The Inevitable Demise

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Chapter Twenty

“We’ve got plenty of agents inside and scoping the outside area.” May said as Elijah paced around. He wasn’t anxious, he was just thinking. “I’m probably just going to send you home after this, Elijah.” She said to him.

Elijah only came here for one reason. It’s practically done with now so he doesn’t need to stay. He’s going home. His actual home. That’s it.

“I’m okay with that.” He said, though he didn’t sound like he was.

He left the office, still thinking about whatever clouded his mind. He looked to the few agents that were left, that were about to leave with Keith.

“Need one of these.” Keith was holding a bullet proof vest out for Elijah to put on.

“Uh, no thanks.” Elijah said. “I’m not going to be out there.” He definitely wasn’t going to be there or in the area to see Morgan get taken.

“Sure?” Keith acted like that’s where all the action was going to be. “Might come in handy.” He said.

Elijah hasn’t needed one yet and he didn’t think he would. He wasn’t going to be near anything. He might even stay here till he gets the okay to go out. He’d prefer to stay out of it tonight.

“I’m good.” He turned away, though he did start to second guess since someone had to go and get Jaymin.

Elijah had a feeling he knew where he was, but he didn’t know how to get there. He would need a miracle to actually find him, but that’s what it was about. Tonight was all about miracles.

This better work. Elijah hoped.

Keith told the other agents to move out. May went with them. Elijah was left with a few police officers who were taking care of minor incidents and small cases.

One of them sat with a woman who was upset about her missing nephew. She was sure he was missing because it wasn’t like him to disappear out of nowhere like that. It’s been only a few hours however so the officer let her know he couldn’t file a missing persons report, though she was adamant about it.

Elijah got a good look at her. For some reason, he thought he recognized her. Not from here but from somewhere else. He’s seen her somewhere.

He walked over to the two of them slowly, slightly concerned over the report she was making. She was frantic and shaking. There was something wrong.

“Who’s your nephew?” Elijah asked.

“His name is David Jiminez-”

That sparked a lot of interest.

“Any relation to-”

“His uncle that was just arrested? Yeah.” She said, a little anger in her voice because she thought it was her brother’s fault that her nephew went missing. “David told me he was going out for groceries but he hasn’t come back. It’s not like him. He always comes back.” She was freaking out.

“How old is he?” Elijah asked.

“Twenty-One.” She answered. Elijah nodded as he looked away for a second, thinking. “He’s not like his uncle. He’s a good kid.” She began to cry. “No one would come for him unless his uncle was causing problems.”

He’s been missing for just a few hours. He’s related to a drug dealer that was recently arrested. Elijah wanted to say that this had nothing to do with what he was working on, but it just smelled of a murder in progress.

He was unlucky.

“He is missing.” He told the officer quietly. “If you can, arrange for a search party. We have to find him.” Elijah said before leaving to get his jacket.

He wasn’t sure if this had anything to do with luck for real. It might be that he was unlucky, truly unlucky, or maybe this was a miracle.

One of the murderers he’s looking for is out of hiding, but he doesn’t have long to catch him.

The sun was beginning to set when Elijah got outside. He looked around, seeing the streets that weren’t empty. There were too many people here.

Elijah ended up running.

He thought he knew where he could find the missing nephew, near the neighborhoods where Emilio actually lived. Any of the grocery places which weren’t that many. That would be where David would be, if nothing happened to him, but Elijah wouldn’t be running if that were the case.

As he got further and further away, the area was less crowded. There were less stores and more abandoned buildings, old gas stations and restaurants. It was getting darker, the street lights were turning on, flickers of light making it easier to see the sidewalk.

Out here it was quieter.

Elijah was getting tired. He didn’t run the entire way, he called a taxi, got close to where he needed to be, but after that, he decided to look on his own. It was more running to every convenience store, every grocery shop, asking if they had seen the young man around. And a few said yes, but that was the best they could give.

They didn’t see anyone with him, at least at the time they saw him. After that could be different.

Elijah stopped running to look around. He breathed hard, his hands moving to his knees as he gasped for air. When he looked down at the sidewalk, he saw a trail of blood under the street light, like an object or person was being dragged.

The trail led across the street.

Elijah was the only one to notice because he was the only one here.

He looked up again and saw who he was looking for.

Jaymin was across the street, his bat in one hand, completely dripping with blood. That was a murder weapon he was holding. He was on the phone, but he was looking right at Elijah.

There was only one person he could be on the phone with, and chances are nothing will stop what’s going to happen. It was already eight at night, about the time Morgan was supposed to get ambushed. Maybe that’s why Jaymin couldn’t get him to answer his phone.

They stared at each other for a second. Jaymin didn’t think Elijah would physically come after him; he didn’t grip his bat to show he was going to fight in the streets.

It was too late for that.

Jaymin had things to get so he could leave. He also had to warn Morgan. The idea of abandoning Morgan wasn’t an option, at least not yet. There were a number of thoughts in his head but he remained calm. He wasn’t panicked to see the investigator across the street from him.

This was just a minor set back. That’s all it was going to be.

Jaymin ran.

Elijah was quick to follow.

They both ran down the street, Elijah getting close on Jaymin’s trail fast. It wasn’t like Jaymin to look back, and he didn’t have to. He knew where Elijah was. All he was concerned about was getting what he needed. He also had to get to Morgan and no one was going to stop him. Not yet.

If he was going to kill Elijah, he would definitely hide his body in a place that would make it hard to find him for days.

That’s the kind of plan he was thinking of while he was running.

Elijah did his best to keep close. No matter how tired he was, no matter how much his chest burned from breathing so hard, he was going to keep going. He wasn’t going to let Jaymin get away, definitely not this time. He kept following close. He thought Jaymin might’ve wanted to fight him in the streets, but that would be too easy.

Elijah could take him, he told himself he could take him.

Jaymin turned into the apartment building, running up the steps and going straight to his place. He didn’t think there was any use trying to shut Elijah out but he was going to try anyway.

All he could think about was what he was going to do with Elijah’s body when he was through. Maybe stuff his body in the closet? That was just fine. But under the sink? That was much better.

Jaymin gripped his bat tightly in his hands as Elijah busted in, ready to fight because now he had a reason to. Everything was going smoothly but this part won’t be so easy. Jaymin was already prepared to take him.

His face had blood splatters on it, his knuckles were bleeding from their fresh wounds. If anything, he was ready to break his hands.

He knew Elijah wouldn’t go down unless killed. Violently.

“Really?” Jaymin asked, wiping his mouth, though the blood smeared. “You really think I won’t kill you?” he laughed darkly, breathing hard from running.

“Go ahead and try.”

There were two outcomes that could happen. One will die or one will get arrested.

Elijah was the first to move, getting close enough to grab Jaymin by his arm and drag him forward, just about to flip him onto the ground. Jaymin was quick to knee him to be released from his grasp. He needed a chance to swing his bat, but Elijah was making sure that didn’t happen.

At this rate, Elijah’s knuckles might look like Jaymin’s. He was surely getting there with every hit. He couldn’t shake off the pain that pulsed through his fingers. Even just a second would be enough to be killed. He dealt with the pain as he hit back. Jaymin dropped his bat and clenched his fists, wiping his mouth again because of his own blood that spilled from his lips.

They would kill each other.

And if that happened, then so be it. Elijah could see the good in that. But he’d be damned if he were killed by Jaymin’s hands and he got to walk away.

The fighting just continued worse and worse. Elijah needed a second to reach for his gun but Jaymin wouldn’t let him. Every hit felt like a rush, like a weight being pushed down on their shoulders. They were persistent, hitting each other where it hurt.

Elijah wasn’t sympathetic to any of Jaymin’s previous injuries. The second he got his gun in his grip, he swung his arm, getting in a hit at the back of Jaymin’s head, enough to make him dizzy; he laughed though, finding it funny that Elijah really wasn’t terrified.

He hadn’t felt that kind of pain in a long while. His dizziness got worse, his vision blurring and spotting.

He just about fell to his knees but it wasn’t stopping him. His hand grabbed his bat that was on the floor, leaving a trail of blood as he picked it up. He swung as hard as he could to hit Elijah at his legs, knocking him down to the floor.

It was going to feel great when Jaymin finally got the chance to bash his head in. There was nothing more exciting than finally being able to kill the person that has been causing him so much trouble. He wanted to spill so much blood that he would have enough to bathe in.

He almost smiled at the thought.

He was up on his feet again, a wild look in his eyes as he held his bat. He gripped it like his life depended on it, and it did. His mind filled with the image of blood spilling on the hardwood floor. Next was to make it more than just a wish. Elijah looked up to see that Jaymin was about to swing, and he wasn’t going to be gentle.

There was a loud gunshot that rang through both their ears.

The bat fell out of Jaymin’s hands and on to the floor. Blood spilled from the gunshot wound at his left shoulder, making his arm weak. It hurt but Jaymin was more stunned from the anger than the pain; even the impact wasn’t enough to make him flinch. He thought of everything imaginable that he could do to absolutely ruin Elijah’s life. He thought of the worst way to kill him. His rage blinded him.

He would destroy Elijah with everything he had.

His arm lowered, his fingers twitching as the numbness started to set in. It was just a second as he stared blankly ahead because of the pain, because of the ringing in his ears.

Elijah moved quickly to get Jaymin pinned down to the floor, pressing on his left shoulder to cause enough pain so he would stay down. Jaymin closed his eyes, gritting his teeth, and he tried to fight back but it hurt too much.

Jaymin heard the handcuffs that Elijah was pulling out, and he sat up to fight back, but it was too late.

There was nothing else he could do with his arm pinned behind his back.

“Jaymin Rose, you are under arrest for the murder of twenty eight people and being an accomplice to the mass homicide of a hundred more.” Elijah said as he put the cuff on one wrist.

To be sure that he wasn’t going anywhere, he cuffed him to the fridge. Jaymin wanted to fight, but once he was stuck handcuffed to an object he could not move, all he could do was sit in anger. His other arm was limp and bleeding, the mess of blood staining the floor red. His fingers twitched, and when he tried to move his arm, the hot pain made him wince. If he wasn’t shot he would still be fighting. He tried to make a fist but he couldn’t do it.

Elijah could feel the burning hatred but that comes with the job.

Elijah couldn’t tame the wild beast for long.

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you...”

The amount of relief he felt to actually read Jaymin his rights began to overwhelm Elijah. He didn’t think it could be done, but he was doing it. It was finally over.

He had Jaymin, dead to rights.

He got in front of Jaymin, getting down to eye level to see his face. The look in Jaymin’s eyes screamed revenge. He was furious, and that alone could fuel whatever he had planned the second he got out of being handcuffed.

“You are one hell of a fighter.” Elijah tasted the blood in his mouth; he felt the wounds on his face, on his body, on his sore hands. “Do that in jail and you’ll just get solitary confinement.” he said, provoking him.

Jaymin tried to move his good arm but he was kept back by the cuff around his wrist.

He was not calm. He was not in a good mood. The rage filled his veins. It was like staring into the eyes of a wild animal.

“Dead to rights, Jaymin. It’s over.” Elijah said. “Morgan’s next.” he was sure of it.

Jaymin knew it was a set up.

“How does it feel to have everything you love taken from you?” Elijah asked quietly, almost a whisper, looking Jaymin in his eyes as he spoke. “Again.”

There were emotions Jaymin hasn’t felt in years

"I will kill you.” Jaymin said through his teeth, angry and vengeful, and filled with so much rage that not even the biggest flame could compare.

Elijah just smiled. Not with triumph or cockiness. He wasn’t surprised that Jaymin could keep going, that he would keep fighting, because the last thing that was going to happen was that he was going to lose.

The devil always wins.

Elijah got up and pulled out his phone to make a call. His hands throbbed because of his wounds; his knuckles were beginning to swell. All he could say was that it was worth it.

“I need police over to North Island Street, apartment two-twelve. Jaymin Rose is handcuffed and unarmed. He just needs to be in police custody.” Elijah said. “Bring EMS, he has a gunshot wound at his shoulder and other non fatal wounds.”

It was as easy as that.

Jaymin was holding in so much that he was about to explode. The feeling of being stuck, being caught, being handcuffed, he was going to lose it. He still pulled at his cuff, doing his best to fight it, but he wasn’t going anywhere.

Soon the police will come and he will be in their custody.

It was over.

He screamed with frustration and bitterness as Elijah left. It was a gritty scream, one that didn’t help release steam. It sounded like nothing could stop him. He has never been this angry in his life. His tantrum, it would’ve been violent if he wasn’t handcuffed.

But he felt something else as his heart pumped hard in his chest.

It was fear.

He never gets terrified. He never gets scared. He never feels fear, at least not anymore. But now he felt the extreme pain that fear left in his body, the fear of being caught, the fear of not being able to have control, the absolute fear of losing Morgan.

That fear was what drove his insanity.

His hand twitched, the one on the limp arm where he was shot. He closed his fingers slowly, forming a fist. There was still pain but he was going to work through it. That fear was making him work through it. When he could lift his arm, he moved, reaching over to his other hand that was cuffed to the fridge.

The fear had him thinking he could escape. And he could. He closed his eyes and took a breath. He didn’t have time to waste talking himself out of getting himself out of here.

He broke his thumb on his other hand, the pain not enough to make him flinch, but it definitely did hurt. It wasn’t easy to slip his hand out of the cuff, but Jaymin would break the rest of his fingers if he needed to. His lip curled, his teeth clenching down as he fought the pain, pulling his hand out of the cuff that was only secure enough to keep him in place.

It was fear that kept him going. Fear was what got him to stand up and grab his bat off the floor. Fear was what made him leave so he could get to Morgan first, hoping desperately that he wasn’t too late.

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