Jack In The Box

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Chapter 27


“What revenge?” I asked.

“My parent’s marriage was more of a business deal between two partners. Our grandfathers were associates who decided that marrying my parents was good for the business. I think my father was quite smitten with my mother. Her, not so much but they still ended up getting married.”

I waited for him to go on. He continued. “She didn’t conceive us until after ten years of their marriage. They were trying for a baby for a long time until there was a miracle.”

“My father found it suspicious when she was pregnant. There was probably a DNA test or something, I’m not entirely sure about the details but my father found out Ezra and I weren’t his.”

“What do you mean?”

“After a few years into the marriage, my mother was having an affair with her former lover, the one she’d initially wanted to marry. She loved that man and couldn’t forget him. Antonio Ruiz. We called him Uncle Tony. He was also my father’s friend. We were an outcome of love that was doomed from the very beginning. My dad found out about the affair when we were six, he told my mom to cut all ties with Tony, the friendship between the men was severed. Mom did exactly what Dad wanted and he decided to continue raising us as his just like before although he never looked at us the same way.”

That explained Jack’s delicious caramel complexion.

“I guess Tony wanted her to get a divorce and come to him but she refused. He often came to school and took us to amusement parks, fishing, and he gave us toys, things like that. We actually liked him more than the father who treated us with indifference. Tony was being a father that Brady Wolfe could never be.”

“To our father, we were a constant reminder about her affair and his inability to give her a child.” Jack smiled. “We were like a kick in his face, if you get my drift. He had no choice, he wanted an heir and we were his only option. He had somehow managed to get Tony out of our lives and we were too young to understand it then. To us, Brady was our father. Ezra and I competed against each other, fought for the affection that we were never going to get. We tried pleasing him too much.”

“I hate to interrupt but that’s not your fault, nor your brother’s.” I remarked. “Every child craves for love and attention.”

Jack gave me a sad look as he caressed my cheek and then started playing with my hair. His lashes were hooded and long, a sin for a man to have such beautiful natural lashes. His dark locks were begging for attention, I was dying to run my fingers through it. As if sensing my thoughts, he whispered, “Come a little closer.”

I scooted closer, but he grabbed my hand and pulled me into his lap. Our eyes met for a split second before I looked away. “I want to listen to your story. What happened?”

Jack looked at me with an indescribable longing, the intensity of his dark gaze made my heart race. “Love, can I continue my story later?”

“Why, what’s distracting you?”

There was a hint of a smile. “I realized I have more pressing matters at hand.”

“Such as?”

He laughed softly. “Such as the throbbing erection I’m sporting right now because of you.”

I decided to tease him a little. “Hmm. I don’t think I can do anything to solve your problem.”

“Trust me, only you can.”

Jack didn’t let me answer as he took my mouth in a hungry kiss. His large hands moved from cupping my face to my shoulders and lingered towards my waist. He pulled me possessively towards him as his mouth continued to move against mine. When his tongue moved in my mouth in urgent strokes, I moaned hopelessly. My hands went up into his hair, catching a handful of the silky strands. I realized when I’d kissed Ezra thinking it was Jack to test a theory, I’d imagined him to kiss me like this but he hadn’t and that had proved why.

Jack needed to know. But, definitely not now.

What if I confessed to kissing his brother and he stopped this mind-blowing kiss? I couldn’t take those chances.

I felt Jack’s hands moving all over my body. He reached for my top, pulled it over my head and tossed it on the floor. He took off my bra, and his mouth was on my breast, nibbling and suckling. I sighed in pleasure.

Jack was a devil reincarnate, and his tongue was meant for sinful things like what he was doing to me. I was far too deep into these emotions that I had for him. There was no turning back. If Jack decided later on that I wasn’t worth it, I would be in pieces.

“Your brother won’t be here until morning, right?”

I nodded.

“Let’s go to your room.” He suggested.

He made sure the room was locked. He threw one glance at the lights above the headboard that illuminated the entire room. It was kind of romantic and far better than the motel that we’d taken refuge in two weeks back. Jack stripped down every garment from his body as he joined me in bed. We took our sweet time to explore each other knowing we wouldn’t be disturbed this time, at least not until after sunrise.

Jack kissed me like there was no tomorrow, and frankly in his case, we didn’t know what would happen the next minute. He knew that I never voiced the concern but deep down we both knew it was coming. He kissed me passionately as my hands moved to cup his ass taking him deeper inside me. He let out an anguished growl with the steadfast thrusts, his eyes burning into mine before he looked away. He lay on top of me for a good few seconds before his arms went around me in an intimate hug.

He was silent and that was unlike him. “Jackson.”

“I want to burn this moment with you into my memory forever. I will think of only you when I take my last breaths, Riley.” He whispered moving out of me and rolling onto the side.

“Why are you saying that?” I asked.

“The killer won’t rest until I’m sentenced to a lethal injection or until I’m hanging off a nose. One of us lives, or both of us dies, and I won’t regret if I die taking him down with me. Whatever game that he’s playing, it ends soon. I’ll find him. I’ll kill him.”

There was no doubt in my mind that he would carry out what he’d planned. Jack was dangerous, and so was the killer but I also knew he could sacrifice himself doing that.

“We have to find a way out of this. You can’t just die. You’ll be giving him what he wants!” I said.

“Shh, Cotton-Candy. My days are numbered, and I knew that since I found my mother killed brutally in the barn. I’d decided that if the law wouldn’t do what’s needed, I’ll do it. All these murders that I’ve been framed for; it’s just fueled my vengeance.”

“Promise me you will fight until the very end.” I said.


“Promise me, Jack, that whatever happens you won’t give up on your life. You have to live, if not for yourself then…then for our baby.”

His eyes widened. “You’re pregnant?”

I laughed. “Wouldn’t it have been nice if I could actually get to say that? No, Jack. I’m not pregnant. Would you still want to live? For me?”

There was a shadow of a smile on his features. “I thought you were being serious for a moment there. I can’t promise you a future, but I can surely say I will try my best to get out of this alive.”

“That’s good enough for me.” I said.

He kissed my lips once more. “I love you.”

“I love you, too. More than I should admit.” I said kissing the tip of his nose.

He grinned. “You say that but I don’t see any of my posters hanging on your wall or the bathroom for that matter. Even the home screen on your phone doesn’t have my wallpaper on it. ”

I giggled, touching his hair again and playing with it. His gaze softened. “You like playing with my hair, don’t you?”

“It’s thick and long. Of course, I love it.”

His brows drew up. “Are you sure you’re just talking about my hair or something else?”

I snorted. “Your mind is always in the gutter. A Typical boy.”

“I’m a man.”

“You are. I have no doubt about that.”

His thumb caressed my cheek. “Thank you for having trust in me.”

“Just don’t break it.” I whispered.

“You know Riley, sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if we’d met under normal circumstances, like in a club or a café or just introduced by mutual friends.”

I smiled. “It would have been nice. Although, I’m not sure you would have been available.”

“Why do you think that?”

“Haven’t you looked at yourself in the mirror?” I asked. “Men like you never pay attention to women like me in normal circumstances. You’d probably have a tall, beautiful girl on your arm. I’m just too plain.”

“Riley, I think you’re underestimating yourself. You’re not plain, at least not for me. I think you’re fucking gorgeous. My attraction to you was since day one when you walked into the office and mistook me as Paul. Believe it or not, I’ve wanted you since then.”

He sighed in obvious bliss taking my hand in his. “I want to have this life with you, to wake up and see your face first thing in the morning, to take you out on dates and make love. I know it’s simple but that would be like a dream come true for me.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “I didn’t know that the vicious Jackson Wolfe could be such a sap.”

He appeared amused. “Laugh all you want but that’s true.”

Suddenly his expressions turned dark. “You believe that I didn’t kill those people and that’s one reason you’re supporting me through all of this.”

I gave him a nod. “That’s right.”

“What if I tell you that I did kill people? Would you love me lesser?” He asked.

“Did you, Jack?”

“I asked a question first, Riley.” He said coldly.

“My answer depends on your answer.”

“It was a hypothetical question. I’m not giving you facts.”

“If you killed people, I want to know the truth. If you really are a killer like what people are portraying you to be, then that changes everything because I would never be with someone who cold-bloodily murdered innocent people.”

He smiled coyly and leaned back against the headboard. “That’s all I wanted to know.”

“You’re not making any sense.” I said.

“I thought you have feelings for me because you’re really into psychotic killers. If that’s the case then you’d be disappointed that I’m not.”

“I’m glad to know that you didn’t kill anyone.”

Jack’s expressions were impassive. He continued to stare at me. “I said I wasn’t a psychotic killer, but that doesn’t mean I’m not capable of murder.”

My heart began beating fast as I waited for him to add more.

He looked straight in my eyes and said. “I’d like to make a confession to you, Riley.”

“Jack! What are you—”

“I killed three people and I enjoyed killing them. A lot.”

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