The Inevitable Demise

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Chapter One

A young man walked into a police station early in the morning. The sun was bright out in southern Florida. He had his badge tucked in his pocket, but others seemed to know him. He was a fairly young man who seemed rough around the edges. He was tall and slightly muscular. His darker fade of blond hair was tousled wetly and his face unshaven. His expression was nonchalant as he looked at the chaos that was around him.

He had just transferred here and it was his first day as an investigator for this unit. He wanted an environment that tested him, that kept him on his toes, and he’s heard recently that this was the place to be.

“Oh, Elijah, you’re early.” One of the other investigators came over to him. “Trying to impress the boss on the first day?” He asked.

“Well she called me.” he said and looked around some more, wanting to get familiar with faces. “Told me there was something I’d be interested in.” He said casually.

“You’re the new guy on murder crimes right? You’re definitely going to have the time of your life with this one.” The other officer lead him to the conference room.

As cruel as it was, Elijah liked the sound of that.

There were more investigators going over the most recent crimes that happened the night before. And the previous nights before that.

There were photos all over the table of the deceased and they were not anything someone has seen before. Most of the photos were gruesome but had to be taken for evidence. Some of the officers had a hard time looking. It was bizarre to be seeing what they saw, as if the past couple of weeks didn’t test their tolerance already. When the new agent sat down, he picked up the first photo in front of him, the most recent crime, the murder from last night.

A man had his limbs cut off. It wasn’t a clean cut like it was done with a large knife. It was done with something more aggressive, like a chainsaw. The man’s guts were pulled out and displayed around his body as well.

“What’s in his mouth?” Elijah asked.

There was flesh in his mouth, covered in hair and blood.

“His testicles.” The lead investigator said, slamming down a few papers that autopsy gave to her. “Our killer thinks they’re being funny.” She wasn’t amused. She turned around to put the photo up on the board. “This is the fifth one this week, and we have no leads or evidence.” she said.

Was it that difficult? Was the serial killer that good?

“This killer is choosing random people off the streets and doing what they please.” she turned around to face her team. “There are no connections between these people.”

“Well it is a tourist area, of course there would be no connections.” Another investigator pointed out as he put a photo down.

Elijah was pulling all the photos closer to him so he could see if there really were no connections between them. Anything would be helpful. Any similarities, even signatures the killer that might leave that’s a trademark to them only...

That was all he needed.

He separated the photo when he took glances of each.

There were a few connections.

“There’s two different killers.” he said as he separated the pictures into two groups. “One group has the theatrical murders, the exaggerated poses and gruesome images. And it’s not like group two doesn’t have that, but it looks more random without the dark humor.” Elijah picked up one photo. “Group two has burn marks on them.”

“That’s how you’re getting two different killers?” The lead investigator asked.

“Well, why burn some and not the others? Are they significant or just trash?” he asked and put his hands down on the table.

The lead investigator smiled. She expected nothing less from someone who’s only worked murder cases since training. “Meet Elijah Milen, please show him your best hospitality.” she continued to smile towards him.

It was rather easy to figure out that there were two different killers. So what next? What’s the step from here? It seems like things were difficult for them, so even if they had figured there were two killers, it’s not like they have needs.

The lead investigator wanted to talk to Elijah privately. Apparently, she’s had to make it clear to the other agents not to get too invested in this serious case. She’s had to reassign a number of people because they were causing problems. Elijah will not be an exception.

The last thing she needed was Elijah getting abducted or maybe killed.

“Listen, Elijah. I know you’re only here for one reason, but I don’t need you to breathe, eat, and sleep this.” She warned him.

Whoever she lost in this case must have hurt the team.

“May, this is literally the only case I’m working on.” Elijah said. “If I don’t invest in it, then I’m not doing my job.” he said.

The only reason he transferred was for this. May asked for someone who would be able to help and here he was. Elijah would always be devoted to his work, that’s why he was in the process of a divorce, that’s why he’s alone now. He focuses mostly on his work.

“I can give you something else-”

“Whatever you think will happen to me, won’t happen to me. I’m just here to catch a few killers and I’ll be out of your way.” Elijah knew what he was here to do.

He wasn’t going to get too attached. He wasn’t going to overstep his boundaries. He was just an investigator. Nothing more.

However, because May seemed more than concerned with the safety of her team, Elijah wanted to ease her nerves, so he did promise he won’t go overboard. Who knows what could happen though. Elijah would keep a safe distance from his new case and his life.

He had to stay alive right, if the case was that serious.

He was dealing with two murderers at the moment. He needed to know more about them.

Elijah took time to catch up on all the open cases he could read through at once. He read the autopsy reports and drug screens, and anything that might have some information. He kept the groups of murders divided to make it easier on him.

There’s a lot that can be figured out about psychopaths just by how they kill.

All these murders started happening a few months ago, but recently, they’ve picked up more and more until it was a body dropping every single night. Police patrol has increased to keep people safe in the streets, however it doesn’t change the dynamic of the murder. Although there are true rumors circulating about a murderer loose, none of the tourists stopped coming. In fact, it made them more eager. So it won’t be long before the city starts using the murders as a publicity stunt.

Just before Elijah decided to go out for lunch, he saw the officer that talked to him first walk out with someone. Were they giving a statement? Was it about the murder?

Elijah narrowed his eyes.

This man gave off a vibe to Elijah, one that brought chills up his spine in a subtle and scary way. It was unsettling. However, looking at him seemed different. This man looked like he was worn down. He may have been in a suit, but his expression said that he’s tired, that he’s broken, that he wants to give up. It was almost a sad puppy type of look. His dark eyes were filled with depression and lost hope. But when Elijah looked away, the chills resurfaced.

What was the truth?

Elijah went over to the officer when the man was gone.

“Who’s that, Ben?” He asked.

“Just some guy who gave a statement about the woman killed two nights ago. Lydia Garcia.” The officer said.

Elijah remembered reading about her. Her body was contorted to break most of her bones. They were broken individually while she was alive. Her trachea was broken to cut off her airway and she suffocated to death. She was also burned at her face, well her eyes were burned.

Elijah took off to go talk to the man himself before he disappeared.

He walked outside in the blistering heat and looked for the man that was wearing a gray suit. He called out to him when he was spotted.

The man turned around, a little confused on who was trying to get his attention. As he moved, wherever he moved, his curly hair that was dyed black would bounce. It certainly had to take him a while to grow all that hair. He doesn’t remember the last time he got it cut. He stood quietly in front of Elijah, still holding on to his suit jacket at his arm.

“You, uh, gave a statement about that woman who was killed, right?” Elijah asked to get right to the point. He showed his badge so the man would know that he was part of the investigation as well.

“Yes. She was my client, so I knew I had to say something.” He said quietly.

“What kind of work do you do?”

“I’m a lawyer.” he answered.

So there was one connection between a victim that was murdered and someone else. Sure it probably didn’t mean anything, but it was always helpful when anyone made a statement.

Elijah didn’t think that this man was a lawyer for real. He got a good look. This man was slightly twitchy and too passive. How would he make a good lawyer? He must have a certain nature in the courtroom that he doesn’t have outside of it.

“Well, if you find anything that may be helpful, you should call us.” Elijah gave him his card. “Mr...”

“Blair.” he finished. “But you can call me James.” he said politely as he took the card.

Would it be useful?

Elijah let that man leave; he felt like he was wasting Mr. Blair’s time.

He needed time to think himself anyway. He had a case to work on.

“Let’s just hope that nothing out of the ordinary happens tonight.” The officer said when Elijah walked back into the station.

“Define out of the ordinary.” Elijah said, a sardonic tone to his voice.

What they’ve seen was definitely out of the ordinary. How could someone so easily kill like it’s nothing? These murders that have been happening have been out of control. Its a shame that the police are having difficulty determining what’s going on.

Who could be killing these people?

Elijah was the type of person to take their work home with them. He lived alone so it’s not like he would be bothering anyone. He continued to read over the rest of the murders he didn’t get to finish earlier. It was kind of gruesome how someone could lack so much empathy and end their life.

Elijah found another connection.

One was not empathetic. One murderer was an actual psychopath. This killer did not care what happens, that’s why the murders were so gruesome. The other killer, they were breaking. The kills weren’t as wild or theatrical, their organs were always in tact, there was no reason to defile the body, or maybe the killer couldn’t handle it.

Elijah had new information he was eager to share with his colleagues.

The next morning he stood at the front of the room and he wrote on the white board under all the pictures, separating the murders into their right categories. He didn’t know names of his colleagues very well so he chose to get to the point of it.

“I’m going out on a limb here and saying that these two murderers know each other.” He said as he continued to write. “One of them is actually crazy, the other one isn’t.”

“Group two’s cause of death is suffocation whether it was drowning, physically being choked or a break in their neck. The autopsy reports gave more options, but every victim was choked.”

“So who likes to choke people?” Elijah asked himself. “Group one’s murderer has more violent tendencies, not to say the other killer isn’t violent, but every victim in group one was extremely defiled.” He said to the others.

“So what’s the end game? Usually psychopaths are doing something or think they have a purpose.” An investigator said.

There was no end game. It didn’t look like it. This psychopath doesn’t take anything from the body, only destroys the bodies for pure enjoyment. None of the victims are related in any way, at least from what the investigators think.

All Elijah knows is that these two killers are probably enjoying themselves.

“Any suspects yet?” Elijah asked.

“Well, we can’t tie anyone to being in all the same places as the killings.”

“We can’t find prints or hairs or anything that might give us a clue.”

Elijah liked a challenge but this was something different. He’d be okay to get to know the killers, figure out what they’re really like, and trap them to catch them. But he had no clue who he was looking for. Not even a hint.

He was sure this was going to be rewarding if he figures it out.

“Well, let’s say we can narrow it down to someone that lives in the city. Most of the tourist come here and their bodies are found here.” Elijah said.

“That’s still thousands of people to cover.”

“It’s a start at least.” Elijah ran his hand through his hair and tried to think.

What else could there be?

What connection is he not seeing?

Most of the murders happen at night. Could that narrow some people down based on job occupations? What if it’s someone that doesn’t work?

Elijah said he wouldn’t get absorbed in his work. All he has is this one case at the moment so if he can’t crack it then what was the point of being here? He did promise he wouldn’t get too involved but he found himself needing to solve the case.

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