The Inevitable Demise

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Epilogue Two: The Hunted

There was an explosion that happened at a gasoline port. It used to be the site of mass drug deals that would go out to different countries. Now it was burning down to the ground.

If close enough, screams from burning bodies could be heard. The explosion was unexpected for the people inside. Most were dead instantly, others were thrown out upon impact, breaking through the glass windows, and some were outside not knowing what was going on. Even some of those people that were outside caught on fire.

Only a few survived, but were still hurt.

They crawled on the ground, trying to get away. On their backs, the letters FBI could be read. Who knows how many of their colleagues were dead? But the four that were remaining guessed all of them.

They tried to call for help. They tried to get someone on their radio, hoping they could be heard. Someone had to come find them. Someone had to come help them.

The fire was vengeful. It raged over the building, consuming everything around it.

If not controlled, it will take the surrounding buildings and infrastructure.

There was a flame trail. Before it was a trail of gasoline. It led up a small hill and continued further back, stopping where a small forest began. There was no one where the trail of fire ended.

They were already watching from the parking lot that was nearby.

Morgan always had his breath taken away by big flames. He could watch that fire grow for hours on end. In one hand, he had a lighter, the same one he used to start the explosion. In his other was a dull dagger, stained with blood. It wasn’t his. His fingers were burned, as if he touched the fire, but he didn’t. At least he didn’t remember doing it.

The fire had his attention.

For the moment.

His hair blew in the salted wind. He watched as the flame swayed in the wind as well. It was powerful enough to get the fire to move. It looked so easy. Morgan wanted things to be easy, just like that.

As distracted as he was, he could hear running.

When he turned, someone just about slid into view. Both their hands were holding a gun forward, having it pointed right towards Morgan. He clenched his dagger in his hand as he looked at Elijah’s face.


Jaymin couldn’t let that happen; he couldn’t let Elijah kill him or even hurt him. Jaymin had just seen Elijah appear behind Morgan, about to pull the trigger. He wasn’t sure if he had it in him to keep going.

He still felt that surge of fear that made his pain hard to distinguish.

It all happened so quickly.

Morgan got a glance of Jaymin as he ran forward, both of them wanting to corner Elijah before he could do anything.

Elijah just about pulled the trigger when he felt something holding him back. The gunshot rang through all their ears, the piercing noise that deafened them to the chaos outside. Elijah’s arms moved to remove what was keeping his head back and almost brought him to his knees.

Jaymin used his bat to restrain Elijah, holding both sides and keeping it pressed at his neck so he couldn’t move. Elijah pulled the trigger again, his gun facing upwards, the sound making Jaymin’s head swoon and piercing his ears again. He wanted to shrug away at the noise but he couldn’t. His hands tightened on his bat, even with his thumb broken on his right hand, even with the gunshot wound on his left shoulder.

Morgan had his dagger in his hand and wasn’t hesitant to use it. Not even for a second. He was down on his knee once he was close enough, the bad knee, and he moved his arm towards Elijah’s chest, his dagger piercing through to make him bleed. Morgan dragged his weapon sideways to widen up the wound, blood spilling over his arm.

The warmth ended up fueling his body, making him want more. But he couldn’t do more than that. He couldn’t hurt Elijah more than what he just did.

With this big a wound, it could kill him.

Elijah fell to his knees when he was no longer restrained, when Jaymin let go, when Morgan let go. He was barely breathing as he fell on to the ground, already going unconscious from the blood loss. He couldn’t move.

At this rate, he will bleed to death.

Jaymin could only hear the white noise in his ears. Even his heart beating hard in his chest couldn’t be heard. He felt like he couldn’t breathe, but he just stood in place, looking at Elijah’s body.

There was no joy like he usually felt.

There was only fear.

The only emotion Jaymin said he would never let himself feel. He was terrified. He was scared. And it almost made him sick. He covered his mouth with his blood stained hand.

He had to get rid of what made him scared.

He had to remove the one thing that caused his fear, because with that fear, he wouldn’t be the same again.

It was like he was feeling that human part of him.

He did not like that.

Morgan knew what he did, and deep down, he never thought he would do it. He thought tonight would be easy, that he would be gone and left all this behind.

But he ended up doing this.

It was making his hands shake.

The two of them destroyed each other.

They were quick to hold their weapons in their hands, Morgan gripping the dagger and Jaymin snatching the gun out of Elijah’s hand. Within seconds, they were facing each other, their weapons pointed towards each other as they glared into each other’s eyes.

They could kill each other.

Morgan had the knife pressed to Jaymin’s neck, almost drawing blood on the blade. Jaymin had the gun pointed at his forehead, ready to pull the trigger. They could kill each other for the way they felt.

Yet they wouldn’t.

Blaring lights lit up the scene in a blink of an eye. There were multiple other agents that were pointing their guns towards the two standing together. They were too busy staring at each other to even notice they were cornered. And the others, well they finally got their murderers.

“Hands up.” The shout came from behind them.

Their hands came up, their weapons still in their hands.

Morgan saw how Jaymin could barely hold up his left arm. There was a hole through his jacket. He was shot. His hand was shaking as he did his best to keep it up. Morgan didn’t think Jaymin would ever take a bullet for him. Now Jaymin was numb through his entire arm. That wasn’t the only wound he had, but that one hurt the most.

He didn’t look away from Morgan. He kept his eyes on him and wondered what would’ve happened if he didn’t show up.

Who would be down?

Morgan had the same thought.

“Drop your weapons.”

Their weapons slipped from their fingers.

Their eyes still stayed on each other, not looking away. There wasn’t any anger. The only person that showed a bit of fear was Jaymin; what he needed was Morgan to be fine. He didn’t want saving him to be all for nothing. Morgan saw that in his eyes. He didn’t know what to feel himself but he didn’t think Jaymin should be scared.

One of their hands moved slowly over each others, their fingers touching slightly and lacing over each others.

They got in to this mess together, they can get out together.

A woman rushed over to the body that was laying on the ground, seeing the blood that was pooling on the ground. No one else moved, the two standing beside her didn’t even try it; they kept their hands up, knowing that there were guns pointed at them. The woman touched Elijah’s neck, feeling for a pulse.

The confusion could be read on her face. What she was expecting wasn’t what she was feeling. She dropped her gun to the ground and pressed her hands down on his chest.

What she felt was faint.

She was quick to take off her vest so she could take off her jacket, hoping to stop the bleeding.

“He’s still alive.” she said, loud enough for the others to hear.

Jaymin and Morgan were still a little occupied with each other. They heard what the woman said. And instead of feeling panicked or afraid, they were just fine.

In fact, they both smiled.

It wasn’t over yet.

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