The Inevitable Demise

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Chapter Sixteen

Elijah was staring at Morgan. It felt like they had all the time in the world. It was a matter if they were going to use it or not. They had been staring at each other without saying a word for minutes.

How did they end up in his room?

They were just standing in front of each other. It’s either someone makes the first move, or neither them moves at all.

Morgan was not going to do it.

That’s just how he was.

So Elijah took a step forward, his hand moving in Morgan’s hair, holding his head up so he couldn’t turn away, and he kissed him slowly, not wanting to scare him off. Morgan knew what was happening, yet he still acted confused, like he didn’t know that Elijah liked him enough to kiss him.

That wasn’t the only thing.

There had to be more. Elijah felt this unsettling fire inside him, and Morgan was the only person that could bring it out of him.

Morgan’s arm lifted around Elijah’s waist, his fingers tugging at his shirt that was tucked in, pulling it up so he could get it off. Time just rushed faster as he seemed more and more eager by the second. He couldn’t even pull himself back from what they were doing. With every kiss, Morgan found himself melting into the temptation.

He’s been tempted by him so many times.

This was harmless.

Elijah kissed him over and over again, perfect kisses planted from corner to corner of Morgan’s lips. He began to open up more, only managing small gasps of Elijah’s air. It only took seconds for him to be drunk on Elijah’s scent.

It was so easy to give in.

Morgan was struggling to get Elijah to undress. He wanted to tear off his clothes, but his fingers were shaking. It wasn’t fear, Morgan had this feeling of anticipation.

Has he been waiting for this?

Elijah could feel his eagerness, the way he kissed back, wanting to take more than what he was given. He could match the enthusiasm, showing how much wanted Morgan, how much he wanted to touch him, feel him, taste him. Elijah could smell the alcohol, like Morgan needed a drink to get his nerves calm enough to come over. Elijah could taste iron on his lips like Morgan had blood in his mouth not too long ago; he’s been biting his own lip, antsy and agitated, now Elijah was biting over the wounds.

They breathed together, they moved together, like they’ve known each other for so long. Elijah began shuffling out of his clothes when he couldn’t hold himself back any longer. Morgan did the same, not hesitant for even a second.

More pieces of clothes began to pile on the floor. Finally their hands were touching bare skin. Elijah could trace his fingers on Morgan’s scars, feeling the wounds that had him open once, that left him vulnerable. He kissed him with that same passion, like he was the knife that would open him up and leave him vulnerable. Morgan hadn’t felt anyone else like this in a long while; touching Elijah almost felt like touching a fire. He could feel the burning heat all over him and that’s what made him feel so good.

Morgan will always walk into the fire.

He’d want to drown in every flame imaginable.

He breathed hard, thinking about what would happen next, if things would go further. His arms were held back by the sleeves of his shirt. He stopped trying to shrug it off when he felt the last kiss lighten up, like Elijah wanted to be gentle again, like he would treat Morgan so delicate because he didn’t want to break him anymore than he already was. Morgan leaned in to it, not wanting it to stop. He had hoped that Elijah wouldn’t be so cruel.

Elijah pulled away, enough to feel Morgan’s breath around his lips, enough to stare so deep into his dark eyes that he could see his burning soul. His heart was beating hard, but he knew that Morgan’s was beating harder.

They couldn’t just stop.

He had to feel more. He hadn’t kissed every part of Morgan yet. He hadn’t truly felt the insane bliss that would come from being with him. He wasn’t done yet.

Elijah planted his mouth right at the crook of Morgan’s jaw, his lips trailing down his neck. Morgan tilted his head back, feeling Elijah’s breath grace his skin more as he kissed him; his eyes fluttered as he felt the sudden bursts of heat over and over again. He anticipated being bitten at his neck, and it wouldn’t stop anything if he was, but he knew who he was dealing with. Tonight he was lucky to avoid deep wounds that would make him bleed. All he would get were dark hickeys and faint bite marks all over his body. Hopefully. Morgan closed his eyes and felt Elijah’s hand yanked his shirt down off his arms, dropping it to the floor.

There was more to take off but Elijah would do it when he was ready. Right now, he was occupied with getting Morgan riled up.

It was so easy. It felt right. It felt like it needed to happen.

Elijah could hear a shaky whisper come from Morgan’s lips. It wasn’t enough. He needed to hear more, he needed Morgan to be louder. It was not enough.

Elijah pushed him down gently on the bed, making his way right over him where he needed to be. He hadn’t moved his lips away from Morgan’s neck. He breathed hard as his hand trailed down Morgan’s chest, feeling every shallow inhale and exhale that even resonated at his stomach. The rise and fall happened throughout his entire body and Elijah could feel it at his fingertips. When he touched lower, he felt Morgan’s breath hitch, a subtle anticipation that became more than obvious.

He continued to touch around Morgan’s body, leaving kisses and tracing his skin to leave goosebumps were he last touched. Elijah could take his breath away. Suffocate him. But he didn’t need his hands to do that.

His lips were enough to pull everything out of Morgan.

His breath was enough to keep him going, to literally breathe life into Morgan.

There was only one other time Morgan felt so alive.

Bursts of bliss continued to fill him while Elijah did more than just touch him. Euphoria began to drown him, the pleasure filling deep in his lungs, making him gasp for air but only feeling the explosions of ecstasy. Elijah could feel it every second, the way Morgan would succumb to every touch like it controlled him. Elijah felt it inside him, too, just like Morgan did.

Their bodies moved into each others. They moved together. Elijah made it easy to open Morgan up, getting him to expose everything about himself, like it was no secret. He had Morgan wrapped in everything he’s ever wanted.

Slow thrusts caused the low groans, moans, whimpers and whispers, high cries, and incoherent mumbles. Every slow drag of Elijah’s hips, his cock reaching deep inside Morgan, gave him so much adrenaline that he couldn’t hold himself back.

He watched Morgan’s face every time, not able to take his eyes off him, and this was the only time Morgan wasn’t good with eye contact. His eyes fluttered as he drowned in his waves of euphoria, they rolled every time Elijah hit the sweetest spot, they closed when Elijah took his time to thrust deep inside him.

It was so easy.

Morgan was becoming more undone by the second. The way he was shaking, this was new. It’s not the usual feeling he has, this type of shaking had him straining and drawing closer to Elijah, his hands digging into his skin.

Elijah couldn’t get enough. The fire inside him was burning hot.

Both of them couldn’t control the flames, so they let it run rampant, let it get big enough that it couldn’t be tamed; it burned them both. The heat wouldn’t subside.

Not until their release.

Morgan had gotten there, Elijah could tell by the smile on Morgan’s face, a genuine and subtle smile, the expression of pure bliss and satisfaction that even drew him across the edge with him. Being dragged over the cliff of pleasure almost hurt in the best way possible.

Skin pressed on skin, lips over lips, breaths mixing, their muscles tensed up and their bodies twitched.

That wave of euphoria was like an ocean, the rush continuing for so long that it left them buzzing, even aching for more. It’s like they could see the light and it was bright.

Their high was real.

And they were so far gone that it took forever for them to come back down.

The quiet moans continued with shallow gasps for air as they tried to settle. The fire was still there, not dim, but had the potential to grow again. It would be best to let the glow just be a small glow instead of a growing flame.

Morgan laid in bed, covered in hickeys and bite marks at his neck, his chest, his stomach. Between his thighs had darker marks. His ears felt hot from the kisses that were placed there. His lips were wet, like he was still being kissed, like Elijah’s tongue was still pressed to them, licking inside his mouth and tasting his skin over and over again.

Morgan remembered the taste that Elijah had. It was sweeter, not sour or having the after taste of iron. It was different. It was something he hadn’t tasted in years. He almost licked his lips to have another taste, but he knew once he did that, he would get excited again.

There was a mesh of blond and black hair on the pillow. The strands intertwined with how close they were. Their foreheads were pressed together as they would glance at each others eyes. Morgan would be the first to look away, but he couldn’t help but find himself looking into Elijah’s eyes again.

So what happens next?

Were they even going to talk about it?

It’s not like this was a guilty pleasure. It’s not like they were sneaking around. This wasn’t some explicit act that they had to keep secret until they were buried.

It wasn’t like that.

Between the both of them, only one of them wasn’t hopeful. There was no good consequence about this. They wouldn’t be able to keep this up.

Morgan knew better.

They both did.

Morgan couldn’t say anything so he didn’t. Elijah respected that. He figured that Morgan was dealing with how everything was going to be from now on, if the change was good.

It wasn’t.

Morgan wasn’t going to do to Elijah what was done to him. He wasn’t that cruel.

He got up out of bed without a word and put most of his clothes on so he could leave. The last thing he wanted to do was think about what happens next. So he focused his mind elsewhere. He’ll talk to Elijah when he feels like it.

Right now, Morgan was just unsettled and he had to take care of that first.

Morgan walked into his apartment slowly, still feeling the buzzing in his legs, the kind of feeling he’s never gotten before. It wasn’t till he got back that he felt more than just unsettled. There was something about him that wasn’t taken care of.

There was only one person who could fix that part of him.

There was only one person that could get him to quiet down when things got out of control.

Jaymin was the one that started this. He was the one that aided the turmoil. He loved seeing Morgan conflicted with himself. He always says to give up emotions, but Morgan never listens. So now he was confused and not as satisfied as he thought he should be.

It was different when he was with Jaymin.

It didn’t make sense.

Now Morgan felt like it wasn’t enough to feel his heart flutter or that sense of affection that he hasn’t gotten in a long while. It just wasn’t sufficient. So he was always going back to the pain, the artificial lust that could keep him high for days.

“You look like shit.” Jaymin snickered as he sat up in bed. He saw Morgan walk in, clothes barely done properly, hair a mess, hickeys on his neck. “You really got it good, didn’t you?” he laughed.

Morgan just dropped everything he had in his hands on to the floor and got into bed, pushing Jaymin down so he couldn’t move. Jaymin smiled as Morgan kissed his neck, biting into him harder to leave a dark bruise, almost breaking his skin to draw blood. He did that over and over again as Jaymin gripped on to his hair tight.

“What’s wrong?” Jaymin asked, though he knew exactly what was wrong. “Not good enough for you?” he asked, referring to the sex Morgan had earlier.

Morgan wasn’t going to say how amazing it was. He wasn’t going to say that it felt like his mind exploded. He wasn’t going to say that there was a part of him that wished he could truly have what he wants.

It was frustrating that he felt this way.

So he wasn’t going to talk about it. He’d rather just silently swallow the pain so he could focus on other things.

All he wanted to do was fuck again and go to sleep.

Jaymin moved, pushing Morgan down so he could get on top of him. He wanted to toy around with Morgan, to see how messed up he truly was. Just looking into Morgan’s eyes showed the confusion about what he wanted.

Jaymin could take care of that. He smiled at Morgan, it wasn’t sincere or even apologetic.

“That’s what you get for dreaming.” Jaymin said, almost laughing. “That normalcy bullshit won’t cut it for you anymore cause you’re crazy." He loved saying that.

Morgan wanted to say that he wasn’t, that he was just fine, that a few slip ups in his life couldn’t change him. But it wasn’t minor slip ups. He was a killer, a murderer, a psychopath that enjoyed watching things burn. He took pleasure in people’s pain, he touched himself to their deaths, and he wasn’t going to stop. He was made this way, that was the excuse he was using.

But it wasn’t a solid a excuse that would save him. He loved what he did. He’s been convinced that even if he started on his own volition, it’d still feel as amazing. The psychopath was always in there, he just needed to be brought out.

Morgan didn’t deserve anything good. He didn’t deserve anything wholesome. He didn’t deserve real happiness. So he was stuck with the artificial excitement that could keep him alive for days, and be cursed to keep doing what he enjoys to fill that void that continues to grow.

Soon he will be empty.

No sympathy, no regrets, no other emotions that kept him back.

So he didn’t deserve anything good no matter how much he wanted it. And realizing that hurt the most. He had to mask the pain or he would wallow in self pity, maybe get sick, drink himself into a coma.

Jaymin watched as Morgan began to slip into self destruction once again.

How many times was he going to do that before finally accepting who he was? It seems like Elijah really messed with him. And Jaymin was a fan of a little turmoil so he wasn’t going to complain.

Jaymin’s hand slipped under Morgan’s shirt, pushing it up to expose his skin; his fingers traced up his stomach and to his chest, seeing the marks on his skin. He almost smiled. He could imagine how it had gone, what Morgan felt like to finally be embraced by someone else, what he looked like. He could ask and Morgan would never tell. So the mystery was hot.

He couldn’t wait to break Morgan again and make him realize that he will never get enough from someone else. He would teach that lesson so many times until Morgan was finally broken inside to learn. But for now, a small taste of what things could be like didn’t hurt. Morgan was happy.

At least, he was for a little while.

Jaymin didn’t hesitate to take his clothes off. He got Morgan’s too, well most of it. All he wanted was to feel his cock inside him. There was nothing else.

It was new to notice the slight shaking of Morgan’s thighs; it was so subtle but Jaymin smiled when he noticed. This time, it wasn’t him that did that, someone else did. He got a good glance at the hickeys on Morgan’s skin, the ones that couldn’t cover up the scars on his body.

The sex must’ve been sincere and loving and completely raw. Nothing gets more exciting than being exposed for someone to really be seen.

How much did Morgan have to cover himself up? Or was it that small part of him, that good part, that was seen?

Jaymin could not help but feel so giddy and turned on. His fingers continued to trace Morgan’s skin as he rode him slowly, getting Morgan’s cock to throb inside him.

“You liked it, didn’t you?” Jaymin asked, rolling his hips as Morgan gripped his waist. “You wouldn’t be this antsy if you didn’t.” he licked his lips, laughing into his moan as he tilted his head back.

“Don’t worry about it.” Morgan breathed out, thrusting deeper. He had to admit that he was frustrated.

He didn’t want Jaymin to talk about what happened. He didn’t want to think about it either.

Jaymin’s hand lifted off Morgan’s chest, moving back between Morgan’s legs. He was still smiling as he got his fingers inside Morgan, feeling the cum that was just about spill out of him. Jaymin could only smile wider as he looked down at Morgan, seeing his dark eyes give a warning glance. There was so much there. If he could, Jaymin would scoop it all out but he didn’t. He was just surprised Morgan let him get this far. It wouldn’t go any further.

He pulled his fingers out, completely covered in Elijah’s thick cum.

“Must’ve enjoyed all this.” Jaymin said, putting his first finger in his mouth, tasting the cum that Elijah left.

There was plenty to share. He pulled his finger out of his mouth and brought his hand down over Morgan’s mouth, and he was willing to feel Jaymin’s fingers press on his tongue.

Just tasting the cum on Jaymin’s fingers was enough to bring Morgan to complete orgasm. He remembered absolutely everything that happened earlier on in the day, and his body loved it. The way he was touched and kissed, how he was held, how Elijah filled him. Morgan remembered all of it like it was happening right then and there. His hips bucked involuntarily and his cock throbbed with extreme pleasure as his eyes rolled. His lips wrapped around Jaymin’s fingers, getting every bit of cum off obediently as he released.

Jaymin loved seeing Morgan get into it. If he had known Morgan was going to be treated right earlier, he would've asked to watch. Jaymin could only imagine the look on Morgan's face.

“Ah, there’s more where that came from.” Jaymin said, his fingers pressing down on Morgan’s tongue. “He was good to you, wasn’t he?” He loved thinking about it.

But Morgan didn’t want the idea teasing Jaymin’s mind. He bit Jaymin’s fingers, enough to draw blood, but even then Jaymin didn’t think to pull his fingers out of Morgan’s mouth. He wasn’t scared. Morgan just licked the blood off though he knew what he wanted to taste.

It was definitely a rush. Morgan wasn’t sure he could handle it. He needed a second to breathe and to control himself. He needed a second to find peace of mind. But every single moment replayed in his mind and it was turning bittersweet.

It wasn’t till then he realized that he was greedy. How was he going to deal with knowing he can’t have something he wants? The temptation was cruel. Morgan was going to spiral out of control again, it was just a matter of time before he does.

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