The Inevitable Demise

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Prologue Two: The Fall

“Mr. Blair hasn’t been here in a few days.” The secretary told Elijah. “Can I take a message?” she asked.

“No, it’s fine.” Elijah said before leaving.

He was still deciding what to do about the fire a week and a half ago. Groups were taking credit for the heinous crime though Elijah knew damn well who did it. He just didn’t know if he should say it yet, he didn’t know how he was going to pull off saying that only one person managed to kill dozens of people by himself.

It wasn’t going to make sense no matter how many times he said it, no matter how loud he said it. No one would believe him. It didn’t matter how good he was at his job, who was going to take down a lonesome lawyer who minds his business and does nothing wrong? And of course this lawyer had more crimes to his name, but for Elijah to get it all together to actually be able to arrest him was going to take his entire life.

As far as anyone was concerned, Morgan Caverly was James Blair, and that was not going to change.

Elijah had to make a deal. If he couldn’t get that lawyer, he’d get the other guy, the one that causes the real problem.

Elijah didn’t waste any time to see that lawyer. He was mildly threatened before but he wasn’t scared. He could handle himself. What he wanted to do was be strategic about this.

He knocked on the door abruptly, and when there was no answer within seconds, he knocked harder and louder. He was obnoxious and annoying just to get an answer.

Until finally, someone answered the door.

Morgan did not look happy to be up. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days, and it was true. He hadn’t. His eyes were blood shot, he smelled of alcohol, and he was shaking. His hair was a mess, he hadn’t shaved in a few days, he was wearing the same clothes from days before. In one hand he had a bottle of vodka, and it was halfway finished. If Elijah had showed up later, it would be all gone.

Morgan was more than just drunk. It was like he was trying to kill himself.

He hadn’t left in five days. He hadn’t done anything for five days. He refused to drag himself up to be a part of the world. He preferred to stay in bed and drink.

That’s what he’s been doing.

“What?” Morgan asked, not interested in talking.

“You’re a mess.” Elijah got a good glance at Morgan. He hadn’t seen him like that.

This was the worst he’s seen him.

Morgan just rolled his eyes as he turned away to go back to his room. Elijah followed him inside and looked around. There were bottles everywhere. It was just alcohol bottles, all of them empty.

“We need to talk.” Elijah put his hands in his pockets.

“Can’t you see I’m busy?”

“Busy doing what? Trying to kill yourself?” Elijah thought that was exactly what Morgan was doing. No one drinks all this alcohol for the fun of it.

Morgan would pass out if he finishes another bottle, and he probably won’t wake up.

He hadn’t eaten much. He hoped that he could hold down more alcohol that way. He’s been binge drinking, getting sick, and binge drinking some more. With his behavior, his hangover would be permanent. Morgan hadn’t cleaned himself up in days. He moped and groaned and pitied himself.

He was going to drink himself to a coma.

He didn’t want Elijah here. He didn’t care about being seen a mess. But he wanted to be left alone. He knows the type of person Elijah was.

He used to be that person.

Morgan didn’t want to deal with it.

“I get you’re concerned or something, but I’m fine. I can handle myself.” Morgan said bitterly, drinking straight from the bottle of vodka.

Was he going to chug it all? That’s not healthy. He was going to get sick again but that won’t stop him. He was going to try and get it all down. If he passes out, then at least he won’t have to deal with his problems.

“Exactly what an alcoholic would say.” Elijah wasn’t shocked that Morgan thought he could handle himself. Only a drunk would say they were fine being a drunk. He knew Morgan’s alcohol habits.

He was an alcoholic.

Morgan snapped when he heard Elijah say what he said. He hated when people called him an alcoholic though it was true. Today was the worst of it, but still he was in denial. He pulled the bottle from his mouth and smashed it viciously on the floor, the sound of glass breaking piercing their ears. The glass shattered and the vodka spilled at his feet.

Morgan turned and glared wildly at Elijah, desperately wanting to hold back his temper but he couldn’t. “I am not an alcoholic!” he shouted at Elijah.

Elijah didn’t believe that, but he was surprised to see Morgan yell at him. That hadn't happened before, and Morgan wasn't one for being loud. This was just the first step to getting him really pissed off.

Calling him an alcoholic could do wonders.

Elijah should've minded his own business, but by his expression, he was concerned for Morgan, especially with the wild look in his eyes as he glared at Elijah.

He's never seen that look in Morgan before.

It almost justified who he truly was. Provoking him was not a good idea, and Elijah just now realized that. Morgan took a deep breath but he was still pissed off. All he wanted was to be alone. As much as he didn't want to take out his grief on Elijah, he hated being called an alcoholic.

What he hated more was being called out for what he truly was.

“What the hell do you want?” Morgan asked Elijah abruptly, his grim demeanor barely changing.

He had no alcohol and that made him more miserable. He smashed his last bottle in a fit of rage, so all he could do was sulk.

“Where’s...” Elijah hadn't seen Jaymin in all of this.

“At work, so if you don’t want to get skinned alive, you better hurry up.” Morgan was dead serious. "You can try and arrest him if you want, but I'm supposed to make your life hell if you do." Morgan didn't seem interested.

After all, he only wanted to lay in bed all day.

Anyone going after Jaymin would mean Morgan would have to follow and protect him. Jaymin would do the same. And as much as Morgan would love to see Jaymin suffer, it couldn't be like this.

Elijah knew that.

Get Morgan away from Jaymin. That’s all he had to do. That’s what Harley told Elijah. It seemed like God was on his side with this opportunity. Then again, he would have to convince Morgan to betray Jaymin.

Would that be the easy part or not?

Elijah didn’t answer at first. Morgan just sighed and made his way on his couch, laying down so he wouldn't have to face Elijah. He had a terrible headache and it felt like laying down made it much worse.

He didn’t want to be here.

He didn’t think he deserved to be here.

He was self destructing. He was breaking. Elijah could see it. It just became incredibly clear that Morgan wanted none of this.

“You really did do it.” Elijah said quietly as he walked over to the couch.

“She was my friend.” Morgan sighed quietly, miserably, hopelessly. “And I...” he wasn’t going to admit to it out loud but they both know what he did.

“I want to help you, Morgan.” Elijah said, actually meaning it.

All he’s ever wanted to do was help Morgan. There were options. He wanted to help. And it’s not like Elijah was overlooking everything that Morgan has done, but he could help. Morgan needed it.

But he didn’t want it.

“No.” Morgan said and turned over so he wouldn’t have to look at Elijah. He would rather die. “I don’t want your help. Just leave me alone.” he wanted to grieve in peace.

“I can get you a deal.” Elijah said.

“I can get myself a deal.” Morgan said. It’s not like he was useless. It's not like he was a pretend lawyer. He knew what he was doing with the law. He used to be on the police force as well. He knew everything, every way out, every way to protect himself legally.

If he needed a real deal, he would do it himself instead of easily getting swindled for some petty immunity deal.

“You think I’ll turn on Jaymin and give you absolutely everything. Harley already gave you everything I had.” he knew all this. That was the only reason Elijah knew everything.

“You’ve been traumatized.”

Morgan closed his eyes. He was traumatized. He was scared. He was broken. There was one thing he wasn’t though.

“I’m not a snitch.” he said.

And that was one of the most important things he learned from Jaymin. His loyalty may waver but in the end, Morgan will never give Jaymin up. He learned that a while back and he stopped trying to fight it.

“You are miserable.” Elijah said, not caring about Morgan’s petty idea about not being able to tell. His health, his sanity, his morals should all matter to him first, right? Elijah wasn’t going to sit by and let Morgan do this to himself. “You’re literally trying to kill yourself, over what?-”

Morgan looked back at Elijah because he didn’t seem to understand the purpose of him grieving. “I killed my friend!-”

“You sure Jaymin didn’t do it?”

That’s right.

Morgan quickly realized where this was going and turned over again, closing his eyes and trying to quiet his thoughts, his rather violent thoughts.

Elijah thought it would be easy enough to pin every single murder on Jaymin. If he could get Morgan on board with that, then they’re free.

Morgan would be free.

Except, it wasn’t right.

If anyone was going to take Jaymin down, it would be Morgan. He would do it himself without anyone’s help. He wanted to kill him so badly that he ached for it. The reason why he was so drunk right now was because the alcohol suppressed his urge to kill him. God knows Morgan would do something he would regret, as if he hasn’t done enough of that already.


It wasn’t going to work.

“If I were you, I would drop the case and do something else with your life.” Morgan was saying that from experience. “You don’t want to end up like me.” he said sadly.

“That’s not the issue here. If you want to get away so badly, do it without getting your hands dirty.” Elijah wanted to convince him. “You and I both know you don’t like any of this.”

Elijah wasn’t wrong.

“Help me and I’ll help you. That’s all I want here.” He genuinely wanted to get Morgan out of this.

If only he knew the entire truth.

Morgan couldn’t do it. He thought about it, and he would continue to think about it. But for now, he just wanted to grieve quietly and hope he could wake up when he went to sleep.

“Please leave.” he said quietly.

He didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Elijah wasn’t going to stop. He’ll always be around when Jaymin isn’t. What Morgan needed was help, a lot of mental help. Elijah was going to do this right, and he was going to get Morgan away.

That was the best approach to this.

Elijah turned away to leave so he could let Morgan grieve for his dead friend in peace.

When he got to the door, he heard Morgan’s voice again. “If you’re going after Jaymin, that means you’re coming after me.” He said.

Elijah didn’t want it to be like that. He guessed that Morgan was going to be persistent in trying to side with Jaymin no matter how terrible he felt.

"Don’t.” Morgan said as a warning.

And as much as Elijah thought it was a threat, he was still going to try.

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