The Inevitable Demise

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Chapter Seventeen

Morgan had spiraled out of control again. Due to recent events, his need to drink consumed him and of course he could only quench his thirst with something that could possibly shut down his liver.

Jaymin was in the kitchen, waiting for breakfast like he usually was. Morgan came out of the room, still completely hungover and feeling like utter trash despite having taking a shower for thirty minutes and cleaning himself up.

He might’ve felt terrible but that was not going to stop him from drinking.

Instead of making breakfast, he sat down in the chair next to Jaymin. His hair was dripping water over his skin and on the counter. He thought he might be getting sick again but there was nothing left to give up. He rubbed his face and sighed.

The thought of food didn’t sit well with him.

“Look who decided to get up.” Jaymin looked at him, leaning his head on to his hand.

“Could you talk quieter?”

“When did you let your alcoholism control you?” Jaymin asked, clearly provoking him which was not a good idea at all.

Morgan sighed. “I am not an alcoholic.”

“I didn’t believe you two years ago, and I don’t believe you now.” Jaymin said.

Morgan just glared towards him.

“You’re so cute when you’re hungover.” he said dreamily, looking into Morgan’s blood shot eyes.

Apparently Jaymin thought Morgan was cute no matter what.

“I threw up in the shower.” Morgan said, hoping it would ruin the image. Jaymin smiled, however.

The image wasn’t ruined.

“Should we talk about your obsessive need to fuck someone else, or is that off the table?” Jaymin asked, curious about what was going to happen.

“Um...” Morgan didn’t know how to respond to that. His need definitely wasn’t obsessive.

“You expect me to believe you weren’t touching yourself in the shower like you have been for the past three days?” Jaymin asked bluntly because he really wasn’t going to play dumb.

Morgan glanced to the side and tried to think. He didn’t have to give a response if he didn’t want to, but he had to correct whatever Jaymin was thinking. He just didn’t though. He looked at Jaymin again, not wanting to say anything.

“If you don’t want to leave, let me know now.” Jaymin said. He would consider it if Morgan said no.

Morgan shrugged, however.

“You suggested France, Morgan.”

“I want to go to France.”

“Then you shouldn’t be ratting out my friends to your boy toy.” Jaymin complained because he obviously knew.

Jaymin’s been the one cleaning up the messes.

Morgan waited for second, staring at Jaymin. Then he opened his mouth. “Put the knife on the counter.” he said plainly. Jaymin moved his hands behind his back. “Put the knife on the counter, Jaymin.” he said again, being serious.

Jaymin frowned as he pulled the kitchen knife out of his sleeve and set it on the counter like Morgan told him to. Was he going to make his threats again? Morgan took the knife, keeping it away from Jaymin so he couldn’t reach for it and hurt him.

“I like messing with you.” Morgan said when it was safe.

“You like messing with Elijah, because I used to mess with you.” Jaymin corrected. “Come on, Morgan. I know you, playing tricks on me isn’t your strong suit. However, you’re toying with him to see if you can do what I did to you.”

This was different. Jaymin mentally abused Morgan to get him to break. He exposed him to a wild, psychotic life and messed with everything he knew to be good. He got Morgan to switch sides. And he did that violently. He made Morgan believe that he played a part in him getting away. His need to be neutral was his downfall.

Morgan would not do that to Elijah.

Morgan looked around for a second. “No.” He answered. “I like messing with you.” he said again.

“I’m starting to believe that you want to bring Elijah along.” Jaymin said, crossing his arms over his chest. “Should I get a leash?-”

“I don’t want him anywhere near you-”

“Because you think I’ll kill him?” Jaymin got up. There was a glow in Morgan’s eyes. “Or do you want to do it yourself?” Jaymin asked slowly, leaning towards Morgan more. “All you wanted was a quick fuck and now you can pull his lungs out, right?”

“Hm.” Morgan didn’t agree to that.

“Elijah believes there’s still some good in you. Guess I’ll have to ruin that one way or another. I hate misconceptions.” Jaymin sighed.

Was Morgan really as heartless as Jaymin wanted to believe? He surely wasn’t as good as he used to be. Jaymin knew he was toying with Elijah, and he was all for it if Morgan didn’t make it seem like he would bring Elijah along everywhere he went.

He wasn’t some pet.

Though, the thought was nice.

Jaymin needed Morgan to stop attaching himself to things.

“If you were just nicer or maybe even slightly more affectionate considering the fact that you’ve taken your sweet time to literally obliterate my entire life and my mentality, I wouldn’t be toying around with someone else.” Morgan said.

“Oh, honey, no.” Jaymin was appalled. “When you say affection, I know what you’re asking for, and you’re not getting that bullshit from me.” Jaymin was quick to make that clear as if the past two years wasn’t enough to show Morgan that he was not going to be nice.


“I’m only holding your hand if it’s covered in blood.” Jaymin said. “The only reason I say I like you is because you do this thing where you physically get turned on when you kill people.” Jaymin will never get over that part of him.

“So do you.”

“And that’s why I like you.” Jaymin made his point. “You’re just like me.”

“You’re disrespectful-”

“Oh boy, do I got a list of descriptive words for you.” Jaymin was waiting for this moment to point out everything Morgan was. “You’re super sarcastic, and a little sassy on the side, you look down on people like their beneath you, and you play the victim card so well that you have that other detective wrapped around your finger. And when you play innocent or oblivious, I just want to know how stupid you think I am cause-”

“You’re making my headache worse.” Morgan stopped him before he could continue.

Jaymin mashed his lips together. He really did like Morgan. A lot. It was like he raised a prodigy, someone he could bring beside him. He wouldn’t have picked anyone better.

“You’re hot, Morgan, but if you continue to act like a sap, I’m gonna have to do something.” It was a light threat.

“Think I’ll rip your heart out?” Morgan teased him, a plain expression on his face. He knew Jaymin tended to separate himself from his emotions as much as possible, especially when it came to other people.

His favorite emotion was fear when other people felt it. He liked happiness, only when he was getting brutally fucked. And when he’s in a rage, he has enough to kill the world.

Anything else was useless.

Morgan knew that.

“If you were strong enough, you’d get a bullet into me right up here.” Jaymin tapped his temple where he wanted to be shot. “And if you are as nasty as I think you are, you’d definitely fuck my brains.” he said, moving his arm over Morgan’s shoulder. “Maybe I’m giving you too much credit.” He might have to take back what he said before.

“You’re disgusting.” Morgan looked him in the eyes.

Jaymin loved hearing him say that.

"That’s the kind of affection I’m looking for.” he kissed Morgan’s forehead. “Kill me to show me you love me.”

“You’re crazy.”

“Takes one to know one.” Jaymin turned away to walk around the counter, into the kitchen, and he got up to sit by the sink. “I’m still waiting on breakfast.” He said loudly, annoying Morgan.

“Where’s Rex?” He hadn’t seen him all morning.

“I took him for a walk earlier. He liked it so much outside that I left him there.” Jaymin smiled.

Morgan sighed, rubbing his face with his hand. Another one of his pets was gone and Jaymin was behind it, again. Morgan will never learn.

“You’re the fucking devil.” He said under his breath.

“Every time you say that, I feel like touching myself.” Jaymin said, being cheeky. Morgan put his head down on the counter.

He didn’t know how much longer he could take this.

“You know what you’re dealing with, Morgan. Don’t act surprised.” Jaymin laughed.

He shouldn’t be surprised, at all. Ever.

Morgan got up and went back into his room to change clothes. He decided that he should go out. All the while, Jaymin was hungry and begged Morgan to make breakfast like he usually does. So before he left, he sat Jaymin down and cooked something for him to eat so it would shut him up. Jaymin knew where Morgan intended to go and teased him about it before he left.

Elijah hadn’t seen Morgan in a few days. More like since they were together. He didn’t find it to be a surprise when Morgan was standing at his door.

He let him in without hesitating.

He wondered where Morgan was and if he actually left. It has been quiet for a few days, no new heinous crimes to report and look at. Morgan has been quiet. What was he up to?

Did he want to talk about what happened?

Maybe that’s why he was here.

When he walked in, he took off his sunglasses, exposing his tired bloodshot eyes with dark circles underneath. He was pale, like he was sick. He still hasn’t eaten yet since the thought of food made him cringe slightly.

“You’re drinking again.” Elijah said as he went into the kitchen to get a glass.

“I’m sober.”

“Hungover.” Elijah corrected him.

Morgan was about to honestly ask for a drink but Elijah put a glass of water in front of him. That was better for his organs instead of alcohol. He took a breath as he looked into the glass.

He’s had a lot to think about.

“How are you?” Elijah asked.

That question had so many meanings. Was he asking about Morgan’s alcoholism? Was it about how he’s holding up? Or was it how he’s been since the night they were together? Elijah was genuinely concerned for Morgan like he always has been.

And as much as Morgan thought he could talk, he avoided the question.

"He let my dog loose.” Morgan said sadly, not wanting to give away how he was feeling because he still didn’t know how to answer.

“That should be a felony.” Elijah said as he sat down next to him. Morgan was upset about his lost pet, he needed something to hold on to. “You’ll find another dog.” Elijah didn’t like seeing Morgan so miserable.

He would find another dog but it would be gone in seconds. That’s how it is with Jaymin. Everything good would be gone when he’s around. Morgan knew this too well, there was no reason to be upset.

Was that why he was here?

Every good thing Morgan has seems to run away. He didn’t want Elijah to run away from him, but he knew he had to let him go. What’s the point of holding on if something terrible was going to happen?

“He thinks...I want to bring you along with me.” Morgan admitted, slightly embarrassed he was saying it.

He obviously couldn’t bring Elijah.

“I’ll be here if you stay.” Elijah hoped to make Morgan feel a little better.

But it was clear Elijah was going to do his job. If Morgan stayed then he’d have Elijah as company, someone that wouldn’t hurt him. Someone that wouldn’t crush him. Someone that wouldn’t have fun watching him suffer.

But he wouldn’t have someone that actually accepted him. Morgan was on the crazy side. There was no way Elijah would handle that.

Elijah could see the sadness in Morgan’s eyes, in his expression, hear it in the way he spoke. He deserved better. Even after knowing everything, Elijah still thought he deserved better. Elijah wanted to help, to give Morgan what he wanted, to see him smile even if it was just for a moment.

But he knew that Morgan had his plans and they weren’t going to change. Him being here was a courtesy.

“You want to leave, don’t you?” He asked Morgan, seeing the hesitation.

“I do.”

“Just not with him, right?”

Even then Morgan was hesitant. He will always be attached to Jaymin. Not being with him would make him feel like he wasn’t fulfilled. He needed Jaymin. He wasn’t going to be anywhere without him.

“You want to kill him.” Elijah said, still confused.

“That’s on my own time when I have the strength to do it.” Morgan said.

“Think you’ll get it?”

Morgan wasn’t sure if he would.

“I have to admit that I wouldn’t be able to have actual blood on my hands.” Elijah said, shrugging. “I thought I could take him.”

“That’s the same mistake I made...look where I ended up.” Morgan sighed, the experience making him bitter.

He didn’t want Elijah to deal with what he delt with before. Morgan has his fun moments, and his conscience may slip at times, but he wasn’t heartless. He wasn’t without emotions. He wouldn’t wish this on people. Sometimes it hurts.

It hurts losing things that he likes. It hurts knowing that he takes so much pleasure in killing people. Sure it doesn’t hurt as much anymore, but Morgan would sometimes feel it. It hurts knowing that one day, he will stop caring and just become what he’s supposed to be.

How could he have turned out this way?

“You don’t want me here, Elijah.” Morgan said, more than sad, almost like he was depressed, because he knew he had to say this. “Even if Jaymin was gone, I’d still do what I do.”

“So you’re leaving but you’re still going to be a serial killer? Come on, Morgan.” Elijah didn’t believe it. “ know, stab him or something.” Elijah thought that would set him free but that wouldn’t do anything.

“And then what?” Morgan wanted to leave. He wanted to get away from here.

Maybe it was just because of Elijah.

Maybe he didn’t want to be in hiding.

Maybe because he thought he was ready for a drastic change and it would be great if he left everything behind.

He can’t kill Jaymin. He needed him.

Morgan knew what he was getting himself into right now. What he wanted, he couldn’t have it. He would never get it. He was so unlucky that everything he likes just crumbles. Being with Elijah, that wasn’t going to work out. Both of them knew that.

Morgan had to make himself clear, but he didn’t want to be the one to ruin his only chance of escape. Though, he knows what needs to be said. He knows that he can’t stay here.

Elijah was too close to him. Morgan wasn’t going to tell him to stop. He kept his eyes down on the counter for a second when he felt Elijah’s forehead on his. They were too close. All Morgan could think about was what happened before. And he thought about how Elijah might feel about him. It was a lot to process.

Elijah really had this delusion that he could save Morgan. It was a delusion because it was wildly false. Morgan had to tell him what was true.

“You can’t save me.” Morgan whispered, though the thought of having a chance at being normal again was so nice. He might even have his old life back, where he fought for justice and protected people. But it was just a thought and Morgan didn’t believe it was enough to erase everything he’s done. “I don’t have any good in me anymore” He told Elijah.

That’s what it was. Elijah wanted to help. He didn’t think Morgan did any of this on purpose. He didn’t think Morgan deserved to suffer because someone else was pulling the strings.

“I think you do because you’re miserable. You hate what you’re doing, you don’t like being forced to do it, and you want to leave.” Elijah listed everything for him.

But he was wrong.

He was entirely wrong.

Morgan didn’t think he would have to explain himself to Elijah but he was going to. He would have to tell the truth about how he felt. And if Elijah knew any better, he would get scared and back off.

Morgan got up, looking right into Elijah’s eyes. His hands almost touched his face but he didn’t put them there. He couldn’t do it. As much as he knew what was good, he couldn’t do it. So he’d rather ruin it instead.

“I like killing.” Morgan whispered the truth. “I like feeling blood on my hands as I rip a person to shreds. I enjoy choking people and I want to keep doing it.” He told Elijah. “Jaymin being gone will not stop me from wanting enough blood to bathe in.”

Elijah could feel his heart race in his chest. There was a small glint in Morgan’s eyes, a murderous glow that Elijah knew was there all along. Even he couldn’t bring back Morgan’s humanity, he was desensitized to what made him whole before.

“Still want me here?” Morgan asked. “Still think you could help me? I’m not crazy, I just-”

“Like it?” Elijah finished for him.

“What would you do if I stayed? Have me arrested?”

“I would handcuff you so you couldn’t leave, and I’d bring you to a mental hospital because you are crazy.” Elijah said. Morgan almost laughed. The ends of his lips curved upwards as he tried to hold back. “But I’d see you everyday.” He continued.

Morgan didn’t think Elijah would hold on so hard to the idea that he could be fixed. If he wanted to be fixed, Morgan would really let Elijah do it. Months ago, he wanted it. But after he killed Harley, he knew there was no going back.

The law wouldn’t spare him.

He knows what he did.

“I killed my psychiatrist.” Morgan said quietly. “I’ve killed police officers and investigators. I’ve killed random people, burned them alive, I am a terrorist.” Morgan could only try so hard to get Elijah scared of him. “I k-killed Harley.”

That’s the one he didn’t want to do. But he had to. That was where the line was crossed.

“Would you kill me?” Elijah asked.

“I’ve thought about it.” Morgan admitted truthfully.

“Before or after we...”


They were quiet for a few seconds. They’ve been so close for a while now that it was just second nature, like they couldn’t help it. Morgan closed his eyes as he tried to think. His heart was racing and his blood pumped with adrenaline. He’s thought about killing Elijah, not deeply, but it passed his mind.

“What would you do?” Elijah was curious to know if he’s thought it out.

Morgan’s hands moved to Elijah’s neck but he didn’t grab him. He didn’t press his fingers into Elijah’s skin. He wouldn’t choke him.

“I don’t know.” Morgan whispered.

Maybe he wouldn’t kill him.

That’s what would cause his demise.

Morgan sighed and stepped away from him. He had to get going and the last thing he needed was to be distracted by Elijah. He was already distracted enough, and being teased with something he couldn’t have did not make him happy.

“Do me a favor.” Morgan said as he walked to the door. “I know you haven’t told anyone about me being involved in the murders.” If Elijah did tell, they would’ve gotten him weeks ago. “I think you should.” Morgan said before he left.

Now Morgan wanted to be exposed. He needed something to keep him from Elijah and being in hiding was going to be it.

Jaymin noticed how sad Morgan was. It wasn’t the usual just losing a pet sad, Morgan was heart broken. Morgan was sitting alone, thinking to himself about what he did, and he couldn’t hide his expression, even in front of Jaymin. It was a petty shame, almost pathetic like Jaymin thought it was.

“Break up with your boy toy?” Jaymin asked, sitting on Morgan’s lap, and wrapping his arms around his neck.

Morgan sighed bitterly because Jaymin will always see this as a game.

“I don’t understand you.” Jaymin said. “I told you it was okay to bring him with us if you wanted to.” He was serious.

“So you could mess with him?” Morgan knew Jaymin didn’t have good intentions.

“Think I’d kill him-”

“Yes!” Morgan said over him.

“Like I always tell you, I’m happy when you’re happy.” Jaymin was being as sincere as he could be.

When Morgan was happy, Jaymin was happy.

That’s how it is.

“What did I tell you about guilt?” Jaymin reminded him. “You’re better than this.” He had a lot of faith that Morgan would give it all up, though it was taking much longer.

Morgan thought of one way he could be happy. “I want a turtle-”

“No.” Jaymin said quickly. “I’m done with these pets taking up your attention-”

“So you’d rather I fuck someone else-”

“You’ll always come back to me no matter what even if someone treats you right.” Jaymin was sure he had Morgan on a leash. “You’re fucking psychotic. No one will be able to handle you better than I can.”

Well Jaymin wasn’t wrong.

Morgan was used to things getting out of control and spiraling. He was used to being treated viciously. And he always came back. Something normal wasn’t going to cut it. As much as he wanted someone to be as normal with him as possible, in the end he would get bored. He would need to do something wild. That’s all his life was.

Giving Jaymin up would be like settling down, and Morgan physically was not capable, especially when he mostly just wants to fuck while being covered in blood. Only Jaymin would be just as excited as he was about that.

“I didn’t raise you to be this weak, Morgan.” Jaymin said.

“Raise me? You’re the one calling me ‘daddy’ all the time.” He said.

Jaymin smiled, lifting himself over Morgan’s lap so he could straddle him. “Who would take care of you and your naughty kinks other than me?” He asked quietly.

The things Morgan gets turned on by, not everyone could handle them. Jaymin would always be there to let Morgan do whatever he wanted.

“Daddy.” Jaymin cooed slowly, his finger pressing to Morgan’s lips, getting him to open his mouth. “Lets go out tonight.” He whispered.

It was a great idea.

Morgan looked like he was up for it. It’s not like he would say no.

“Want to taste blood on my skin?” Jaymin asked quietly, getting Morgan to imagine what it would be like to feel blood, not his or Jaymin’s, but someone else’s.

His finger moved under Morgan’s chin, lifting his head up so he could see the glint in Morgan’s eyes.

There was an after taste of iron on his tongue. Morgan wanted to fight the urge, but lately, his fighting strength was diminishing. Now, he almost licked his lips as if there was blood there.

How much could he get on him? He wanted to feel it pouring on him. He’d get Jaymin dirty too.

Morgan was imagining it, the number of ways he could get as much blood as he needed from a dead body. How could he kill someone this time? Why just slice their neck open when he could be more violent? Jaymin does it, maybe he should give it a try.

“Bring your bat.”

Jaymin smiled. “Where would you put it?” He asked, hinting that he might know a place.

“Bring it and you’ll find out.”

By midnight, the devil and his hell hound had struck once more, causing trouble like always.

There was blood everywhere on the concrete. A body laid in a pool of it, almost unrecognizable from being hit too much with a baseball bat. There was a large gash through the neck that pooled blood. One body could produce so much blood to have spread everywhere.

Beside the lifeless body, two others were fighting to stay on top, rolling around in the blood, and licking it off though there was too much.

Morgan finally got Jaymin to stay down. He didn’t care that Jaymin’s head was resting on the stomach of the body they just left for dead. Blood soaked Jaymin’s arms; he could feel it seeping through his clothes. The warmth added to how horny he was.

Morgan couldn’t get enough of the warmth.

And the blood looked black under the moon light.

His face was covered in it. Every time he kissed Jaymin, he would get some on his face too. He could taste the iron on his tongue with every lick.

He could feel Jaymin’s breath over his skin. His tongue licked over his lips to taste the blood. Jaymin almost smiled as Morgan got a taste of him. He loved it when Morgan was this fucked up. There was no better feeling than this.

Morgan’s hands were covered in blood and so were Jaymin’s. That was the only way they would really touch each other. Their fingers intertwined as they moved together, fucking right next to the dead body. They definitely didn’t want to ignore that it was there.

Jaymin got Morgan down on the ground again, this time rising on top of him like he always liked to do. Morgan’s head was on the man’s chest, and he felt the blood against his hair. His eyes closed, his hands holding tighter on to Jaymin’s. There was a burst of energy he got from doing something so reckless.

The smell and taste of iron was what fueled them. They didn’t have respect enough for the dead to do this elsewhere. It had to be here. They would lose the feeling if they didn’t do it with the lingering feeling of life seeping through the cracks. It was having all this power that drove them further.

They were beasts.

And they wouldn’t stop until the power was gone.

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