Jack In The Box

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Chapter 14


“Why did you bring me to your house?” I pinned him with a hard stare.

“As I have already mentioned, I did it to protect you.” Jackson declared in a matter of fact way.

“By drugging and kidnapping me?” I yelled at him, having an urge to throw something at him, a brick or a stone would suffice.

His eyes didn’t waver as he maintained eye contact, those hazel brown eyes with a speck of gold. He spoke with such authority that told me any further inquiry was not open for discussion. “I did what I thought was best. I trust you need to use the bathroom.” He pointed towards a door on the right. “Help yourself. I went out of my way and bought you some clothes that you can use during your stay here. There’s enough food in the fridge, and the kitchen is all yours.”

“Oh, how very kind of you Mr. Wolfe.” I said sarcastically, appearing touched. “What a nice host you are, to drug me, kidnap me and buy me clothes to make my stay comfortable here. How would I ever replay your kindness?”

Jackson chuckled. “Sleep in my bed, cater to my needs, cook for me like a sweetheart that you are and consider the generosity repaid.” He winked and smoothly ducked the large pillow that was aimed at him. “Gotta work on that aim, baby. If it’s a knife instead of a pillow it gotta go right through me not over me.” chuckling, he fixed his suit jacket, ran a hand through his already perfect dark hair and started to leave.

“I think I’m quite capable enough to take care of myself. I want to go home.”

Completely ignoring my protests, he continued. “Since I don’t have a personal Butler, we will have to figure out about the cooking. I, for one can survive on peanut butter and jelly for days on end, unless you, my dear, Cotton-Candy, can whip up something and make us both happy.”

“You’re not listening to a word I’m saying!” I yelled at him. “I want to go home and if you can’t, I’ll find a way. Maddy and Ken are going to start looking for me.”

Jackson just passed me his cocky grin, one that told me that no amount of threats were going to work against him. He was a man who’d surpassed the asylum security as well as the police. “Already taken care of.”

“Where in the world is my phone?” I realized. Could it be that Jackson sent fake texts through my phone and informed Maddy and Ken something about me? Some excuse that was good enough for the two to not be worried about me.

Folding my arms across my chest, I sat back. “Do I at least have the liberty to ask you where you are going?”

“I have some business to attend to.”

“Like threatening people to get information out of them?”

Jackson laughed. “Close but no cigar.”

Any amusement, he had before disappeared. “I won’t be gone for long, and just so you know, there aren’t any possible exits around here because I know you’re going to start looking for those the minute I step out. It would be in your best interest to stay inside the cabin. If anyone comes knocking, don’t open the door. No one is trustworthy.”

I snorted. “Funny that’s coming from someone like you.”

“If you play nice, Cotton-Candy, I’ll play nice. If you wanna play dirty, well, I can show you just how dirty it can get.” He promised. “Be a good girl while I’m gone.”

“What will you do to me? Bite me? Cook me for dinner?”

Jackson still had the smile plastered to his face, like he was mocking me.

That asshole!

“As much as the prospect of eating you is tempting, I wouldn’t do that. I didn’t go to such lengths of getting you here just to have your parts marinated and preserved in a freezer. I took you because I want to keep you safe.”

“You can’t keep me here against my will!” I said firmly, keeping my head held high and maintaining eye contact, just so he would know that I wasn’t feeling intimidated by him.

“You can’t stop me.” He winked at me, glanced at his Rolex and made his way towards the cabin door. “No goodbye kiss, honey?”

I turned away from him, looking out the window. I heard him laugh and the door closed behind him. I was hoping he wouldn’t lock it, but then I heard the key turn. At least I wasn’t gagged and bound against a chair.

And as if that made the whole kidnapping any better.

From the window, I watched as Jackson climbed into a black Cadillac SUV, and backed out of the driveway.

Where was he getting all this money from?

The place was remote, surrounded by a thick mass of trees, gravel land and spectacular view of the lake. It could have been a good vacation home. I looked around the cabin and it didn’t seem like any place to keep a kidnapped victim. I climbed out of bed and walked out of the bedroom to find a spacious sitting area, an electric fireplace made of stone opposite a flat screen mounted against the wall. The furniture was all modern decor. The cabin seemed like it had been lived in and passed down from generations, but it was well equipped. The little open kitchen area had stainless steel appliances with a double door refrigerator. A small island bar with stools to accommodate a small number of people.

I didn’t want to admit but the place was beautiful.

Feeling hungry, I walked to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator half expecting to see severed heads in blood stained jars, gouged our eyes or something similar but I didn’t expect to see it stacked with fresh vegetables, meat and everything else needed for a good meal. He’d gone so far as to arranging different types of cheese in order. Drinks on the right side and fresh fruits below. I instantly felt better seeing the food.

I took a bottle of Coke, took off the lid and took a long sip, thinking if he was going to kill me, at least he would keep me fed.

I’d planned on starving myself until he eventually let me go but seeing as stubborn Jackson was, he would let me starve while he ate take out food. Plus, the food in the fridge was too tempting for me to even consider the prospect of starving. Even my pride wouldn’t allow me.

I fixed myself a sandwich and after I was done, I took a long bath.

The bathroom shelves were stocked with Jackson’s stuff. His shampoo, cologne, perfumes, shaving cream, razors and all the other male stuff. I didn’t have a choice than to use his soap.

When I opened his bedroom wardrobe, at one side I found his belongings, the other had a few t-shirts and jeans.

For me.

I choose a casual t-shirt and a jeans. There were also a pair of shorts, but I didn’t trust Jackson enough to wear this around him. He didn’t need to get any wrong ideas.

But remembering that kiss, made my heart beat faster and my toes literally curled thinking of the intensity. His hot, possessive mouth on mine, his strong hands feeling me up. I felt tears sting my eyes. I was ashamed to feel this way about him. I shouldn’t. He’d killed people, and I should feel disgusted but I didn’t.

I spent a long amount of time wondering what the hell was wrong with me.

Why was I attracted to the wrong type of men?

Wait! I did not just admit to feeling attracted to him.

I let out a frustrated cry as I buried my face into the soft pillows.

Afternoon turned to evening, I’d tried everything from trying to open the windows to unlocking the door but all my attempts had ended in vain. I’d searched the entire house to look for a spare key, just it case it was lying around somewhere.

Of course Jackson wasn’t that stupid. He’d escaped the WoodVille asylum twice, for god’s sake.

Finally, I’d given up and resorted to watching television. Flipping the channels. An hour later I decided to take a nap. When I woke up, it was pitch black outside. Jackson was still not back.

I had a vision of him, torturing a person because that was his most fun activity. I brushed the thoughts out of my mind and decided to concentrate on something else.


If I cooked for him, gained his trust, would he let me go home eventually? If I played nice, maybe Jackson would change his mind.

Just when I was done preparing lasagna, I heard the lock turn. I froze and slowly peeked into the sitting area to find Jackson walking through the main door.

He grinned as he raised two full shopping bags in his hands. “Got some more stuff.” Then he tossed a brown paper bag in my direction which I caught in mid-air. “Some ladies stuff in there, too. Figured you might need.”

When I opened the paper bag to look inside, my cheeks probably turned a bright shade of cherry. The bags contained two boxes of sanitary pads.

“Thanks.” I mumbled softly.

Jackson took off his blazer jacket and settled down on the plush leather couch. He grinned. “You blushin’ like a school girl as if I’m not old enough to know about these things. If there’s anything else you need, just write it down and I’ll get it for you.”

“How about I come with you the next time you go for shopping?”

“And give you a chance to get away from me? Hell No, Cotton-Candy! Plus, the nearest supermarket is an hour away. Everything else here is barren land.”

“So you’re saying there’s absolutely no civilization here?”

Jackson laughed. “Smart girl. Asking questions about my neighbors. Well, you’ll find a few houses here and there but they mind their own business. Say, if you did escape from here and knock on their door for help, after narrowly surviving some wild animals in the forest, chances are no ones gonna answer the door.”

I clammed my lips together, because that’s exactly why I’d asked about civilization.

He picked an apple from the basket, and took a crunching bite. “If you try to hitch a ride, you’ll find some truck drivers who’ll let you ride their truck home but not before you ride their cocks first.”

I winced at his words. He was right.

“I think staying with me will be in your best interest.” He said and then further commented. ” Hmmm.. something smells nice.”

He climbed to his feet and stormed into the kitchen. I was right behind him. Before I could stop him, he’d already dipped a large spoon into the lasagne, the cheese and the spaghetti sauce dripped onto the counter as he stuffed it into his mouth and groaned.

His brown eyes staring at me intensely. “Marry me Riley.”

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