Longest Nightmare

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'You're ready for me to finally came back aren't?' I asked as I looked out the window. I put my foot down to get leverage and thankfully I pulled out my knife and smiled as it made that sickening slick sound as it was pulled from the man's flesh, 'This is going to be a fun ride.'

“MMMF!” I turned and smiled as I saw her bound and struggle to get free, her hair bouncing with each time she moved. It made me happy to see she had only gotten prettier with time, it made me even happier to see she was still up to her old tricks with the men she chose. I was a little disheartened with how easy that one was to handle, barely lasted thirty seconds.

“Oh look at you,” I said, “You can't get free...” I said as I got closer to her, she began to shake, “You're still on my list Stacy.”

A phone rang in a hotel room across the world away from Stonehurst. A man grunted as a woman's hand grabbed the phone and said, “Hello?” She turned in the bed and nudged the man next to her, “What?” he asked after he took the phone, “What are you talking about?” He got up from the bed, “No I'm on vacation why would I go there?” He asked again, “Can't David or Dereck handle things?” He grunted “Fine.” He hung up without another word and turned to the woman in his bed, “Hey baby...” He said, “I'm sorry but I'm going to need to pack here soon.”

“Hmm?” She turned and looked at the man, “Why's that Carlos?”

“Some work's come up and my brother's need some help. I'm going to have to go to Stonehurst.”
“Stonehurst?” She asked as she pushed herself up from the bed, “Why there?”

“David was trying to open up some negotiations there and for some reason the people he's been talking to are adamant on having me there. Don't ask me why from what I understand the place is kindergarten.”

“Kindergarten honey?”

“Incompetent, much like other places we've been to but it shouldn't take too long.” He said as he went to a closet and pulled out a black suit. The woman did her own grunt but the man tried to assuage her displeasure. “I'm very sorry my dear, this is just important for work.” I said,

“I guess...” She said looking a little downtrodden until the man grabbed her chin and leaned down to kiss the woman.

“I promise it won't be long baby.” He said, “I'll be back to just open things up.” The woman then got up and moved to the bathroom, “Of course there may be a chance we may need to go there for only a short while but it shouldn't be too bad.” He added, “Besides if we go there then it gives you a chance to meet up with that friend of yours from there right? What's his name?” He asked, “Charlie?”

“Chase.” She answered, “Chase Marquez.”

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