Super Psycho

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☣Chapter Twelve☣

TW: Active kinks: food play, alcohol play, erotic asphyxiation. Passive kinks (talked about): necrophilia, erotophonophilia

Because I wasn’t here for the last month, I had to keep reviewing the evidence that was gathered. I was looking up at a board with all the victims’ pictures and where they were killed.

Each one were brutal but I expect nothing less.

What was I supposed to tell them? That I wish I knew where Jaymin was hiding? That if I could, I would definitely take him down? It’s clear that I won’t ever touch him. That’s what seemed odd about me. I was quiet.

I had nothing to say.

I know where I can find Jaymin, what he looks like, and what he’s doing.

Yet I pretended like there was nothing I could do at this very point in time. It’s wrong of me to play around with these officials. All I could do was sit here and pretend like I didn’t know that much more. I should be tipping them off with everything I have instead of being quiet.

“Jaymin’s active during the late nights and early mornings. That could mean one of two things: he has a day job that gives him more time to work freely at night, or he works night shifts so he has a strong alibi.” I explained.

“Where did he work before?” Charles asked.

“One of the clubs, which are mainly open during the night.” Harley said.

“But how does working at night give him a strong alibi?-”

“A lot of people are under the influence at those clubs. It’s easy to make them say whatever you want to say.”

We can’t trust the word of anyone who was drunk or high when dealing with Jaymin.

I thought the others would get it as quick as I did but I gave them a few more seconds since they didn’t. As they talked this out, I got up from my seat and looked at the map with the scattered pictures on the board.

Two of the murders weren’t done by Jaymin. They didn’t fit what I described to myself last night.

I know Jaymin would go out of his way to kill someone he doesn’t like. If he does go out of his way, he does something horrific to the body. It’s a way of telling us he can do whatever he wants.

The two pictures I picked up weren’t the same; these two murders were different from the rest. The wounds and cuts were much sloppier. It was like whoever did this wasn’t taking this seriously, or they did this in a haste to get people off their tracks. Jaymin isn’t this careless. Plus I’ve seen worse.

I put the pictures down on the table and took a red marker, circling the area where I found Jaymin last night.

It was just far enough away that it seemed like there was no way he was in the area. He will go out of his way to kill someone. This just proves it.

“These two murders were done by someone else. What we have to figure out is if the person is connected to Jaymin.” I said, even though I know whoever did this is not connected with Jaymin.

It’s already clear he would never share the credit. He wouldn’t take credit for something he didn’t do either.

They can figure that out.

“This is where he is.” I pointed to the red circle. “We just don’t know what he looks like at the moment.” Well, they don’t. What I actually don’t know is his new identity.

I lifted my hands and flexed my fingers. His fingertips were calloused and darker, like he had healing wounds. They felt rough on my skin. Just by him touching me, I knew he did something to obscure his finger print.

“He probably burned his fingers so we can’t get a print match.” I said to myself as I turned to the board again.

“How would you know that?” Someone asked me.

How would I know that? Well, everyone doubts themselves at one point. Jaymin won’t go down until he’s finished everything he wanted. It’s like he does have a hit list, and he can’t be touched until everyone on that list is taken care of. He doesn’t choose victims randomly, so of course he has a list. If he does get arrested again, he’s damn well going to play it off like we got the wrong person. What better way to do that than getting a new look and changing his identity.

There’s only so much a person can change about themselves.

“He’ll go out of his way to make sure he’s not caught.” I said and turned to them. “That’s what this means.” I pointed to the map on the board.

All this just means that he’s not done yet.

We can either let him finish, or stop him before he kills someone else. I would prefer to mind my own business but I can’t stand idly by while people are getting killed.

I looked at one of the pictures.

The woman looked like Ms. Linda Bullock.

Her name was Martine Bullock. She was thirty seven, tall, brunette hair, green eyes, had a birthmark on her neck. She was a dance teacher, just like Linda was, but the things said about her weren’t as viscous as what was said about Linda. She was killed five weeks ago.

She’s the only other family member killed recently.

There’s five murders before her, and five after her. I tried to think if there was a significance to that. Maybe Jaymin snapped again. But Martine’s murder didn’t look as violent as Linda’s... however, she wasn’t tied up like the others were for display; her body was left in the alleyway, her neck cut open, her eyes gouged out, and her tongue cut off.

There was also a wound to her head that I thought was a bullet wound but it looked too big to be caused by a gun.

I turned back to the table and looked through all the photos of the murder to find hers. I was curious about her, if she meant anything or not. Why kill another family member if all he wanted was Linda...-

The grandfather! Jaymin’s going after the grandfather and what better way to do that than by killing everyone he loves before he kills him?

I had spaced out as I ran scenarios in my head. Most of them ended with more family members dead no matter how much we tried to protect them. We don’t know who Jaymin will go after next, but I know for sure that the grandfather is definitely on the list. When will he kill him?

“...Morgan? Are you okay?” Harley was up beside me, holding on to me. When I finally came to, I realized my leg was throbbing.

I don’t know why.

“I’m fine.” I said quietly. “I was just thinking.” I looked down at a close up photo of Martine’s head wound.

I knew it was too big to just be a gunshot wound. Her brain could be seen from the hole and it looked like mush, like something probed around in her head.

“Was there a skin sample found in Martine’s head wound?” I asked as I waved the picture around.

The five of them looked amongst each other in confusion. They shouldn’t look like that. When they didn’t answer, I had to change the question.

“Did anyone think to ask about finding DNA in her head wound?”

“Why would we need to?” Charles asked.

To them, they don’t know the difference between a revenge kill and a fun kill. I took the red marker and wrote an R over Martine’s picture on the board. For everyone else, I wrote an F.

“Any of the Bullock family members killed are now going to be considered revenge kills. Having the most gruesome murder doesn’t mean he’s mad. However-” I lifted up Martine’s picture, “the more he disrespects the body means he’s still holding his grudge. Jaymin does not like the Dean of the school and he will ruin that family.” I warned them.


“We don’t know who he’ll go after next.”

“We have to give protection to that family. If we watch them, we’ll find him.”

A trap? If Jaymin is clouded enough by his revenge then maybe it will work. But I know he doesn’t move around alone. Now that he’s got caught once, he’s taking precautions.

“No, he’ll find out we’re watching. We can expect a lot of distractions if we focus on the family.” I explained.


“The other random murders, the bank robberies, the shootings.” Harley said.

“And with how our department got cut, we shouldn’t be putting everyone on just a few people.”

“Then what do we do?”

I don’t have to answer that question. I’m not the lead on the case. I don’t have a plan, at least a plan I can share out loud.

I looked towards Rebecca and Keith. They’re the ones who brought me in to this and I told them I wasn’t going to be the lead. They have people to answer to, people that tell them what we can and can’t do. When I looked at them, so did the others.

“We’ll get back to you on that at the end of the day.” Keith said as he glanced at Rebecca.

In a matter of days, we’ll have more officers sent here and we’ll be able to have a lot of people keeping watch. This might even be a real fight against Jaymin.

The others left the room. Harley and I didn’t move until we had the room to ourselves. She let out a heavy breath and sat down in a chair.

“This is tiring.” She sighed.

It really is.

“Morgan, how do you know all this? You know more than I thought you did.” She said.

Well it is true. I shrugged and she gave me a concerned look. Something was on her mind and I know what it was. Harley has always worried for me, and this time it was justified.

“How well do you know him?” She asked.

“Very. And he’s unpleasant.”

“You’re not...” She wanted to know if I was working with him.

I wouldn’t be giving out all this information if I was. Then again, I haven’t been telling everything and there is a reason for that.

“I wouldn’t.” I said.

“You’re okay?”

I’m fine. I didn’t answer out loud but I wanted to hope that she knew I was fine. She doesn’t need to worry about me when we have a job to do.

Before I could comfort her and let her know I was okay, since she continued to give me that concerned look on her face, someone came in the room abruptly, slamming the door open to get our attention.

Harrison wanted to see me all morning but I was avoiding him. I know what he wants from me.

“Guess where we’re going.” He said, not too excited.

“Harrison, no-”

“I’m tired of the harassment. I’m supposed to be a symbol for justice, for the people, but here I am trying to get an accomplice to talk to another accomplice.”

That’s how he starts all his righteous speeches, and I get why he’s doing his job and what he wants to accomplish. It’s not a good thing for him when he’s being pestered to meet with someone he doesn’t want to meet.

Michael still wants to talk to me and I don’t care. Whatever happened to him, happened only to him. He got in trouble, now he’s paying the price. I don’t care what Michael wants to say to me. Even an apology wouldn’t be worth my time. I lost a lot in the past two months and I do have Michael to thank for that.

“I’m not interested, Harrison. Tell him to go to hell.” I turned away and looked at the board, acting on my obvious anger and bitterness.

“I don’t have time for this, Morgan!” He snapped behind me. “Let’s go so we can come back and do our jobs.”

I didn’t want to go anywhere. Michael has nothing important to say to me. He ruined everything. I don’t care if I’m being petty or mean but I would prefer to see him in his jail cell.

But Harrison was so pissed off at me that I couldn’t say anything else. I had to cooperate or he could use a lot to leverage me.

It wasn’t a quiet ride to the prison. Harrison gave me a righteous speech about what his job was supposed to mean to him and the public, and how I compromised his career. I can’t say that I don’t care because I used to be like him. I wanted justice to prevail.

Now I just want to live my life in peace.

All I could think about was where I was going to move next and if I still wanted to work in criminal justice. I wanted to try and plan the rest of my life but I couldn’t seem to get it together.

It was wrong, like I couldn’t find where I belonged.

I lost something. Maybe my interest or my drive.

I ignored Harrison talking to me, even as we got out of the car. It sounded like a jumble of noise since he was still going on about how annoyed he was. He does have things to do, and he’s a very busy person, so to take time out of his day to do an unplanned visit upset him. I didn’t want to be here either but at this point, I just have nothing to say about it.

We walked inside the jail, getting everything on us checked, and allowed to see Michael in a secluded room. His lawyer was with him as well so I know he was going to watch what he was going to say. Harrison doesn’t represent me but he wouldn’t let me get taken over by someone who he doesn’t think is a good lawyer.

I sat down quietly in front of Michael, my hands in my coat pockets. His lawyer was warning him not to talk based on my hostile behavior. I wasn’t hostile yet but I was definitely about to be.

“Heard you’re part of FBI now.” He started off.

I didn’t respond to his statement. I looked him dead in the eyes as I waited for him to say something meaningful.

“Your hair’s getting longer, makes you look tougher.”

Was he trying to make conversation with me? He’s not doing a good job. Who cares what I look like? It’s not like I had the chance to clean myself up since I’ve been disabled for two months.

“What do you want, Michael? You know I’m not in the mood to deal with you right now.” I said.

He didn’t even look apologetic.

“Did Harrison get you with the whole protect my nephew story?” He asked. I knew he wasn’t being sincere. “You always gave in to sap stories.”

I was on my feet, tempted to reach across the table and bash his head in but Harrison had my arms back to stop me. I could only picture what it would be like to give Michael what he deserved and it seemed like it would’ve felt amazing to get his blood everywhere.

My hands clenched and I did my best to focus. I’m not one to have violent thoughts so I should control myself.

Harrison pushed me down in the chair again once I got myself together.

“What do you want, Michael? If you have no evidence or statement you want to make, none of us need to be here-”

Harrison cut me off. “Making false statements can hurt your chances in court so be careful.” He warned Michael.

“My client-”

“‘My client’ my ass. I’m tired of the harassment. What do you want, Michael?” Harrison asked him.

Michael kept his eyes on me, just waiting patiently. Did he want us to be alone? He knows I’ll do something I shouldn’t. My anger with him is something I don’t want to control. If he didn’t mess up, then I wouldn’t be this miserable. I want to hurt him so he knows how he messed with me.

“Can we be alone?” I asked.


“Absolutely not-”

“Just for a few moments.” Michael looked at his lawyer.

I was sure that Michael wanted to tell me something to scare me, to get me to back off. I was also sure he wanted me to kill him. That’s how I felt at the moment.

Whatever he wanted to say to me, it couldn’t be said with two lawyers.

The two of them did leave. So now Michael can cut the shit and get to the point.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“I’m more concerned with how you are.” He said, sitting back in his chair, his hands pulling on the chains that kept him to the table. “I heard about the break in your leg.”

“You do know that if you hadn’t let him go, I would’ve been fine.” I reminded him. He only shrugged at the comment. “Do you even have a nephew you’re trying to protect.”

He laughed. “No.” I don’t understand why it’s funny. “I needed to talk to you. More so to warn you to back off.”

“Or you’ll kill yourself in your cell?”

“I’m not safe anywhere. But that’s not the point. You’re playing with fire, Morgan. You might want to be careful.” He warned me.

“Did he put you up to this?” I narrowed my eyes.


“Then I don’t understand-”

“You changed. Like got rough.”

I still wasn’t believing in his concern for me. I didn’t think he actually cared. What did he really want from me? To get him out of here? He knows I will let him rot.

“I’m warning you for your own good.” He said to me. “Being neutral will not work out for you.”

“I wasn’t-”

“You tend to take no side when you’re not sure what to do.” Michael apparently thought he knew me. “The FBI forced you into something you didn’t want and you feel loyal to-”

“I’m not loyal to anything except my job.”

“Doesn’t seem that way.” He shrugged. I don’t understand the point of me being here. “Don’t make the wrong decision.”

I got up from my chair and hit the door so I could be let out. We’re done here. Michael is just playing games. I don’t need to be warned for anything. If I want to be neutral, I can be.

The point of me working is to tip them off so they can make the catch. I’ll get what I can out of Jaymin and lay it out as evidence. Anything else though, anything physical, anything that requires me to exert force, I won’t do it. I don’t have the strength to do it.

“What did he say?” Harrison pulled me forward so we could leave. “Was it anything incriminating?”

“No. He was just warning me.” I said quietly.

“Warning you about what?” He asked. When I didn’t answer, he stopped walking and looked at me. “What did you do?” He asked.


Apparently I’m just not on the right side.

Warning me is not going to change anything that I do. I can stay on Jaymin’s good side. I can also help the FBI catch him. This is neutral. As long as I don’t provoke anyone, I can deal with everything.

Later at night, I went back to my apartment. I did a lot of walking today and I wanted to sit down to take a break. It was getting a little difficult to walk up steps; my leg started to shake a bit so I knew it was time to lay down.

I have a busy day tomorrow so I really should get some rest.

When I got inside, I noticed the lights were on in the kitchen. I wasn’t shocked but more so slightly annoyed.

“Took you long enough.” Jaymin was sitting on the kitchen counter, a bottle of vodka next to him. “I was getting worried for you, Morgan.” He kicked his legs around.

“Is there a reason why you’re here?” I asked him as I took off my coat.

“Nope.” He smiled.

I’m not surprised. Jaymin is just doing this to annoy me now. He knows I’m not going to do anything to expose him so why not mess around with me. That’s probably why he’s having fun.

I should get something out of it.

“Why’d you kill Martine Bullock?” I asked.

“Oh, more incriminating questions. I missed this.” He was about to get into it. I noticed the whipped cream he had beside the vodka bottle. “You know how to get me to talk, Detective.”

I stood in front of him and crossed my arms over my chest. I wasn’t entertained anymore.

“When you stare at me like that, I get goosebumps.” He shivered.


“Oh, and you’re using my real name now. I didn’t know we were that close.” He smiled at me.

I really just needed answers from him and I don’t want to play around. He’s here, risking my life and my job, so he owes me a lot.

“Now, tell me why do you care about Martine Bullock?” He asked as I got closer, putting my hands down on the counter. “I mean, the bitch got what was coming to her so I don’t see what the big deal is.”

“You only hated Linda.”

“You thought I only hated Linda.” He corrected me. “I don’t know if you think I’m some one dimensional killer but I’m going to destroy that family one by one.”

He played it off like he wasn’t angry or bitter. He didn’t sound angry either. Was he always this casual when he talked about the people he killed?

“Did she even do anything to you?”

He narrowed his eyes at the question but didn’t respond. I forgot that everyone did something to him, at least for his revenge murders. And the others that he’s been killing, well he’s been picking it out.

He picked up the bottle of vodka and poured a little into the shot glass. It was just one shot glass and I knew he was pouring it for me.

What is he going to tell me? That I need to let loose?

“Who’s next on your list?” I asked him. Is it another family member or some random person that looked at him the wrong way while in school?

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” He laughed as he handed me the shot glass. “Give in to your alcoholism, and I’ll tell you.”

“I’m not an alcoholic.” I said but I took the shot glass anyway.

My leg was hurting and I knew the heat from the vodka will make it go away. I took the shot and felt the warmth sliding down my throat. It wasn’t rough enough for me.

“Whose blood am I going to splatter next?” He asked slowly as he poured more vodka in the shot glass. “I can tell you that I am going to ruin some lives in the next few weeks.”

“And the random people?”

“Will always be random, Morgan.” He winked at me.

I shouldn’t have gotten too hopeful about getting him to talk. However, based on his mood tonight, I knew that it was going to be another random murder next. Who it will be, where he will find them, or what he was going to do, that’s not what he’s going to tell me.

“So I brought whipped cream.” he took the cap off. “I want both these bottles empty by morning.”

I told myself that I wasn’t going to get drunk tonight, that there was no reason for me to, but I was reminded of the pain in my leg. I don’t use alcohol to mask the pain, and I know that Jaymin is the worst influence I’ve ever subjected myself to, but it’s so much easier to use alcohol to mask the pain.

“Want to have some fun with me, Morgan?”

What I really wanted was to handle the bottle of vodka first. If I’m drunk enough, then maybe I can handle having fun with him.

“I have more questions.” I said as I took the vodka.

“Well, we have all night.”

We do. As much as that should be a problem, I was thinking about other things at the moment. I picked up the open bottle of vodka. It was a new bottle, just opened, and a few shots taken. I’m sure I wouldn’t have any problem taking in this entire bottle.

I’m not drunk enough yet, but for the first time I didn’t try to suppress anything.

He took off his shirt and tossed it to the floor. He had a feeling that I might’ve done something so that was his first reaction. I was staring at his neck, seeing where I put bruises on him from before. He will proudly wear the scars and marks because they don’t bother him. I thought about tipping the vodka slowly, letting it spill on to his skin, and just...licking it all up.

I should really be focusing on getting answers to my questions.

My hand tilted the bottle anyway, letting enough vodka spill down his neck and on to his chest. I could smell the strong alcohol on him, and it just made me want to do a lot more than what I saw myself doing.

I hesitated before I licked his skin. I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t go for it like he could. I always had something holding me back.

I care about my work more.

“There are two people you didn’t kill in the past three weeks.” I said quietly.

“Come on, Morgan.” he groaned obnoxiously. “That’s not dirty talk.” he didn’t seem too happy that I took the focus away from what he wanted. “Why do you always want to talk about who was killed?”

I moved away to look him in the eyes. He wasn’t pouting but I knew he was upset. However, it only took a second for his expression to change; he began to smile slowly, though I didn’t understand what it meant.

“Do you have a murder kink, Morgan?” He asked. It really wasn’t a nice question. “That’s the only reason you want to talk to me about the murders, right?”

No, I just-

“It felt good to fuck her brains.” He started to laugh.

I had to stop him from talking. I knew he could be disrespectful, but this was just going to far. My hand moved around his neck, hoping he would stop but he only smiled wider.

“What’s wrong, Morgan?” He asked. My fingers pressed harder so he would have trouble breathing. His hand moved over mine but I didn’t let go. “She didn’t scream...if that’s what you’re worried about.” He croaked.

“You’re horrible.”

“For which part? Her head? Or her eyes?”

Apparently I wasn’t hurting him hard enough to make him stop it. His blatant disrespect for the dead wasn’t to my liking. I knew he had a problem, but this is beyond what it is.

“When are you going to stop?” I asked him. “This can’t be entertaining for you anymore.”

“You’re so hot when you want to kill me.”

“Jaymin, I swear to God-”

“Sure you want to do that?”

I give up. I let go of him when I realized all he wanted to do was play games with me. It makes me wonder if he was taking me seriously this entire time. Then again, when has he ever taken me seriously.

“Martine and Linda have two younger twin brothers and they’re both next.” He meant it. I stared at him in disbelief despite feeling his certainty in every bone or my body.

They’re next.

We know who to watch next.

“So are you going to fuck me or not?” He yanked on my tie, pulling me closer. “I answered your questions like you wanted. Now I want your cock in me.” When I seemed hesitant again, he tilted his head to the side.

Does...murder turn him on, too?

“You still have an entire bottle of vodka left. I think you should use that.” He gestured to it.

I was​ slightly stunned for the moment. In fact, I don’t think I was paying attention to anything he said to me. All I could do was watch him take a drink from the bottle. Before I knew it, he was abruptly pulling me forward to kiss me, to let the vodka flow in my mouth.

It was a mess.

I could feel it over flowing from my lips, spilling down my chin and on to my clothes. It was a lot to focus on. Mostly just tasting the vodka burn my throat and warm my stomach.

It wasn’t enough to mask the pain in my leg.

I kept kissing him for the taste. I wanted the vodka to cloud how I felt. His mouth was warmer but I wanted to feel the heat. I wanted to taste more of the vodka. I remembered that I spilled vodka over his neck and chest.

His hands moved in my hair, his fingers twisting tightly as I lowered myself to lick his neck and his chest.

“If I knew you were going to lick me this much, I would’ve brought another bottle.” He said, excited.

It wasn’t that serious.

Did he think I was just as excited as he was?

“I know a few places where you could lick whipped cream off me if you’re interested.” He suggested but I wasn’t too keen for food play like he was.

I ignored the thought of him getting whipped cream all over his skin. We’ve done that with chocolate syrup before and that only led to a mess.

That didn’t stop him anyway.

I had whipped cream and vodka in my mouth, and they did not mix well. Jaymin looked so happy to be having fun with me and to him, that was the only thing he needed from me. He enjoys doing whatever he wants with me. I let him do it, and now I just hesitate less and less.

Now when I touch him, it’s different.

It makes me want to keep going, to keep touching him, to not stop. I don’t know what it was, or what happened, but something changed immediately. And that’s so worrisome.

I would get to see his cheeks turn red as my fingers pressed around his throat. His hand was over mine, clawing over my knuckles and trying to get my hand to let loose. Or maybe he wanted to press tighter. He would tighten up around me when my fingers pressed into his neck.

He struggled to breathe; I could hear the rasp in his voice as he tried to get in one gasp of air. Feeling his body twitch and squirm as I deprived him of air. I just couldn’t let go.

I don’t want to say that I felt bliss for the first time in a long time.

Jaymin has a tendency to bring out sides of me that I’m not supposed to have. It’s not till afterwards that I usually get a little concerned.

But there was something that made me not want to stop.

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