baton. “After all, you hired him.” I said looking at him. He looked down and saw the guard on the ground and then to the man he shot who was wearing bits of my uniform. “Hope you weren't expecting anything too big,” I told him, “I mean I bet you don't even remember these guys names.” I said as I looked down at the guards. Stockholm tried to take advantage but I struck his hand causing him to drop the gun and hit him in the side of his face. “Seriously?” I asked as I lowered the baton and stood naturally in front of the man. “We're going to talk Stockholm.” I said, he growled and I tightened my grip on the baton.

“You're crazy to think this is going to end well, you can't get out of this place unscathed.”

“I think it will be easier than you want to think Stockholm.” I said, “Just like framing that kid for the shootings.” He said nothing, “Besides this wasn't to just talk to you, this was to send a message, a message you will remember.” I got in closer, “Now, again.” I told him, “We're going to have a talk.”




“That's it I'm telling the truth!” Stockholm said haggardly, I released his throat and grimaced.

“If I find any holes Stockholm-.”

“I told you!” He yelled, “That's it!”

“Good.” I said before pulling the phone from the desk, “Now make a call.”

“Wha-what do you mean?” I just stared at him from behind the covers of my eyes, “You can't be serious...Tomassi?” I just held the phone out to him. “But-.”

Now.” I growled. He complied and he spoke about how I had been taken care of and tonight would go off without a hitch. I knelt down and grabbed my masks that the guy was wearing; I breathed a sigh of relief to see that the guy was still alive, I dabbed the mask at his corners of his mouth to get some blood on it to make it more convincing. I had no idea how this all was going to end but if it meant that I would get Tomassi, then it was all worth it.

“There.” He said, “You happy?” I just growled and punched the man in the face. He didn't go out but after a couple more he went to sleep.

“Now I am.” I said as I got up and left the building. It was easier to steal the clothes that time around and make my way back to the van.

From outside the van I saw that Houston looked troubled and I already had a feeling as to why. I got in, sat down and took a deep breath. “How long had you been here?” I asked,

“So you can do that?” A female voice asked,

“Houston gave it away, he always gets worried when someone throws him off.” I explained as I turned to look at the person sitting in the back of the van. “Hello Charlene.”

“Hello love.” She said with a smirk.

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