The Inevitable Demise

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Chapter Fifteen

Morgan had been riled up like he always was. He was talked into it again. But this time, he could keep going by himself, though it was more fun when he was with someone else.

The feeling was just so amazing.

He held on to a thick chain, pulling up on it with most of his strength. A head pressed against his chest, fighting and writhing against the chain that was pressed on his neck. Morgan so desperately wanted to put this person down.

He didn’t know him, he didn’t know anything about him, what his life was like, what he did. He was a random choice, like most others. Morgan felt no remorse this time. He didn’t hesitate. He didn’t think about what might happen later on. All Morgan knew was that he was going to put an end to his life. He would enjoy doing it too. He could already feel the adrenaline pumping through his veins as he made this man struggle for his life.

This unfortunate man was a fighter.

He fought to stay alive.

Morgan loved those kinds of people. They made it more fun. They lasted longer when he got them. The fight, the struggle, the human need to live on, he wanted to put an end to that in the best way possible.

He always told himself he wasn’t much for torture, and this wasn’t torture at all, but he wanted someone’s dying breath to be the one he takes.

He could still feel the man push up against him, wanting to get away, as if that would make a difference. Morgan’s hands pulled harder as he heard the man choke on his blood and struggled to breathe. At this rate, he might drown in his blood if his head wasn’t ripped off by the force of the metal chain at his neck. The man’s hands tried to pull at the chain, but it didn’t work, it was piercing into his skin. He chokes began to sound like gargling, like there was blood in his mouth and building in his chest. In the dark, it was hard to see the shade of his face, maybe it was blue from the lack of oxygen or red from all the blood that couldn’t leave.

He tried to scream. Sputters and shouts that were cut off made it from his lips. He tried to breathe but it was only broken gasps that turned into useless chokes. He was grabbing on to his life but he was about to lose it.

Morgan liked it. He loved it.

The adrenaline filled his veins. It wasn’t just that anymore. The euphoria was almost orgasmic. The weight on Morgan’s chest was growing as he waited and waited to hear that last cough before silence. He used his strength, but he was becoming weak to the pleasure of murder. If he couldn’t finish, it was because he finished.

Hands moved over his, not the dying man’s, someone else’s. Morgan felt another body press against his, chest on his back, arm’s over his. The other sets of hands gripped the silver chain on both sides, pulling with Morgan to add to the strength. He could’ve done this himself, but it was so much better when Jaymin was here with him.

They could end this man’s life together.

Morgan felt weak at his knees as he felt the man began to lose strength and consciousness. The chain was cutting into his throat, making him bleed and choke. He couldn’t hold on another minute.

Morgan heard it, the sound that came with flesh tearing and bones breaking. That was the sound that gave him bliss. He leaned his head back, swooning with pleasure. His pupils dilated, his eyes fluttering, and his muscles spasmed, his fingers twitching over the metal chain to give one last pull that would sever the man’s head. It seemed so easy, and it was. The blood gushed over his clothes as the man’s weight leaned on Morgan’s body.

His mind was completely blank as the warmth consumed him. He bit down on his lip as he took a shaky breath, his chest burning as he was trying to regain what was left of his small amount of humanity, but there was nothing. All he wanted was to kill again.

He let go and the lifeless body hit the ground, the blood pooling at his feet.

Morgan still felt it, the adrenaline and lust and bliss. He could barely even breathe and that’s what made it better. He fell to his knees, his hands shaking as he put them down on the ground, feeling the warm blood at his fingertips.

He did this.

He loved doing this.

There would be no regret this time. He wouldn’t think to himself that he was a horrible person for doing what he did. This time, he told himself the power was good. He could keep doing this to feel that power. And blood. And euphoria.

He didn’t forget that Jaymin was behind him. He didn’t forget that Jaymin was watching, getting just as turned on as Morgan did.

He was still wild with power. He wanted to keep going, to keep killing. His hand grabbed Jaymin by his jacket and threw him on the ground so he could get on top of him. His jaw clenched as he bit down, trying to hold back the urge to hurt Jaymin. All he really saw was blood.

Did he finally have the strength to go for it?

Morgan felt like he did. His body was shaking as he gripped Jaymin’s jacket. He breathed out heavily through his clenched teeth, a low vicious snarl, as he stared down at Jaymin’s face. He could do it. His hands ached to feel warm skin at his fingers. He craved the blood.

“I could kill you.” Morgan said through his teeth.

“I don’t stop you when you try.” Jaymin said calmly as he watched his killer drown in the burning fire of murder.

All he could think about was how Morgan has never looked so hot. Jaymin could get off to it. He would though Morgan kept him down.

Any time Morgan did try to kill him, Jaymin wouldn’t fight back. It was probably because he knew Morgan could never do it. Even now, with how blood thirsty he looked, he couldn’t. He felt the power but he wouldn’t be able to. Someone had to be around to control him.

Jaymin moved his hand to his neck, his fingers tapping over his skin. That was just a simple command, something Morgan always responded to no matter how he was feeling; his fingers wrapped around Jaymin’s throat but he didn’t squeeze.

He didn’t choke him.

Not yet.

He wanted to kill him without being told to do so. He wasn’t going to be controlled. He wasn’t going to be baited.

Elijah had been going after people for three weeks and was unsuccessful. It was almost an embarrassment. The second he had a lead on anyone, they were taken from his grasps. Anyone he had in jail wound up dead. Anyone he spoke to who knew anything, they ended up dead, anyone he arrested, dead.

This made others keep their mouths shut.

They saw nothing, did nothing, knew nothing and no one.

That’s how it was.

He hadn’t seen Morgan in weeks. He hadn’t even found a trace of Jaymin. But with Morgan, it wasn’t fair. Elijah needed an explanation. He didn’t want slips of paper found randomly at his job or at his door.

He held off on doing anything for a few days. The only way he would continue to take the clues is if Morgan presented them himself.

So when all the murders went quiet, the hell hound decided to show himself.

Elijah went out for a drink. He wasn’t much of a drinker, but tonight felt like one of those nights. He was over everything that happened in the past few weeks. He hadn’t intended to stay in Florida past a month or two, but here he was living here.

He knew exactly who was doing the murders and he let them slip away. This would’ve been much easier if he got them arrested when he had the chance.

Screw sympathy and wanting to help others.

He didn’t want to wallow in his own misery.

He took the shot that was in front of him and put the glass down, biting down on his jaw as he let the drink warm up down his throat and to his stomach.

Beside him, someone asked for a glass of water.

No one does that at a bar. Why would someone do that?

Elijah turned towards them, recognizing his voice.

His shock couldn’t be read on his face. He held his usual nonchalant expression as he asked the bartender for another shot, and fast. In fact, he told him to leave the bottle. Elijah was going to need to be drunk to have this conversation.

When he took more than one shot, he took a deep breath, and looked towards the man that was sitting next to him.

“What the fuck.” He said bitterly, slamming his shot glass down on the counter. He had a lot to say and he was going to say all of it.


“No, you listen.” he said over him. “I don’t like playing games. If you’re just using me, you better tell me now.” Elijah warned him.

Morgan smiled weakly. If he was using Elijah, he might as well tell him. He didn’t say anything though. There was enough he had to deal with at the moment, and as much as he owed Elijah an explanation, he didn’t think to give it to him.

He had changed his look minimally over the few weeks. For starters, he cut his hair so all of wavy curls were gone. It wasn’t too short, but it was enough to show most of his face, and he kept it pushed back too. He looked more professional this way. He wore a black suit with a black collared shirt and a black tie. Whatever his job was now, he was still as formal.

And his eyes, well, they weren’t lost like before. There was no hint of hesitation or fear in them.

It’s like he’s grown.

“You’re playing both of us.” Elijah realized it. “This is a game to you, isn’t it?”

Morgan wasn’t going to answer at first but he decided to say he wasn’t. He always told himself he wasn’t manipulative but here he was messing with Elijah, and also getting Jaymin mad enough to kill all the people that were supposed to be helpful.

He was manipulative.

He was playing them.

And if he was lucky, the two of them would get angry enough to fight each other, and maybe kill each other. Then Morgan would be free.

“You have this fake innocence thing going for you.” Elijah said as he poured himself another shot. “Have you always been pretending to be sad and abused?”

Elijah was finding out a lot about Morgan, things he should’ve noticed at first. He overlooked how Morgan tended to play the victim when he was the one causing trouble. In most cases he was the victim, but now he was the one baiting the problem. He would act innocent, like he had nothing to do with what was going on. His expressions, wide eyed and sometimes timid, would hide his deviousness and evil intelligence, his need to play neutral though he wasn’t.

Was this him realizing he shouldn’t be messed with?

Months ago, he wouldn’t have played this game.

Elijah thought it was all an act and it hurt to finally see through it. Morgan didn’t have to say anything to him, and he wasn’t going to. The last thing he wanted to do was bait Elijah more than he has been.

“Why are you here?” Elijah asked.

“To talk-”

“No, I mean why are you still here.” Elijah corrected.

If Jaymin and Morgan wanted to run away together, they could. They’ve had the opportunity to multiple times yet Morgan continued to sabotage it relentlessly.

Morgan took a breath, basically tasting the alcohol on his tongue when he breathed in. He’s been sober for a few days so he would hate to relapse.

“This is giving you time, isn’t it?” He asked.

“To do what? I’m not close to anything because you won’t give it to me.” Elijah just about snapped, and he knew he shouldn’t be as mad as he wanted to be, but what person likes being played with. “Come on, Morgan.” They both knew better. “If you wanted me to get him, you would’ve let me by now.”

And Morgan knew he was right.

So what was it now?

Why give everything up except for Jaymin?

Did Morgan want to stay? Did he think he needed to? At this rate, Elijah might get mad enough to finally have the heart to bring Morgan down. And as much as Morgan believes that Jaymin would leave him rotting in a jail cell, Elijah thought otherwise. It was not going to be like that. The fastest way to Jaymin was through Morgan.

Morgan told himself he didn’t want to stay, though he found himself going back to Elijah more than he should. It was almost sad. What Morgan was doing, he knew better than to bait Elijah.

“I’m sorry.” Morgan apologized, though it was not sincere.

“Tell me you need something from me.” Elijah looked at him seriously. “Tell me you need something so I don’t think you’re having fun screwing with me.” Elijah got up to face him.

Morgan couldn’t say that.

Elijah knew that deep down, Morgan was better than this. He had to know the difference between right and wrong. Elijah wasn’t going to believe that all of his morals were violently taken from him.

But Morgan didn’t say anything as he kept his eyes down. He could lie, and he would feel good about doing it, but to Elijah, that would come with regret later on. He couldn’t look him in the eyes, even as Elijah got close to him.

Elijah had enough of this.

He needed to fight fire with fire.

“Where the hell is he, Morgan?” Elijah asked quietly, a burning determination to find Jaymin and end this once in for all.

And if this ended up being Elijah versus Morgan, than so be it. Elijah could take him. He was taking everything Morgan has done lightly.

Morgan could, can, and would like to do worse.

But Morgan would still keep Elijah from Jaymin, or better yet the other way around. “You don’t want to do that-”

“I don’t want to do what?” Elijah was testing him. “Find him and kill him myself? Do you know what it’s been like for the past several weeks? There have been nine murders. Nine.” he emphasized. “He is watching and you’re helping. Tell me where he is.” he demanded.

“You should calm-”

“I swear to fucking God, if you tell me to calm down I will literally cuff you right now and bring you in.” Elijah threatened. He had handcuffs on him and he wouldn’t be afraid to use them.

Morgan wasn’t scared.

He put his wrists together just to make it easier on Elijah.

“You want to die, don’t you?” Elijah scoffed dryly.

“Suicide is too easy. I would actually happily enjoy looking him in the eyes while I use the handcuffs to stab him in the throat, but you know, I digress.” Morgan said casually.

Was Elijah missing something? He knew what he was dealing with, but he didn’t think Morgan would do this to him. It was literally giving him problems. That’s why Elijah stopped chasing after the names on paper. It wasn’t helping. All he was doing was getting people killed.

And for what?

For Morgan to stall? To gain enough courage to tell Jaymin off but only to go back to him? Elijah was going to do things his way if Morgan wasn’t going to stop stringing him along.

“Morgan, tell me where he is.” Elijah demanded through his teeth.

Morgan wasn’t hesitant. He took a napkin and a pen and wrote down an address. He gave up the information easily, without fighting, without trying to really talk Elijah out of it.

Was it a trap?

Morgan wasn’t that cruel. He just knew that Elijah didn’t have a hurtful bone in his body. He wasn’t prepared to kill anyone, even a murderer.

So he was going to lead him to Jaymin, but Elijah wasn’t going to get the job done, Morgan knew that much.

If he couldn’t do it, what made Elijah think he could?

Morgan held the napkin up and Elijah snatched it out of his hand, leaving without another word.

He was going to fight fire with fire.

He was tired of getting played with. Jaymin was toying with him as much as Morgan was, he wanted to show that he wasn’t playing these games anymore. What better way to let Jaymin know than by looking him in the eyes and making sure he really understood?

The address led him to the heart of the city down town. He’s been here before, at least it looked familiar. At night, the lights were brighter and there were more people, drunk, high, and sober. Elijah wasn’t hesitant to walk in to the club that the address brought him, too. He’s been part of worse.

Whatever he was going to see, he would’ve seen worse.

He moved between people in the dimly lit club. The music but people danced as if it was. It smelled like alcohol and drugs, but Elijah did his best to ignore it. He had enough alcohol to loosen him up. He wasn’t going to be uptight about what he saw. He figured Jaymin would be right here somewhere. Did he work here now? There were a few dancers around but none of them were him.

Morgan wouldn’t be mean enough to lead him nowhere.

Jaymin had to be here.

Elijah felt a shove at his back that pushed him forward, almost making him stumble and fall into an empty chair. When he turned to see who did it, he was pushed down, and was expected to stay down.

“Oh, wow.” Jaymin smiled widely, cornering Elijah in his seat so he couldn’t get up.

At the moment, Jaymin was just shirtless. In a half an hour, it wasn’t going to be like that. But he didn’t mind pausing the fun to instill fear into someone who just doesn’t get it. This was what gave Jaymin pure enjoyment.

“Came to play?” he asked.

Elijah pulled his gun out and had it pointed right towards Jaymin’s forehead. If he so much as thought about getting closer, Elijah would shoot him. Jaymin continued to smile, sticking his tongue out, exposing the teal piercing at the center.

“I’m still waiting.” he said, lowering himself closer to Elijah so the gun would touch his forehead. He stared up at it, cross-eyed for just a second before looking back at Elijah. “If you shoot me now, I won’t be able to fuck with you.” he edged.

Elijah had his finger on the trigger. He was so close to pulling it but he just couldn’t. He stared Jaymin in the eyes, aching for that moment where everything would be done with but he couldn’t do it.

Jaymin sighed and pushed Elijah’s hand down.

“What’s with you detectives and chickening out?” he groaned. “One day, one of you will put a bullet in my skull-”

“You want that?” Elijah wasn’t sure if he was being serious.

“I mean, only if you fuck the wound.” he winked at him.

Elijah had no idea what to say. He shouldn’t be shocked but he was. He knew how deranged Jaymin was, he knew that anything that came out of his mouth was no longer appropriate.

This was the scene he fit in to.

An underground club where only the freakiest and nastiest people would show their face. The facade was gone, and there was no way Jaymin was going to pretend to be something he wasn’t. He’s been on his best behavior, doing things the normal way, the way it was supposed to be, but Elijah couldn’t do him the courtesy of staying away, so he was done.

Jaymin reverted back to what he knew best. So if he had to manipulate a few people to get this detective to shut up, then he was going to do it.

Elijah pissed him off.

And he was seconds away from using his two hands to gauge his eyes out.

“Let me tell you why you won’t pull the trigger.” Jaymin straddled over Elijah’s lap, doing his best to control his subtle anger.

He knew the difference between him and other people. Elijah was included since he wanted to do what was right and bring Jaymin down in a wholesome way. Obviously, Jaymin wouldn’t complain if Elijah completely ruined him, he would actually love it, but he wasn’t going to get that.

“You don’t want to get blood on your hands. Even if you kill me, you’re still a murderer. And how would you deal with that?” Jaymin taunted. He knew Elijah didn’t have the strength. “You’d be no better than me.”

Elijah felt his heart racing in his chest. He just wanted to do it so badly, but Jaymin was right. Elijah wouldn’t be able to stomach becoming a killer.

“I like Morgan better.” Jaymin sighed, lightly pulling on Elijah’s tie. “At least he fucked me while screwing the FBI.” he remembered how much fun he had, how much rage he was filled with, how exciting it was to have someone break.

Now that Morgan was already broken, he needed someone else to play with. Who better than a new detective?

“Let’s make a deal.” Elijah said.

“Morgan liked deals too.” Jaymin said. “He never kept his end though. He’s always cheating.” That’s where the disdain came from.

Jaymin knew what Morgan was doing.

But if he were to stab Morgan for every person that was killed, Jaymin might get too excited and accidentally kill him. He didn’t want that. He wanted Morgan to come with him.

Elijah knew just by how many more bodies were spread out throughout the city. He wasn’t talking about the tips Morgan gave him; there were completely separate, gruesome murders. They were both angry, and they showed that off to each other by how they killed.

Elijah was just caught in the middle of it.

“I won’t interfere if you leave-”

Jaymin knew exactly where this was going. “Morgan leaves with me-”

“No, Morgan stays. You’re gone.” Elijah wasn’t going to compromise.

Jaymin laughed. It was condescending. He stared down at Elijah as he continued to laugh. “You think I don’t know how much you like him?” he laughed.


“My God, could you get anymore obvious? Do you think you can save Morgan, or whatever bullshit you’re holding on to?” he asked through his teeth, his hand gripping Elijah’s neck. “I’ve got my claws so deep into him that just one flick and I can rip him apart.” The smile on his face was gone; his lip curled with disgust.

“Fuck you.” Elijah spat out.

Jaymin smiled evilly.

He would never meet his match, but at least Elijah tried. Jaymin usually did applaud effort.

“You want him all to yourself, don’t you?” Jaymin asked. “You’d protect him and teach him right from wrong, and tell him all the murders he’s committed doesn’t mean anything.”

That wasn’t it.

“Think you could fix him? Maybe even give him what he wants?” Jaymin could see the infatuation. It was that obvious.

Why would Elijah fight so hard to get Morgan in line, to see what’s happening to him despite the fact that Morgan was having fun coming between the both of them? Morgan didn’t want to leave yet. He wanted to piss Jaymin off. He wanted to help Elijah get close. But he also had to admit that he liked watching from the sidelines. That’s what he always did. He puts gasoline on a flame and watches it grow.

Morgan knew better.

Elijah thought he really could help Morgan. He thought he could really do something to help. Yet he can’t get Morgan away from Jaymin.

He wasn’t going to be able to save him.

So that wasn’t it. That wasn’t what Elijah wanted. At least that wasn’t all of it.

“Or what? You just want him to fuck you, right?” Jaymin asked when he started to realize there was more than infatuation there.

Was it lust?

Jaymin smiled.

Elijah more than liked a murderer. Jaymin could basically smell it off him. He didn’t think it would be that easy to figure it out but looking into Elijah’s eyes gave it away, or most of it away.

He was getting close.

“Oh.” He smiled wider and let go of Elijah’s throat. “You want to fuck him.” Jaymin hit the mark. Elijah didn’t answer to anything he’s said but he didn’t have to. “You are such a little shit.” he said through his teeth again, a slight anger showing up in his expression. “I should rip your throat out-”

“Threaten me again-”

“Or what, motherfucker?” Jaymin rose up on Elijah’s lap so he could look down at him more, his way of asserting dominance. “I know you ain’t all talk, but we both know damn fucking well you won’t do shit.”

Elijah didn’t have his chance to say anything.

Jaymin put his hand over his mouth to shut him up.

“He does like you, so I guess it isn’t one sided.” Jaymin sighed and looked up for a second, thinking about what to do. “Both of you are so pathetic.” He sighed again.

He wasn’t a fan of having emotions for things. He had his heart set on his own dreams and goals and he had that snatched away from him in seconds. Why should he ever feel the way he felt again? He was actually heart broken and crushed; he had so much anger in him that he couldn’t breathe. He’s had what he loved stolen from him. Why should he feel that type of hurt again? Why should he ever give himself up to anything that he might get attached to? He knew better. He was trying to keep Morgan from that too but he was unsuccessful.

Morgan refuses to let go.

Was that why he was playing games? To see how far he could handle himself?

“Sure you could take care of Morgan?” Jaymin asked, looking in Elijah’s eyes again. “He’s a little freaky, I can tell you that.” He laughed. “You won’t believe the things he does to me.” He whispered to him.

That didn’t change anything. Elijah didn’t want to listen to Jaymin and for as long as he could, he wasn’t going to listen.

Between Morgan and Jaymin, Jaymin was the more intimidating one. And he was the one that could figure people out in just minutes. He knew Elijah was going to try and save Morgan no matter what.

He didn’t even care about the consequences.

Jaymin would always admire effort.

“Do you really want to feel inside him that badly?” he asked, only watching Elijah’s eyes. He wanted to know if Elijah really wanted to have sex with Morgan. That probably wasn’t all of it, but it was a fun idea to play with. “If it makes you feel better, he won’t ever let me fuck him so there’s that.” he smiled again.

Elijah was about to bring his hand up, point his gun at Jaymin again, and be lucky enough to hate himself enough to pull the trigger, but Jaymin hit his arm, knocking the gun out of his hand from the pain. Elijah struggled, but all Jaymin wanted was for him to stay in his seat without doing anything obnoxious.

They needed to talk. But Jaymin was going to do the talking. He covered Elijah's mouth with his other hand and made sure that Elijah didn't have anything to say. Jaymin had the advantage and he was going to exploit that.

It’s such a shame that he found out Elijah’s secret.

Now he could really ruin him.

“I bet Morgan would love it, too.” Jaymin whispered. “He actually likes you, enough to let you try and screw me over.” he said and Elijah breathed out heavily through his nose. “So what? You want to feel him on you, think he’ll moan for you, maybe even beg for you?” Jaymin asked.

Elijah hadn’t had those kind of thoughts in his mind.

“He’s good at keeping eye contact, makes me cum every time.” He said, smiling as he licked his lips. “You’d enjoy pinning him down, getting him to open up just for you. You want to run your hands through his hair, and touch all over his skin, and feel so deep inside him that you can’t pull yourself out.” he described for him.

When he thought Elijah was about to fight him, his fingers tightened over his mouth, almost digging into his cheek.

“We both know you want to. And I wouldn’t say anything if you did. As long as Morgan’s happy, I’m happy.” Jaymin smiled dearly, his other hand moving in Elijah’s hair; he gripped hard and pulled his head back. “You’d make him happy, right, Elijah?” Jaymin asked quietly, still smiling. “Would you fuck him so hard that he starts to smile?”

The teasing wasn’t good. Jaymin was putting all these thoughts in his head, and it made things worse. Elijah was breathing hard, even with Jaymin’s hand over his mouth. His heart was racing in his chest as he tried to clear the thoughts out of his mind. He liked Morgan, but he was sure that it wasn’t enough to consider doing anything to him.

Then he remembered that night weeks ago when he got too close. He had to talk himself out of making a big mistake.

Was it because he was sympathetic?

Or maybe because he genuinely wanted to save Morgan?

Jaymin was literally giving him permission to do whatever he wanted, if Elijah wanted to do something.

He did. Now, at least.

“You’re hard.” Jaymin could feel it against the inside of his thigh. “You want him.” He looked right into Elijah’s eyes, seeing the lustful determination that clouded them.

Elijah did want him.

“You can fuck him however you want, get him as high on you as you can, even give him assurance and show him the bullshit affection he’s been looking for.” Jaymin whispered in his ear. Now he could feel Elijah shaking; it could’ve been with pleasure or fear or both. “He’ll always come running right back to me.”

That was right.

Elijah could do it all, Morgan will always end up going back to Jaymin where he belongs. They were still together now, and they would stay together until one of them was killed. That’s the only way to separate them.

Jaymin let go of Elijah’s mouth and was pleased when Elijah didn’t say anything. That was pure defeat and realization. When Jaymin got his grasps on people, he broke them.

This was what broke Elijah, being told what he actually felt without figuring it out himself.

Was he going to do something about it?

Jaymin gripped hard at Elijah’s crotch, feeling the bulge that was throbbing to be let free from the restraint of his pants; Jaymin smiled evilly again, the corners of his lips turning upwards in a devilish smile.

“Seems like you’ll be able to take care of him just fine.” he licked lips, trying to hold himself back from using Elijah’s body for himself.

He got off Elijah and turned to leave.

The first thing Elijah noticed was the scar on Jaymin’s right shoulder blade. It was a dark one, like he was burned. An M was burned on his skin.

Elijah knew he wouldn’t even come close to comparing to what Morgan wanted. As much as Morgan tried to get away from Jaymin, it was clear as day that he wanted Jaymin like he was everything.

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