Longest Nightmare

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Chapter 25

I wanted it to end there tonight, that's what I told myself again and again as I rode through the streets to the slums. Brandon would have his justice and I would've brought down the corruption that had taken over the city I had come back to. I hated to admit it but the adrenaline pumped and I remembered the thrill of these nights. I was back.

I went on ahead to the slums and had Houston on standby. It wasn't hard to find out where he was going. There were other cars heading in the same way. The cars led me to the warehouse they were all going to. There were a lot of cars but thankfully only a few of them had drivers in them. 'Subtle.' I thought as I left my bike away from the cars and began to work my way one by one searching the cars and disabling them in small ways. It was too large a chance to miss by letting them get away.

I made my way through, disarmed and took out the ones I came across. That was one part of the fun down, the next involved a good deal of climbing.

I had climbed up to the roof and made my way to the skylight the warehouse. I looked down and saw a large group of men with others surrounding the rest of the room. From up there I could already tell who the people were below me. I came in through the skylight and stood on a beam.

I could hear what was going on from that distance. “Gentlemen.” Tomassi said, he had a loud voice and was impressed by his range. “First I'd like to thank you all for coming tonight.” He said, “I assure you your time here will be well spent.”

“You're not talking to the press you deal with on the day to day about your morning dump Tomassi.” One person said,

“Yeah!” Another yelled, “I'm already tired of this circle jerk crap, just tell us what's going on.” I could only imagine at Tomassi's reaction to the two outbursts.

“Very simple my associates.” He said, “We will begin plans to officially rule this town.”

“We already do cop.” One called out.

“As true as that may be, we can make everyone of your enterprises simply go away and suspicion might just not fall on you guys ever again.” He said, “This is because with the plan I have in mind we will be the ones making the rules.”

“And how do you even begin to make that work?” One asked,

“You see the Mayor and I have begun drafting a plan as an outreach program where we would put at risk people in certain positions in the public. And before you say anything just remember there are people here more qualified to have my job than myself in this very room.” He explained, “So you see we will begin to place certain members of all your organizations in certain positions and a certain sector of the city and when a job comes up we will practically have it hand delivered to us!” He said excitedly.

I was almost glad someone became the word of dissension. “Your plan sounds good in theory Tomassi,” One man said, “you can appreciate however that we will need to have something that can prove sincerity of course.” I could hear Tomassi laugh loudly, he was putting on a show and it seemed that he was reaching his favorite part.

“You know?” He said, “I agree with you. You all need something to prove that I'm on the level and you know what?” He asked as he pulled something from behind him and threw something onto the table for all to see.

“What's that?” One asked,

“My friends, today I am proud to announce one thing. Nightmare! The one person who thought after three years could come back and make this town his again, is done. I have seen to it that the nuisance is dead!” He said proudly, “That is his mask and his body had been disposed of.” He was enjoying it too much, probably thought himself Moses bringing the lords word down to the people. 'Showtime.' I grabbed the line from my back and latched it on to the steel beam I stood and dropped a few gas cans I had hidden away, before I jumped.

“Well gentlemen, what do you say?” I didn't know who was going to speak first but I knew what was going to come next. I dropped from the skylight and the cans hit the ground causing them to explode in large amounts of gas covering the area as I dropped on the table. The table broke and I stood in the middle as the gas cleared only slightly, but enough for them to see my image. The men scurried back and I stood there.

“Evening Gentlemen.” My voice carried loud enough, “You all can leave.” I told them, “You're not the ones I want and you're time will come.” I told them “All I want right now is just him!” I pointed to Tomassi.

“What happened to Nightmare not being alive anymore cop?!” A young man in a black jacket called. I wondered what he was doing there but it didn't matter at that point.

“Listen to me scumbags!” I barked, “I'm giving you this chance to leave. I only want Tomassi understand?!” The room was silent before clapping,

“Well done Nightmare, I see you even got my own men to get on your side.” Tomassi wasn't worried, wasn't even angry. “But you have actually done me a favor,” He then held his arms out to the side, “GENTLEMEN! HAVE FUN!”

The room was far from silent after that, every firearm possible was fired at me and by some grace of god I wasn't killed. The kindness of god didn't stop there however, I was able to disarm a few and some shots grazed me but the shots were more wild and some actually struck others that were around.


The shooting stopped for a moment as the van crashed through the front door. The van stopped and I ducked behind it. “I know I don't pray often God.” I said as I caught my breath, “But thank you. Thank you so much!”

“Nightmare! Get in!” Houston called from inside the van. I got in and saw Houston in full riot gear. “How'd you like my nick-o-time act?”

“It's better when I do it.” I said “You alone?” I asked, “I really hope you didn't think we could take the whole Stonehurst Underground by ourselves.”

“I'm not the guy who dresses up for Halloween every night.” He snapped back, “Squads are coming in as a mass shooting call. Told them you might be here so these guys are in plain view.”

“Good call.” I said as I scanned the area, I looked at him as he pulled out his gun and began to shoot out the window, “Can you hold them on your own till they get here?”

“I'll do my best but don't let him get away!” Houston said as he pointed forward and I followed his finger to see that Tomassi and his men were beginning to make a break for it.

“Drive!” I didn't need to tell him twice. He drove and made a b-line for the door that Tomassi tried to get out through. He didn't try to use the brake however he drove right through the door and stopped suddenly. I flew out the window and thankfully I was ready for that to happen and flew through the air and rolled as I hit the ground. 'That probably looked cooler than it actually felt.' I thought as I got back up and saw Tomassi making his way to a black SUV.

“Tomassi!” I yelled sprinting after him and his men. He turned and saw me coming in which he told two of his men to deal with me.

They came at me with weapons drawn and I got ready for them. I disabled one and threw him into the other as they hit the ground I knocked them out quickly. Tomassi sent a couple more before his car started. I was in the middle of dealing with them when the car made its way towards us. I dodged but the two officers who were following orders weren't so lucky. They had lived though, thankfully.

I thought at first that they were going to drive off but I was proven wrong when the car turned around and made a second attempt at me. Halogen lights shined in my face and I was blinded for a moment. Thankfully I knew what was going to happen next. I made a dash and once I thought I was close enough I jumped and launched a kick to the windshield of the car. The boots absorbed most of the impact and I went through the window, kicking the man driving in the face.

The car stopped abruptly and I flew back landing hard on the ground on my back. “AAGGHH!” I screamed out in pain.

“Wow.” I heard a voice say, “For a moment I actually started to believe the stories people made about you.” I got up slowly and saw Tomassi coming towards me flanked by some other men. “Deal with him won't you?” Four were sent after me and I allowed them to surround me.

I growled as I looked at them and each had a weapon trained on me. A few shook and already I had my game plan. They fired their guns. Two struck me one went through my leg and the last one went through my hood. I grabbed ones arm and broke it causing him to drop his gun, grabbed it before the gun dropped and pistol whipped the one closer to him. I grabbed the pepper spray from ones belt and sprayed it at another who tried to get another shot out. He screamed and I threw the canister at the final one before I kicked him in the chest, knocking him down to the ground. Tomassi watched and took off the jacket he wore and rolled up his sleeves. After I had dealt with his men, he stood there ready to fight. He looked stockier than his clothes originally made him look from before.

I was breathing heavily as I stood staring at the man. I didn't know how I was still standing but I was. One tried to get back up but a kick to his head kept that from happening. I began to walk over to the man and he did the same. He pulled out his gun and pointed it at me. “Let's go you little shit.” He said,

“Ready when you are you bastard!” I said as I got close enough I kicked the gun out of his hand and did a superman punch to his face. “This is a long time coming and you're going down.” I threw another punch, he dodged, grabbed me and throwing a knee into my stomach. It didn't hurt much but I was already pretty winded.

“I'M GOING DOWN!?” He yelled, “I RULE THIS TOWN YOU LITTLE SHIT! YOU TOOK DOWN WITTESON AND YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD TAKE ME WITH HIM!?” He yelled, I didn't have time to think about his words. I was too preoccupied with my kicking him in the knee causing him to hit the ground.

I was all but gasping for air then. He tried to crawl away and I followed, “Where the hell do you think you're going?!” I kicked him over and as he turned over his gun went off and I fell to the ground.

“I'm getting back in my car and leaving you to be found like the crazy little bastard you are.” He got up and walked over, he was trying to confirm his kill. “I thought you learned your lesson after I killed your brother those years ago kid. I was leaving your family alone.” He said, “But you had to come back, you had to have me cut another branch from the Marquez family tree...such a shame.” He said as he turned his back to me.

“Is it?”

“What th-!?” I got up and dashed after him. I took him down and isolated his gun arm. He punched me again and again, but nothing happened. I got his arm with both of my hands over and under and pulled down. That was one arm down and the howl of pain he gave was good enough for me to show I was right. I went to the other arm and did the same thing and his howl was followed by a stream of curses that I drowned out.

His arms were useless and I sat on top of him. I pulled off my mask and blood streamed from the side of my head, where his bullet grazed and my mask had a hole on the side. “Y-ya little shit...” He said weakly. I didn't reply, I just reached for his gun and held it in my hand. The weight of it in my hand made me realize what I was about to do. I stood up and held the gun down, pointed at him.

He smiled, “Well,” He said, “Full circle, huh kid?”

“You...killed my brother...” I said, “You killed that girl...just to get to me...”

“It did the job for three years didn't it?” I kicked him in the face.


“He should've hid like any smart person!” Tomassi yelled up to me.

'He killed your brother, he took away your blood!' a voice yelled in my head. 'He is a dirty cop and you have enough evidence to put him away, but this is our chance to take him out permanently!' The voice yelled. 'Who would miss such a sack of filth anyway?' It was right, I did have the evidence, and I could kill him and it would it would only be an eye for an eye. I could have avenged Brandon but a part of me argued with the voice. 'You're not a killer Chase. Just because he is does not mean you have to be the same. You may have lost Brandon and feeling the burn of revenge...but it's not your place to kill...You're a person of justice...make your choice.'

“You make your choice kid?” Tomassi asked. He looked at me like he was waiting for me to do what I had been wanting to for a very long time.

“I just did.” I took out the bullets from the gun and threw the gun to the side, “This isn't about me anymore Tomassi, this was a message I wanted you to know and what I delivered to those punks who will be arrested as soon as the cops get here.” He looked up at me with venom, “This city isn't yours anymore, this city is under my protection. Each and everyone of you crazy bastards who think they could come in and try to take from me will learn this soon enough.” I said with a smirk as I made a gun with my hand and acted like I shot it.”Bang.” I turned and slowly walked away as sirens arrived on the scene. “Hope the message was clear enough Tomassi.”

“Big mistake kid.” He called to me, “I'll get out! I'll get out and I'll find you!” He yelled, “YOU HEAR ME!?”

I looked back and smirked as I put the mask back on. “I'll be waiting Tomassi.”

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