Super Psycho

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☣Chapter Ten☣

With the chaos, no one was smart enough to keep watch over a murderer. How stupid is everyone to not know to keep watch? The chaos shouldn’t be a reason why I have to explain to the Chief that a murderer got away.

Michael was playing the part of being sorry, like he didn’t mean to do anything wrong but he did everything wrong. He did it on purpose too!

“You let him go!” I shouted.

“Sorry, Morgan.” He apologized as he swung the handcuffs around his finger.

I desperately wanted to bite his head off. When the others finally caught wind of what was going on, they were quick to leave to go after Jaymin and find him in the streets. I had to be held down because I was that pissed off.

Michael knew he was going to be arrested for assisting. It’s not even a debate. He’s going to lose everything for this.

“You killed those three robbers, too.” I just now realized it.

He might’ve not done it physically but he knew people that would do the job for him. Was it because Jaymin told him to? I bet that was why. They were loose ends. Michael is now one too. I don’t expect him to live very long.

“Let me go.” I fought with the others that were holding on to me. “Let me go!” I shouted and snatched my arms out of their grip.

Apparently doing their jobs weren’t important to them.

Why do I have to do everything myself?

I saw the others running out and radioing backup to find Jaymin. I took a gun with me just because I know what we’re dealing with and I’m already tired of letting him get away. I don’t know where he could be hiding or where he would run to but I’ll know when I find him.

The police force scattered around the city, everyone searching everywhere for the murderer we’ve been looking for for months. We couldn’t scare the public, but it was frightening enough to see a bunch of police cars and men in blue running out in the open. Knowing Jaymin, he has a lot of people that will back him up so it will be difficult to find him.

I was prepared to take only a few hours to get our hands on him but we were searching all throughout the night for him. We didn’t think it would cause us this much stress, but he is good at hiding. It wasn’t till now that I knew we were really underestimating him.

I was on my own as I ran down the sidewalk outside. Where would he go to hide? Where would he find the most protection?

Anyone would feel most comfortable in their own environment. Where can I always find him?

I ran down to the worst part of the city. I know a few others were searching in different directions from me so we could cover more ground. I paid attention to everyone I saw, but he wasn’t in the crowd of people. No one said anything as I pushed past them. The large crowds only made it harder. It was bad enough out here but it would be even worse if I went inside bars and clubs to find him.

My legs were numb, my chest was on fire, and now the air burned my throat. I was so tired. Still, I kept moving through alleyways to find him. He would hide in the dark. What kind of idiot would be in plain sight? Jaymin would wait for us to get tired then show himself.

I reached a dead end when I traveled too far. There was a fence that lead to an old neighborhood. It was too high to jump so I doubt Jaymin even attempted to jump over it. I turned to leave but I had to stop to breathe for just a second. I gasped for air through my open mouth, taking everything I could. My heart was beating so hard from the nervousness. This doesn’t happen. It wasn’t the kind of thrill I ever wanted to deal with.

Before I could take a step forward, I was hit at my back, and I fell over on the ground. My gun was knocked out of my hand when I hit the ground. It was in arms reach, but I felt a large weight on my leg and I couldn’t move.

I felt the exact moment that the bones in my leg snapped from the intense weight bared on it. The pain was excruciating and cruel, only to shock the breath out of my lungs as my silence shrills left my mouth. It hurt so much and all to keep me down on the ground. I couldn’t scream. I couldn’t yell. The pain shocked me.

“This wasn’t any fun.” Jaymin said as he pressed harder on my broken leg. He was cruel enough to really use a lot of force to keep me down. “I thought I could have a few more weeks before I was brought in.” he sighed. My body was shaking, but I still tried to reach for my gun. “Careful Morgan, you don’t want me to blow your hand off, do you?” he asked as he got off me, making me stop reaching.

Just when I finally knew, this happens to me.

“You played around with me.” I said through my teeth as I watched him kick my gun away. He had a larger one in his hand, and I’m sure he was prepared to use it.

“Of course I did.” He laughed. “What murderer just tells someone he’s been murdering people?” he walked around me. “You fell for the whole ‘I know a psycho that’s using me’ bit.”

“He’s not real?”

“Oh, that fucker is real. He killed two people. I’m still fucking pissed that he did anything in the first place” he continued to walk around. “Not that I put much effort into doing whatever I wanted to people, but I mean, it takes a crazy person to do some gruesome things. I was probably going to frame him for everything if it came down to it since he’s just a dumbass.” he laughed again.

He pulled me up by my hair and turned me over so I could see his face. He really was a killer, I could see it in his eyes. My body felt colder just looking at his face.

“I’m mad that you flipped the script on me so fast.” he really wasn’t happy about that. “When you asked for a hair sample, I thought my time was up but then I remembered that Michael is a good friend of mine. Sucked that he couldn’t change the results though.” he rolled his eyes.

If only Michael wasn’t the one given the final evidence. I wouldn’t be in this mess if someone actually did their job. No, if I had done it, everything would’ve been fine.

We would’ve had him in custody, and we’d be able to use the confession tape.

“You gave it your best shot, Morgan, and I admire that.” He said sweetly.

“We’ll...arrest you for this.” I said, trying to fight the pain that was beginning to make me sweat.

“Yeah, you might.” he shrugged, but he didn’t think we would. “But I have so many things I gotta finish first. Lucky for you, you’re now first on my list of things to take care of.” he smiled and stuck his tongue out.

My leg was completely numb. The fear made me not notice what my body was going through. I could barely move just from the shock my body was taking. I’ve never been in this much pain before but Jaymin was enjoying it. He got down in front of me, moving his gun underneath my chin.

“That’s the face I’ve been waiting for.” he said quietly to me. “Its such a shame I had to break your leg for you to have a face like this.” he said.

“You’ll get caught.” I breathed heavily. “We know who you are and we know you did it. You’ll get caught.”

He laughed though, amused that I was still trying. It’s like he was making fun of me, and he really was with the way he looked at me.

“I know I won’t get caught. Why do you think I came down this way?” he smiled widely. “I have friends that know how to work a few high tech guns. If any cop comes too close, they get shot in the head.” he said, gesturing to the buildings around us. We’re surrounded and I can’t tell anyone this. Jaymin was loving this. “I wouldn’t mind touching myself with all their blood on me, I’m sure it would be just as erotic as doing it on their dead bodies.” he stuck his tongue out again, and I knew he was imagining it.

I was actually scared. I was really scared of him. To think that he murdered so many people including his teacher. Was that for revenge or because he wanted to? I wanted to call his bluff and say that he was panicking just like I was. There was probably no one on the look out waiting for a cop to get near him. Or he could be serious and might bring a lot of people to their death.

“You wouldn’t do anything.”

“You wanna bet, detective?” he grabbed my hair so I could look him in the eyes. “You think my fun will stop here? I won’t stop till I have enough blood to fucking bathe in.” he let me go. “I should’ve killed you when I had the chance, but that would have been too easy.” he walked around. “I have to say that you’re just like me though.” he came back to me so I could see his face.

I’m nothing like him. Hearing him say that sparked something in me but it wasn’t enough for me to move. Still, I didn’t like it.


“What? Compare you to me? You’re just as gross as I am, detective.” he said and got down in front of me. “Ah, this face of yours turns me on.” he moaned.

Even now he still wants to be the gross psycho that he is. He grabbed my hair again and moved his gun to my head. He smiled widely like he always does.

“Any last words before I fuck your dead body?” he asked.

This wasn’t a bluff either. He’d do it. I know he would. To think that he’d even go that far to get off didn’t surprise me either. He’s crazy. He’ll like anything.

I don’t have any words for him. I won’t give him that satisfaction. I kept my jaw clenched as I tried to fight the pain in my leg. The numbness would go away and come back for a few seconds, now I was in pain again. In a few more seconds, I’ll be dead.

“Freeze!” I heard a cop shout. We both turned to look at the five cops that were standing at the end of the alleyway. “Drop the gun and get on your knees!” One of them shouted, all of them pointing their guns in our direction.

“Its your call, Morgan.” Jaymin dropped the gun and moved on to his knees. I looked over to the cops that were about to close in but I saw the red dots on their foreheads.


His friends have snipers.

“Wait!” I said quickly. “Don’t come any closer. There’s snipers all around us.” I warned them. They looked around on them and saw the red beams of light wherever they was coming from.

I had to beg them to listen to me. We wouldn't get out of this alive unless they let Jaymin leave. I don't care what they do afterwards, but if they want to walk out of here, Jaymin has to go.

My leg throbbed intensely from the injury; I couldn’t move it at all, even to just sit up. If I could get my gun, I would kill Jaymin myself but it was too far away now. I could use the one he had on the ground, but even as I thought of that, I saw a red beam on it; I wouldn’t be able to touch it. I put my head down on the ground because I couldn’t hold it up anymore; the pain was severe enough to get me on the brink of passing out.

This was not how it was supposed to happen.

We were put in a bad position.

This was the perfect moment for Jaymin to get away, and he did. I could hear him climbing the fence to get to the other side. When someone threatened to shoot, I heard the warning fire, and I know it wasn't from a police officer. I couldn't look up to see who got shot.

Everything was turning in to a blur. I heard the call for the paramedics. One down, one injured. Someone came over to me to help me up but I couldn't move. The pain was so much that I flinched when someone touched me. I didn't want to get up.

All I could think about was getting Jaymin. All I could think about was arresting him and putting him in jail where he belongs.

The paramedics came for me. They thought I had multiple fractures, and it was obvious how my leg was twisted. They couldn't be sure what was broken so I had to get an X-Ray to see. Apparently it will be a miracle if I’ll be able to walk again with the extreme damage I have to my bones and the muscles in the area. Already I knew I would have to go through surgery and deal with all this.

Everything seemed to spiral.

People were asking me questions but I couldn’t answer. My mind was elsewhere.

I guess I was in shock. Maybe it was the pain or how real the situation was but I was definitely in shock. It made me realize that I want nothing to do with this anymore.

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