Super Psycho

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☢Chapter One☢

It’s been three months since the original murder. I haven’t been able to find any leads on who might have killed Linda Bullock. What makes it worse was that there has been an entire line of murders from these past few months. It was easy to pick out which murder victim was relevant and which was done by a different killer.

All of the murders I’m interested in happened to various students that were enrolled in the performing arts school. The other cases were quickly closed but this one has been the most frustrating. Whoever this is has a grudge on people at the performing arts school. We’ve tried to extend our protection but the murderer would just change course rather quickly and kill alumni or older faculty and staff.

There are a total of six murders at the moment. One is an alumni of the school. One was a retired performer. Three were students. The last one was an old teacher.

The scene is always gruesome. It’s something different each time. Bullock was cut to pieces. Some students were completely mutilated, only leaving their head in tact to identify who they were. The alumni had severe wounds from a heavy weapon that’s still being determined. The retired teacher was cut open with his organs spread in various areas of the site.

It’s uncommon.

We don’t see this.

These last few months has left me feeling completely defeated and like there’s nothing I can do. We don’t find a lot of evidence and what would be nice is to get a DNA sample somehow but the scene is usually spotless. The murderer leaves the body for fun. If we find a murder weapon, it would be disposed of not too far from the scene. There would be no finger prints, no marks, nothing we can trace.

They know what they’re doing.

That just means they have a really strong grudge from what’s going on.

“Morgan!” Charlie put his arm around my shoulder and brought me closer to him. “You gonna spend all night here getting nothing done?” He asked.

I felt a little disrespected. I’m the only that’s been working today because no one else wanted to focus, and I wouldn’t have to pull all nighters if someone would help me. I opened my mouth to respond quickly and tell him off but he laughed loudly when he saw my expression.

“You’ve got grey hair already, Morgan. Didn’t you just turn twenty-nine?” He had his hand in my hair and now I was uncomfortable.

“Can you not do that?-”

“Come out with us tonight. We’re going to have some fun.” He nudged me.

I really wasn’t interested in where they were going tonight. I was already in the crazy part of the city this morning trying to arrest some molester guy. I would prefer not to show my face during the night.

Especially with how the rumor about the police being corrupt is apparently true.

How can they want to do this to themselves?

“I would prefer not to.” I answered quietly and looked away.

“Well it’s not up for debate. Let’s go.” He yanked me out of my seat aggressively and before I could tell him no again, I saw the others waiting outside the room.

I would really prefer not to go. They looked determined to get me out of here. All they complain about is me doing my job which I don’t see why they would complain about me doing what I was hired to do.

I didn’t say anything as I was pushed out the door.

What are the chances that I’ll actually be able to work while they do whatever they want to do? I obviously don’t care about partying or going to clubs but clearly they did.

The other part of the city is notorious for it’s crimes. It’s notorious for it’s environment, for the people that hang around and work in the various clubs. There are a lot of bars, a lot of clubs, but they’re worse than normal.

Some people should honestly be arrested here but the police say the area is off limits. Why would they ever want to ruin a relationship with a place that lets them drink for free or mess around with workers for free? They would never hurt what they have with these people. It’s a corrupt relationship but I say nothing.

I could already feel myself falling behind from the group. I have a tendency to seclude myself from others but on an occasion like this, it’s best that I do keep to myself.

They were excited, talking about where they should go first, what should they do, if they should go home tonight.

I didn’t want to be here.

“This is my favorite one.” Charlie said, almost sounding like he was squealing.

I wasn’t impressed because I was interested. All five of the others turned to face me because they weren’t going to let me in without changing my attitude first.

“This is technically prostitution.” I said.

“No.” George said. “This will be us going into a place to receive a service and then paying for that service.” He tried to make it sound better than what it was.

“Is that service a sexual act?” I asked.

Clearly they like to abuse their powers. The three other officers were still in uniform and that’s just obvious that they were going to extend that abusive powers and get what they want.

“Come on, Morgan, just have some fun-”

“I don’t have enough handcuffs to arrest all of you.” I said plainly and looked away.

I don’t want to be here. It’s one of those clubs that they’ve always wanted to take me to. The one where everyone is crazy and naked and people just...abuse them. And they like it. I don’t. That’s why I’m always resistant.

I frowned even harder when Charlie put his arm around my shoulders and tried to convince me that this one night of fun isn’t going to do anything for my life. So then why am I here? I could be trying to work on my case but instead I was about to go into some sleazy club that smells like drugs and sex.

They all pushed me in and followed quietly. I was hit by a huge cloud of smoke from various drugs and cigars. I immediately saw all the people that were smoking and drinking.

The guys I was with gestured to a woman who was standing behind a low desk, counting bands of cash. That was the first red flag and I couldn’t even do anything. She was watching us as we walked in and I couldn’t tell if she was welcoming or not. Her eyes were cold and unpleasant. She pulled her cigar out of her mouth but she didn’t say anything as we continued to walk by.

As we pushed through the people that were socializing loudly with each other, I could see more and more of why Charlie said this club was his favorite. And by the looks of it, the others were definitely going to enjoy this, too.

There were people who were barely dressed up on different platforms. Some were tied down, some had handcuffs on their wristd and ankles to keep them down. Some were blindfolded and some were gagged. I still didn’t have an interest.

No one glanced our way. Despite some of us wearing uniform or our badges, no one turned or got scared if they were looking. I sort of thought maybe this was a bust, but it happened not to be. Being surrounded by a few officers and detectives didn’t faze them one bit. They probably didn’t care enough, or maybe they know why we were here. I started to see more of the place as we walked.

There were people sitting on the leather couches, smoking and doing other drugs, getting serviced by the people that work here. There were too many workers, I didn’t think to be this overwhelmed, and it wasn’t till then I started to feel a little nervous. My hands balled up tightly in my pockets as I turned away to stare at the backs of my coworkers.

All I could think about was how we could get in trouble for being here and doing nothing. It puts us all at risk for losing our jobs. The others were just casually walking around like it meant nothing and to them it really did. They do this all the time.

The system is corrupt and I will never forget that.

I stood behind two of my coworkers as they stood in front of a woman that was bound by her hands. Her hair was red and long, reaching down her back. She had tattoos covering her arms, and the rest of her body. As much as I wanted to believe she didn’t want to be here, that maybe she was doing this against her will, she was smiling and she looked a bit too happy that we were standing around her.

People work here.

That’s what it is.

Although I said I wouldn’t look around, I did. People get paid for doing this. Is this the kind of club crazy people enjoy? I wanted to leave. I continued to look around, seeing my other coworkers already enjoying their bit of fun. They had picked their men or woman and they were going to use their time to the fullest. Who knows how long we’d be here, but we could be here all night.

My thoughts were clouded by all the noise, the music, the talking, the moaning.

I wasn’t interested in any of this, at least, that’s what I want to believe.

I looked for someone that no one would be near. I just wanted to not be surrounded by my coworkers or other people for the time being. It just looks like everyone was pretty occupied already. I continued to walk around anyway.

There was someone that no one was going near for right now. I wasn’t interested in...well, doing anything to him, but I just wanted to be by myself without seeing what my coworkers were doing. I was slow to walk over to the guy who was tied by his hands. His legs were tied, too; the ropes were pressing hard on his thighs and ankles.

I hadn’t noticed how much colder it got until I was in front of him. Something wasn’t right. I got a chill up my spine and it was unsettling. I looked around for a moment, then down at him.

He was looking up at me with his oddly colored eyes; one was green and one was dark brown. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to say anything but I kept my mouth tightly shut as I looked into his different colored eyes. His hair was different colors as well, styled in a two toned undercut.

His skin was marked with purple and red blots around his shoulders, neck, and chest. Someone was obviously before me, but I also noticed the scars on his skin as well. These were big scars, like knife marks. He had them on his shoulders, on his chest, on his stomach. They were old scars, probably from years ago.

He wasn’t worried that I was standing in front of him. By the look in his eyes, it just seemed like he’s gone through it all.

If he didn’t have a spider gag in his mouth, I’m sure he would be smiling at me. He gave off that sort of vibe. The longer I looked at him, the longer I was drawn in, and he didn’t look away either. He winked at me when I didn’t give up, and that finally made me draw back a bit, blushing slightly. I could feel my cheeks heating up.

I almost took a step back but that didn’t shake him.

Instead, he let his tongue hang out of his open mouth, exposing the black ball pierced into it. I don’t know if that was supposed to provoke me but it didn’t work. I wasn’t interested in being seduced if that’s what he was aiming for. Even when he saw that though, it didn’t bother him. He kept his eyes on me and still, I thought he would be smiling if he wasn’t gagged.

Saliva dripped from his tongue and on to his cock that was already erect and throbbing. There was a pink vibrator taped to the tip of his skin and it was on. It must have been a while because there was cum on his skin and on the floor. He’s been able to withstand that type of torture but I bet everyone is just the same here as well. Is this how they work? It doesn’t bother him?

I didn’t want to do anything.

My hands were shaking but when I finally settled that feeling in me, I stopped being nervous. I said I wasn’t going to do anything and I mean it.

Instead, I reached behind his head and felt for the strap of his spider gag. I undid it and pulled the metal out of his wet mouth. He wasn’t distracted by that, in fact, I thought he looked a bit disappointed by my actions. Did he want me to do something else?

“Now why would you go and do that?” he asked me as he looked up at my face, a smirk on his lips.

“I’m not interested,” I told him.

He didn’t believe me.

“Do you have questions for me, detective?” he asked. He smiled wider when he saw the slight shock on my face. “I saw you stroll in with your friends there.” he gestured to the others that I lost track of.

When I turned to look, I saw the horrid sight I was trying to avoid. Its unprofessional to see them abusing other people just because they work here. Honestly I should not be here witnessing them do this. Some of them have wives and children but here they are partying with a bunch of strippers.

“I also saw you earlier when you were taking down that one molester guy.” he said, smiling. “He touched me once, though he was very disappointed when I told him I wasn’t seventeen.” he laughed.

Okay, that is a problem we should address.

“You’re a hard worker, aren’t you, detective?” he asked me, still smiling.

“How about you?” I asked. “Do you like working here?”

He didn’t even hesitate to answer, “I do,” he said clearly. “Its not as bad as you think. And I’m sure you’ll be able to find a lot of answers here, too.” he continued, hinting that he knew something I was looking for.

I narrowed my eyes at his comment. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to trust him, but I bet he knows the area.

“If you need information, I’m sure one of us has it.” he sounded hopeful that he could help me. “There’s a lot of people that can’t keep secrets. They start spilling their lives, and its obvious we don’t care, but hey, we get paid a lot to do this.” he rolled his eyes. “By the way, you’re gonna have to pay up, too. Just because we’re talking doesn’t mean anything.” he added in quickly.

I should have known.

If I walk away now, maybe I can escape, but I didn’t move an inch from where I was standing. He said people here had answers. My side cases are not something I need to worry about, but right now, there’s something bigger going on and there’s no way for me to crack it. I’ve been getting at it for months but I’ve had no new leads.

I don’t mind paying for answers. I need them.

I moved again, lifting my hands to the knot on the ropes that kept his hands together. He doesn’t like that I’m doing this to him but he didn’t protest when I began untying him. It was a hard knot to get out; I was tempted to find something sharp and just cut the rope but with a little patience, I got his hands free from the rope.

“I don’t think you get the objective of being here.” he told me as he rubbed his wrists. I just shrugged “It must be your first time here then.” he said and smiled. I didn’t have to say a word for him to get it. He moved on to his knees since the ropes around his thighs and legs loosened enough.

“I’m not into all this.” I flat out said when I saw his hands move.

“Then what are you into?” he asked. Before he could touch me, I put my hand on his head and forced him back. He really hated that I was not buying into his seduction. I’m not like that.

I’m always called stale or plain because I don’t do anything fun. This is what my coworkers call fun, this is what my bosses call fun. Going to strip clubs, cheating on their significant others, abusing their powers. This is fun to them and I want to take no part in this.

“Listen, I’m just trying to do my job.” he snapped.

“I get that.” I told him and got my hand off his head. I noticed he had thick blond hair. If I were to touch underneath, would his brunette hair be as thick? “You said I could find answers. What do you know?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you everything if you let me have my own fun afterwards.” he smiled widely. I kept a plain face and waited for him to talk. I was so uncooperative that it frustrated him. He sighed and closed his eyes. “You must be that one detective looking for the psycho that’s been on the loose, right? I’m not about to be a snitch or anything, but he comes here sometimes, and when he does, its not fun.”

“Does he work here?”

“No. He, uh...well, no.” He was unsure of how to answer the question. “Here’s the thing. Our boss is in a tight pinch. And he knows that psycho guy. Lately, our boss has been losing his credibility and our little psycho friend has been abusing his powers.” he said.

I didn’t know that there was a connection here!

Though it should make sense because the first murder was right in this area. I don’t know why I didn’t catch it before.

“My boss ain’t no snitch, so he won’t talk.” he said and sighed. “Right now, he has to keep his lips shut because that psycho is watching. Hell, I could be next on his list just because I talked about him.” he shrugged it off.

“Do you know what he looks like?”

“He always has on a hat or a hood on, so I can never see his face.” he shook his head. “If you’re gonna ask people questions, you better keep it secret.” he warned me. “That psycho is always watching.” he looked around.

“Is there-”

“There’s only so much I can answer while I’m working, detective.” he stopped me. “Understand that I just got a death wish.”

All the murders are gruesome. People are getting twisted around, their blood splattered everything, their bodies cut to pieces. This psycho has really lost his mind.

I will find out who is doing this and I will bring them to justice even if I die while doing it.

I can’t stand here and let people get killed for that twisted psycho’s amusement.

“Thank you for your cooperation.” I said and turned away. Before I could get away though, he had taken my wrist.

“Don’t forget our little deal, detective.” He said and smiled widely. I wanted to forget about it but he wasn’t going to let me get away.

In all honesty, I could have just pushed him away so I could leave but I didn’t think of doing that to him. I did agree to letting him having his fun if he answered some questions for me.

I can’t believe he enjoys doing this. He was smiling widely about it, too. “You never answered my question from before. What are you into?” he asked.

As in sexually?

“Why?” I narrowed my eyes.

I don’t have any interests.

Just being here gives me chills. I know everyone may have their own kinks and fetishes but that’s not me. I don’t have any and I don’t want to find out either.

It just made him smile though and I hesitated. He was counting on me slightly freaking out over a question as simple as that. He wants to know what I’m into so he can do something for me, right? That’s his job. A place like this is a service for all those people that have kinks they would never tell even their closest friends.

“I’m into a lot of things.” he told me and stuck his tongue out, exposing his black tongue piercing. “I’m actually really gross.” he grinned, as if he was proud of himself.

What kind of things could he actually enjoy?

I wasn’t going to solve that mystery ever. This is just a one time thing, and I will never show my face here again. Peer pressure should not scare me into coming here. I can’t be here again.

He was the only one that I was paying attention to and that left an unsettling feeling in me.

He lifted the gag from my fingers. Apparently I forgot that I had it in my hand. He took it and moved the metal in his mouth, his hands moving behind his head as he fastened the black leather hooks. The gag kept his mouth open wide, and the rods pressed against his cheeks. The ball piercing he had on his tongue stuck out. The only reason he would have that is because he thinks he’s good with his tongue.

He winked at me again like he did earlier, and his hands took mine, bringing me forward so I would be closer to him.

I had to keep my deal. He answered my questions, now he gets to satisfy himself.

His hands rubbed over my crotch slowly and his fingers undid my belt. He wasn’t slow about it like I thought he would be. He wanted to have his fun so of course he was eager. When I thought he should be doing this for me, I realized that he was doing this more for himself. Like he said before, he’s into a lot of stuff.

So this job is really because he likes it.

He enjoys being tied up, he likes all the vibrators, he likes being watched and played with.

Is that even the worst of it?

My hands balled up at my side as he touched me. His hands were stroking my cock but no second later did I feel his tongue on my skin. I also felt that piercing of his, too.

The point of the gag was to keep his mouth open. He won’t be able to hide anything even if he tries. I wasn’t going to touch him. I wasn’t going to put my hands on him. I know it would be the greatest time to force myself in his mouth but I didn’t move. My hands stayed balled up at my side and I bit my lip to keep quiet too.

I wasn’t supposed to enjoy this. He was doing this for himself. That’s all it was.

Even as I told myself this, I was having trouble thinking as he sucked on my cock. His mouth was hot, and his tongue kept moving on my skin as he pulled me further into his mouth. Even when I thought he couldn’t handle it, he just proved me wrong. He can handle all of it. His tongue still moved, too, and his mouth got wetter from the saliva he couldn’t hold in his mouth.

I told myself that I wasn’t going to touch him, yet I was struggling to keep my hands to myself. I can’t say that I didn’t feel good. He could even tell because my cock was throbbing in his mouth. I just didn’t want to force him any deeper. He seemed to be taking enough control, he doesn’t need me taking away from his fun.

While he enjoyed himself, I had no choice but to let go and give in.

I was burning hot. The heat was rising in me and that’s all I could think about. I was just about panting as he sucked me off. My heart was jamming in my chest because I haven’t had some random person do this for me. It was new and different and terrifying.

He was good at it, I have to say that. I could feel the back of his throat. The way he swallowed around me made me see stars. What made it worse was the slight vibration on the tip of my cock as he moaned lowly.

His hands pressed on my thighs as he pulled me deeper in his mouth as if already being balls deep wasn’t enough. I could feel so much of him at once. My tip was pressing in his throat, my length was swallowed in his warmth, and I could feel his piercing rubbing on my skin. The further he moved, the more I could feel that small ball on me. His tongue never stopped moving.

I couldn’t control myself at this point.

My hands moved to his head, and I wanted to pull him back so he couldn’t do this to me anymore but instead I was forcing him down just so I would be able to feel the heat of his wet mouth. I moved his head until he had all of my cock deep in his mouth again. The gag kept his mouth wide open for me to have my cock down his throat. His fingers pressed harder in my thighs but I didn’t care, not enough to let him go and breathe.

And when he gagged around my cock, I felt the weakness spread up to my knees making me feel like I should really sit down. My fingers were curling in his hair now, letting go of the grip on his hair so he could pull away.

A pool of saliva coated his tongue and lips. There were strings of it from my cock to his mouth. He gasped for air heavily once he finally got the chance. Did I hurt him? I told myself that I didn’t have to feel bad. He was enjoying this.

That’s all it is.

When he could handle it again, he leaned forward to take my erect cock in his mouth again, this time going all the way down to the base in one go like he needed no effort.

I just couldn’t believe how great I felt. I closed my eyes but what I wanted was to not get too swallowed up in this.

Next thing I know, I’m always coming back here and I don’t want that.

I moved his head back further, my cock slowly slipping out of his wet mouth. His tongue continued to lick my skin and his piercing rubbed on me, making me jolt. My fingers tightened in the blond hair, gripping hard to lift his head up.

I wasn’t going to hold out. I know my limits, but I wasn’t going to let him get there. I couldn’t just give all of myself up like that. As much as I did like this, it was still wrong for me, and nothing was going to change that.

I continued to push his head back until his mouth wasn’t on me anymore. He breathed heavily and stared at my glistening cock that was throbbing in front of his face. Saliva still dripped from his forced open mouth.

I kept his head still and came on his face. I can’t say that I didn’t want to do that at least. He was looking up at me as my cum got on his cheeks and on his nose. Some made it in his mouth but it dripped from his tongue just like his saliva did because he couldn’t hold it.

If he didn’t have the gag in his mouth, I know he would be smiling, I could just tell.

I won’t understand why he enjoys himself here, why any of this turns him on, why this is fun. The way he looked up at me though, I could tell there was more that he could do, more that he was into. It would be a dark path. I got that chilling feeling I got from earlier when I was standing in front of him.

I bet he was going to figure out what I was into, as if I know myself. He wanted to solve that mystery.

That just means he’s counting on me coming back.

I knew I had to get out of there before I did something I would regret. It’s not a good idea for me to just indulge in these things anyway. I practically disappeared and I didn’t tell anyone I was leaving. Considering it was their idea that they put me through all this, I would prefer not to let them know my whereabouts anymore.

We are not doing this again.

In all honesty, I don’t plan on coming back. I just don’t want to.

And the others can’t make me.

Though they can tease me about it.

By the next morning, I was surrounded by loud roars of laughter as my experience was made public. Sure, my experience wasn’t the worst of all the stories that was being shared but for some reason, I was the one in the spotlight. I just wanted to do my work but they were all crowded around my desk, making it hard to focus.

“...yeah, he got his dick sucked so hard that he practically ran out!” Charlie laughed loudly with the others. It’s not that funny so I don’t understand why it looked like the rest of them were about to fall over.

“There’s no reason for everyone to know.” I sighed, irritated.

“Come on, Morgan. Lighten up.” Bryan hit my back. All that made me do was tense up. I don’t like being talked about. “So what was it like?”

“Can we all just go back to work?” I asked loudly so they would stop.

Michael came up beside me. “Coming out with us tonight-”

“Hell no!” I said quickly and they all laughed even louder.

It’s not that funny. And I know they’re teasing me because I don’t talk much about my sexual life with them but there’s a reason for that, because they act so childish. It’s just annoying at times.

They walked away to go do whatever they needed to do.

Harley ruffled her papers, making herself known again because we apparently forgot about her. She was listening to absolutely everything we said and I really didn’t want her to hear any of that. “Well there’s just so much testosterone in the air.” Harley laughed quietly to herself.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized.

“Don’t apologize to me. However you wind down is your choice.” Now she was messing with me. “I’m not one to tell you not to get your-”

“Harley, please.” I stopped her.

“I’m just joking. I’m not as mean as those guys.” She gestured to the smaller group that was still ignoring their work for the day. “But seriously,” she leaned closer and spoke quietly, “is it fun down there cause I was thinking-”


“I’m kidding, I’m kidding.” She laughed when I got a little bit worried. I’m still on edge from last night and I really don’t want to talk about anything that has to do with that part of the city.

Though, one thing was for sure.

I would see myself there again just because one person has more answers than I’ve gotten in the past few months.

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