Super Psycho

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☣Chapter Sixteen☣

TW: Active kinks: Face fucking/deep throat, temperature play/ice play, breathe play/erotic asphyxiation, sex toys/anal beads (brief), nipple play, cum eating. Passive kinks: belonophilia

“Why does your attitude always get better when I put food in front of you?” I asked Jaymin as he danced in his seat, getting excited because our food just got here. I think he assumed I was picking up the tab so he got everything he wanted.

When he smiles, it’s usually a terrible shit eating grin when he wants to be seductive or smug, but someone puts a plate of food in front of him and his smile becomes the most genuine thing I’ve ever seen.

“I don’t know about you, but eating is amazing.” he said as he picked up his fork and knife.

It was three in the morning and he forced me to take him to a diner to have breakfast. The only way to make him talk about anything incriminating is to do what he wants, and what he wanted now was to eat. Jaymin is always surprising.

“It’s three in the morning, how are you going to eat all this?” I asked, looking down at all the plates in front of us.

I only got one thing, but Jaymin wanted a lot more than just one thing. Apparently, his favorite meal of the day is breakfast. This is coming from a person that spends his morning getting over a hangover or still at work not being able to eat anything.

He looked at me and scrunched his face up. He found my question offensive. “When did eating have a time restriction?”

I rolled my eyes and looked out the window. It was quiet in here, besides Jaymin’s obvious excitement. We were the only two people eating here which gives us free range to talk about anything. The staff was in the back, and they would stay there unless someone else comes in. I watched the people that walked by. Most of the building lights were off, but the street lights were bright outside. I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the glass, but I stared at people as they walked by.

“Didn’t you want something from me?”

Answers to my questions? Yes.

But when I looked over to him, he seemed a little occupied with his mouth stuffed with food. He had that innocent look on his face, like he couldn’t help that he was hungry. Being cute is not his thing, I had no sympathy.

I was afraid to touch my own food. I had a feeling he would take my plate too.

“Well, I just wanted to know why you killed four people in one night, but that can wait since you’re busy.” I said plainly.

He mashed his lips together as he stared back at me. His cheeks were puffed out because of the food he put in his mouth. He kept his eyes on me, chewing his food slowly. I’m guessing he had something to say, but instead he just decided to stare at me. That gets his point across.

“We have all morning, Jaymin. You don’t have to hurt yourself trying to eat.”

He thought I was patronizing him.

In all honesty, I was, but that’s not the point.

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that Jaymin is just a few years younger than me. He’s either acting too wild that makes it seem he knows more than I do, or he’s being incredibly childish which makes me think he’s much younger. There’s no in between.

“Why do you always ask basic questions?” he asked when he could talk.

“I only need the basics to figure you out.”

“Oh, right. Sorry, detective, I didn’t mean to underestimate you.” he said sarcastically. There’s something wrong with him. “I have to admit you were right earlier, though. My guys getting arrested put a dent in my plans.” he didn’t have a hard time saying that.

“Clearly.” I knew I was right.

“I mean, I still know people, but who’s going to get on board with a serial killer?” he shrugged like it was a casual thing. I had to not be surprised by how he said it. “I can get around on my own for a few more days.” he said as he cut another piece of his pancake. He started dancing again because he was excited to eat.

He will never cease to amaze me.

"Just a few more days?”

He held up two fingers. There’s two more people that he has to kill. I know that there’s one more sister to look out for but who’s left for him to kill other than her.

“I know the last sister’s gonna be heavily protected. She was interviewed a couple hours ago about her family being brutally murdered by some psychotic killer.” he said, his eyes widening in fake surprise, though he loved that he was the center of attention. What murderer doesn’t have a big ego? He took his phone out his jacket pocket and looked something up. “She’s going to be a challenge if I can get to her.” he said and handed me his phone.

It was a video of Vanessa Wells.

The news have been brutal about the coverage of the murders. A few stations got this shot of her in front of her house. This just puts her in danger. I watched the video, hearing people asking her so many questions as she tried to leave her home.

There were other cameras and microphones in her face.

“Mrs. Wells, how are you coping with the deaths of your brothers and sisters?” she was asked over and over again. There was yelling from all around her. To disrespect her on her own property was something else.

“Tell that murderer to come kiss my ass.” She said loudly as she shoved a camera man aside.

“Are you waging war against a killer?” Another man asked her.

She had to stop walking because she was completely surrounded. She grabbed a microphone and glared into one of the cameras. Her green eyes were ice cold and her face said that she wasn’t going to take any of this. She was the youngest sibling but the most accomplished out of all the Bullock siblings.

I remembered talking to her a few months ago.

She never wanted to teach but her grandfather would’ve cut her out of the will if she didn’t. That was the only reason she became a teacher. She’s been bitter about it the entire time. She hasn’t made a public statement about any of the deaths, at least until now.

“Hey, Mr. Murderer, if you’re watching, I just want to tell you you’re a damn fool for not killing that old man first. Mustn’t have the balls on ya, right?”

Well I wasn’t expecting to hear that come out of her mouth.

I don’t know if she thought it was funny or something, but she went ahead and said it like it was no big deal. She’s a real fighter if she wants to stare Jaymin in the eyes.

“Mrs. Wells, Mrs. Wells-”

“I gave you what y’all want, leave me alone.” she pushed passed the camera people in front of her.

“Do you want your grandfather dead?” Someone asked.

“I think death wants my grandfather dead.” she continued to walk as more people surrounded her.

“And your message to the killer?”

“I hope he finds each and every one of you first before he puts his hands on me. I’m not dying till y’all do.” she said, a few officers coming to surround her and create space between her and the news outlets. She was finally able to walk freely as she was protected by the officers.

Vanessa is incredibly hard headed and bitter. She has no remorse for anyone. When we talked to her about the death of Linda Bullock, she had a plain expression on her face. She did not like her family. She did everything she could to get away from them.

I put the phone down on the table when the video stopped. Of course I wouldn’t have been able to see this. Every news station would be sued if the video got out and was broadcasted. Dr. Bullock isn’t going to let his least favorite granddaughter get away with insinuating that he be killed first before she does. Vanessa didn’t expect it to be broadcasted, that’s probably why she was so sharp tongued.

“Linda Bullock might’ve been a bitch, but Vanessa Wells is certainly an ice queen.” Jaymin said, not fazed by anything he heard. “A real hard head will stare death in the face. I actually like her.” he laughed.

“So, you’re...not going to kill her?” I asked, a little confused.

“Oh, I’m gonna kill her.” he made sure I knew that. “I just might have more fun with her.” he paused for a second because he was thinking about it. There was a smile that popped up on to his face before he started eating again. “She wants me to go kiss her ass-”


“What? She told me to.” he defended himself.

I shouldn’t be surprised. “So who else is left then? You’re going to kill a random person now?” I asked.

“Oh, Morgan, honey, no. I thought you were smarter than that.” he complained.

It took me a second to get it. “You’re going to kill the grandfather, too?” I asked because I really didn’t think he would. It’s not because I think Jaymin has an ounce of compassion in his body, but because Dr. Bullock is on the verge of death already. Just a few more months or a year, and what’s left of his family will be burying him.

Jaymin gave me a look like I should’ve known that he would be going after the grandfather.

“He’s old.” I said but Jaymin shrugged. That didn’t mean anything to him. Does he seriously not care? “You’re going to kill that old man?”

"That motherfucker’s going down the same way his shit eating grand kids did.” he threatened.

Jaymin was in a bad mood again. I pushed my plate of food towards all his other plates and that seemed to make everything better. He smiled and stabbed his fork into the waffle I gave him, putting it on one of his own empty plates.

“Anyway, I’ll get her first and then the old man. I want him to feel the pain of having everything stripped from him before I beat his last breath out of him.”

That’s very...violent.

“FBI’s going to be all over the place.” I said and stopped pouring syrup on his waffle. “Did you expect this to be easy now? Your last two victims have media coverage. Everyone’s watching for this one.”

“Like I said before, I still have a few friends left.” he started pouring syrup again. “I expected you to have faith in me-”

“In a murderer-”

“In me." he emphasized.

“I know you won’t slow down till you get your revenge, so talk to me when you don’t need to have fun anymore.” I said plainly.

“You seem grumpy. Are you hungry, Morgan?” he was patronizing me. When I looked up, I saw that he was handing me his fork with a piece of waffle on it. The waffle was mine to begin with.

I took his fork despite having a bitter expression. All he did was reach for another fork that was wrapped around a napkin with a knife.

I stared at him as he continued to eat. He didn’t seem to notice that I had my eyes on him.

I know a lot of things about him, but it’s only in regards to his psychotic tendencies. I know his personality, I know what he likes, I know what he likes to do. But I don’t know anything else. If I take away all of the alarming information, he’s just some guy who didn’t get to graduate from professional school. He’s just some guy who decided that the best way to make money was to become a performer with a classier job on the side. If I don’t think about the alarming information, he would be a normal person who gets excited to eat. From a distance, he would seem like the nicest person.

All I’ve heard from people that know him is that he was a passionate person, that he was a little weird but his heart was in the right place, that he stood up for people, that he was funny and nice and great to be around.

I know Bethany thinks he’s precious. Fiona Dawson absolutely loved being around him.

I watched him now and did my best to separate what I wanted to think and what I know for a fact.

“Where are your parents?” I asked.

He looked up at me. “In Tallahassee. Why?” he asked, his mouth full.

Anyone would think that Jaymin had a wrong upbringing based on his behavior as a murderer. But that’s not the case. He would’ve been more sporadic if he had problems growing up. His parents were just fine.

“Are you an only child?”


That explains his tantrums.

“Where’d you go to school for your undergraduate degree?”

“University of Florida.”

“Were you smart?”

“That’s subjective.”

I bet he was. An idiot wouldn’t get themselves into murder and if they did, they would’ve made so many mistakes they would’ve been caught immediately. I’m surprised he didn’t take the chance to blow up his ego even more with the question.

“What made you want to be a dancer?” I asked.

“I actually wanted to be a figure skater. You know, go to the Olympics and all that.” he said, which isn’t something I thought he would tell me. “But my family didn’t have the kind of money to put me in serious training at the time. So they gave me the next best thing.” he shrugged.

If he didn’t like it, he wouldn’t have gone through such length to kill the entire family that ruined everything for him.

“An Olympic skater, huh?” I laughed.

“I would’ve been damn amazing.” he said seriously. I didn’t want to keep laughing because he’ll think I’m making fun of him.

I just never thought he would enjoy it as much.

I had to cover my mouth because I started laughing too hard. I really didn’t mean to, but I did. A cold blooded murderer having a dream as a figure skater? Now that’s rich. I probably shouldn’t be laughing in front of him but now I couldn’t help it.

“Okay, my turn.” he said quickly as he sat up. This better be good. “Are you an alcoholic?” he always asks that damn question and I always have to tell him that I’m not. “You looked pretty upset when I smashed that bottle of wine-”

“The bottle I told you not to touch because-”

“-Because you were going to save it for your wedding night.” he mocked me as he moved his fork around. “Whatever.” he didn’t care. “Do you want to find the guy that killed your fiance?” he asked.

“That’s a loaded question.” I wanted to avoid answering that.

“Do you want me to find the guy that killed your fiance?” he rephrased the meaning by implying he would get that guy for me.

“I want you to leave that part of my life alone.” I was still going to avoid answering questions about that. I would hope that he would understand why I don’t want to talk about it, but he’s using that against me.

“Why don’t you get mad often?” he asked. “I mean, trivial things upset people and that’s normal but I’m sure you have an incredible temper if the right buttons are pressed.” he said, a smile spreading to his face.

I narrowed my eyes.

“Or, you’re just good at keeping it to yourself, right?” he asked. “Like you think about killing people because they’re so stupid. Or you think about killing people who look at you the wrong way. Or when someone crosses you, you just think about what you could do to them.” he described rather easily. I still didn’t answer. “You have a quiet temper, don’t you, Morgan? You can repress that easily, but one day, you’re going to snap.” he warned me cheerily as he ate.

I wasn’t going to tell him that he might be right on the mark with that one. My thoughts have been...vivid lately but I just swallow my anger and move on.

“You’d be a quick murderer.” Jaymin continued without a care. “Those are the kinds that really don’t like torture. They’d get their victims before a word comes out of their mouth.”

“Why are you like this?”

“I told you I can pick up on a lot of things about people.” he made it seem like it was so easy. “Why won’t you tell me what kinks you’re into?” he resumed his questions.

“I don’t indulge like you do.”

“Can we have an orgy?” he asked. I frowned. Was that supposed to be a real question? “Pretty please?” he pouted. I still didn’t answer. “I figured it would be a no.” he gave up.

“Why are you so persistent on liking everything?” I asked. He was just about to put the last piece of waffle in his mouth but he stopped because of my question. “Do you like being used by other people?” I asked.

“Do you like watching me be used by other people?” he just had to rephrase the question for his own gain. “I sense a little voyeurism in you. That’s great since I’m an exhibitionist.” he said casually.

“I want to know what happened to you-” I said, but realized how he was going to answer the question, which would be his quick monologue about his crushed dreams, “-that made you so interested in sexual exploitation of absolutely everything.” I finished my statement.

He just mocked me as he got the syrup again.

“Listen, Morgan, I always tell you to think out of the box- shit, I poured too much syrup.” he stopped abruptly and tried to use his knife to push the syrup off his pancake.

“Are you done yet? I sort of want to go home.” I said.

“I’ll just take the rest of it with me to your place-”

“You’re not coming home with me-”

“Don’t push it, Morgan.” he warned me. Does he think he can threaten me? What? Is he going to kill me if I don’t let him in my apartment. At this point, I’d be a fool to let an opportunity to die pass up.

“Why do you always come over unexpectedly?” that was my last question for the time being.

“Can’t you tell? I like fucking with you,” he smiled and added, “figuratively and sexually.”

Of course. I wasn’t surprised.

I feel like he’s getting a little too comfortable at my place. He’s always there on his good days and bad days. Because of his last visit, I had to use a lot of bleach to get the blood off the floor. He knows how to make a mess.

I paid the not so unexpectedly large bill before we left. Jaymin was excited. I don’t know what it was this time. Either coming over or all the food he was planning to finish. Either way, he was too excited.

The second he got to my place, he rushed off in a hurry to the kitchen to put his food away, telling me that he was going to stay the night because he didn’t want to leave. I wasn’t going to care as much as he thought I was going to. I guess that was because I assumed he was going to stay out of my way for the night, only to find out that he won’t be sleeping on the couch.

He wanted to stay in my room.

I stopped by my door when I saw he was laying on my bed. He kept his head back on the edge of the bed, staring at me upside down while I yanked my tie off.

“Get out.” I said plainly.

“I’m still hungry.” He said with a smile on his face. It wasn’t genuine. I know what he’s thinking about right now. He licked his lips and extended his arms for me to come closer.

I wasn’t really expecting to have to satisfy him.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t want to after being neglected so brutally.” I ignored his signs for me to go closer to him and went to my closet to hang up my jacket.

“You’re the only person to treat me so coldly.” He said sadly.


“Can I suck your di-”

“No.” I said easily because I didn’t want anything from him.

What I really want is to go to sleep. Let’s remember that it’s been almost three days since I’ve gone to sleep. Jaymin knows what that’s like so he should leave me alone.

“I’ll let you choke me.” He made it seem like that was the best part.


“Don’t tell me you don’t like hurting me.” He said quickly when I was about to complain. “You can totally just use me as your own personal toy.” That didn’t interest me the way he thought it would.

“Will you shut up if I let you?”

“Well that’s one way to shut me up.” He said as he shuffled around.

When I turned back, he was taking off his pants and throwing them to the ground. He was still wearing the black lingerie he was wearing earlier when he found me. He kept his shirt on because all he really needed off was his jeans.

“Do you like anal beads, Morgan?” He asked.

I said absolutely nothing. Was tonight a new night to figure out what he’ll go through? Doesn’t seem like he has much of a limit. I figured he only asked because he has some anal beads on him, well in him. I didn’t have an expression on my face as I looked at him.

He smiled however.

His hands moved to my hips and pulled me forward so I would be closer to his face. I didn’t say anything when I felt his open mouth over my crotch. I kept my hands in my pockets so I wouldn’t touch him; when I looked down I could see his throat perfectly exposed with the bruises on his skin. My hands balled up in my pockets. I shouldn’t touch him.

I looked away slowly and closed my eyes. His mouth continued to press on me; I could feel his hot breath even through the fabric of my clothes. His hands gripped me tighter and I heard him pull down my zipper with his teeth. He easily made it seem like he really did want me, that’s why I didn’t move away. I focused on the feeling I got from his mouth.

When he couldn’t wait, one of his hands moved to undo my pants, pushing them down as well as my underwear to pull my cock out and suck me off. He went right for it like he always does. The first thing I tend to notice is his piercing rubbing up on me as his tongue moved in his mouth.

I opened my eyes and looked down at him. I could see the way his throat moved when he breathed, when he took more of my cock in his mouth. I could put my hands on him if I wanted to, but when I thought that, I just looked away again, wanting to focus on something else. My eyes trailed down his body until I caught a shimmer of metal. I narrowed my eyes at the sight of his cock poking out from the thin lace underwear he wore.

“Did you get another piercing?” I asked though I could clearly see the small ball that was at the tip of his cock. If he were to lift his cock slightly, I would see the other end just underneath on his length a few centimeters below.

Jaymin laughed quietly since his mouth was full. His hand took my wrist to pull my hand out of my pocket, and he placed my hand over his chest. My fingers could feel over his shirt where his nipple was, but that wasn’t the only thing I felt.

He has more piercings.

I didn’t notice it earlier in the evening when I found him. Now I could feel his nipple piercing at the tip of my fingers. I shouldn’t ask him what led to him wanting to do this; he’ll probably just give me a messed up answer.

He pulled away slowly, his mouth releasing my cock so he could talk.

“I’m surprised you didn’t notice.” he said, his lips pressing against my length. “You have no idea how hard it was to sit through getting pierced.”

Of course.

I rolled my eyes when I put two and two together. Jaymin likes needles, too. I’m not surprised.

“It got a little messy when I had to get pierced.” He laughed. “I think I came twice which did not make my piercer happy.” It was funny to him.

I would’ve said something, but I wasn’t going to provoke him when he’s...busy. He took my cock in his mouth again, his hands gripping me just as hard as before so I wouldn’t pull back when I felt how deep he was letting me go. My hand was still over his chest, feeling the piercing on his nipple.

When I pressed over the two small metal balls that was pierced into him, his body slightly shifted. His legs pulled up, his thighs pressing together and his knees touching. He was sensitive at his nipples, too. As I touched him, he slowly began to shake, his legs trembling. His cock was growing, too, pushing up more against the thin laced underwear. He moved his hand from my waist, and touched himself before his fingers trailed lower to tug on a black string that wasn’t from the underwear he wore.

I didn’t want him to lose focus of what he was supposed to be doing. My hips moved forward into his mouth, the tip of my cock touching the back of his throat. I felt his mouth open wider and his other hand continued to pull me forward. I looked down to see his neck, the slight bulging in his throat as he swallowed more of my cock. He jerked forward when my fingers pinched his nipple lightly.

I felt his tongue push down on my cock and the humming in his voice when he felt the shock. When he gagged, my other hand moved out of my pocket to hold his neck. Both my hands felt his skin at his throat; I pushed more into his mouth and my fingers could feel the bulge at his neck. His low moans were vibrating over my cock, making me want to be surrounded more. The heat wasn’t enough.

My thumbs traced the outline of my cock in his throat. My hips pulled back slowly only to push forward again to see my cock move in his throat. My fingers gripped harder around his neck and I heard him choke; his coughs were muffled by my cock in his mouth. I didn’t exactly want to pull away from him, but I did because I knew I had to let him breathe.

I pulled back out of his mouth slowly until I no longer felt the heat surround my erect skin. My cock glistened from being coated in his thick saliva; there were trails of his saliva from his lips to my cock. He breathed heavily as he tried to get himself together. His cheeks were bright red from the strain. My hands didn’t press so hard into his neck since he had nothing down his throat.

His hand was still tugging on the string that was attached to the beads inside him. I saw that he had already pulled one of the black balls out but I knew there were more. His other hand wrapped around my cock, stroking me slowly.

His tongue trailed my skin, his piercing pressing into me. I closed my eyes when I got that slow shiver going up my spine. It’s so difficult to ignore how good it feels to be in his mouth. I bit my lip hard, hoping to hide my moans. If he thinks for a second that I’m enjoying myself, this won’t ever stop.

Then again, I don’t think I cared enough if this stopped or not.

Both my hands moved to his chest to feel the piercings at his nipples. He hissed in air sharply through his teeth as he tensed up abruptly. His nipples were hard and erect from being flicked and played with. I could see them poking up again his white shirt. He wasn’t going to tell me to stop but by the way he started to shake and tremble again, I knew he wanted me to slow down. His breath hitched as I continued to touch him. His legs were trembling more because he couldn’t control it.

Instead of getting more worked up, I felt his mouth on me again, sucking on my cock and letting his tongue move over my length. My hips rolled slowly into his mouth to feel his piercing rub back and forth on my skin. My hands gripped his shoulders so I could keep him down when he started to squirm; it was probably because I was forcing myself deeper in his mouth.

His hands quickly moved to take hold of my arms, hoping to get me off him so he could breathe but I grabbed his wrists before he could touch me. His body jerked when I tried to keep my cock down his throat. As rough as I was being with him, I knew he could handle it. He’s definitely shown me that he can get through the pain; he’s also showed that he liked the pain, so a little choking really shouldn’t bother him.

Slowly he started to give up on fighting me. I pulled back, feeling his lips mash on my skin; when he realized I was giving him room to breathe again, he opened his mouth wider to take a breath around my cock before closing his lips again, his tongue moving around my length. He still had enough strength to keep going. I let go of his arms and he put his hands at my hips again to pull me forward into his mouth.

He swallowed around my cock, making me pause for just a second to let that feeling settle. My muscles tightened when he did it again. I wanted to feel his throat with my fingers so I put my hands around his neck to feel him suck me off.

When he started to struggle to breathe again, I pulled out of his mouth. I heard him gasp for air and saw how his chest rose and fell with every breath. I didn’t feel like holding back when I felt like I was going to cum. His fingers wrapped around my wet skin, stroking me slowly to get me over the edge.

I came on his face which he never seems to mind. His mouth wrapped around the tip of my cock to get the rest of it. His tongue licked all over my skin; his piercing was probably the only reason I might get hard again. Knowing Jaymin, this wasn’t enough for him. He’ll want to do more.

He licked his lips before pressing his lips to my skin again, a faint kiss that honestly makes me believe that he has this whole body worship vibe. With the way he talks to me, he just might.

He turned over on the bed and brought me close again.

“You used to give me more than this, Morgan.” he looked up as he wiped his face of my cum, only to put his fingers in his mouth and lick them clean.

I don’t know what to tell him. I mean, it’s not like I meant to disappoint. I just rolled my eyes as I looked up to the ceiling; he had his mouth on me again, wanting to start all over just because he wants more.

He’s never going to stop.

“I’m still hungry.” he complained.

I know he is. That’s why he still has his hands on me.

I wanted to shut him up. Nothing is worse than hearing him complain about not getting what he wants. My hand moved in his hair and gripped him hard to pull him on me and use my cock to fill his mouth.

He probably won’t stop till he’s had enough, and honestly that will take a while.

I would rather hear his muffled voice so we both get our benefits out of this.

I heard my phone vibrating on the nightstand beside my bed. I had my blanket pulled up over my face so the sunlight wouldn’t bother me. The buzzing was what caused my irritation. I had no idea what time it was but it felt like I didn’t get enough sleep. My hand reached out, patting down my nightstand until I felt my vibrating phone at my fingertips.

It wasn’t till I picked up the phone that I realized that I had to be at work.

“Hello?” I answered though I thought I should’ve tossed my phone.

“Morgan, where are you?” Harley asked, an urgency to her voice like there was something wrong.

I sighed miserably. I didn’t get a lot of sleep and I don’t want to go to work. I am not in the mood to deal with other people’s problems.

“I’m not coming in today.-”


“I said I’m not-”

“You can’t just not come in to work!”

“I’m at excess hours anyway, they’re not going to pay me overtime so I might as well-”

“Morgan, what the hell?” she was freaking out. What’s happening? Is Keith bothering her about me? “Look, we’re having a lot of problems with the press and news outlets, and we need the help.”

“I’m so tired-”

“Justice doesn’t sleep.” she said.

“Well justice hasn’t shown up in a while so I don’t know about that.” I murmured and I heard her groan with frustration. “Harley, I’m not coming in today.” I told her again because I didn’t want to show up. “I’m sorry to do this to you.”

“I get that you need a personal day, Morgan. Like I understand, but they are going to drop all your work on me-”

“I’ll take your shift tomorrow.”

"And bring breakfast on Thursday.” she added.

“Alright.” I don’t want to make Harley upset, considering how she’s the only person that’s been looking out for me.

“Good, I’ll see you on Thursday.” she hung up.

I sighed again and put my phone down on the bed. I was just so tired and I wanted to sleep. I just want one day where I don’t have to hear anything about a murder.

“Was that your friend?” Jaymin asked beside me.

I also want one day where I don’t hear his voice. Every time I’m with him something happens. It could be absolutely anything so that’s what makes it so traumatizing.

“Don’t you have somewhere to be?”

“You make it so easy to mock you.” he sighed.

I wanted to push him off my bed but I also wanted to ignore him. At some point, he will leave and it will be quiet.

Now I was awake and it will be some time before I feel like going back to sleep. I dragged myself out of bed and got up to my feet. Immediately, I felt like I should get back in bed, but I pushed forward to my bathroom.

It was eleven in the morning.

I have things to do, responsibilities to take care of, bills to pay.

What am I doing not going to work?

I stared at myself in the mirror before washing my face with cold water to clear my face. I was probably going to go back to sleep but I needed a moment to think clearly. I don’t know why I’ve really stopped caring about everything. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve been thinking that maybe there’s a possibility to start a new life. Its a drastic change but I’m tired of what I’ve been going through.

Maybe I should start looking at apartments. That aren’t in the city. In a different state.

I cleaned up a bit, only to want to get in bed again.

Jaymin wasn’t in the room, but he could honestly be on a murderous streak and I would rather take a nap instead of deal with it.

Unfortunately, he did come back into my room with a glass of ice in one hand and a cookie in another.

“Did Bethany make you cookies? I saw her number on a bowl of them.” he said as he got in bed.

“She bakes when she’s anxious.” I said.

“Really?” he didn’t know. “Damn, I would’ve given the girl an anxiety attack if I knew she was out here baking things for people.”

I looked over to him, about to make a comment on the things that comes out of his mouth but he knew that I was going to say it. At this point, he knows my habits but I know his. Jaymin does not have a filter on his mouth. He does not care about anything he says. It’s not just the simple stuff, he says some outrageous things sometimes.

“So, I brought ice and I want-”

“Stop.” I knew where he was going with this. “I don’t like jumping into every single kink you enjoy.” I told him since he still doesn’t get it.

“You need to start telling the truth.” he said as he put the cookie in his mouth and picked up a cube of ice from the glass.

He pressed it to my lips, the cold stinging my skin. I didn’t open my mouth when he pressed the ice harder on my skin.

“I have sensitive teeth.”

He kept it over my lips. I don’t know what his deal was, but he really wanted that ice in my mouth. I opened my mouth and he put the ice on my tongue.

I had an idea of what he wanted me to do. It was whether or not I wanted to do what he wanted me to do.

There was this attitude I had that basically said I don’t care anymore. I don’t care. Why should I have to keep up with telling myself that I’m normal and there are just reasons why I shouldn’t do anything. I’ve reached that point where I don’t care. I don’t care. I’m tired of trying so hard to keep myself together. I don’t care.

I pushed Jaymin down on the bed and lifted his shirt up; his fingers lifted in my hair as I pressed my lips on to his chest. I let the ice slip off my tongue over his nipple and watched as it slowly began to melt.

“Oh, Morgan, you’re dirty.” he laughed when he took the cookie out of his mouth.

I can honestly do without his comments.

“Shut up and eat your cookie.” I said as I reached for the ice in the glass that he set down on the nightstand.

He kept laughing but he did put the cookie in his mouth. I don’t know what he was thinking, but from here on, I know that he’s going to take it to the next level.

I rubbed circles around his other nipple with the ice. His body tensed slightly when I touched him. The other cube of ice was already becoming a mess of water that was began spilling on my bed. It was no surprise that he was enjoying the ice play. I could see the goosebumps rising on his skin. When I left the ice on his chest, I watched him react to the cold rush on his body. Already his breathing picked up. I moved the ice with my tongue as it melted over his chest.

Then I had to get another when there was only water left. I knew exactly where I was going to place this cube. Jaymin knew it, too and that’s what made him smile with excitement.

His hand moved to yank down the pants he wore, exposing his cock so I could touch the ice to his skin. His cock throbbed when I rubbed the cube to his tip. His shivered to the feeling, like an electric shock going up his spine. He took a shaky breath as he put his hands in my hair, his fingers tightening to grip me hard. I could only imagine how it felt for him but he was loving this. The way his cock jerked showed that.

When my fingers touched lower, I felt the thick string that was attached to the beads I thought he pulled out earlier.

“You still have the beads inside you?” I asked.

“I put them back in after you so happily filled-”

My other hand quickly covered his mouth so he wouldn’t say anything outrageous. I know that’s his character but it’s not mine. I would prefer him with a filter. There are a number of things he could’ve said just now, but I didn’t want to hear it. I know what happened hours before, we don’t have to discuss it.

I gave him a warning look as I slowly moved my hand from his mouth. I had high expectations and it’s going to be my fault if he disappoints me.

Right on cue, he opened his mouth to talk. “Want to watch me pull them out?” he asked, sticking his tongue out to expose his piercing “You can pull them out if you want.” he suggested, hoping that would get me interested but I wasn’t.

I took a breath and sighed.

I guess I’m pulling them out.

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