The Inevitable Demise

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Chapter Nineteen

At four in the morning, Elijah sat in a small interrogation room, a cup of coffee in his hand because it was so early and he hadn’t slept much in the past few days. He sitting across from two men who were recently arrested. They should’ve asked for a lawyer the second they saw Elijah, but they didn’t. They’ve been quiet ever since they got here.

Elijah being here didn’t make it any better though.

The two of them weren’t going to help law enforcement, and Elijah expected that much. He wasn’t here to get them to snitch on anyone. In fact, he was planning on being out of here in the next fifteen minutes because he had somewhere to be right after.

Emilio looked like he planned to keep his mouth shut the entire time. He had a temper, one that would make it hard for him to get sympathy from a judge. Especially with what’s happened, with how the men he thought he could trust ended up being undercover agents, he was not going to be nice. Hugh was the person to keep him from saying things that could make things worse. Hugh seemed to be reasonable. He didn’t look as angry, maybe skeptical but not as angry. He was more passive than Emilio was, so Elijah would most likely be talking to him.

“I don’t care about anything you’ve done.” Elijah made himself clear. “I don’t need information from you either.” he added, because he really had everything he needed.

“Then what do you want?” Hugh asked before Emilio could stand up, tempted to fight Elijah. The handcuffs were not a limitation. Elijah barely flinched when he saw Emilio move. He had other things to be scared of and this was not it.

He just needed help from the two of them.

Out of the two of them, Emilio was the bigger one, the one that was tougher. He was the one that made all the rules, that controlled everyone, that kept everyone in line. He was the one that got the work done. Hugh was the one that kept everyone from trouble. He wasn’t as big but he made up for that by sweet talking everyone into thinking they could get what they want.

Elijah put a ziplock bag that contained a burner phone in it on the table. It was one of theirs so he thought they might need it for a moment.

“I know you two are extremely good at getting people out of the country.” Elijah said. “It’s pretty much like handing people the real thing, right?-”

“And?” Hugh asked.

“I need you to call one of your ‘clients’.” He said calmly, drinking his coffee.

Neither of them were going to do it. Hugh spoke up. “No-”

“I’m not asking.” Elijah said over him, still as calm as before. “I’m not here to get you in more trouble than you already are. You two know you’re getting the maximum. Anything else brought against you won’t do anymore damage.” he said.

“Then we don’t have to do anything for you.” Emilio spoke up finally, a harsh disdain to his voice as he looked Elijah up.

Elijah took a breath and put his cup of coffee down. He didn’t mind threatening people, at least if it was for the greater good. He knew he was going to need leverage over these two so of course he wouldn’t come unprepared. He knew what he was dealing with.

“Did you plan for your families to get the drug money that’s hidden?” Elijah asked, letting them know that he knew just as much as the other agents. “Not the money that was recovered, that’s obviously not going anywhere. But someone ratted you out and said there’s a million hidden somewhere else.” Elijah said.

Who was going to crack first?

“You help me, I help you.” That’s all Elijah wanted.

“You don’t know where the money is.” Hugh said first because he thought Elijah was bluffing. He might’ve been but Hugh didn’t know that.

“Guess who does though.” He pulled out a photo from his jacket pocket and set it on the table. ”That’s not a bluff.” he said once they looked down at it.


“You know who exposed all those other drug dealers?” Elijah asked. It sure wasn’t him by himself. He tapped the photo of Jaymin. He was the one these two should be scared of. “If you think he won’t find everything you hold dear to your hearts and completely ruin it, then you definitely don’t know who you’re dealing with.” Elijah sat back in his chair.

The other two glanced at each other. They were thinking about helping but they weren’t quite there yet.

“You do know he’s a serial killer, right?” Elijah asked since they weren’t entirely scared.

“We don’t ask what people do.” Hugh said.

“Should’ve.” Elijah shrugged. “He’ll murder both your families when he finds out he can’t get to you from jail.” he pressed his coffee cup to his lips.

“So what do you want from us?” Hugh asked, not rattled easily by fear but he was about to get there.

“Call him. Tell him you have what he needs.” Elijah pushed the phone towards them.

That was too easy. Hugh stared down at the phone that was in the ziplock bag, his pale eyes eyeing what was now evidence. There had to be more.

“However, tell him you want to meet with Morgan, not him.”

“Why would-”

“No questions. Just do it.”

“We didn’t talk to Morgan before. We didn’t even see him.” Hugh said quickly because he didn’t understand what the point of this was. “And how do we know that everything we have left is safe?” he asked discretely.

“Can’t take my word?-”

“Think we want to help the feds with anything?” Emilio asked.

Elijah sighed. He knew there would be resistance. “The goal is to get both of them arrested. Once that happens, your safety is ensured as well as what you left for your family.” Elijah hoped that would make them want to comply.

“How do we know we won’t get killed in jail?”

“You’re telling me you don’t have people in jail willing to help you?” Elijah was sort of shocked.

“You’ve seen the news. Anyone is fair game to come at us if you don’t succeed.” Hugh was really concerned about if the two of them were going to make it or not.

“Um...” Elijah wanted to make something up but he didn’t have anything. “Look, like I said before. You’re not snitching on anyone. You’re not giving me information. There’s no reason for you to be on a hit list if you do me this favor.”

“Hm.” Hugh tapped his fingers on the table as he gave it more thought.

He finally looked at Emilio and gestured to the phone.

“In English.” Elijah emphasized. “No tricks, no codes, no warning. If you do it, then you’re letting him know you’re a liability. And you’ve seen the news, so you don’t want that.” Elijah said, taking another sip of his coffee.

“Go ahead.” Hugh told Emilio.

This was only part one.

Elijah sat through the phone call, keeping watch over the two of them as Emilio talked. There didn’t seem to be any tricks up front and Elijah was satisfied when he got the response he wanted.

The first part succeeded.

If he was lucky, now he would be able to get FBI agents where he needed them to be. For that, May did her part and she got someone down to South Florida, and he brought an entire team with him.

He was watching a bunch of men and woman in bullet proof vests holding large guns walk around slowly and talking among each other as they waited for their assignment. Elijah was amazed to see so many people at once. As much as he always had to work with the FBI, it always felt like the first time. He took a breath as he watched everyone. He wasn’t much for introductions, he just wanted to go right to work.

“You Elijah?” A man walked up to him, his head shiny from the lack of hair; he was a bigger man, and the vest made him look wider. He wore the same uniform as the others.

Elijah got up from his seat, standing in front of the man; they were the same height.

“Name’s Keith.” He held out his hand for Elijah to shake. “The second I heard what was going on here, I volunteered to come down.” he said, not with eagerness but with a sort of subtle hatred.

He knew something.

“Did you know...Harley?” Elijah asked, slightly hesitant of asking questions about her.

“I knew her.” Keith said, not wanting to talk about the subject much. “I also know the son of a bitch that’s causing trouble too.” He added.

“Is that why you came down here?”

“To put a bullet in both their heads? Yeah.” Keith answered. “Morgan’s had this coming to him, especially after screwing around with us. Do you know how many people he’s killed?”

Elijah had an exact estimate. “O-”

But he didn’t get a chance to say it. “A lot.” Keith answered his own question. “He was always up to something, even before he went all...psycho” Keith really didn’t like Morgan. It was enough that they verbally got into it almost every day when they worked together, but knowing that Morgan was siding with a murderer made it harder to be sympathetic.

Being neutral was always siding with the murderer.

It didn’t matter what Morgan thought.

“Practically played us.” Keith was bitter about it.

Elijah had his own questions to ask Keith. He remembered what he saw about the other fire, the first one where Morgan actually did snap. “Weren’t you in the fire that night?”

He knew a lot of people were there, but maybe Keith was a survivor. Did they say there were any survivors that night? Morgan was probably ruthless enough to kill everyone there. Elijah shouldn’t have asked because he knew better.

“No, I was gone for an hour, searching for someone.” Keith said, remembering everything that happened just in one day. “Next thing I’m seeing is a fire so bright that the sky turns orange.” He shook his head.

“Right.” Elijah looked away.

“The order still to shoot on sight?” Keith asked, now eager to work.

Elijah wanted to change that. “Yeah.” he still kept his eyes away as he looked around to see all the agents that would destroy everything tonight.

That was the plan.

This was Elijah’s plan.

Finally no more murders, no more savage killings, no more using people to fill a void. This was going to be over soon enough.

Morgan woke up in cold sweat again. He was breathing hard when his eyes opened. For days it hadn’t been as difficult for him to sleep like it was last night. His bitter sweet nightmares returned and it did not make him feel too good. He turned on his back and pushed his hair out of his face. It was hot. His clothes were sticking to his skin.

He hated waking up this way. It was unsettling. It made him more tired. He felt miserable.

“Another nightmare?” Jaymin asked beside him. Morgan took a deep breath. “You should get that under control.” He said.


Morgan turned over again, this time holding on to Jaymin. He didn’t know what this meant but he doesn’t try to make Morgan more upset when he’s moody. If this was going to lead to sex, then of course he would be okay with it, but Morgan just wanted to go back to sleep.

As if latching on to the devil was going to make that easy.

“So are you going to talk dirty to me in French from now on?” Jaymin asked.


“I learned how to say ‘fist me’, ‘I don’t have a gag reflex’, and ‘step on my face’.” He said, excited to finally be in a really different environment.

Morgan sighed, however. He was not thrilled to know that Jaymin was being obnoxious as he usually was, and would continue to be that way. He let go of Jaymin and sat up, looking down at him to see the expression on his face. Jaymin would never be ashamed.

“When did you lose your gag reflex?” Morgan asked instead of complaining about Jaymin’s behavior.

Jaymin smiled. “Wouldn’t you like to know.” That’s why Morgan asked. “Did you want to find out if it’s true or not?” He asked.

Morgan wasn’t going to say yes right up front. He looked around for a second and thought about what they had to do today.

Tonight they’ll be gone.

That was definitely something to look forward to.

Morgan got out of bed, feeling the ache in his left leg the second he stood up. He sighed heavily and sat back down on the bed. There was a lot of discomfort this morning, usually it doesn’t get this bad. His leg should’ve been healed by now. But it still hurts.

It was just a reminder of what he will always have to live with.

“Can’t we leave earlier?” he asked, hoping he could go to a hospital in France to get his leg checked out.

“You have to get the stuff from those guys.” Jaymin said. Morgan turned back, confused because he never had to do anything. “One of them called a couple hours ago, something about not trusting me and thinking I’ll, like, murder them once I get what I want-”

“Were you going to murder them once you got what you wanted?” Morgan asked, a serious question because he figured Jaymin would.

“Yeah.” he didn’t hesitate to answer. “But they want you so I told them whatever.” Jaymin turned over in bed, bringing the blanket over his body. “It’s weird and I definitely don’t trust it.”

“You think they want something from us?”

“It ain’t like we got stuff to give.”

Morgan thought for a second, wondering how this could go or where this could go. If Jaymin didn’t like it then there was something wrong.

“You can bring my bat if you need to-”

“I’m not wielding a bat-”

“You have to look tough, Morgan, you know, like scary and shit.” Jaymin turned over to look at him. “You have to make people fear you.”

Morgan didn’t think of this like some game like Jaymin did. He didn’t go out making a name for himself like he needed to be feared. He didn’t want to exist. He didn’t want anyone to know him. He wanted to be quiet.

“We’re not doing all this in France.” Morgan said, and when Jaymin was about to say something about it, Morgan thought he wasn’t clear enough. “I’m tired of you not behaving because you think you run everything. We’re not running again, Jaymin.” Morgan said, being as serious as ever.

“Okay!” Jaymin rolled his eyes and turned over again. “Why can’t you talk to other people the way you talk to me?” He mumbled quietly.

“Because you’re the one that pisses me off.” Morgan turned back to yell in his direction. He was up on his feet now, his slight anger enough to mask the pain.

“You’re so mean.” Jaymin whined, curling up under the blanket.

“The only reason something unplanned happens tonight is because I lose my temper. I swear to God, Jaymin, if you so much as kill anyone tonight I will murder you.” Morgan threatened.

“I said okay!” Jaymin didn’t like being yelled at, even by Morgan.

Morgan knew something was going to happen regardless of what he told Jaymin. It won’t matter. He figured that there would be a problem or an altercation resulting in someone’s unfortunate death.

He was going to be careful.

He expected Jaymin to do the same.

“Wait.” Jaymin turned back again, pushing the blanket off his body. “We’re not fucking?” he asked.

Morgan had no patience at this point. “I can’t do this.” he rubbed his forehead, getting back into bed.

“You can do me.” Jaymin said but Morgan ignored him. “Hey,” he pushed him.


“This is our last chance to have sex in America.” Jaymin could not help letting that slip out of his mouth. He practically snorted. “You know what, I hope you’ll let me join the mile high club.”

“Why are you like this?” Morgan asked, turning over to look at Jaymin.

“You wouldn’t like me any other way.” he stuck his tongue out, exposing his green tongue piercing.

Morgan always tells himself that he would never be shocked by Jaymin’s behavior, especially after every thing that has happened. Sometimes, he asks himself how he ended up with Jaymin. Even down as he put his head down on the pillow and stared at him, he wondered how he ever got with someone so messed up, so wired, so psychotic.

At this moment, Jaymin wasn’t scary. He was smiling back at Morgan like he was so care free. He always was care free. Nothing really did scare him.

“You’re so cute, Morgan.”


Like usual, they were going to spend most of their morning in bed. Nothing changed. Hopefully, by the time they’re gone tonight, things will change. That was the point of wanting to leave. Change.

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