Super Psycho

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☢Chapter Thirteen☢

TW: Temperature play/wax play, vibrators, light bondage, forced orgasm, algolagnia, hematolagnia, piquerism

“I can’t stand vanilla sex!” Jaymin groaned and leaned back in my bed. He’s been like this all morning. I told him I wasn’t interested in anything else at the moment.

I certainly wasn’t going to let him make a mess in my room. It’s bad enough that he’s here, but he’s here and he’s horny. I don’t want to help. The second I was willing, he immediately expressed his concern.

Vanilla sex isn’t his thing.

“I tied your hands up.” I said, hoping that it made a difference but it didn’t.

He groaned again and let his head rest at the edge of the bed, his black hair moving out of his face. “That doesn’t mean anything.” He complained miserably.

“If this means anything, I’m not in the mood to have sex.” I said plainly as I held his favorite vibrator. I had to go to work but he had all these plans.

He never cares if I’m in the mood or not. It always has to be about himself, and at this point, that doesn’t worry me.

He gasped when he saw something. “Candles! Get a candle!”

He was staring upside down at the candles on the table by the window in my room. I didn’t know what he wanted me to do or where he wanted me to put the candle.

I wasn’t going to do it though.

“I’m not putting a candle in your-”

“No, Morgan.” He lifted himself up to look at me. “Hot wax.” He smiled excitedly and pointed to the candle. “Temperature play is so sexy, okay. Get a candle.” he said in a rush, leaning back down on the bed.

I am so tired of finding new things about him. Everyday is a surprise.

I sighed and got out of bed to get one of the green candles he was looking at. There was a lighter next to them and I used it to light the candle. I’m not going to understand the point of it.

Maybe it has to do with the pain of the hot wax.

I went and grabbed a cloth that I could put over his eyes.

“Oh, Morgan, you’re getting the hang of this.” He was impressed.

I wish he brought a gag with him because I did want to put it in his mouth. I set the candle down on the floor and moved the black cloth over his eyes. I don’t know why he was so excited but he was getting ready for whatever it is I felt like doing. He stuck his tongue out to expose his piercing.

“You shouldn’t keep your mouth open like that.” I said as I tied the knot.

“You know what I want down my throat.” He smirked.

I should invest in a gag.

“Is hot wax going to hurt you? Cause-”

“Calm down, Morgan. You can set me on fire and I would still masturbate to the feeling.”

He has a repulsive mouth.

“You’re such a problem.” I picked up the candle and got up on the bed.

I was still worried about burning him with the candle. As much as I know he can handle it, I would prefer if I weren’t the one doing this to him. He thinks I have no limit, but I do. I don’t like causing anyone pain, even when it comes to Jaymin. Sometimes, I forget that I’m doing things to him. I know he likes it, but still it can be a little traumatizing.

So this morning we get to play with hot wax. I’m not going to get much out of this unless I make this interesting. I still had the vibrator I could use.

“If you’re really scared for me, just drop a little at a time.” Jaymin said as he moved his arms back over the bed, his wrists tied together.

I stared at his bare skin. I can see the scars and marks over his chest and abdomen, but I didn’t want to add to that. Jaymin isn’t sensitive, but I’m not the type of person to find enjoyment for this. He breathed slowly as I remained quiet; he was anticipating where I would let the liquid wax drop first.

I tilted the candle over his chest and watched the wax fall to his skin; naturally, his body tried to avoid the pain but by the breath he took, he liked the heat. I moved the candle over his stomach too and let the liquid wax fall. His body strained slightly once he felt the heat on his skin.

The green wax stuck to his skin, drying quickly. He took hesitant breaths as he thought about where I might drop wax on him next. It was the surprise that got to him, not knowing where he would feel the heat of the candle. There wasn’t much wax on his skin yet, so I had a lot of places left to cover. I had my thoughts about what I could do, where I could torture him with the heat. All I know is that it wouldn’t matter and he would enjoy it.

He was starting to get into it. I could feel it with the way he breathed and how his body tensed with every drop of wax around his skin. Now he wasn’t calm. This was the part of it he loved.

If I don’t get interesting, he’ll get bored.

My other hand pressed down on his chest, feeling him breathe, how hot his skin was getting, the way his heart was beating. He was excited and we just barely started. My other hand brought the candle closer to his chest, the wax falling around his nipple where I thought he would like it most.

He tensed up again, his muscles tightening as the sensation went through him. He moaned through his shaking lips. I kept the wax going up to his neck to see how long he could hold out. He seemed weak for it. He kept moaning, his breathing already weak and shallow.

His legs pressed up against my body and I could see how really turned on he was. Through his black briefs, his cock was pushing through eagerly from the excitement. It won’t be long before he’s dripping and want to cum.

I didn’t want to make it that easy.

He doesn’t like it when things are easy.

I picked up the vibrator with my other hand and turned it on. When he heard the sound of the vibrator, his body began to tremble slightly. It was such a subtle thing I noticed in his legs. He’s used vibrators so much that his body already knows what it’s going to do to him. The sound of it made him shake. In a second, he’ll feel that buzzing sensation that will pulse through his skin and make him wish that I would stop.

I pressed the vibrating head over the tip of his cock and he could feel the intense vibration through the fabric that covered him. His legs tried to close, his thighs were shaking, and his moans were starting to get quiet.

He’s nervous.

The wax continued to drip to his chest. His skin was covered in the pale green candle wax, but there was still more I could do to him. There was still more that I wanted to do. I hadn’t moved the vibrator from over his cock; I glanced down to see how he was aching for more, twitching against the vibrator like he could get more out of it.

He was squirming and quivering. It’s not something I haven’t seen of him before. When he really feels it, his body shows it.

I just looked at his body, the way he breathed, how his chest rose and fell quickly, and with every drop of wax his tried to settle the heat. I saw the way he bit his lip, how he opened his mouth to moan louder when he wasn’t nervous, the way he clenched his jaw when the heat became too much.

Between the two of us, I’m the more merciful one.

I don’t want to hurt him.

“C-come on, Morgan.” he began to smile as he fidgeted from the hot wax. His breath was heavy but by the smile on his face, he was nowhere near his limit. Not even close. “I can handle whatever you do to me.”

Did he really want to feel more?

I shouldn’t even have to ask myself that question. Of course he wanted to feel more. He always wants to be pushed right up to his limit.

I pressed the vibrator between his shaking thighs and pulled down his briefs to expose his throbbing cock. He was already dripping and it was a lot. He heard me shuffle around, but all I really needed to do was remain quiet and not do anything. The anticipation itself could make him cum.

But again, I am not that cruel.

A few drops of wax fell around his naval and he took a hesitant breath again as his muscles tensed up. I kept moving my hand lower, the hot wax spilling right at his thigh. I know he’s sensitive there so I didn’t spare him. The candle flame burned, pooling more liquid wax so I could paint his thighs green.

He knows where I want to put the wax.

Is that what he’s waiting for?

“Should I?” I asked, though I know I really shouldn’t. He nodded excitedly since it was all he could think about.

I don’t want to hurt him, so I wasn’t going to.

Just a few drops of wax fell on to the length of his cock. Immediately, it jerked at the heat and Jaymin’s muscles tightened again. His moan was strained, sounding like he was in a pain, but it was a pain he liked since he was smiling. There was so much to look at, and I’m usually never surprised when I see his face. I let a few more drops fall again, and he tensed like before. His cock jerked again, more cum oozing on to his skin.

I pulled the vibrator from between his thighs and let the head of it touch the tip of his cock. He wasn’t expecting me to keep touching him with the vibrator.

It was just the wax and vibrator that he felt.

He seemed to like it.

He more than just liked it. If I move the blindfold from his eyes, I would see the hunger for more, the want to be completely abused and torn apart. To him, this is harmless. He wants more.

I needed to make this quicker and the only way to do that is to force him to cum.

I pressed the vibrator down over his cock harder. His body stayed tense on the bed, his legs shaking while he held his breath. As he began to squirm again, I made sure he stayed down and took it. The wax continued to fall over his stomach but it wasn’t enough to cause him pain. I needed a lot more; it made me wonder why I only took one candle. If he had another vibrator with him, this would go by much faster as well.

He twisted and turned. The expression on his face changed quickly. His smile was no longer there. His voice sounded a little scared, like whatever I was doing, he didn’t want me to do.

Being forced to cum is not his favorite thing, especially when it means the fun will end.

Does it hurt?

The vibrator was pressing down harder on the tip of his cock. He was already just seconds away from cumming. He was trying hard to hold it back, to keep it from happening, but the strain was too much. He felt good and couldn’t hold it. His cock was throbbing, pushing up against the vibrator as he turned his hips.

If he really wanted me to stop, he would bring his arms up to push me away with his hands. If he really wanted me to stop, he would tell me. Did he expect me to let the fun go on for hours like usual? Or did he expect to never force him to cum? When he doesn’t like something, I feel a little better.

He strained even more. He lost his breath easily when he tried to gasp for air. His voice broke before going completely silent. It was only for a second that I thought I heard him say no under his very shallow breath. He didn’t want this but it was too late.

I moved the vibrator to watch him cum all over himself. It was more seeing him react to being forced to orgasm. As his body trembled and quivered, I tipped the candle to pour the wax that was pooling at the base of the light. It was a thick line of green that coated his torso when the wax finally cooled.

There was so much of it over his body.

His muscles stayed tense. His skin was thinking coated by a layer of sweat that I just now noticed. His entire body was hot. His cheeks were flushed red, and it’s not often that I see him blush, even when he does something sexual. His cock jerked with excitement still as if he wanted to keep going and I know he did. Does he think I won’t force him for a second time?

I blew out the candle and turned off the vibrator. I have to get to work. I can’t keep taking care of Jaymin every time he gets a little horny. As much as I wanted to feel bad, I know that in the end he liked it anyway, no matter how many times he wanted to say no.

“I have to get to work.” I said as I got off the bed to go put the candle back.

“I do, too, but you don’t see me in a rush.” He complained.

“Since when did you have a day job?” I asked.

“Incriminating questions are fun.” He said plainly. I remained quiet and stared back at him. My silence made him smile; now he’s back to normal. “When you’ve done everything in the sexual world, being an entertainer gets boring.”

I wasn’t shocked. He seems like he has tried everything.

“I mean, I was never much for a hard worker, but I thought I did okay.” He shrugged. “Plus I needed a job that would give me compensation for a work injury. Burning my fingers was not easy.” He laughed to himself.

Again, I am not surprised.

It just lead me to believe that he worked at a restaurant. Which one is the question.

I moved in front of him so I could untie the knot at his wrist.

“Where do you work?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” He snorted at the question. That one was incriminating but he really thought I was going to put him in a bad position. Eventually I will, but not today.

“I can’t be curious?”

“That’s cute.” He smiled. “Did you want to come see me? You can always fuck me at work any time you want.”

“You’re crazy.” I said as he pulled the blindfold off his face when I got his hands free.

“You like crazy, don’t you, Morgan?” He asked innocently.

I just got up from the floor and went to get a jacket to wear. Usually before I leave, I tell him that I don’t want to see him here or I don’t want him to make a mess. Nowadays, I just don’t say anything and leave him here.

I know I’m going to see him again.

It’s just a matter of time.

Jaymin is full of surprises and I really shouldn’t be shocked, but each surprise is different. There’s always something that I don’t know, that I find out, that I wish I didn’t learn.

Even work isn’t my escape from him anymore.

Almost everyone has their mind on the murder case. I’m just hoping for a break through that makes them really want to go after him. Right now, it just seems like everyone is on standby.

I walked over to Harley when I saw her by her desk. There were flowers on her desk and on her chair. There were balloons too. Her face was from as she drank her coffee.

“Happy birthday.” I said to her and smiled. She didn’t look too happy.

“I don’t want to be here.” She groaned.

“You had the option to take the day off.” I told her. I remember her aggressively saying she would rather work than do something for her birthday.

“Something bad always happens on my birthday every year.”

Well she isn’t wrong. But we work in the justice department, something bad happens everyday and we get called to work with it. Last year, someone committed a public suicide which we were left to deal with. Two years ago was a mass shooting that killed a hundred people. The first year I met her, we had our first murder case right at twelve in the morning on the dot.

I feel bad for her. She wants her birthday to not have anything happen. We all know it’s not her fault, it’s no one’s fault. Bad things happen everyday.

“Why don’t you have a party?” I asked.

“For turning thirty-three?” She gave me a skeptical look. “Yesterday, I dropped my bag and couldn’t bend over to pick it up. I’m too old to party.” She turned away and pressed her coffee cup to her lips.

Today is the only day I will see Harley in a bad mood. She’s usually upbeat and excited. Even when she’s mad she’s excited. On her birthday, she tones it down a bit.

“Hey, Morgan.” Laural came up to us. “We’re going out to dinner for Harley’s birthday.” She said.

Laural and Harley have been friends for a while. I don’t know why she pushes Harley’s buttons about her birthday but she was doing it. Going out for once sounds nice. I can’t remember the last time I did anything for fun.

“That sounds nice.” I said.

“It’s not going to be.” Harley didn’t want to go.

Laural tilted her head to the side as she looked at Harley, her brunette hair falling over her shoulder. The dinner idea was great. A lot of us could use a much need night off.

Harley stared at Laural, hoping that she would cancel but she won’t. Laural turned to me since she wasn’t going to get through to Harley.

“There’s this restaurant that’s all fancy, and has dancers and singers, and it’s really cool.” Laural smiled.

“That sounds expensive.”

“But we’re all paying for you, Harley. It’s your birthday.” Laural pouted as she tried to get Harley into it.

“We don’t need an entire task force at a restaurant-”

“Alright, we’re leaving at five.” Laural completely disregarded Harley’s complaint. “I have a dress for you to wear.” She pointed to her. “And it’s black tie causal, so you’re gonna need to change this.” She pulled on my navy tie.

As Laural walked off, Harley groaned with annoyance. She didn’t want to go anywhere. Something bad happens every year.

“Life sucks, doesn’t it?” I asked.

“Sure does.” She agreed. “Anyway, there’s good news and bad news.” She started. “Good news is that the FBI identified everyone that’s been covering Jaymin’s ass, all we have to do is find them and arrest them.” She said.

If we know what they look like, then that should be easy. We won’t have a hard time doing that.

“Bad news is that you’re going to get ambushed with more incriminating evidence.”

Are they kidding me? I feel like all they want to do is put me on the bad side of things.

“What is it now?”

“Just more street photos from months ago. I don’t know what it proves but it’s something.” She shrugged.

Of course it is.

Before she said anything else, Keith and Rebecca walked by, gesturing for me and Harley to follow them. They were heading to the Chief’s office. I glanced at Harley and she made a face as she pressed the edge of her coffee cup to her lips.

We followed quietly behind them into the Chief’s office. I seem to find myself here more often than not. I didn’t say anything as they closed the door to keep this meeting just between us.

Harley and I didn’t sit down.

We waited quietly.

“We found fifteen people that are accomplices.” Keith said as he handed me a folder. “All of them are hackers, people that know their way around the system and Homeland security, and are wanted by the national government.”

They had pictures and possible locations of each and every one of them. This is a good thing. If we cut them all off, Jaymin gets exposed and the FBI will swoop in and arrested him for good.

“We’re sure that the second they know we’re coming for them, all the evidence will be wiped.” Rebecca said. “However, that’s a risk we’re willing to take.”

“Is this all of them?”

“As far as we’re concerned, yes.” Keith answered. “If we find others, we’ll bring them down as well.”

What I wanted to know was how Jaymin got mixed up into people that are good at evading the system. When did he have time to get to them? It makes me wonder what he knows about people and how manipulative he could really be.

“How’d you get all this?” I asked as I looked up to them.

“The government seems to work very hard when we have a common goal.” Rebecca said.

“Our biggest problem is trying to find Jaymin in a secluded area. He hides around people right? We can’t shoot on sight in broad daylight in a crowd.” Keith said.

When was there an order to shoot on sight? I would’ve glanced at Harley to see if she knew anything but I didn’t. I tried to not seem confused but maybe they kept this a secret for a reason. I just didn’t know why.

If anyone spots Jaymin and has a clear shot, they will kill him.

Then it hit me. He wouldn’t have gotten a day job just for the fun of it. It’s ensuring his protection. No justice force is going to shoot into a restaurant, killing people just for the hopes of taking down a murderer.

If he goes out during the day, he’ll mix within people, blend in, and make sure no one touches him.

Right now, they’re still looking for him with the past images they have of him. They don’t know that he dyed his hair and let it grow out. He switches contacts a lot recently to change his eye color. I don’t know what he wears when he goes out, but it’s enough to make him look different. He can’t be spotted.

“We can’t apprehend him without knowing what he looks like. We’ve made three false arrests within the past week.” Keith complained.

“About that.” The Chief got up from his chair. “It just makes the department look bad when we mess up on our job. We understand that you desperately want to find him-”

“A few false arrests aren’t going to do anything.” Rebecca said.

“We can clear that up rather quickly.” Keith agreed with her.

Ever since the two of them got here, they’ve been stepping over the Chief’s orders. I know they think they’re better but they really shouldn’t try to run the department even if they have higher authority.

“We’re not making anymore false arrests.” The Chief said anyway. “We’ve already had issues with abuse of power, we’re not doing this again.” He was serious.

He’s the one taking the heat when something goes wrong.

Harley and I weren’t going to say anything. Even if I work for FBI, I still listen to whatever the Chief says. The two of us were going to wait patiently while the three of them worked this out.

I went through the folder of pictures and information on the large group of people that were wanted. All of them had work background with the government before they went rogue. I have no idea what they’re doing here with a murderer but they’re here and they’re doing big favors for him. Jaymin can’t be found that easy on security systems, tracking systems, or surveillance systems. I don’t even know his new identity yet so it’s not like I could help.

If we find any of these people, it will be a huge break through for the FBI. We can take over their systems to see what they see and what they’ve corrupted.

“Are we sending an undercover team to find these people?” I asked, stopping their argument.

They turned to me abruptly.

“Y-yeah.” Keith was stunned by my question since he had his focus elsewhere. “We’re fortunate enough to have tripled the size of the police force-...”

I stopped listening.

They have more people working here. That means we can expand in different areas. I had a concern that I wanted to address because I had new information.

“Can we have a few people watching the twin brothers in the Bullock family?” I asked. “I have a feeling something will happen to them.”

“Why them?”

“Their last name is Bullock. They aren’t well liked right now.” I said plainly as I looked at them. I wasn’t going to tell them Jaymin might have a tantrum and brutally kill them.

I shouldn’t have to say that.

They should know that.

“What about the younger sister?”

Jaymin will go for her. There’s no doubt about that. We just don’t know when and how. I know who he’ll go for next, we should put our forces to watching them and their families before something happens. Though it would be foolish of me to trust Jaymin’s word and think that he won’t go for the sister first.

“Watch her, too.”

Now we have a lot of backup.

We can handle this.

Harley and I excused ourselves rather quickly before another argument ensued. We don’t need to be caught between that. She held her coffee cup with both hands as we walked around the people that were walking.

“We have busy work today.” She said. “We’re probably being kept distracted since the FBI are running their own investigation.”

I stopped walking.

“You mean two investigations on the same case?” I asked her.

“Yep.” She nodded.

“Why would they go through all the trouble for that?”

“I’m sure it’s all the secret stuff we can’t know about. The whole them bringing in Black ops and what not.” She said casually like it wasn’t serious when it was.

The FBI has an investigation that they’re keeping secret and Harley somehow knows about it. Whatever they’re doing could probably put people at risk. If they’re keeping it secret, that’s the only explanation. I wanted to know who they had running it, if there were people under cover, if they planned to cause a disturbance.

“They’re really good at...not leaving us alone.” She said slowly and looked back to the Chief’s office. “I don’t know what they’re deal is but they won’t tell us.”

She doesn’t care because she doesn’t like murder mysteries. As far as we’re concerned, they have their side of the situation handled. The only reason they’re using me is for blackmail.

They wouldn’t have someone investigating me...would they?

They would tell me... wouldn’t they?

Harley continued walking but I was so confused on everything that I was thinking about that I didn’t move.

We had a lot of busy work today but the second it was five in the evening, Laural made most of us shut it all down. If anyone was working the night shift tonight, they were taking their break right then. She was serious about celebrating Harley’s birthday, and it’s not like this department is shy when it comes to going out. Of course there were a few that had to stay, but the plan was to alternate shifts.

“I don’t want to do this.” Harley didn’t like the restaurant. It was really classy for the occasion.

It wasn’t a surprise when some of the others wanted to bring their badges out for a few extra services and specials. Harley wanted to leave right then and there.

She had on a blue dress that Laural brought for her to change in. I thought she looked nice. Harley has been out of her dresses phase for a long time, that’s the only reason she was complaining. Her hair was down over her shoulders, she had makeup, she had jewelry on, too. Laural did not spare her at all.

“I changed my tie for you.” I let her know.

“Right, right.” She rolled her eyes.

Laural came by with drinks in her hands. She encouraged us to have fun by handing the drinks to us.

“We won’t stay long if you don’t want to.” She said but when Harley’s expression changed, she had to correct herself. “But we have to see the performers, okay. They’re like all fancy dancers.”

“This place is for people with money, Laural.” Harley was scared of what kind of bill we’ll end up with.

“Good thing we have money, right?” She laughed and walked off.

I had to admit I should’ve dressed up more for the occasion. I feel under dressed. A lot of us were but the people that worked here we’re making an exception for us.

Harley pouted as she looked at me.

“We could use some time off.” I told her because it was true. We need a break. This is our break.

“What we need are real drinks.” Harley was not going to drink a martini.

“I’ll be right back then.” I took her drink in my other hand.

We really might need something stronger, I know Harley might for sure. It was going to be dreadful for her.

I made my way over to the bar, weaving through the people that were talking and drinking. I hadn’t realized how crowded it was till now. This was my first time at a place this popular.

It wasn’t my kind of place. The people were over the top, the lights were too bright, and it looked expensive. I haven’t been to a place this elegant in about four years. It’s been a really long time.

I set the drinks down at the bar. There was a woman talking to the bar tender. She had on a long black dress and short heels; she looked like a few other woman that had on the same outfits. Her hair was tied back in a bun and had a flower in her hair like the other girls.

“...Riley doesn’t like vodka, he’s not going to drink it.” She told the bar tender.

“If he wants something special, tell him to come over here and make it himself.” The bar tender wiped his hands.

“You know he’s not much for alcohol. I gave him a shot of the strong stuff once and told me I tried to kill him.” She laughed loudly.

“Whatever.” He rolled his eyes and looked towards me, taking the martinis. “Something stronger?” He asked. I nodded.

“People always think the Martini’s aren’t that strong here but they are.” The woman looked at me. “Try the Scorpion. That will knock you out in ten minutes.” She laughed.

“I’m not making you another drink, Bethany.” The bar tender said, turning back slightly to look at her. “If you want something, make it yourself.”

“I’ll get fired.” She complained.

“Make your own drinks.” He said anyway.

“Try the scorpion.” She whispered to me. “That’s the good stuff.”

“You know your alcohols?” I asked.

“I do but I work with people who can’t typically handle it.” She drank from her shot glass and put it down on the counter. “My dance partner is such a lightweight. Riley will literally squirm at the smell of alcohol.”

“Not everyone can handle it.” I said.

She’s rather chatty. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or if she was naturally liked that but within seconds she was opening up about a lot of things.

“I don’t think I’m an alcoholic, but in all honesty I didn’t start really drinking till a few months ago when the murders started happening.” She said and put her arms down on the counter.

There’s only reason why that would make her drink.

“You went to the performing arts school.” I knew.

“Just graduated and everything. I didn’t think I would get to see the light of day.” She sighed.

If she went there...

“Did all of you go there?”

“Most of us did. This place is nice enough to give students jobs, mostly for graduates or seniors. It’s a nice occupation to have on our resumes.” She explained. “But they’ve been really quiet about it lately, with the murders and all.” She whispered to me.

“Don’t go scaring people, Bethany.” The bar tender set two glasses on the counter. “Last thing we need is a bad review.” he complained.

“We’re still pretty popular.” She said to me while looking at him. “There isn’t much to worry about.”

“Tell Riley if he wants something to come up here and get it.” The bar tender moved away to help others that came up.

“Hope you enjoy the performance.” she smiled at me.

I had a suspicion that there was something to look out for. It was that gut feeling that I got, that made me want to tell everyone to turn back now. There was not a lot of publicity on this place in terms of the murders; they’ve been really good at keeping a low profile, and I know management would look to keep it that way.

I should really just focus on Harley. It’s her birthday and we should be having a good time instead of worrying about work.

There were quite a few tables reserved for us. Harley was sitting next to Laural with some others around the table. There was a seat open for me on the other side of her. I took a seat and set the drinks down.

“Nice of you to bring two for me.” Harley really isn’t much for being the center of attention, especially when it’s a lot of attention.

Her cheeks were bright red from embarrassment.

We could hear the others saying happy birthday to her, some of the guys singing at the other tables. They were clearly having a lot of fun.

There was classical music playing not too far off. Everyone turned their attention to the small orchestra that was playing. There were six groups of two that were standing near the orchestra, their hands held up as they waited for the music to pick up.

I looked for Bethany since she was the only person I would recognize out of all of them.

She was in the front with her partner.

To my surprise, the person she was standing next to was Jaymin. My eyes widened when I saw him; I don’t even if he thought I would be here, if he wanted to taunt me but he was here.

His black hair curled around his face. He had on glasses, too, as if that would change anything. The smile he had on his face was what made me recognize him. It wasn’t evil but it was about to be.

When he looked at her, it was at that moment that I knew she was next.

He’s going after her next. He’s going to kill her next.

I didn’t pay attention to anything that happened. I ran through a few scenarios where I tried to stop him from killing her, all resulting in her death anyway. I can’t tell Jaymin to stop, he’ll just laugh and do it.

So instead I thought of getting her away from him. If I can make sure that she leaves safely, then she leaves another night.

Jaymin has to know that a bunch of law enforcement is here. He’s probably acting on the assumption that we’ll be here all night.

And depending on Harley feels, we won’t be. He doesn’t know that.

I need to get Bethany away from here.

The second they were done, I was up out of my seat to try and find her. I don’t know how long she’s working, where she lives, or if she has anything to do tonight, but she needs to get home and stay there.

There were people up and moving around, making it hard for me to find her. She was the only dancer with a blue flower in her hair so that was the only way for me to set them apart. When the blue flower came up between heads, I grabbed an arm and turned her around to see her face.

Lucky for me, she wasn’t with Jaymin.

“Hey, what are-”

“My name is Morgan Caverly. I’m FBI.” I showed her my badge as I looked around hesitantly. I can’t find him anywhere yet. Maybe I can get her out discreetly.

“What the hell is FBI doing here-”

“I need you to take a cab and go home right now.” I was pulling her with me to go outside. “Don’t go anywhere else and don’t talk to anyone else, not even friends.”

I didn’t hesitate to make her come with me. She was trying to get me to explain what was going on but there’s no time. She’s probably going to try and ask rational questions or make a ration decision as if me, an FBI agent, telling her she needs to leave isn’t enough.

“Wait, what’s going on?” she yanked her hand back when we got outside. I get that she’s scared and thinking all these things, but I’m sure she knows what’s going on. “You don’t think- I’m not going to...” she couldn’t say it.

“I need you to go home, Bethany.”

“And then what?-”

She asks a lot of questions. Then again, the only thing she’s thinking about is being a target for a murder. I’m telling her to go home but what is she going to do tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that? Who’s to say that Jaymin would have a back up plan?

I’m going to say he doesn’t because he hasn’t been stopped before, but he knows how to improvise.

I didn’t have time for Bethany to keep freaking out. I waved my hand up for a cab, a person in a yellow taxi spotting me and coming over to the curb. She stood by the doors, holding her dress up so she could walk down the steps. She came by slowly as I opened the taxi door for her.

“I don’t live too far away. I-is there anyone that could...that could...”

She lives alone doesn’t she? That’s why she was so frightened. Is there anyone that could tell her what was going on or stay with her for a while, at least for her to know that she was safe. That’s what she wanted to know.

I’m supposed to be celebrating Harley’s birthday tonight.

“I’ll come by and bring some others throughout the night. You’ll be safe.” I assured her.

Even telling her that didn’t ease the fright. She nodded despite being absolutely terrified. She told me her address before getting in the cab.

I won’t have long before Jaymin realizes what I did. I know he will find out rather easily. When he notices that Bethany is gone, he’ll come right for me. There’s no one else that will abruptly try to get her away from him.

I went back inside to find Harley.

I told her what had happened, and of course she wanted to come with me, but I told her to stay and enjoy the fun. I was just going to make sure that Bethany was okay and be right back in an hour. I told a few others who were working tonight to keep an eye out as well.

Because she didn’t live too far, I decided to walk instead. It was crowded outside and that was no different for cars. I put my hands in my coat pockets and followed behind the line of people that walked on the sidewalk. The number dwindled as I got further and further away from the lights where the restaurants and small shops were.

The neighborhood was actually really quiet. It was a rather easy walk to her place. The apartment buildings were taller and looked fancier, probably more expensive. It was a safer place to be, that was for sure.

Her apartment building was a few more blocks away.

As I walked, I heard running behind me. I didn’t think to turn around to the quick paced steps that were coming closer and closer. It was just someone that was going to run by me just because they had somewhere to be.

So it was definitely a surprise when I was violently pushed into an alleyway between two buildings. I couldn’t put my weight on my left leg to turn around and fight whoever was about to assault me.

I moved my hands back to grab hold of the person behind me and flip them to the ground but they pushed their weight on me to make me lose my balance. My left leg couldn’t handle the pressure so I fell to the ground.

I stayed down, too with the weight that was on my chest.

My hand clenched to a fist, prepared to hit with enough force to get them off me, but my wrist was taken and pinned down on the dirt ground.

I got a glimpse of Jaymin’s face above me, but I had more to focus on when I felt a sharp pain pierce through my hand. It took a second to realize that he used a knife to stab through my palm. It was enough to keep my hand down because it was embedded in the dirt. The pain surged through my body, making me lash out and try to push him off me.

He took my other hand when I grabbed his shoulder, my nails digging into his jacket but not causing him pain.

“You’re so fucking lucky I don’t want to kill you.” he pointed another knife at my face, the tip just right over my eye. “We had a deal, Morgan. You stay out of my way, and I stay out of yours-”

“You were going to kill her-”

“Damn right I was!” His other hand grabbed my neck. “Who should I replace her with? You have a pretty friend, don’t you? I know you ain’t need her, right?”

He was talking about Harley.

I was about to fight my way out, to get him off me, to make sure he didn’t do anything to her. His hand that gripped my arm forced my hand down on the ground, using the knife to stab through my palm and keep me pinned down on the ground.

My hands were on fire from the pain.

I was going to scream for help. Someone has to be around to hear me yelling. Jaymin was a step ahead of me again; his hand clasped over my mouth to stop me. I glared up at him, still having more fight in me but there was a glint in his eyes that said I shouldn’t do anything.

“Careful, Morgan.” he warned me as he pulled out a third knife. “You have no idea where this one might go.” he waved it around slowly to show me the many options.

If he could he would gouge out my eyes. He would cut my tongue off. He would put that knife anywhere else in my body.

All I could register was the pain in my hands. The knives paralyzed my fingers. Although there was adrenaline coursing through my veins, I felt all of the pain. Even my leg began to throb. Already, Jaymin has the upper hand. And he’s mad at me.

I never thought he would hurt me, even if it’s out of vengeance.

“You owe me a body.” he growled through his teeth and moved his hand so I could tell him I would do anything he wants.

“You need to stop killing people and turn yourself in.” I said despite knowing he will never do that. I was tired of not doing anything because of him. I was tired of not saying anything because of him. What he does affects me too.

He stabbed my arm viciously with the knife.

“Wrong fucking answer.” he got closer to me, pulling the knife out of my arm. “You think I make the same mistake twice, Morgan? I will kill you-”

“Then do it.” I called his bluff.

If he wanted to, he would’ve killed me already.

"Wrong again.” He stabbed my other arm. “You should be scared of me. You should damn well know I will cut you to pieces.”

“Seems like a lot of talk.”

He was about to snap again. I saw the absolute fury in his eyes as he looked down at me. He was seconds away from stabbing me again, ready to bring the knife down over my neck just so I wouldn’t talk back to him again. But he suddenly just stopped and began to smile. He sat up straight over me and laughed at my comment.

“You’re just fucking with me.” he thought I was joking when I really wasn’t. He’s trying to calm himself down by insisting that I was messing with him. Is that the only way for him to make his tantrums stop?

I’m not taking him seriously. He doesn’t like that so he thinks it’s a game.

“No,” I said, ready to take another one of his outburst, “you just don’t want to exert the force to kill me-”

“You’re pushing it, Morgan.” He warned.

“You’re not as threatening as you try to seem.”

What I needed was an opening to fight my way out of this. My fingers were going numb because of the blood loss. Even my arms were shaking because of the stab wounds. He stopped laughing and looked at me plainly. The knife he had in his hand dripped with my blood.

He was thinking about killing me.

He was thinking about making it the most gruesome murder he’s ever done.

“You’re right.” he said calmly as he cut the sleeves of my jacket, exposing where he stabbed through my white collar shirt. “I don’t want to exert the force to kill you.”

The knife dragged over my skin, the sharp tip cutting my skin and making me bleed. I looked at what he was doing.

“I can use you. You can tell people I shouldn’t be taken lightly.”

So he’s going to cut me up. He’ll get me close to death, but enough to live.

It hurt to feel the knife drag over my arm. I know he was having fun watching my blood pool from my wounds. Where else would he cut me? My arms seemed to suffice enough for him.

“You know, Morgan, I’m not that mad now.” he smiled at me. “I thought of so many things I could’ve done to you, but you made me realize that I like having you around.” he said as lifted the knife to his lips, tasting my blood. “You get quiet when I find things you like.”

Oh, no.

“Do you like the pain?” he asked quietly. When I didn’t answer him, he stabbed my arm again, and I felt the warmth of my blood spill over my skin. “You know me, Morgan, I would never judge you.”

My fingers could just barely move. I wanted to force my hand up to get the knife out of the ground. There were a number of things I could do if I get free. First thing I would is jam the knife in Jaymin’s neck. If I get free, I’ll kill him. He glanced over to my hand, seeing my fingers twitch. He smiled again and pressed his palm down on the back of the knife so it would pierce my hand more, digging into the dirt so I wouldn’t be able to get free.

My arms were beginning to go numb. The tingling went away and I was left with a numb buzzing feeling that pulsed up to my shoulders. The wounds were big enough that I was going to bleed out.

“If it’s not the pain that you it the blood?” he asked, trailing the knife on my other arm to pierce my skin.

I was getting tired from the blood loss. I wanted to give up. At this point, I thought it was okay to let go and let him do whatever he wanted.

“I’m sure you’re turned on to the idea of you bleeding out. I know I am.” he was getting excited. “The things I would do to your body.” his other hand held my face. “Come on, Morgan, you can tell me if you like it.” he whispered.

I closed my eyes when he got too close. I’m sure he likes playing around with me. The theatrics is fun for him isn’t it? He wasn’t doing a good job of scaring me. I was more disappointed than scared. I didn’t think he would hurt me. Now I know where we stand.

He took a sharp breath and pulled away from me. His hand opened up my shirt. “I’m not mad, Morgan. You’re just protecting people.” he said, though he did seem mad. There was a glint in his eyes that said he would burn me alive. “Who am I to try and control you? You can do whatever you want.”

He used his knife to cut my collarbone. He was drawing something. It was quick and easy for him to slash my skin three times and be done with it. He licked his lip as he stared down at the mark he left on me.

There was so much he was holding back. He tried to distract himself from everything he wanted to do to me. I could see how much fire was in his eyes. He was so mad at me. He might say he isn’t but from now on, things change. By the way he held his knife, he wanted to stab me again.

And again.

And again.

Maybe my neck, my stomach, my eyes.

He had a tantrum with me and now he’s trying to reel it in.

“You’re so hot.” He smiled again.

“Covered in blood?” I asked quietly.

“Wish I could fuck you senseless until you die.” he’d do it if he could. And he wouldn’t stop even when I do die. That’s how he is. He has this thing about defiling people’s bodies. “Unfortunately, I like you enough to not let you die of something as petty as blood loss.” he sighed as stuck the knife down into my shoulder.

He began to pat me down and search through my pockets for something. His bloody hands took out my phone from my coat pocket.

“What are you...doing?” I asked.

“You have a friend that cares for you, right? She’ll come running to find you.”

I could barely keep my eyes open now. It was hard to stay conscious. I just looked up at the sky, hoping that I really don’t die here. I don’t have the strength to keep it up anymore. I can’t feel my arms, I can’t feel my left leg. I was lost.

Jaymin used my phone to call Harley. He knows she will help me. He’s also doing this to taunt me and to scare her. I know Harley. She’s going to freak out and tell me that I should just quit and move.

“Hello? Is this Harley?” he asked innocently. I let out a breath when I heard how hard he was faking it. “Oh, I’m a friend of Morgan’s. Jaymin Rose. I’m sure you’ve heard of me.”

When I glanced at him, I saw how much fun he was having.

“Whoa there, sweetheart. The only thing keeping me from pulling his organs out of his body is our friendship so careful what you say there.” he warned her.

“Leave her alone.” I croaked quietly, finding it hard to talk.

He ignored me. “You have about fifteen minutes to find him before he bleeds out to death. I suggest you bring paramedics with you since he’s not looking too good.”

I’m sure I don’t have that long. Knowing Harley, she’ll make everyone search for me. I’m not that far away so I give it about five minutes before someone comes to get me.

“You’re a smart girl, Harley, so I’m sure you can take it from here. It was nice talking to you.” he moved my phone away from his face. “She seems nice, a little snarky though, but nice.” he said and tucked my phone back in my pocket.

I didn’t have anything to say to him. The one thing I didn’t like was my sudden fear of dying. I could tell him to not leave me like this, but I had more faith that Harley would find me before I die. Jaymin wouldn’t have called her if he thought she wouldn’t do anything she could to get to me.

“I’m not mad, Morgan.” he said kindly as he touched my face. “But if you get in the way one more time, I will pull your guts out with my bare hands.” he whispered his threat before getting off me.

That was the last thing I heard before passing out.

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