Super Psycho

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☢Chapter Nine☢

TW: Bondage, cum eating, multiple orgasm, plug, vibrator, watersports

“You’re actually getting better at this.” Raven told me as I fastened the rope around his ankles. “I feel like you could totally get into some hard core bondage.” he smiled at me. I just rolled my eyes. I was about to gag him in the next second, but I was taking my time with the ropes.

I had blindfolded him earlier. All he did for the whole time was lounge back against the big mirror and waited for me to finish. I was a bit slow at this, but I have to admit its pretty cool. Its like stress relief. I didn’t have to pull my hair out anymore. This is something I can pass the time with.

However, he was taking it the wrong way. He expects me to just do whatever I want with him because he’s restrained and I told him I was going to leave when I’m done. Still, he insisted anyway. He always come prepared regardless. Already, he had a toy inside him, this one didn’t vibrate. This one was large though, and it brought him a large amount of satisfaction to be holding it inside him. It was so big that I could see the slight bulge it made at his lower stomach. He’s crazy and I will never get him. I expected to see vibrators on him because he always had vibrators on him, but he said today was going to be a softer day for him. I can’t believe I spent my day with him like this.

The only good thing that came out of this was the rope tying.

He was completely bound. The rope traveled around his body, the knots in various places. His legs were kept spread apart by the rope at his thighs and ankles. He couldn’t wiggle out of it, so that means I can leave and know that he’s not making a mess in my apartment.

I wasn’t going to leave though.

I’ve come to peace with my resistance to him and his little search for my favorite kinks. He agreed to stop messing around with me and to only indulge in harmless play, although this is plenty harmful. I was slightly concerned that the rope might be too tight or he might have trouble breathing.

“Does it hurt?” I asked.

“You’re a cuddler type aren’t you?” he smiled widely. “Those types of people annoy me.” he continued bluntly. I could hit him but I wasn’t going to. “You need to square up, detective. Take things without asking once in a while.”

“That’s not very nice.” I straightened up to look at my work on him.

“That’s the point. I’m sure you’re all fluffy in bed. Don’t do that, fuck people like you mean it. Enough of being all soft and quiet.” he said. He’s ranting about my behavior but he’s smiling about it. Does he like insulting me? I flicked his forehead and he hissed.

“I can just leave.”

“I don’t necessarily need you to get off. Though, it ain’t bad having you around, detective.” he said and kept his smile on his face. I frowned though. He does this a lot. He says he doesn’t need me but he drags me into his interests as well.

I haven’t been so scarred in my life. Every nightmare I go through is definitely his fault.

“So what are you waiting for, Morgan? Are you going to brutally fuck me or not?” he asked and tilted his head to the side against the mirror. I didn’t respond for a moment. There were things I could choose from on the floor although this really isn’t my area of expertise.

I had no idea that he brought these things with him. Yesterday, he just had one vibrator inside him, but I should’ve checked his stuff before I let him stay over.

I shouldn’t be here.

“I really have to get going.” I said but I wasn’t going anywhere.

He laughed quietly. I put my hand on his stomach to feel the small bulge that was present there. It was weird to feel but he was laughing about it. What I was really focused on were the scars on his body. There were many more than I usually noticed. Some scars were small, but others were larger. I wanted to ask if he inflicts pain on himself for the pleasure but I’m sure it would turn into a whole different kind of conversation. I was going to wait to have that, hopefully never. My hand stayed over his skin, slightly pushing down on; when I glanced up at his face, I saw that he was smiling.

When I pushed harder, he moaned, almost laughing still. Of course he was going to have fun with this. I might as well just move away now.

He tensed up a bit, and the small bulge was slowly getting even smaller. He was pushing out the plug but I felt like that was too easy, even for him. I know how much he likes having fun. Although, I don’t enjoy things as much as he does, that doesn’t mean things can be tasteless for him.

The plug was bigger than I expected, then again Raven does like it when things are bigger.

I moved my hand from his stomach and trailed my fingers lower on his skin until I was touching the black plug that was in him. I pushed the plug back inside him easily. He stayed tense against the mirror, his hands balling up in front of him as he bit his lip tightly. He even moaned too, I didn’t see what the big deal was.

There was cum dripping from his twitching cock already. Its not like he lasts long but he keeps going anyway. I stared down at his body plainly.

He was doing his best to hold the entire plug inside him, but now I think he wanted to just push it out. I’m not much of the torturer person so I didn’t fight him on it. He was pushing the plug again; it got bigger, it spread his hole more, getting wider and wider so he could get it out of him. I watched his face more than any other part of his body. This was the first time he seemed a bit frustrated. He was breathing heavily as he tried to focus. Was it a bit much for him?

He bit his lip hard and moaned, his body tensing up again and again until finally he could push the plug out.

“Is that supposed to be impressive?” I asked him.

He smiled, sticking out his tongue to expose his yellow piercing. “You can totally fuck me right here.” he said. His hole was twitching, opening up a bit just for me to see. I rolled my eyes. “Not interested in gaping holes, Detective?” he asked.

“Can I gag you?” I asked since I clearly wanted him to shut up.

“You can do whatever you want to me.” he kept a smile on his face, and I was just worried about how he can just say that to other people without regretting it. He knows I won’t do much, but other people can do so much worse.

I felt a little bad for him.

Then again, he’s been getting into crazy stuff, and its his fault if he meets someone that’s just a bit crazier than him. For some reason though, I knew that he was as crazy as they come.

I picked up the spider gag and he moved his head so I could put it on him correctly. Now he won’t talk. Its better this way, I don’t need to be paranoid all the time.

I wasn’t going to have sex with him. I didn’t feel like it. He always gave off the vibe that he could do without the whole penetration part and it made me think that he didn’t like that. I could be totally wrong and he could be baiting me into doing it with reverse psychology.

His favorite toy was laying on the floor. It was mostly white, but there was a blue area around the power button. It was big, too, almost about arms length. The vibrating head was as big as a tennis ball. He said that this was the best thing he put money on. I wouldn’t know why since I don’t play with toys like these. It looked expensive for one thing. Honestly, its not a toy, it has to be another appliance since it had to be plugged in.

It was heavy in my hand. I wasn’t expecting it to be light though. What’s so great about a toy like this? I stared at it for a moment, a bit questionable. Then I turned it on.

I can see why its his favorite toy; it was a strong vibrator, a really strong vibrator. He’s probably use to everything else he has now, that’s why he just keeps them on him for so long. This one though, I bet it could make him climax quickly. When he showed it to me, he was serious about not breaking it, absolutely dead serious.

I didn’t press it on him too hard. I rubbed it on his throbbing cock and he twitched against it, moaning out loud. He was shaking more than he has been but I only had the toy on him for four seconds. It was that much for him already. I moved the vibrator up and down his cock slowly, and listened to the sound of his voice.

There are a lot of things he chooses to do, but sometimes, I gets its nice when he gives in a bit. I don’t usually hear him moaning like this. Its either he’s not taking it seriously, or he’s being quiet. Now he has no choice. The spider gag kept his mouth wide open so he couldn’t hide the sound he makes.

It wasn’t bad, getting to mess around with him.

I feel like we took a bigger step this morning just because he decided to let me handle his favorite toy. It was vibrating pretty hard, and he wasn’t used to it. I bet he barely uses it just because its that special to him.

I watched him as I made him suffer. I leaned my head on to my other hand and just looked at his face. His cheeks were turning bright red. If he wasn’t blind folded, I wonder what his eyes would look like; would he be challenging me or would his eyes be half open? Would they be rolling back in his head? Maybe he’d have them tightly closed. I could just wonder at this point. I could take off the cloth around his head but what would be the point? I don’t want to ruin his fun.

I kept the vibrator on him. I rubbed down his length and wanted to know how it would feel if I rubbed his tip with the vibrator. I did just that. He tensed against the ropes and moaned louder; I could see where his muscles flexed and the ropes would press tighter on his skin. He began drooling because he couldn’t help it and with the way he was sitting, his saliva would drip from his tongue and on to his cock. When I moved the vibrator, it got wet with the little bit of saliva coming from his mouth but maybe that makes it easier.

He came again without warning. He breathed in deeply as his white cum dribbled from his throbbing cock. I kept rubbing him though because I know he would want to be pushed to his limit.

His body stayed tense. The ropes would press harder on him when he tried to move; he couldn’t go anywhere though, he’d have a hard time doing most anything. Whenever the vibrator touched a sensitive place, he would cry out and try to shift against it but that didn’t work well for him.

I just wanted to see where he liked it most, where his favorite spot was. I could torture him some more but I wanted him to like it, I guess. Then again, he likes the torture. He wouldn’t be tied up and gagged if he didn’t.

Slowly, I moved the vibrator lower. This time I was pressing harder on his skin as I let it touch his skin. I got to his twitching hole and that’s when the real fun began.

His voice got louder and now he was trying to fight it. He tensed more, his body arching. The ropes rubbed on his skin tightly. When I glanced up at his face, I then realized how much I wanted to see him struggle. I lifted the blindfold from his eyes, pushing it up to his forehead; he opened his eyes quickly and he was staring down at where I kept the vibrator. I thought I saw panic in his eyes.

This is different.

He was trying to move his legs but he couldn’t. When I pressed the vibrator harder on his skin, he opened up a bit and I continued to rub the vibrator on his pink hole. He was moaning so loud just from this. I haven’t heard him get this out of control.

I could give him a break, but that wouldn’t be fun. Instead, I kept the vibrator on him. His hole would open up and I would press the vibrator on him, making him cry out. I glanced up to see his face, his cheeks were bright red, he kept his tongue hanging out with drool, and his eyes stayed down to where I was touching him.

I kept watching his face. This was a good bit of entertainment. I didn’t have to do anything, well I didn’t want to do much. This was enough for me to deal with now. Its different when he sounds like he’s begging. I wasn’t sure how I felt. Did I want him to beg more, did I want to take the gag off to hear him scream whatever he wants? I would just shrug as answers. I stayed sitting where I was, rubbing the vibrator on his twitching hole as his cock throbbed, releasing cum again on to his skin.

Finally, he looked at me. There was nothing he had to say. Now his eyes were plain as he looked at me. I bet I could change that really quickly. When I moved the vibrator harder on him, he groaned weakly and closed his eyes right as they moved up, almost back into his head. He didn’t keep them closed for long, in another few seconds, he was looking at me again.

This time he had more to say with his eyes. I stared at him plainly. Usually when I do that for too long, he would take his chance to flirt with me but he was too occupied at the moment. I wonder what he’s thinking, what he’s feeling. This still might be child’s play for him but he must enjoy it since he’s moaning out so loud. He kept his eyes on my face, watching me closely; it just made me want to provoke him a bit more. I was a little worried about what he might do if I did push him further because I know what he’s capable of.

I don’t know if I was bored or uninterested.

Spending all this time with him surely numbed my feelings about certain things. Now when I watch him, I don’t feel that much. If he were to be doing something worse then my feelings would change. He can do some scary things. That’s why I call him a monster.

He came again, and after that he gave up. He stopped tensing but his body would twitch as I moved the vibrator around his hole. His cum was dripping down his cock. Even after a few more seconds, he came again, more cum getting on his skin. Even through all this, he still managed to cum. I glanced up at his to see his face again; his eyes were closed but he was gasping for air as his voice began to shake. His cheeks were still bright red like before. It just seemed like now he had no choice to give up.

I could keep the vibrator on him at this point but I thought that was enough.

Instead, I moved it up on his cock, rubbing his skin slowly and seeing him twitch slightly over and over again. More cum began dripping from him again.

I had to be somewhere today. I can’t believe I took time off work to do stuff with him. Its not fun for me, I just watch, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I was thinking of other things, but I guess my interests aren’t like his. We’re way too different.

I moved one piece of rope that was tied around his leg, and did my best to push the end of the vibrator between the rope and his skin. When it stuck there, the vibrator part was pressing against his cock. It stayed put there, rubbing on his tip and making him twitch over and over again. My hands were free so I got up on my knees and moved over him as I unbuckled my belt. He opened his eyes again when he heard the sound of metal.

He’s always eager to do anything, doesn’t matter what it is.

He moved up, already coming closer so I could put my cock in his mouth. His piercing rubbed against my skin as I pushed further in his mouth.

My fingers pulled on his blond hair as I brought his head forward so I could fit in his mouth. His brunette hair underneath was getting longer, and I could see where it grew in under his blond hair. The palms of my hands were almost at his cheeks and I could feel his mouth fill up. I thrusted into his mouth, his tongue rubbing on my skin more and more.

Sometimes, I lose myself when I make him do this.

My fingers would pull too hard in his hair, or I would force him too deep. Knowing him, he’d say that he doesn’t care but I do. Its not like me to be so rough with him but after so many times of doing this, I’ve gotten use to it. Its like its normal now.

To me now, choking him was a normal thing. Forcing my cock down his throat was a normal thing. It shouldn’t have become like that, but it did.

I don’t know if I should feel sorry for myself.

My hand held the back of his head as he tried to fight me pushing my cock down his throat. It was a natural thing. His body jolted slightly, and I could hear his muffled groan in the back of his throat. I felt it too, the vibration from his voice on my cock. I wanted to force him deeper, but his body tensed up and it could have been because he came again, or because he really couldn’t hold me in his mouth any longer without something coming up.

Maybe I would force him to hold me longer.

I wasn’t as cruel as I thought I would be.

I pulled him away so he would be able to breathe. He gasped for air, his moans a bit shaky in between. I could hear the vibrator still on him and it was still making him shake. There were trails of saliva from my cock to his mouth; already, I was hard but I just felt numb. I don’t know if I was turned on or not.

I pulled him back on me, forcing my cock in his mouth again. I kept moving in his mouth, hearing the wetness as I thrusted against his tongue. His body would jolt now and again but I didn’t push him away. His tongue would press up against my cock and I would feel his throat move as I moved too deep without letting him breathe.

I chewed on my lip as I looked down at him. Why does he seem so okay with this? I will never understand how he’s okay with someone being brutal to him. This isn’t even the worst of it. I’m not doing much to him.

I tried to keep in what I felt. I know how great it was to keep my cock in his mouth for so long. His mouth was hot and wet, and there was nothing more perfect than that, but I didn’t want to give myself away. I can’t enjoy this. This isn’t like me. Its not I behave.

Before I knew it, I was about to cum.

I barely pulled out before I released what I had inside his mouth. I bit harder on my lip so I wouldn’t do anything stupid. I thought I could feel the urge to moan but I suppressed it as much as I could. If he were to hear me, he would look up at me, and if his mouth wasn’t full he’d tell me that I was enjoying myself, that I liked choking him, that I liked riding his face.

I don’t need to hear that from him.

I stayed in his mouth, bringing his head forward again so he could keep sucking me off. I could tell the exact moment when he came again from the vibrator. I wonder if he was still turned on by that or if it was how I was treating him.

My hand pressed against the cold mirror as I held myself up against his face. My breath was heavy and hot, and I found it hard to just keep breathing. My body was tensing as I kept myself in his mouth. I could cum again like this, just like this.

That moment happened again, but this time I pulled out and came on his face. My hand pulled at the leather hook of his mouth gag and I got it off him. I barely gave him any time to breathe before I moved my cock in his mouth again. Now, he was moving, sucking me off without telling him to. His tongue could move more, I could feel his lips press on my skin, and he was being more enthusiastic.

I leaned further against the mirror, leaning my head on my arm as I looked down at him. His eyes were watching me now and I thought that he would tell me that I was enjoying myself too much. He could say it if he wanted to, now he wasn’t gagged. His mouth did the work but sometimes, I couldn’t resist forcing myself deeper in his mouth. His tongue would still move on me, but he didn’t gag as much now.

Over and over again, I came on his face. Each time took more energy from me. He always tells me how he likes how much I cum. Now I could see it on his face. Each time I came, there was less and less but overall he was covered in my white fluid.

I couldn’t last any longer like this. It was my turn to give up.

The vibrator was still working on him after all this time. He strained against the ropes that kept his body from moving to much. He breathed deeply and I heard his moans as he orgasmed again. This time, he couldn’t hold it and he began pissing on himself, and it spilled on the floor. The vibrator’s strength was too much, but he lasted so long with it on him.

I think he’s had enough for this morning.

There’s no reason for him to humiliate himself even more in front of me.

I moved away from him, and took the vibrator from the rope that held it against his leg. His cock was still throbbing although he went through all that.

He gave out a sigh of relief.

That just meant he didn’t know how much more he could bare.

There’s another mess I have to deal with and I sort of don’t want to. I had to be somewhere. I skipped going to work for him to mess up my floor. Though, I should take credit for the mess I made on him.

“...Enjoyed that, detective?” he asked me, looking up at my face as he breathed heavily. His chest rose and fell with the ropes that were tight around his skin. I didn’t have an answer for him. I wanted to ignore his comment.

I pulled at the last knot of the rope that was at his ankle and got it to fall apart. I loosened the ropes so he could move freely. More and more rope fell to the wet floor. Once I got his hands untied, he took off the rest himself.

“I’m sure you’re the intimate type. I can’t believe it took me this long to figure it out.” he said quietly to himself, his hand touching his face to wipe off the cum that was on his skin. What I didn’t expect was to see him lick his fingers. “You just give me chills, Morgan.” he smiled at me.

I wasn’t interested in his teasing.

I still didn’t say a word.

There was somewhere I had to be, and with him is it not it. I was lucky he didn’t make a bigger mess on my floor. Considering how things have been going for a while, this was the cleanest everything’s been. I would snap at him to clean it up but I was in a bit of shock right now.

“You are...” I didn’t know the right word to describe him. He’s passed gross and disgusting. Weird is an understatement. He’s definitely not fun. Crazy is also an understatement. “Psycho.” I finally finished.

He smiled widely, sticking his tongue out to expose his piercing. I’m sure he likes it when people talk down to him anyway. I just didn’t have anything else to say.

“If you think this is psycho, then you’re in for a rude awakening.” he said darkly as he licked the cum off his fingers.

Of course, I haven’t seen his limit yet. But what else is there to get turned on by? I stared at him, still in shock. I don’t know what else to add.

I’m completely out of energy to deal with him.

I don’t think it was a safe idea to leave him in my apartment alone but he swore he was going to clean up the mess and that I had nothing to worry about. I’m always scared to see how he would surprise me. What he does, what he can do, I just don’t need to know. I was worried that he’d break something. No, I was worried that he would use any object he could find as a sexual object. I know very well that he would use anything to his advantage. I wish he wouldn’t come over so much. Its my fault though because I brought him the first time.

I had work to do but I was so preoccupied with being terrified with what he was doing with my stuff. He has this thing for making big messes. I don’t know why certain things turn him on but it does.

There are just no limits to what he likes and what he can do.

I shouldn’t be shocked by now.

The second I left my apartment, I had other things to worry about. The DNA test I asked for is definitely one thing but it seemed like everyone was preoccupied with something else. I couldn’t even get a simple DNA test from yesterday. It’s like my demands were pushed back.

Harley was the first one to find me and she really didn’t look too happy at the moment. All the others were running around, trying to get things done. I noticed a lot of reporters and news stations outside too. I’m the last one to find out what happened.

“The three bank robbers killed themselves last night.” She whispered to me, giving me the file and pictures. “All three of them hanged themselves.”

I saw the pictures.

And here I thought I was about to get somewhere today and I’m not going to. That other guy was serious when he said that he would kill himself if he thought he would get killed. I know it wasn’t me that scared him.

“Harrison is getting slammed about the case now, Morgan.” she said.

Well I bet.

It was chaos here.

“There was one woman that wanted to talk to us, uh...Fiona Dawson.” She pointed to a blond woman sitting in the Chief’s office, but he wasn’t here.

“What does she want?” I can’t imagine why she would come here.

“Well, she wanted to talk about what’s going on. She’s terrified that she’s on a kill list.”

There’s a chance that she is. Considering how this murderer has been obsessed with people going to that school, I wouldn’t be surprised if something were to happen to her. I would love to offer her protective assistance but we’d have to do the same for everyone else too.

We don’t have that kind of fire power right now.

Our entire department is under fire for the investigation. I even overheard a few people got fired in the first five minutes of me being here. We’re just in no position to be doing the above and beyond. We just don’t have the strength right now.

But Harley still wanted to talk to Fiona about her concerns anyway. We should ask general questions and see where that gets us. We walked into the office and closed the door so it could be quiet between the three of us.

“Sorry about the wait, Ms. Dawson, we don’t want to waste your time.” Harley said politely as I shook Fiona’s hand. “This is Morgan. He’s head of the case right now.”

“The stress must be taking a toll on you.” She might’ve noticed I don’t sleep much at night.

“You can only imagine.” I sighed and took a breath. “We know you graduated from the performing arts school-”

“Oh, no, I didn’t graduate. I failed a class due to a severe injury.” she pointed to her hips before she sat down. “I couldn’t recover fast enough and I didn’t get the time I needed to make up anything so I had to drop out.” she said sheepishly.

“You’re concerned about your safety, right?”

“Well, yes. I don’t know if it’s serious enough for me to pick up all my stuff and move.” she said as she looked between the both of us. “It might be my paranoia but I don’t want to die a gruesome death.”

“We completely understand your concern and I don’t want to get your hopes up by saying everything is okay but...” I looked at Harley. We both knew that things were not okay right now. “If your gut tells you to move, then it would be best.”

“I can’t believe this happened.” she shook her head, disappointed in everything that’s been going on. “I can’t believe this all started with Ms. Bullock.”

“I’ve heard that she wasn’t particularly a nice person.” I crossed my arms.

“No, she really wasn’t. And we understand professional performing arts schools are really investing in students but excuse my language, she was a bitch.” Fiona came right out and said it. “If it weren’t for her, I would’ve been able to do grade forgiveness and redo the course to graduate.”

“And the others that were part of the entire accident?”

“None of us got a chance.”

“It was all because of Linda?”

“Well yeah, her grandfather is the dean of the school. So when an entire family is against you, it’s hard to pull yourself out. And I could be sued talking about what happened.” It didn’t seemed like she cared that she was going against a contract. She was paid to walk away from the situation wasn’t she? “My partner had it so rough. He didn’t deserve to be expelled.”

“Your partner?”

“Jaymin Rose.” she smiled weakly. “He was a little on the weirder side but he always said public school adds character.” she covered her mouth as she laughed. “Oh, it was such a shame what they did to him, putting the blame on him though it wasn’t his fault.”

“Was he ever bitter about it?”

“Not...really.” she had to think about it. “I mean, the first couple of weeks were not fun for everyone, you know, our lives fell apart. It’s like we had the opportunity of a lifetime, and then it was just snatched away from us. We were all bitter.” she told us. “Jaymin was always the most optimistic out of everyone I knew. He was so motivated and never took no for an answer.”

Well that sounds like him.

Fiona looked at us again, and it was like her eyes were so far away as she remembered the few years past.

“You could literally see the moment where his whole world fell apart and it was heart breaking for me.” she said sadly. “I haven’t seen him since our last day in court. Do you know if he’s okay?”

“We’re not sure.” Harley glanced at me.

He is a suspect, but we’re not going to reveal that yet. I still need the test results back.

“Well, I hope that you do find the murderer. I’m sorry to take up your time.” she got up from the chair slowly.

“You’ve actually been incredible help.” I was surprised actually. I’m sure she has a lot more to say and it gave me an idea about what I’ve been thinking lately. “I’m sorry we can’t extend our help to you, but we’ll do our best to keep you and everyone safe.”

“Thank you.” she said politely as she left the office.

Harley and I looked at each other. I know that she knows what I’m thinking. My gut feeling was just getting stronger. I was at the point where I knew what I was dealing with.

Someone knocked on the door.

“Hey guys, we got your DNA test results back.” Ellie gave me the envelope. “And Harley, they want you at the Highland Museum. There was a shooting and want you to take over.” she said before leaving.

Harley had other priorities at the moment. She really just wanted to see what the results were.

“Would it be wrong of me to say fingers crossed?” Harley asked as she stepped closer to me to see me open the envelope. This is what I was waiting for, and I was hoping to have this earlier but I wasn’t that lucky.

I tore it open to look at the results.

It was just as I expected.

“Do we have time to get a warrant?” She asked.

“We definitely don’t need one.” I said as I put the paper down on the desk.

It was a match.

“Make the arrest. I’m going to see Harrison and tell him what we’re dealing with.” I said, just about to leave with her, but she had to stop me.

“I have to go to the shooting scene.” she said urgently.

We’re both busy. As much as I wanted to make the arrest, I have to talk to Harrison about what’s going to happen and my involvement. The second we actually put this in motion, everything has to come out. I don’t want to be blind sided and Harrison needs to know everything.

“Just give it to someone else then, they can probably handle a simple arrest. I’ll see you in a few hours.”

I needed to go see Harrison.

With all this chaos that was going on, I figured that we should be prepared for what’s going to happen. Everything was a mess with our department. I have no idea what Harrison was dealing with on his case since three of the people being charged kill themselves in their cell. I shouldn’t be surprised that something this wild happened. I know Harrison might be stunned.

I was quick to see Harrison. He had a lot to get to and people to speak with but I didn’t care at the moment. I just walked into his office and told the man he was meeting with to get out so I could speak with him alone. The man was hesitant but Harrison just sighed and apologized for the abrupt break he needed to take.

“Yes, Morgan, how can I help you?” he was tired of me already but I hadn’t told him anything yet.

I closed the door to his office and took a seat.

I really do need his help.

“I’m actually going to need your legal help.” I said slowly, trying to calm myself because this is the quietest it’s been all day. “We know who the murderer is.”

“Oh that’s nice. I suddenly have a case again.” he didn’t seem interested in who it was, and I know he doesn’t care. That’s not the point.

“I sort of...have a casual...intimate relationship with this person.” I couldn’t be vague about letting that come out. Harrison stopped shuffling papers and looked at me immediately. “It’s not like I knew he was a cold killer.” I defended myself.

“Well, it doesn’t seem that way to me.” he said quickly.

“Harrison, I swear. I had no idea.” I tried to convince him.

“It’s not that I don’t believe you. The judge on this case is a hard ass. And I can’t promise that I won’t attack you based on the evidence given.” He explained himself.

“I don’t want to testify.”

Harrison scoffed. “You’re kidding right? You just said you had an intimate relationship-”

“I know what I said, but I do not want to get brought up in court for this.” I was a little concerned that some things might be instigated in court.

“I won’t be able to know how I can help unless you tell me everything.” He said as he walked around his desk and to the door.

I turned in my seat. “Where are you going?” I asked quickly.

“To get a stenographer.” He saw the shock on my face. “Don’t worry, I won’t use it. Unless I need to.”


“I don’t represent you. I represent the state. So if I have to use your statement to prove my point, I’m going to.” He was just covering his bases and doing his job, I know.

I can’t pretend I haven’t done that before.

“Relax, Morgan. Unless you like, killed someone or something.” He left the office so he could find someone to get my statement on record.

Harrison wouldn’t so anything to really hurt me but he puts his job above all else. He always talks about wearing the white hat and being a symbol for justice. If anything I say makes things worse, he will have to use it against me.

I was hoping it doesn’t come to that.

It’s not like I did anything wrong...

Well I hope I did nothing wrong.

Harrison came back with a woman who was going to take down everything I said. He immediately had all these questions he wanted to ask me instead of letting me tell him everything that’s happened, minus all the gruesome parts because there’s no reason for that to be exposed. With everything he asked me, it didn’t sound like I was a threat.

I didn’t say things the wrong way, I was careful how I answered his questions but I did tell him the truth.

He wanted everything in detail so it did take a while. Plus I had a lot to tell him so I wasn’t surprised that I spent round almost four hours talking to him.

He assured me there was not incriminating material here. But he didn’t make any promises about me having to testify.

That’s if it gets bad.

He expects it to be an easy case.

When I got back, the chaos was still going on but there was a gloomy aura that was so intense that it was hard to breathe. Harley was standing still as the others rushed around her. Her face was shocked and she just didn’t move. I put my hand on her shoulder to snap her out of what happened. Was her shooting scene a mess?

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“God is not on our side, Morgan.” she shook her head before she turned to me abruptly. She was terrified, her eyes spoke fear. “Jaymin Rose confessed to every single murder.” She didn’t look happy.

This is a good thing. We’re done. The justice department will handle it from here.

But by the look on her face, something was messed up.

“What happened, Harley?” I asked her, not prepared for what she might say.

Someone messed up.

She was going to say it.

“I told Kane what to do and just left but apparently he gave it to Michael.” She said and my eyes widened at the surprise. Of all people Kane could’ve given it to, he gave it to Michael. And I told him that he couldn’t touch anything that had to do with the case. “H-he...No Miranda Rights, Morgan.”

I couldn’t describe what went through my mind next.

“Everything is inadmissible. The entire confession tape is inadmissible and all because Michael couldn’t recite the most basic lines.” she panicked.

Forget panicking. I was boiling hot. I’ve never been more angry in my entire life. I could feel my face on fire just because of how pissed off I was.

“Where the hell is he?” I left the room to find Michael.

Today might be the day that I get fired but that won’t be before I kill Michael. I knew he was doing something, and here he goes to really mess up the only conviction that could’ve made my entire career. This murder case was gruesome, it tore my sanity, I’ve been drained mentally because of everything I went through and to have Michael ruin that made me want to kill him.

I was that pissed off.

The second he saw me, he knew that he was definitely going to bite it. The worst part of it was that he was pretending like he was sorry, like he was about to freak out, but he knows what he did! He ruined everything and he knows it.

“You really want me to hurt you, don’t you?” I couldn’t even get close to him because I was held back.

It looked like I was going to fight him, and I wanted to. So I did put up a fight against the people that kept my arms back. I wanted to get a good hit in. If I had a golf club, that would’ve been better. I could picture myself going for the ultimate blow on Michael.

Michael looked so damn apologetic that made it worse.

Then I really saw why.

He held up a pair of handcuffs. And at first, I wasn’t sure why he had them for. Was he going to arrest me? I didn’t do a damn thing. But with the look on his face, there would be only one reason why he would have that dumb look on his face.

I twisted to look over to the interrogation room only to find that no one was there.

He let Jaymin go.

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