The Game Of Survivors

By authorshakthi All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance


Trishana, a young reporter is dead set on Exposing the evils of one of the biggest corporations in the nation; the Surya group. After a lot of setbacks, she, Along with her perfectly selected partners (A gang of youngsters who were targeted and victimised by the Surya group), Devise a plan to get revenge on them and to Seduce the youngest heir of Surya group-Arjun Surya Narayan. Arjun, who is the brain of Surya group with his own strange ethics, is met with a surprise when he meets the reporter who hates him to death but acts lovingly. He knew it was a trap; He knew who she was and why she was around him and decided to play along... But what will happen to the love game when so many lives are on the line? And worse; when he starts to fall for the girl he is supposed to "silence" for the stability of his firm?


Arjun was deceiving me! He was trapping me...

I trembled from head to foot, a million questions were running through my mind, but I focused myself on getting away from there as soon as possible.

I started to run outside the house.

There were two cars in the place and I pressed the remote.

The red Maserati came to life and I opened the door and got inside.

I was still in the saree and I pulled out my leather jacket and the hairband from my bag.

Within seconds, I pulled the jacket over me and fixed my hair back to my faux bob, feeling comfortable and more confident in my Reporter skin.

Yea...I am Trishana Hariprasad, If Arjun thought he can use me, he will have a surprise.

I started the engine and reversed the car, trying my maximum to hold the headache in.

I was about to take the car out when another car came inside and Arjun opened the door and hurried out.

“Sanjana!” He exclaimed. “You can’t driv-”

“Call me Trishana, That’s my name!” I shouted, Now furious that he has the nerve to call me that name while all along, he was deceiving me.

I was also mad that seeing him was hurting me too.

Arjun closed his car door and moved in front of my car.

“Sanju, hear me out, You can’t go, You are in danger-”

He stopped when he heard the engine roaring.

What did he think? That I will fall for his tricks again?

I changed the gear and pressed the accelerator.

The car moved forward and Arjun moved out of the way.

“Wait! Sanju-” He shouted, but I was already out of the gate.

The road was not very familiar for me, I just drive straight, The street lights were starting to make my eyes hurt and my headache started to get worse.

I felt that my insides have gone numb now.

I was only acting with Arjun, But I don’t know why it’s hurting me this much...

He even made me swayed; I thought he’s different from the rest of them!

I still can’t believe the fact that Arjun was actually trying to kill me...He was trying to lure my friends to the trap through me, I know it!

He even went as far as confessing his love and he wanted to get married to me!

All these days, He really made a big fool out of me...

He’s really cunning...I was the one who was being played all these time...

My headache started to get severe and it didn’t help the fact that I am driving at this speed for the first time.

My friends...

I don’t think I can make it back...I need to warn them at least...

I reached out and took my phone again from the passenger seat, It was still off, I pressed the button and the phone came to life and instantly it started to ring.

It was Arjun.

I cut the call in my fury, But it started to ring again.

“WHAT??” I shouted as soon as I attended.


“Call me know me!” I shouted again.

“Hear me out...please...I am begging you” His voice was really pleading. “please Sanju, I’m really trying to help you, I-”

“I don’t need your help!” I turned the car to the right.

“Sanju, Slow!” He said seriously.

“ARE YOU STILL FOLLOWING ME!?” I exploded again.

“SANJANA!” he too shouted now. “I told you to slow down! it”

“Go away, I’m not Sanjana-”

“Hear me out, Sanju; Tomorrow’s meeting is a trap!” He shouted. “You are going to be trapped, They will kill you if you attend it” He said.

I was shocked again.

“Sanju please stop the car, were drugged, you really can’t drive like this-”

“Never you mind, Arjun Surya Narayan, Just remember one thing, I will not betray my friends even if you kill me!” I shouted. “I will never tell you where they are-”

“They all are in the house near the city hospital...I know, I don’t care about it...just stop the car, Sanju...please...stop the car!” he said.

“SANJU!?” he shouted as the car momentarily swayed out of my control.

I opened my eyes forcefully at his voice and steadied the steering again.

I threw the phone to the side, but it was somehow made into the loudspeaker.

I was still trying to concentrate on the driving when he started again.

“Sanju...please stop, Don’t make me do this...its town ahead, stop the car...”

I couldn’t understand what he meant until his car appeared in the side, in level with my car.

“Sanjana,” he looked at me. “Pull the car over, Stop it,” He said in a final voice.

I was still not in my right mind, But Arjun looked determined all of a sudden.

Before I know it, I heard the sound of metal hitting metal as his car touched the side of my car and the loud screeching was all I could hear while Arjun forced my car out of the road and into the side.

Both of our cars jerked and the dust particles surrounded us, For a moment, I thought that I was going to collide with the divider and braced myself for the impact, But Arjun’s car came in between, Taking the impact. Then we screeched to the stop in the side.

My head hit the steering wheel and my mind went blank.

I was once again brought back with the ringing of my phone. It was my friend’s tone and I jerked up.

I know I am going to die now, But I need to warn them anyway.

This is the one last thing I can do for them.

I started to search, but I stopped in shock when I saw Arjun opening the door and stepping out of his car.

He started walking to my side, he was already near my car, He opened the door and I clutched the gun tightly.

“Are you alright, Sanju?” Arjun unbuckled my seat belt and supported my shaking body out of the car.

He looked me up and down, I know I looked a mess, My saree was a mess, My hair was already undone from the arrangement and I was bleeding.

“Sanju, I-” He stilled as I raised the gun at him.

He looked me in the eyes and I looked straight back.

“I...I will...Shoot you,” I said.

My hands were trembling and my eyes were filling and flowing down, but I know that I can’t compromise my friend’s safety.

I know that I need to shoot him if I want to save my friends.


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