Longest Nightmare

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Chapter 6

It was a trip seeing the family as they were then. It worried me but they all seemed happy. But as happy as they were the city seemed off to me. I didn't know why but I felt like it was on my list of to-do's with everything else I had to work out.

Charlene and I drove home. She talked about the night and I filled in and replied where I needed to. My mind was elsewhere and she soon caught on. The staring she did throughout the drive clued me in. “Chase?” She asked,

“Yeah?” I asked after a quick glance at her to see something in her eyes. She had a smile when I looked at her so I figured it was a good thing.

“Do you remember how we met?”

'Crap'. I thought to myself but tried to play it off. “Why would you ask me that?” She shrugged but she didn't let that go.

“I just want to see how well you remember.” I couldn't deflect this one and kept trying to think about what could've caused us to meet.

“Hmm...” I put emphasis on it to try and seem like I was playing at thinking while I thought frantically about it. “Purse.” I said without thinking. She kept a look trained on me with the silence building I just went with it. “We met after I tried stopping some guy from running off with your purse. Made an ass out of myself that day didn't I?” She kept her silence for a moment before she scooted lightly in her seat and moved to rest her head on my shoulder. “Heh, and you thought I'd forget something like that.”

“Nope.” She said, “Never.”

The rest of the ride was in relative silence, same with the ride up to the apartment in the elevator. We entered the apartment and she kissed my cheek and walked off to the room. “I'm gonna turn in early baby. Come to bed soon okay?”

I nodded and watched her go into the room before I went to the office and sat at the desk. Even though I had no idea what was going on or what was happening, it felt good to at least know that I didn't still piss off every woman I meet. “Mrrroooowwww!”

“...” Except for the cat that stood at the entrance of my office door. I turned on the computer and was about to run through all the possible passwords I could've used for it, when I finally cracked it the phone suddenly went off. “I got it!” I called picking up the receiver and looked at the caller I.D.

'Blocked.' I don't even entertain the thought of resisting. “Hello?”

“Stonehurst memorial.” Voice changer. Even in this time those things were still being used. “Should give you some closure.” Before I could even think of something to say, dial tone. If it's not spooky how these people got my number it was even worse how normal I found it.

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