The Inevitable Demise

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Chapter Eleven

Elijah sat outside right under the sun’s light instead of in the shade. It was hot outside, but he could feel the breeze from the beach that wasn’t too far off. He took deep breaths to clear his mind.

It’s been quiet for a couple days. No bizarre murders. No vengeful crimes. At least, not with the two murderers he was dealing with. There was nothing...crazy that has happened.

Two weeks had past since the fire that killed almost a hundred people, including Harley Aprils, an FBI investigator who was here to just help Elijah for a few days. He stared up at the sky and thought about what he was doing.

Why would he want to help a killer?

Clearly this murderer was liable for his crimes. If it were anyone else, Elijah would be heartless and get a killer locked up indefinitely. But with Morgan it felt wrong. It felt like that wouldn’t be justice.

It should be.

Morgan has killed more people than Jaymin has.

So why was Elijah feeling so sympathetic?

He took another deep breath.

Jaymin was the one everyone wanted. He was the one everyone was focused on. Cut Jaymin out of the picture and everything else is fine. Elijah so desperately wanted to bring Jaymin down. That’s where his determination was. But if Morgan couldn’t do it, what made Elijah think he could?

Well, he wasn’t being manipulated by Jaymin, that was for sure.

When Elijah went back to work, he explicitly said he wanted to be alone. For days, he was just going through old files that Harley gave him. He wanted to read all of it.

He knew a lot about Morgan, about his life, about everything.

Morgan was just normal. He went to a good school, went to a good law school and graduated but never took the bar. Got a job in law enforcement and was quickly promoted as a lead investigator. FBI practically had to beg him to take the job. Morgan did what he was supposed to. He was good at it, too.

And then someone else came into the picture.

Jaymin didn’t become a problem until after his lawsuit with the school he attended for performing arts. He was injured and couldn’t complete his last course, but before he could drop out, he was expelled, the blame of other students' injuries put on him. He had head trauma from the fall, and as a result had his discolored eyes. After his unfortunate event, a few months later he accepted an offer to a school out of the country.

He’s been gone ever since. Well, the identity of Jaymin Rose has been gone.

There were multiple identities to look through. For him to have all this conjured up was insane. Elijah knew that Jaymin knew a lot of people when he was up north. That was the only way for him to get his way so many times.

Was it the same way down here?

Did he know a lot of people?

How fast would it take him to get himself a new identity?

Apparently Jaymin was much worse a year and a half ago. Right now, he’s on his...better behavior, as Elijah would put it. The murders from back then was much worse. And Harley was right to say that Jaymin single-handedly ruined an entire family.

The Bullock family ran the prestigious school, and one by one, Jaymin murdered them all. There were only two family members remaining, but they were no where near the school. If Jaymin so much as looks at them, he wouldn’t be sure what he would do to them. If it weren’t for his injury, none of these murders would have happened.

Morgan would’ve been doing his job without being stressed out from being played with.

Jaymin was brutal with Morgan apparently. He broke Morgan’s leg, he stabbed Morgan’s hands, arms and shoulders, almost causing nerve damage, and the mental trauma was something no one knew about.

Now Morgan was just barely able to grasp on to his sanity. He was trying so hard but after he killed his friend, it was like he slipped into the abyss.

Now he has nothing left to lose.

Elijah wasn’t going to get over the video footage he had of Morgan killing all those people. It was like being there himself. The black and white picture couldn’t get the image of the bright fire, but the blood that was spilled looked black, like during the night. Elijah watched that video so many times during the day. And every time, he would skip to the end to see Morgan staring up at the camera, and smiling before shooting it out.

That would always bring chills up Elijah’s spine because that was a genuine smile on Morgan's face. That was because he murdered all those people and he liked it.

Elijah had to give Jaymin credit for what he did to Morgan. That must’ve taken a lot of work to break someone enough to become a mass murderer.

Jaymin was much smarter than anyone thought. He made a lot of friends on the inside. He got out of so much trouble without a scratch. It wasn’t till Morgan entered the picture that there were some problems with Jaymin escaping and doing things his way.

Elijah tapped his fingers on the table as he looked up to the ceiling. He spent most of the day just catching up. He wanted to know what he was dealing with. Jaymin was as scary as people said.

But then there’s Morgan.

He’s the one standing in the way of solving this problem. To get to Jaymin, Elijah has to convince Morgan to do something against him, even just turn and look the other way.

Morgan was the first one to try and apprehend Jaymin, but look what happened to him. He became mentally insane. He’s attached to Jaymin, he depended on Jaymin, he wouldn’t go anywhere without Jaymin. So how could Elijah expect Morgan to turn the other way and let Jaymin take the blame for everything?

If Morgan was susceptible to being played with, to being told he was a killer, then maybe Elijah could be persuasive enough to get Morgan to do the right thing. Then again, he has no idea what Jaymin did to Morgan to get him this way. He doesn’t know all of it.

Elijah kept the folder on Morgan hidden just for him to read through. The other folders, anything having to do with Jaymin, that was exposed. Elijah read about the other police officer that let Jaymin go when he was arrested, so it made him cautious. He didn’t want a leak in his own unit. That would cause problems too. Elijah only gave away as much information as he needed to give.

For the time being, he was going to think about strategies, what he should do, what would be the best way to get Jaymin without showing that he may have withheld evidence. It was going to take some time, but Elijah knew the two of them weren’t going anywhere yet.

It took Morgan seven days to get himself together again. It took him seven days to stop wallowing in self pity. It took him seven days to realize that he can’t just keep hurting himself.

As drunk as he was, he could function enough.

He got himself cleaned up and made himself a cup of coffee to help. He took care of all the bottles, cleaned the apartment, and got rid of all the alcohol he had left. He knew he wasn’t an alcoholic. He could stop whenever he wanted to.

After feeling like the world wasn’t ending anymore, he took time to himself to get himself together mentally. He remembered how Elijah tried to persuade him to turn on Jaymin.

His answer was still no.

He didn’t want to get involved.

And that’s exactly how he got messed up in the first place.

Morgan held his cup of coffee as he stared blankly at the wall. He didn’t know what to think now. So instead he tried to sober up. He hasn’t gone a day without being clean so he was going to start now.

Jaymin came back, groaning obnoxiously and throwing his things everywhere although he knew the place was clean.

“Oh!” he said loudly. “You’re up.” he was excited to see that Morgan wasn’t moping anymore. “Finally got over the threesome idea.”

Morgan rolled his eyes. “What is wrong with you?”

“There’s nothing wrong with me.” Jaymin said, taking Morgan’s cup out of his hands and setting it down on the table so there would be nothing in his hands.

Jaymin took a seat on Morgan’s lap, like where he thought he belonged. Morgan didn’t smell like alcohol for once, which was nice since Jaymin couldn’t stand the smell. Morgan didn’t say anything as Jaymin wrapped his arms around his neck.

“Are you still moody?” Jaymin asked.

“I’m not moody.”

“Just like you’re not an alcoholic?”

Morgan was tempted to throw Jaymin off him, and he would’ve done it, too if Jaymin hadn’t latched on so tight. They had things to talk about anyway so he might as well go ahead and talk about them.

“What are we going to do now?” Morgan asked, more concerned about their situation than Jaymin was. “If we stay, we’re just going to get in trouble.” He said.

“Aw,” Jaymin sighed. “I like it here.” he whined, clearly not taking what happened seriously.

Morgan was a mass murderer. Elijah knew everything. These two things were clear enough reasons to flee. Jaymin didn’t think so. He’s stayed months in the same place even after Morgan found out he was a psychopath. There was nothing wrong with that.

Still, Morgan was not okay with staying.


Jaymin could sense the uncertainty. As much as he didn’t care, he needed Morgan to stay happy so he doesn’t start dissociating again. “Where do you want to go?” He asked as if he could take Morgan anywhere he wanted. “Maybe the Caribbean?”

“You can get us out of the country?” Morgan asked.

“Passports are easy to get. Think I can’t get us covered?” Jaymin smiled.

Morgan trusted him.

Jaymin thought for a second. “My Spanish is a little rusty though, and I didn’t really have enough time to ruin people’s lives so it might take me longer, but I can do it.” he was sure he could do it if Morgan wanted him to.

Well if Jaymin could get them anywhere, Morgan thought of a place he wanted to go.

“How about France?”

It was a small idea. If they were going to go out of the country, they might as well go somewhere they’ll like. Morgan had plans to go to France years ago. It was a honeymoon gift that he never got to use.

So why not go now?

“Oh,” Jaymin liked the idea. He smiled wider. “I hope you know French, Morgan. Someone’s gotta turn me on, and it better be you.” he laughed.

“Why are you like this?” Morgan sighed, though he knew deep down that he shouldn’t be surprised by Jaymin’s words at all.

“Would you even like me if I was any other way?” Jaymin tilted his head to the side, sticking his tongue out to expose his piercing.

“I don’t like you.” Morgan said plainly.

“Keep telling yourself that.” Jaymin knew that Morgan liked him. They wouldn’t have made it this far together if he didn’t. “Now, if you want me to get passports and new IDs, you have to give me something for them.” He licked his lips.

Morgan knew exactly what he wanted.

Morgan stared at him plainly, not moving, and not saying anything. He was trying to decide if he should push Jaymin off him or not. He’s tried once, why put the effort into trying again?

“I like drinking cu-” Jaymin almost finished what he wanted to say but Morgan covered his mouth tightly with his hand.

He didn’t need to hear anything coming out of his mouth.

Jaymin moved his lips and stuck his tongue out to lick the palm of Morgan’s hand. How many ways was he going to have to show that he was horny? Morgan really did need to take better care of him.

“Ask.” Morgan said, trying to get Jaymin to behave.

It wasn’t going to work.

Jaymin was always disobedient. His hand moved to the front of his pants grabbing himself as he rolled his hips over Morgan’s lap. He winked and licked Morgan’s hand like before.

If only he would behave.

Morgan’s other hand moved to grip Jaymin’s throat, his fingers pressing into his skin. He pushed Jaymin’s head back when he didn’t listen. “Ask.” Morgan said again, his fingers pressing into his throat.

Jaymin moaned quietly, closing his eyes. He was already touching himself and he couldn’t stop. If only Morgan would stop teasing him. This would go by much faster.

Morgan pulled his hand away slowly; he could feel Jaymin’s tongue between his fingers, that’s when he decided to let Jaymin keep going. He felt the piercing trace up his fingers before Jaymin’s lips wrapped around them. Morgan watched plainly; it was going to take more than licking his fingers to get him turned on. Jaymin knew that, he just like playing around.

“Let’s go out tonight.” he said, smiling.

Morgan didn’t have to say no out loud. He didn’t look interested.

“I know how much you like being covered in blood.” Jaymin cooed. Morgan narrowed his eyes. “You practically ruined me that one time, though you weren’t sober when you li-”

“Stop.” Morgan didn’t need to be reminded.

“Come on.” Jaymin whispered, almost begging to be let out. “Let’s do it again.”

“You’re the one that said I had to calm down.” Morgan was calm, his thoughts weren’t cloudy. This was the only day where he was in control.

The last thing he needed was Jaymin ruining that for one night of fun.

“I’m begging here, Morgan.” he whined. Morgan rolled his eyes. “You’re always so cute when you get all wild.”

Jaymin loved seeing Morgan kill. It was so exhilarating because it looked like Morgan was having fun. The best times are when he smiles because he knows he’s doing something wrong, something that gives him his own seat in hell. And when blood gets on his skin, fresh warm blood just gushing and pouring over him, Morgan can’t help but get excited. When’s he’s really into it, he would lick his lips or his fingers to taste it, and of course he would share with Jaymin.

After all, sharing was caring.

Then there’s the thought of being able to kill someone, being able to just end someone’s life within minutes.

He felt powerful.

He was never scared when he had someone else’s blood on his hands. He just felt alive.

There was nothing that could stop him.

Morgan’s heart was racing now. He thought about it. It took days for him to get his resolve, and now he was wavering. Adrenaline was pumping through his veins, as if he was seconds away from driving a knife down someone’s torso, or taking someone’s last breath with his bare hands.

He could break bones.

He could twist necks.

He could burn people alive.

Jaymin waited for that fire to return to Morgan’s eyes. He could feel Morgan’s breath shaking with every inhale. The devil woke his hellhound again. It was exciting when Morgan didn’t have any control. Only then would Morgan really be okay with going out with Jaymin to do something they shouldn’t.

When they were together, it was terrifying.

Morgan could have the time of his life.

Thinking about it wasn’t going to be enough. He closed his eyes, the wave of euphoria drowning him. Just thinking about it was about to get him hard. And Jaymin was going to use him to no end.

“No.” Morgan came back to his senses. “I don’t want to do anything tonight,” he pushed Jaymin off him and on to the couch before grabbing his cup of coffee on the small table.

“You’re so mean.” Jaymin whined.

"Get over it." Morgan said bitterly as he pressed the edge of the cup to his lips.

He had more control than Jaymin did. He was going to keep it as long as he could since he had business to take care of.

Things were going to change.

He was going to do what he wanted his way.

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