Super Psycho

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Prologue Two: The Psycho

“How does it feel to be on both legs?” The nurse asked me.

I’m supposed to leave today. After all those weeks of surgery, I was told that I should be able to walk again, granted that I don’t break my bones again. I was extremely lucky, that’s what a few doctors told me.

There was a weird pressure sensation on my leg when I tried to stand up right. “I can’t hold my weight up on my left leg.” I said as I did my best to find balance. All I got was a buzzing numbness in my left leg instead.

When I put my weight on my left leg it felt like it was about to break again. So I put my weight on my right leg and lifted the other. At least I can move slowly. The pain wasn’t as bad as what I’ve dealt with. I can handle this pain. I just have to make sure not to hurt myself.

“It’s going to take some time, but the fact that you can move your leg around is a miracle.” The nurse backed away to give me some room to try and walk. “I thought you would need a wheelchair, but you’ll be fine on crutches for a few weeks.” She seemed more proud than anything.

“This is good, Morgan.” Harley said behind me.

Well I do have to admit that I feel good. It’s nice to be up and moving, well trying to move. It’s been a month confined to a hospital bed and now I’ll be able to leave.

“What we’re going to do is get a cast on your leg, okay, but I doubt you’ll need it long.” The nurse said as she picked up my chart. “Move around as much as you can to get your body used to the weight again. If you feel pain in your leg though, it’s okay to sit down and rest.” She instructed. “I’ll be right back with your medication.” She left the room.

I sat back down in my bed and glanced at Harley. She seemed more excited that I was leaving than I was. I actually did want to be out of here but she was happier. The sooner I get out of here, the faster I can get back to work.

But we always have this conversation when she stays with me. She knows that I don’t want to go back to work anymore. She gives me that sad look, the one where she pouts and her eyes smolder and she gets ready to beg me.

“How long are you planning on being on bed rest?” Harley asked, quietly, really about to start trying to persuade me.

“You know I plan on quitting.” I looked back at her. “Let me quit in peace.” I begged her when I saw her expression.

Immediately she gave up on her routine and groaned with frustration. “You can’t quit, Morgan.” She said. “What are you going to do? You don’t have another job.”

“That’s true. I don’t.” I should actually care about that. “My parents have been worried for years. You think they’ll let me move back in?” I asked.

“You turn thirty-one in December.”

“I’m handicapped.”

“You’re supposed to be able to walk again by the end of the month, Morgan.” She said plainly. “Don’t quit okay. We need you.”

I get that they do but I have a feeling that it would be in my best interest to stay as far away as possible from the case. I’ve been having sudden nightmares about Jaymin being around me so I need a break to calm down.

And right as Harley started begging me to stay, a few agents from the FBI walked into my room.

It’s been a week of seeing them everyday and I’m tired of it. They’ve asked multiple times for me to take the position but I don’t want to. I’m not interested.

I rolled my eyes when I saw them again. It’s going to be the same routine like all the other times before. Nothing’s going to change. All the government wants to do is bother me.

“Hello, Morgan.” The woman said to me as she smiled. I knew exactly what they were going to use one me. This was the first time she smiled at me and it wasn’t genuine. They must have something on me.

The scare tactics don’t work.

I don’t know either of them but they are the two that have been harassing me to continue with the case. I would really like if they leave me alone but that seemed like it would be too good to be true.

“I said no three times. I have no interest in being FBI.” I got that out there so they knew I would be hostile the entire time we talked.

“That’s fine. We actually have a few questions for you.” The woman handed me a folder. Inside were pictures.

They were from the street cameras. I had no idea what I was looking at till I saw the picture that was zoomed in by a cafe that was at the corner of the street. It wasn’t until I saw that I was the one standing there that I remembered the day I saw Michael with Jaymin. The FBI actually got a photo of us together.

“It was hard to retrace the systems that the hackers used but we got some of the street photos.” The man said as I flipped through the pictures. “We had no idea that you met with the murderer on several occasions.” He didn’t sound that surprised.

“I had my suspicions about him, but didn’t have any evidence.” I defended myself rather easily. “It wasn’t till I got the hair sample results that I was sure.” I said.

“And Michael?” The woman asked.

“If I knew what his problem was beforehand, I would’ve made sure he was fired.”

However, that’s not how things were. For whatever reason Michael did this, I’m guessing he had no choice. He made it seem like he did, and even if he wasn’t truly sorry, that was because he had someone to protect. So I’m more concerned that now that person may or may not be a new target. Michael was already screwed in the beginning, it doesn’t matter.

It’s been weeks so I’m not bitter. I’m not mad. I’m not upset. I’m done with the case. I don’t work anymore. It’s like I can breathe again, well at least when the FBI aren’t trying to shove a job offer down my throat.

“You can’t blackmail me. I’d rather deal with the consequences.” I looked up at them, not really surprised by their attempt to try and make it seem like I had something to do with the murders.

They didn’t like that I wouldn’t change my mind.

“We’re prepared to double your salary if that’s what it takes.” The woman said.

Was that their last resort? Was that supposed to impress me?

I was about to say no right off the bat but paused when they said they’d double my salary. I wasn’t supposed to be impressed but for a slight second, I actually wanted to think this over. I shouldn’t give in because of the money but I sure was about to.

I had to shake off the idea.

“I’m moving somewhere else. Please don’t ask me again.” I finally said as I got up on my right leg slowly, trying to move my left leg down. “I doubt I’ll be of any help to you, so you can leave me alone.” I said.


“Don’t.” I stopped them. “I can’t help you.” I was adamant about not wanting to continue with the case. The amount of money is not enough for me to go through the torture.

Knowing Jaymin, he’ll just test my patience.

I’ve had enough.

“The offer still stands when you feel like it.” The man said beside her. “We’ll let you think about it.”

They turned away to leave my room. I was just so tired of them offering me something I don’t want to refuse. I don’t need more money but it would definitely be nice to have. Is it worth the insanity? Not really. I don’t want it.

I looked at Harley once they left. Apparently, that’s not the first time they barged into my room. The only thing different today is that they tried to leverage me. I sat back down and looked at the pictures they had of me in public. It wasn’t a lot, but enough to raise the question. They could trace back to the photos the hackers erased.

That just means they don’t need me. If they have the people that can find him, they shouldn’t have to beg me to come back. It’s not like I’ll be much use to them.

“They used the ‘double your salary’ line.” Harley said.

“They did.”

We bet that it wouldn’t come to that but she won. I really didn’t think that it would be that serious but it was and I don’t know if it’s really that serious.

“I just want to go home.” I said quietly.

Right now is not the best time for me to think about something that caused me problems for months. I don’t want to deal with it anymore.

After a little while, I got my medication. I got the cast put on my leg and my crutches. Now I could finally leave the hospital. It’s been a little over a month of just being here and now I could finally take my first steps outside. Harley held my stuff as I got used to holding my own weight again.

It was nice to be outside.

I was actually a little afraid that I wouldn’t be able to walk.

Just a few more weeks and my leg will be okay again.

I haven’t been home in a while. Harley just walked right in to put away my medications for me and to set things up for me on the couch. I didn’t move from where I was standing. I just haven’t been here in a while so it’s going to take some time to get used to.

The last time I was in my apartment I was...

I couldn’t remember what I was doing.

I moved forward slowly on my crutches and made my way to the kitchen. The first thing I had to check was my wine cabinet. I usually have no problem ignoring this cabinet but for the first time, I found myself rushing to see if anything was missing, if that bottle was missing.

It wasn’t till now that I remembered where I hid everything I had kept from four years ago. It was just another burden on my shoulders. I don’t feel this weak unless I’m falling apart.

“...there’s food in the fridge and I put your medication on the first shelf.” Harley was talking to me.

I was barely listening. I hadn’t even realize she was nearby.

“If you need anything, call me. But I know you won’t even if you do need something.” She was never that hopeful when it came to me leaning on her for help.

She always goes above and beyond so I’m not going to burden her anymore than what she’s already done for me. I’m okay with everything I have.

“Thanks, Harley.”

“Please don’t just sit around, okay. You heard what your doctor said.”

“I heard.”

I don’t know why she nags me so much. I’m not a little kid. Though, I do know she’s looking out for me and I have a tendency to just blow everything off. I guess she’s right in telling me what to do. I have a few weeks of just staying at home before I can resume my life the way I had it before.

Then again, I have to find a new job. I did say I was going to move, maybe I should go home to my parents first.

Harley left to go to the front door but she paused. From where I was, I saw Harrison coming in. He has never showed up to my place before, and with the way he was dressed, he came right from work. For all I know, he could still be working.

He just walked right in with a package for me. With the expression on his face, it’s not looking good. I leaned against the counter so I wouldn’t have to grip my crutches so hard to keep me up right. Harley didn’t leave, just because she was wary of leaving Harrison with me. They both came into the kitchen; Harrison put the package down by the sink.

“This is every photo they traced to find you and that murderer.” He pressed his finger down on it. “I don’t know how, but the why seems to matter more.”


“Here’s some legal advice. Listen to what they tell you, or the state will force me to bring you down as well.” He warned me.

I didn’t want to be a part of whatever it is. I don’t want to continue the case. I don’t want to find Jaymin. I don’t want to go back to work. I don’t want this.

I wanted to tell him no, to say that he could put me in court but the only thing he’d do is put an innocent person in prison. When I looked at him, I just shrugged. I couldn’t give him what he wanted because I was so tired.

This is draining.

What I went through was draining.

I don’t want to be involved anymore. I want to give this off to someone else because they’ll be better able to handle it.

Harrison wanted to persuade me but I guess he saw how sad I truly was on the inside. Harley didn’t even say anything either. I don’t care what happens next. I just want to go through my life in peace.

“Michael is in jail and he’s been begging to talk to you.” Harrison said, changing the subject. He didn’t look at me as he spoke. I’m sure he heard what happened with Michael.

I didn’t want to help.

He didn’t get what he deserved. He helped a murderer; I don’t know to what extent but he let Jaymin get away. I don’t care what excuse he has, I don’t want to help.

“Tell him to go to hell.” I said spitefully. That boiling anger I had a month ago was beginning to rise again. It was about to swallow me hole.

“He said he was protecting his nephew.”

I still had to control my anger. I usually don’t have this problem, but I usually don’t have people cross me and not do their jobs they were hired to do. It’s sad that Michael was worried about someone but I am so sure that he could’ve done something to protect everyone.

“If his nephew wasn’t a target before, he is now. Loose ends aren’t Jaymin’s favorite thing. He doesn’t need Michael anymore so he doesn’t have to ignore his nephew.” I said plainly.

I can’t help. Michael could’ve put an end to this but he decided to make it worse. I can’t do anything for him. He did this to himself. And it wasn’t a shocker that I didn’t believe Harrison. Knowing how Michael has messed with me, my case, and my life, I’m sure he’s going to say whatever he needs to to get me to talk to him.

That’s it.

“Maybe he might have a lot of information, stuff we don’t know.” Harley tried to make me find the good side to this but there isn’t one.

“Michael got played. Just like I did. I can’t help him.” I didn’t want to help him. “If you want to bring me to court, that’s fine, Harrison. You’re just doing your job.” I was already giving up. And it’s not like I have something to hide.

Harley was concerned for me, I could see it on the sad expression on her face. There’s nothing I really wanted to do anymore.

I’m tired and felt broken.

I just want all this to be over.

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