The Inevitable Demise

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Chapter Thirteen

Elijah wasn’t supposed to call or text Morgan. He wasn’t allowed to show up at his office either. He was assuming he shouldn’t go over this apartment. That would be a death wish.

That only leaves one place Morgan was sure to be.

He was still a lawyer, so he still had court dates to attend. Elijah found out when and where so he could meet with him. Of course Jaymin wouldn’t be around, so Elijah had to make this quick.

Morgan was just about to leave the courtroom like everyone else. When he turned around, he saw Elijah waiting for him. His expression would never tell what he felt. Before, he always seemed sad and depressed, now he nothing was wrong.

No one would ever be able to tell that Morgan was on fire on the inside.

There was so much going on that he knew he had to keep it to himself. There was no point in showing what was going on.

He walked over to Elijah, still a plain expression on his face. Elijah, however, was not so plain.

“Are you going to be sending me cryptic messages now? Is that it?” Elijah asked, not too thrilled about how his day went before.

“I got caught.” Morgan shrugged.

He got caught. For a second, Elijah didn’t know what that meant but he realized there was only one person Morgan could get caught by. What was that like? Did he get hurt?

“Are you...serious? What happened?”

“It’s nothing.” Morgan quickly brushed it off because he didn’t want to talk about it. “I can keep trying but I don’t know how many times I can before I get killed.”

Was it that serious? Elijah might’ve wanted the win, but he had enough blood on his hands already, he wasn’t going to add Morgan’s to it.


“It’s fine.” Again, he brushed it off like it was no big deal.

But he looked a little pale. He was limping, and he couldn’t breathe too easy. His hand moved over his stomach, but his jacket covered over what was causing him problems. Elijah figured that Morgan was sick, but that wasn’t it.

Elijah moved Morgan’s hand and unbuttoned his suit jacket, exposing the blood on his shirt. It wasn’t a lot, but enough to cause discomfort.

“My stitches.” Morgan said so Elijah wouldn’t freak out.

Well, Elijah thought that was a serious problem. Morgan couldn’t walk around with ripped stitches. He could actually get sick from that.

“Alright, we’re leaving.” Elijah moved to Morgan’s side, taking Morgan’s arm over his shoulders so he could help him walk. “You’re not going to tell me I can’t take you to the hospital, right?”

“I know someone, so it’s fine.” He said.

“What happened to you?” Elijah asked, curious.


“You have got to start doing something about this.” Elijah had a problem with Morgan being pushed around and used.

Morgan deserved better, even if he was a silent psychopathic killer. He was made this way. He deserves to be released from what was holding on to him.

Elijah took him to the hospital. The moment they stepped into the emergency department, there was a doctor waiting for them. The older man was annoyed as he stared at the two people in front of him. He recognized Morgan- as James- because he's seen him so many times before. So instead of doing what he was being paid to do, he had to handle a small issue.

“Oh...James...” The doctor did not look happy to see him. Clearly there was an issue. The doctor was frowning hard. Morgan wanted to avoid his glance but he couldn’t. “I told you not to leave, but here you are with ripped stitches.” He saw the blood that was seeping through Morgan’s shirt.

He gestured for Elijah to bring Morgan with him into an empty room so they could have privacy for a little while. He didn’t need to be asked questions about who he was tending to, and why there was no file on him.

Morgan was getting tired from the blood loss. He was beginning to feel the heat leaving his body, all from a simple wound that was already closed up. He shouldn’t have ripped his stitches, but he has a habit of doing that.

“Can you redo it?” He asked as Elijah helped him on the empty bed.

The doctor sighed, still aggravated because Morgan was trying to play innocent like he didn’t know what was going on.

“I can’t be doing things for free, James. I did your surgery for free yesterday, and I asked you for one thing-”

“I had to work-”

“I don’t care.” The doctor said over him. “If you can’t stay alive, you know what’s going to happen to me? I will get killed and without mercy.” He was paranoid something might happen.

“He won’t kill...” He had to rethink that. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think I needed to stay.” Morgan said instead.

He wasn’t a fan of hospitals. He’s had quite a few injuries and after those, he told himself he wouldn’t show up to a hospital again. Though in the recent weeks he’s needed medical attention more than just a few times.

“I’m just going to interject here- Is Sorrel threatening you?” Elijah asked.

“Threatening is an understatement.” The doctor said as he got gloves to put on his hands. “I make one mistake in my life, and the devil is always there to remind me whenever he needs something.” He snapped them on and brought a tray over as he sat down next to the bed.

“What’d you do-”

“Um...who are you?” The doctor looked up towards Elijah before giving anything else away.

When Elijah showed his badge, the doctor looked at Morgan. Of course he was good legal representation. Morgan wouldn’t just throw someone under the bus for no reason. He nodded when the doctor looked at him with uncertainty.

“Look, Sorrel can be really manipulative, and having an affair is not the reason I’m terrified.” The doctor started. It seemed like he was going to continue but he didn’t. “That’s all I’m telling you.” He pushed Morgan’s shirt up to see the damage.

“It’d be great to know how wild-”

“He’s very wild.” The doctor said with disdain. “That guy gets turned on to everything.” He said bitterly.

But Morgan laughed quietly.

He was the only person who had a list of things that Jaymin was possibly into. That list was long. So when people thought they knew everything, Morgan would just laugh to himself; it wasn’t with amusement, it was with shame and pure regret because he’s done things he didn’t want to do either. He just didn’t have it over his head. He wasn’t being blackmailed.

“You need to stop ripping your stitches.” The doctor told Morgan when he heard him laugh, starting on his stitches after injecting a small amount of anesthesia.

“...Sorry.” Morgan mumbled.

“You really don’t want me to staple the incision shut.” He warned Morgan since he wasn’t taking this seriously.

Morgan was always getting hurt. Elijah could see the scars on his abdomen, the ones that faded from healing, the ones that were still healing, and this new one that didn’t want to heal. His hands had scars on them too, some of them from burns, some from stab wounds.

“...not going to take a scan of your organs and see your liver destroyed am I?” The doctor asked Morgan, essentially wanting to know about his drinking.

“I’ve been sober for a day.” Morgan said, not entirely proud of himself because it was just one day, but it’s a start.

“You didn’t drink while taking your medication-”

“...No.” Morgan lied.

“Still seeing your psychiatrist?”

Morgan almost let it slip that his psychiatrist was dead and he was the one who killed him. If not him then Elijah might say something. Elijah turned away, focusing his attention elsewhere as Morgan managed a weak smile, like he couldn’t help that he didn’t follow any of his doctor’s orders.

“You’re going to be the death of me.” The doctor shook his head with disappointment. Morgan actually might be the death of him for real.

If anything happened to Morgan and it wasn’t by Jaymin’s hands, then everyone was going to have a problem.

“I still have a few questions.” Elijah said, turning towards them again.

“You’re lucky there’s a lawyer present.” he said, tying a small knot on the thin blue string before starting another set of stitches on Morgan’s wound.

“If I needed you for legal purposes, I’d bring you in-”

“I’m sure you would.” The doctor has met scarier people. Elijah trying to assert himself was like a small dog barking while a lion was around. “Let’s keep this off the record.”

“How’d you get involved with Sorrel?”

“Told you. Made some bad choices one night when I was mad at my wife.” he said plainly. “Met him at a bar, he said some things, I said some things. Next thing I know, I’m being blackmailed after...” he stopped slowly because he didn’t want to give that much away. “As much as I want to tell my wife I had an affair, I don’t want to tell her what I did during that affair, so.” he shrugged.


“Now, I’m always fixing this one up.” he gestured to Morgan, who was already about to fall asleep while having his stitches done.

He didn’t get much sleep the night before. He was dealing with too much fear for his mind to calm down. His hand held his white shirt up over his torso, resting gently on his skin.

“James has a drinking problem. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was drunk now, considering he could fall asleep in this kind of environment.” His doctor said.

“He doesn’t like being called an alcoholic.”

“He’ll need a liver transplant soon if he doesn’t quit it.” He said, though he was sure it wasn’t enough to get Morgan to stop.

Would he really drink himself to death?

Why go through that much torture? It would be a slow and sick death. He could end his life quicker if he needed to.

“Hey.” His doctor shook him. “You heard me, right? You’ll need a liver transplant if you keep drinking.” he told Morgan.

“Hm.” Of course Morgan didn’t care. He told himself he didn’t have a bad drinking habit.

His doctor sighed because he wouldn’t be able to get Morgan to do anything. “This time, do not go anywhere.” He said as he finished up the stitches. “Let your wound heal, James. I’m not doing this again.” He said, warning him.

Morgan nodded, but he would be back soon.

Elijah helped Morgan up out of the bed and to his feet so they could leave. Morgan did his best to fix his clothes but he was just so tired that he didn’t care what he looked like.

“Please take care of him. Lord knows Sorrel would let him kill himself.” his doctor yanked off his gloves and threw them in the trash.

Elijah had to be the one to take care of him tonight. There was no way he was going to let Morgan back on his own. Not yet, not until he thought the situation was handle. Morgan didn’t know what was happening or where he was brought to, but it’s not like he would complain.

Elijah brought him over to his place and set Morgan down on the couch gently so he could lay down. He went and brought him a change of clothes to wear since his suit had blood on it. At most, Morgan might be willingly enough to change his shirt but it seemed like a lot of work to take off his pants and change them. He felt the unsettling pain at his stomach and would rather sit anyway.

“Are you always getting hurt?” Elijah asked as he took off Morgan’s jacket.

“It’s not bad...” Morgan had the worst of it already, being stabbed was nothing.

He told himself he could handle himself but he wasn’t good at it. Even now, Elijah was the one taking off his clothes because Morgan felt too much pain to do it himself. He was always being taken care of by someone.

It doesn’t matter who, someone was always there to take care of him.



Harley did too.

Morgan took a breath when he thought about her. He held in every single urge he had, he fought the need to let out his sudden burst of anger. He told himself he was fine, that nothing was wrong, that everything was okay.

Elijah got his shirt off. He finally got a first look at all the scars. Morgan’s arms were covered in them from stab wounds. But Elijah’s eyes went straight to the J on his collar bone. It was put there. Carved there.

“That’s crazy...” Elijah said to himself but Morgan watched as Elijah made sense of everything he knew.

“It’s not the worst of it.” Morgan said quietly.

Elijah looked up to see his face now. There was so much he didn’t know about, so much Morgan wouldn’t dare talk about. There would be so many secrets. Elijah wanted to know them all but he wouldn’t get the chance to. Even looking into Morgan’s eyes now, he knew there was a lot he wouldn’t be able to know.

Morgan would never tell.

“You should leave him to rot and go somewhere else.” Elijah said as he picked up the folded white shirt, opening it up to help Morgan put it on. “I don’t see why you’re just here if you’re getting hurt.”

Morgan was stuck believing that it was his own fault that he kept getting hurt. If he doesn’t misbehave then everything gets taken care of. Jaymin hates when Morgan intervenes so he takes it out on him. The number of times that he’s hurt Morgan continues to increase.

Yet Morgan has yet to do anything to him.

Why stay around if he’s only getting hurt?

“I should leave, shouldn’t I?” Morgan laughed to himself as he pulled the shirt down to cover his torso.

It was a lot to think about. He should leave. Morgan laid down on the couch as he let his mind run wild. Elijah just watched Morgan go through it all in his mind. Right now he didn’t seem that miserable or defeated or upset. He didn’t always have that plain expression on his face. Morgan was thoughtful. He was always thinking about everything.

Elijah knew he was broken, damaged, used.

Yet Morgan seemed...okay with it.

“It’s not like he likes you.” Elijah said, under the impression that that’s not how it was.

Was it one sided?

“He likes what he can do to me.” Morgan said. “He likes what he can make me do. I’d be useless if I didn’t...”

Morgan would be useless if he couldn’t stand by Jaymin’s side and get his hands dirty. He’d be useless if he couldn’t let his anger consume him. If he wasn’t a killer, then what was the point of letting him live?

“Then stop.” Elijah was making it seem so easy.

Morgan couldn’t admit how much he liked it. He couldn’t admit how much he wanted to feel the blood on his hands. Before, he was talked into it. The first night he killed, he was baited. Jaymin got in his head and made him. But after that, Morgan liked every crime he’s committed. He liked ending someone’s life. He liked having the power to do what he wanted. Jaymin watching him do it was just a bonus.

He didn’t need Jaymin to kill now, but it was much more fun when he was there.

And when they did it together, that brought Morgan the most excitement.

He had to take a breath to calm himself. His nerves were about to start acting up and he knew that wasn’t the best idea.

Elijah wanted him to stop, but he knew he wouldn’t.

It felt too good to just give it up. It was like being addicted to a drug. Morgan wasn’t going to stop.

Morgan looked at Elijah’s face. He wasn’t going to say it out loud but Elijah knew. Just by seeing the look in Morgan’s eyes, he knew.

“Leave him.” Elijah said.

“I’m not the one who could get me to disappear.” Morgan sighed and looked away.

“He does all of that?”

“He has a lot of friends.” Morgan said. “Well, not so much down here, but before he did know a lot of people.”

“He was the, uh...entertainer, right?” Elijah only knew part of it.

Morgan laughed at his hesitation. Entertainer was the gentle term for it. Could he describe how Jaymin ruined lives with temptation? He couldn’t say everything Jaymin has done or would do, but it sure would be a very interesting conversation if he could.

“If you’re not careful, he’ll manipulate you. And by then, it will be over.” Morgan knew from experience. He closed his eyes and did his best to distract himself so everything wouldn’t come rushing back to him.

“Why won’t you help me then? It just seems like you want to get away from him but you won’t-”

“If I go down, it’s just me, Elijah. He won’t be coming down with me.”

No. Jaymin won’t go down with Morgan, but someone else might. Jaymin would kill Morgan before anything like that happened. And he’d kill the person that got in their way.

“He protects you. You think he’d let anything get to you?” Elijah saw how scary Jaymin could be when it comes to Morgan. “He told me he’d get excited to kill me.”

“He says that to everyone.” Morgan laughed again. “You’re not special.”

Elijah mashed his lips together. He had a serious question he wanted to ask but he didn’t want Morgan to get upset over it. “Would you...kill him?” He asked slowly.

Morgan opened his eyes to look at Elijah again. There was a sort of defeat in them, like Morgan wanted to give up. That’s the look Elijah has been seeing in him. He didn’t think it would return.

“You have no idea how many times I’ve tried.” Morgan admitted.

He’s tried multiple times. Each time he failed because of himself. He was terrified. Who was he going to have if Jaymin was gone. He has no one. He has absolutely no one. His fiance was dead, Harley was dead, and if he killed Jaymin, there he would be alone.

As much as Morgan thought he could survive being alone, it wasn’t going to be easy.

He needed someone.

“I just...” Morgan was unsure of himself.

He knew what was right, but he stopped doing that a long time ago. There was no reason to keep trying. Jaymin already had him, what was the point in fighting it?

Morgan was tired. He closed his eyes, not intending to talk about it anymore. Elijah was going to leave him alone for the night; if anything, he thought Morgan deserved a few hours to sleep. It seemed like he still wasn’t getting any. Elijah got up and moved a blanket over Morgan’s body before going into his own room.

Later on in the evening, Elijah was up and moving around in his apartment. Morgan was still sleeping soundly on the couch. He had to make sure there was something for Morgan to drink cause alcohol wasn’t going to do it. He made dinner as well since he hadn’t eaten all day.

His one day off and he spent it taking care of someone. Its not like he did mind, but he just wasn’t expecting it to be like that.

He sat on the small coffee table, looking at Morgan without waking him up. He didn’t look tormented in his sleep. He looked fine.

No one would know what he thought about.

No one would know what his nightmares were about.

For once, he was just quiet in his sleep.

Elijah thought he had this urge to touch Morgan’s hair. It was always so curly and it was getting longer. He was actually a brunette and it showed at his roots. Elijah was tempted to move the curls back from Morgan’s forehead but he didn’t, instead he kept his hands to himself. He could watch him breathe instead, how easy it looked for Morgan to do even while swallowed up in a crazy situation.

That’s when Elijah touched his face, his palm resting on his cheek, feeling the hair against his skin. Morgan didn’t stir to being touched. Elijah was gentle, not wanting to wake him. He thought about not hurting him either. Elijah was sure that he wouldn’t hurt Morgan.

That’s what made it so hard to do his job.

That’s what made it so hard to see Morgan as a killer.

It didn’t start out that way, he sure didn’t think of him that way. He’s seen what Morgan looked like when there was a murderous glare in his eyes. It still wasn’t enough to get him feel fear or the need to take him down.

Elijah wanted to help Morgan get away.

He took a breath when he realized how deep he was thinking. If he kept things black and white, he knew that Morgan was a terrible person for the crimes that he was getting away with. But things weren’t that simple. It was complicated. Elijah looked at his face now and wondered what would’ve happened if Morgan was left alone.

He drew his hand away from his face and got up to go back to the kitchen. He should just let Morgan sleep. If they needed to talk, they could do it later when he woke up, if he woke up.

Morgan doesn’t really get a chance to sleep without a sense of fear lingering.

This was one of the few times where he could close his eyes and not worry about what might happen to him. This was the easiest evenings he’s had.

Morgan woke up, breathing deeply, and moving his arms out from under the blanket. He forgot he had stitches and was immediately reminded when he tried to stretch. The first sting of pain let him know he might’ve ripped a few of his stitches again. His hand moved under his shirt to check and he cursed when he felt the small amount of blood on his fingers.

“You can’t be serious.” Elijah watched the whole thing happen, from Morgan getting up to realizing that he was bleeding again.

He had a feeling Morgan forgot but he didn’t say anything. He just wanted to see what would happen when Morgan woke up.

“...I forgot.” Morgan admitted quietly.

He sat up and pulled his shirt up above his belly button to see the gash that was closed with the blue string. His stitches didn’t completely rip open, it was just a small spread of the wound. Morgan could take care of that on his own.

Elijah got up from his seat to get something for Morgan’s wound. He came back with a few cotton balls and peroxide. He figured Morgan could do it himself but he wasn’t going to let him.

“You need to take better care of yourself.” Elijah said, mildly concerned that Morgan might accidentally kill himself.

“I’ve been alive this long...”

“It’s because you have people stopping you from spiraling.” He said.

Was Elijah someone that would stop Morgan from spiraling? That would be a nice gesture.

Morgan took another deep breath as Elijah cleaned his wound for him. He didn’t think to respond to the comment of being taken care of. He didn’t have much. Right now, that person he did have was Elijah. It was a nice gesture.

Morgan was staring at Elijah, more so than he usually does. He was getting the chance to really look at him, as if the times before wasn’t him looking.

Elijah had his life together, despite needing to get a divorce and being separated from his kid. Elijah wasn’t dependent on people. Elijah knew how to separate himself from things that caused problems. He was healthy, level headed, not easily persuaded. Morgan was jealous. He used to be like Elijah, but now he was out of control.

Stability was what he longed for.

He was never going to get it.

Morgan continued to stare at Elijah’s face. His eyes were a bright hazel, sometimes having a green tint in the light. They weren’t filled with deceit and hatred, Elijah wasn’t cruel. Morgan could stare into his eyes for days because they didn’t harbor death or murder in them. There were no secrets or lies.

Between the two of them, Elijah was the better one.

He wouldn’t hurt Morgan.

Is that why Morgan was so drawn to him? He found someone that wouldn’t use him, and of course that was a good thing.

Elijah looked up to find Morgan staring. He wasn’t caught off guard by that, he figured Morgan was staring by how quiet he was. But Morgan didn’t look away when Elijah’s eyes met his. He was never scared of eye contact, Morgan was not the shy type.

How long would it be before either of them say something?

Elijah stopped tending to the wound because he found himself absorbed with looking at Morgan.

Any longer and something might happen.

“Need something?” Elijah asked when Morgan didn’t say anything.

“Do you have any alcohol-”

“My place is alcoholic proof.” He said, not to be funny, but to let Morgan know there was nothing here he could drink besides water and juice.

“I’m not an alcoholic.” He usually says those words with so much disdain and toxicity, but this time his voice was quiet.

“You’ll never get over your problems if you don’t admit them.” Elijah said, sitting up straighter as his eyes began to wander lower.

Elijah didn't know how to explain himself or his behavior, but looking at Morgan the way he was gave him ideas.

They were too close.

That was dangerous.

It was enough that Elijah didn’t think Morgan was a threat despite knowing what he could do with just his bare hands. But being this close was different, there were actual consequences.

Elijah didn’t care, not yet.

He was close enough to feel Morgan’s breath on his skin. He was close enough to even taste him. For once, Elijah was hesitant which was why he didn’t move any closer. This felt like it was going somewhere it shouldn’t.

They’ve been close before, but not this close.

Morgan wasn’t going to say anything. He waited on Elijah to do something first, if he was going to do something at all.

Elijah decided against it rather quickly. He had to stay level headed. The last thing he needed was to add more problems and complications to his life.

He cleared his throat. “I’ll get you something to drink.” He said as he moved away, getting up.

Morgan let go of his shirt to cover his torso. He breathed quietly as he listened to Elijah walking around his apartment.

He hadn’t felt his heart skip beats like that in a while.

It was almost unsettling.

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