Super Psycho

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☢Chapter Nineteen☢

TW: Daddy kink, light bondage, edging

It was ten in the morning when I officially decided that I wasn’t going to work despite me telling Harley that I would show up after my week of not showing up. I was sort of busy with my hands full at the moment.

Jaymin was on me as I laid in bed. His mouth was gagged with a ball gag instead of his favorite spider gag. I kept a vibrator over his cock, trying to force him to cum though he has been slightly resistant. His hands were handcuffed in front of him so he wouldn’t be free to move.

This was his idea, I just went along with it, like I usually do.

I wanted to believe that it hurt, like every other time I try to force him to cum, it does hurt. He hates it. He won’t tell me but I knew by the strain in his voice, how he desperately wanted to hold out longer so we could keep at it. He stayed tense over me, his hands pressing down on my stomach, and he groaned miserably as he tried to control himself.

His cheeks were bright red, his eyes were watery, and his skin was getting hot with sweat.

He couldn’t hold out much longer.

He’s the one that likes this kind of torture and pain, yet it looks like he was about to break.

He stiffened up again, leaning forward when I touched the vibrator over his piercings. His been dripping cum but hasn’t made it over the edge. I don’t know what he needs to finally make it, but I’ve kept him right at that point before he cums. It took a lot of energy to hold back, I could see how tired he was and how he he wanted this to be over. His hands tightened up to fists but he couldn’t break the cuffs. He could touch himself but I told him not to.

The gag in his mouth kept his lips open. There was a string of saliva that fell from his bottom lip to the tip of his cock. His eyes shut tight and he did his best to not give up. Though, I was getting tired of his persistence.

I pressed the vibrator harder on to his skin, hoping to get that jerking reaction from him. His cock still twitched with excitement, just begging to cum. He moaned lowly again, this time weaker and his voice cracking. If he wanted to cum without me forcing him, he had to ask for it; his mouth may be gagged but he knows how to ask for it.

He straightened up when he had the strength to endure more of the subtle torture. His labored breathing was ragged and quick. His muscles tensed and his legs tried to close up so his knees could press together. I moved the vibrator lower so is legs would remain open and he would sit obediently on my lap.

There came a point where he stopped caring and wanted to go for it.

My other hand hit his ass when he tried to cum without asking. He knew I would do it, but he was still shocked. His eyes open with surprise when he felt the sting of my hand on his skin sharply.

“Ask.” I said, urging him to tell me he was going to do it. He was hesitant in his voice, but he didn’t ask. My hand hit his skin again, followed by the firm statement that brought shivers up his spine.

I told him to ask and a small whine came from his throat. He looked at me in desperation, wanting to cum so badly because he’s been at the edge for so long. He whined again and leaned his head back as his trembling became noticeable again. His knees pressed together as his hands pushed down on me.

My hand lifted his face up when he was being resistant. I rubbed the vibrator over the tip of his cock, hoping to keep him at the edge until he wants to be good and ask. He closed his eyes again and tried to bite down on the gag, his jaw clenching in frustration.

“You have to ask, Jaymin.”

He moaned weakly but he was still resistant. I don’t know if he thinks its cute or entertaining but I had to be somewhere and it’s always because he wants to be defiant that I’m late. He whined quietly, his hips lifting off me to try and get away from the vibrator. My hand dropped from his face to grip his waist, keeping him in place so he would feeling the vibration over his skin. My fingers were digging into him to hold him still but his shaking and trembling got worse. He moaned louder this time, his legs quivering helplessly on the bed.

Even through all this he doesn’t want to cum.

I know he won’t last that much longer but I guess I was impatient. The toys and keeping him gagged really wasn’t for me. He knows that.

So I decided to stop and do something different.

I lifted the vibrator off him and turned it off, tossing it to the edge of the bed. I took off his handcuffs to. And when I put my hands in his hair to remove the gag, he stared at me, not confused since I always do this but he did seem wary of me. I know he hasn’t came yet, but I always tell him the whole torture thing is not for me.

“You always ruin it.” He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “I was so close.” He complained, breathing hard.

“You clearly didn’t want to.”

“I was just hoping you’d hit me harder.” He said as he leaned back on me, moving his hips to grind on me and get me excited. “The handcuffs were a nice touch. Did you see those and think of me?” He smiled.

“I’ve always had these here from work.”

“Well, you can handcuff me anytime, daddy, you just gotta hit harder next time.” He winked at me, his hand slipping inside my pants to pull my cock out.

“You have got to stop calling me that.” I said in response to his patriarchal language. He knows it’s not my thing. “All I want to do is roll my eyes when you do.”

“My eyes will be rolling if you do this right, daddy.” He just couldn’t stop himself. He laughed when he saw that my expression didn’t change. “Lighten up.”

“It’s hard to when you keep calling me-”

“Daddy?” He really couldn’t stop himself. “Stop kink shaming me. We’ve been doing this way too long.”

“Long enough for you to know I don’t like it.”

“Yes, you do.” He said, his fingers rubbing over the tip of my cock. “You wouldn’t be getting hard if you didn’t. I can understand the other extra talk, but you have to admit that you finally have that characteristic that makes you dominant.”

He thinks too much about this. I don’t know where he’s getting all that from but he’s wrong in the sense that it doesn’t turn me on. It won’t turn me on no matter how many different ways he says it either. Moaning it is not going to change how I feel. And trying to flirt with me won’t change it either.

I shouldn’t care. I should just let him do whatever he wants because that’s how he’ll stay quiet and won’t bother me.

I didn’t say anything as my hands moved to his waist, holding him up as he placed my cock to the tip of his entrance; he played around a little, hoping to get me interested but I stared at him. He knows I want to get this over with. Though, one thing did strike me as confusing.

“I thought you didn’t like vanilla sex.” I said.

“Only for you, Morgan.” he winked at me.

Of course.

I wasn’t going to add to that. The last thing I wanted to do was provoke him into wanting to do something completely not in my interest. If it wasn’t for me feeling on edge all morning, I would’ve just pushed him off me and left. Now, I don’t feel like doing it.

I guess I don’t usually want to leave when he’s around, as weird as that is.

My hands held him down on me when I thought he wasn’t trying hard enough. He should be used to this by now. He squirmed like it was his first time. His hands moved back on the bed and his legs moved up, pressing together so he could try and get my hands away from his waist. He doesn’t writhe this much on a normal day.

“What? Am I hurting you?” I asked, making sure to keep him down on me.

“You think I can handle it all, don’t you?” He asked as I pulled his hips forward more so I could feel deeper inside him. He leaned his head back but I caught a glimpse of his blissful smile before he exposed his neck to me. “Wow, it hurts so good.” his voice was shaking.

I made him open his legs and sit over my lap properly. He’s been shaking all morning, and he was still doing it. Even as he moved, I could feel him trembling at my fingertips. I moved my hips with his to thrust inside him deeper. His hands pressed down on my chest when he didn’t want to hold himself up anymore; then again, I thought he wasn’t focusing, like he really control his body.

He begged me to move harder and I gave it to him just to hear his voice get louder. My hands gripped his hair and pulled him back to straighten up so I could see his entire body move on me. He kept his eyes closed by his mouth stayed open as he moaned louder. I didn’t stop to give him a chance to take a breath. It wasn’t long until his voice went silent as his body tensed up over me.

His fingers curled and his hips tried to rise off me only for my hands to keep him down, making him squirm.

He opened his mouth wider, his upper lip slightly curling as he tried to take it, but then a smile began to form at the ends of his lips. He continuously called me ‘daddy’ as if that would make things better, but if he was enjoying himself, I wasn’t going to stop him. As good as it felt for me, I just wanted to make him cum.

And it looked like he was still at the edge.

It doesn’t matter how hard or how fast I fuck him, he will do his best to keep himself from cumming just so he can last longer with me.

I’m used to all of his expressions. I’ve seen all of the faces he makes when he’s into it. Right now, he couldn’t be as seductive as he usually is, not when he’s busy getting brutally fucked. I looked over his body, seeing the straining in his face, how his cheeks were bright red again, the way he bit his lip to stop himself from cursing, though that didn’t really help; when he opened his eyes, they seemed lost in lust. He was staring at me but he wasn’t thinking. I don’t think he was paying attention.

It was the quick kind of fucking that made things less intimate. Again, he knows I don’t like it. But what I did rather enjoy was seeing the look on his face when I made it hard for him to get control over himself.

My hands gripped harder at his waist as I slowed down, making sure he didn’t try to move away as I got my cock to reach deeper inside him. His fingers just barely pressed down on me. I noticed the intense shaking when his body stopped moving. His cock jerked eagerly at the thought of cumming, well hopefully he was thinking it.

He breathed hard while he tried to come back to his senses. He mashed his lips together, holding back his smile as his hips slowly began grinding on me. He could barely hold it but that didn’t matter to him.

“I’m s-so lightheaded.” he laughed to himself. “Is this what you’ve been hiding from me?” he asked, since we never do anything like this. For him this was too plain, there was nothing exciting, at least until now.

“You’re the one that always wants to do something freaky.” I said as my hands moved down to his thighs, feeling them shake.

“Well I didn’t know you could fuck me like that while sober.”

I rolled my eyes. The whole drug induced sex and how much he likes it is also not for me. Most of the time I don’t remember what happens. I should be thankful for that since I’ve seen the result of the experiences after I’m no longer under the influence. Despite my disdain, Jaymin seemed more than interested to keep going.

“Do it again, Daddy, please.” he begged.

“Oh my God.” My hands moved in my hair in pure frustration.

“Make it hurt this time, too. I like not being able to see.” he was getting excited again, slightly moving his hips to get me interested in being rough with him again.

I dropped my arms and kept my fingers in my hair. I stared up at him, wondering what wouldn’t come out of his mouth. I think I’ve heard him say it all. He smiled at me, sticking out his tongue so I could see his pink colored piercing. I didn’t want to move again if he wasn’t going to cum. It does take a lot of energy so he should show me why I should give him what he wants.

He saw the look on my face and knew what I was going to tell him.

So he leaned back and put his hands down on the bed, grinding on me slowly to get my attention as if he didn’t already have it.

It really wasn’t enough to feel him only grinding on me. That I will admit. I was close to making a move on him again, just like before.

It’s too early for me to be conflicted.

“Ask me.” I told him.

“Please, Daddy, give it to me.”

“That’s not a question.” I said.

He groaned obnoxiously, leaning his head back, and he stopped moving because he was frustrated with me.

“I swear, Morgan, if you don’t fuck me, I’ll just do it myself.” That really wasn’t much of a threaten. He can do anything he wants by himself. I don’t care.

“That’s not very nice-”

"Fuck me, Morgan." he said slowly.

If I didn’t, he would use me and do it himself. That was what he meant. I mashed my lips together as I stared at him. It’s not like I wasn’t going to give him what he wanted. It’s just that he wasn’t asking.

I wasn’t going to fight him since I was getting impatient.

Just as I was about to put my hands to his waist, my phone started ringing. I paused for a second and thought of what I should do. It wasn’t till the next ring that I reached for my phone.

“Oh, come on. Are you fucking kidding me?” Jaymin groaned again.

“It’s Harley-”

“The only reason you should answer is to tell her you wanna have a threesome.” he made himself clear. I was going to ignore his comment though. “Fine, you better hope I don’t get too loud.”

“If one moan slips out of your mouth, I’ll handcuff you to the bed and leave you here with the vibrator.” I threatened him, being absolutely serious because I don’t need Harley on my case. And if she figures out that it’s actually Jaymin if he does slip up, then I’ll really be in trouble. So I would hope that he understands not to be loud.

He smiled at my threat which made me think he was going to be a tease. “Alright, Daddy. I’ll be good.”

I wasn’t going to continue scolding him for calling me that. Apparently it’s kink shaming. I’ve done worse to get him to stop doing something.

I was fully prepared to feel Jaymin moving while I answered my phone. I wasn’t bothered by the fact that he was going to try and make this unbearable for me. It’s not the first time, and I’ve gotten used to it. My one problem is that I have a hard time controlling him, and he knows that I do. I just stared up at him, warning him to not do anything I wouldn’t want him to do.

“Hey, Morgan,” Harley said when I answered. “I just wanted to let you know that you had somewhere to be today.” she mentioned casually though I knew she was upset because I did promise I would show up today.

It doesn’t look good when I don’t come to work. I’ll get fired soon enough.

“I know, I’m just a little busy at the moment.” I said, looking up at Jaymin since he’s the reason why I’m busy.

He smiled but it wasn’t endearing. He straightened up on me and began to move on his own, lifting his hips up so my cock would slide slowly inside him.

“Well, I just wanted to tell you that Keith did like your plan, though it is sort of a hassle.” she told me. “For right now, nothing has gone wrong. The rotations could be smoother, though no one knows what’s going to happen so it can’t be helped.”

“No one else knows anything, right?” I asked.

“No one knows who’s with Vanessa except for Keith. He switches people out randomly so there isn’t a set schedule, and no one watches her twice. This reduces anyone leaking information or trying to plan out who’s going where.”

It’s good to know it’s working.

“However, we’re going to run out of people soon. And sure, Keith can call in more of his friends from different locations, but the shifts are so sporadic that it’s a problem.”

Keith is fighting to move her. He thinks it’s a better idea, which he probably isn’t wrong. It will help short term though. And as much as I believe that we should be helping her and her family get her things together and give them a new life far away from here, Keith believes that she is the only way to find the serial killer. That’s not true, but that’s what he believes. I said I was done telling him what to do and what not to do.

Harley was the one that told him the plan. If my name ever came up in the conversation, then what was happening now would never happen. Keith is that bitter.

I wasn’t going to tell Harley that they should just move Vanessa while they still have the chance out loud. Jaymin was right over me, and if he hears that, things won’t end well.

For a second, I stopped listening to Harley. She was still talking but it sounded like a blur because my focus went elsewhere. Jaymin was still riding me, keeping it slow, but he was getting overzealous. I heard him whispering because he wanted my attention, and the best way he thought to get it was to, of course, whisper dirty things no one would ever say.

“...Morgan? Are you listening?” Harley said loudly.

I definitely wasn’t listening.

“I said I was busy, didn’t I?”

I was so busy.

Jaymin stuck his tongue out before licking the corner of his lips, his tongue moving slowly up to his upper lip; I could see his piercing on his tongue and all I thought about was feeling it. He rolled his hips to grind harder with me before riding me again.

I forgot I was on the phone again. It was getting harder to disguise that I was doing something I wasn’t supposed to, though I can’t let Jaymin know that.

“Anyway, Harley, I’m glad things are working out for now, I’ve got to-”


“I’m busy, Harley.” The longer I’m on the phone with her, the more of a strain this becomes for me.

Jaymin was making me want to do things.

“You’re not drinking yourself to an oblivion, are you?” she asked. I was about to tell her that I’m not an alcoholic. “You are coming to work tomorrow, right?”

“I actually...don’t know about that.” I might stay in bed.

I was still staring at Jaymin. He lolled his head back, his mouth opening wider. I didn’t hear his voice but he was breathing hard. He didn’t put that much effort into trying so maybe he didn’t have to. When he looked at me, I brought my finger to my lips so he would know to stay quiet for a little longer.

“Should I come by later?-” Harley was going to give me a heart attack if she does come by.

“No, don’t!” I said quickly, though that just might make her show up even more. “I mean, I’m fine. And I had something to do anyway.” I recovered so it didn’t seem like I didn’t want her around.

It’s just that...I don’t know how long I was going to be busy, considering how Jaymin likes to make everything last so long.

“Alright, do whatever you’re doing, Morgan. I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.” she said politely.

What I really wanted was for her to call back in an hour or so.

“I’ll call you later, Harley. I promise everything is okay.” I said. I didn’t want her to think I was being rude to her, but I did have to go. I ended the call the second that I could and let my phone slip from my fingers.

Jaymin laughed quietly. “I can’t believe you’re letting her come between us.”

“You’re delusional.” I said quickly and put my hands to his waist, making him sit further down so I could feel deeper inside him.. “There’s nothing between us. When I’m done, I’m kicking you out.”

“You’re so mean-” He was about to finish his complaint but I didn’t let him.

My hips started moving again, this time rougher than before, and the feeling cut him off. He just barely moaned as I fucked him. My fingers were digging into his skin again, hoping to keep him down while I moved; his hands grabbed my wrist when the pain got to him.

“H-harder.” he moaned, his voice breaking.

It was getting hotter faster. My entire body was tensing but I didn’t stop. I wanted to feel more of the heat that made my skin burn. It was beginning to pool in my stomach. The faster I moved, the better it felt inside him. He really was making me work for it, but the one thing I enjoyed out of this was seeing his expression.

My hands couldn’t grip any harder on him. I’d really hurt him when I don’t mean to. I looked up to see his face again; he was just barely there, almost completely gone from the pure bliss. He didn’t keep his eyes open long; for a few seconds, I only saw the whites of his eyes. His jaw fell open and I heard the moans that were fucked out of him.

Finally, he came. It took my entire morning but he finally did. His hands pressed down on my chest so he could lean forward when he couldn’t hold himself up. I slowed enough that I could feel deep inside him, his body jerking from me reaching so deep. He was even tightening around me, too. My hands kept him down as he came; his hips were still shifting on me but he couldn’t get that far away. I wanted to tell him to stay down and take it but I was out of breath, too.

It all just became a blur for a few seconds. It was like a white hot flash that consumed me but it wasn’t enough to get me to cum.

I was hot and sweating, and I don’t think I’d be able to last that much longer if I kept going.

I brought Jaymin down on my bed so I could get on top of him. He was still shaking, but this time he did it all over. The ends of his lips curved upwards in a slight smile as he took advantage of the moment. I don’t know what he feels but it must be great.

“Wow,” he said, completely out of breath. His chest rose and fell with every gasp. He tried so hard but it was like he couldn’t breathe. ” fun.” he looked up at me.

Well I’m glad he thinks so.

I’m tired.

I moved my hips back and pulled out of him slowly. I didn’t cum yet. My cock jerked, aching to release, but I just wasn’t there yet.

Jaymin noticed rather quickly, and he put his hands on my chest so he could push me down in bed again. For some reason, he just wants me to stay down.

The way he licked his lips said that he was going to enjoy every last second of sucking my cock. He never gets that look in his eyes unless he’s doing one specific thing.

He moved lower on me and his fingers wrapped around my cock; I felt his mouth wrapping around the tip right after. I took a breath and lifted my hand into my hair, pushing it out of my face as he sucked me off.

He enjoys doing this too much.

If I didn’t entertain his enjoyment for doing this, I’m sure it wouldn’t be so serious, but he absolutely loves it.

He says he likes feeling the weight of my cock in his mouth. He likes tasting me. He likes drinking my cum. I don’t know what to tell him so I don’t say anything. I have to admit that I do like feeling his mouth on me.

I closed my eyes and tried to keep my hands to myself. As much as I know he likes when I force him down, I just didn’t want to do that to him right now. His mouth was good enough like that. I was so close to cumming that I didn’t care.

His tongue pressed down over the length of my cock, his piercing rubbing on me and making me twitch. He breathed on me hard and the warm was enough to get me closer.

He sucked me off like he was hungry. And I wasn’t surprised because he has that kind of attitude all the time when he does this.

I opened my eyes slowly to look at him, to see what he looked like with my cock in his mouth. His fingers stroked me slowly, trying to get me to cum in his mouth. My fingers twitched on their own; my hand lifted to push his head down lower so he could swallow my entire cock in his wet mouth. He took it so easily which made this feel even better.

That’s what made me want to cum.

He pulled away but kept the tip of my cock in his mouth. I released on to his tongue because he was so eager for it. His hands continued to stoke me so he could get it all. The warmth spread throughout my body, making me tense and shake slightly. Even as he pulled his mouth away, a bit of my cum hit his face, getting around his lips.

He swallowed what was in his mouth and stuck out his tongue, showing me that his mouth was empty.

“Thanks for breakfast, Daddy.” he smirked as he came up over me.

“You’re never going to stop.”

“If you want me to, you gotta make me.” he got close to me as my hands moved to his face, my palms pressing on his cheek.

My tongue licked over his lips, tasting the cum that he didn’t want to lick off himself. It was either that or he was waiting for me to do it. Whatever it was, he got into it too.

I was supposed to be somewhere today but it was clear that I wasn’t going anywhere.

I pulled a long sleeve shirt over my head so I could put it on. I could hear Jaymin going on and on about how I so “desperately” tried to kick him out earlier. I don’t get why he wants to stay but after a while, I stopped trying to get him to leave. It’s better if he stays, though he is rather invasive. Now he starts taking my things and wearing my clothes. I walked out of my room and saw him sitting on the kitchen counter, which was his favorite place since he likes to act like I don’t have chairs around. He was wearing my shirt and my sweatpants. I could smell my soap and shampoo on him.

It’s like, I want him to leave, but it’s not like I’m going to physically pick him up and make him go. He’s just going to sit there and kick his feet around while he waits for me to show him attention.

“Don’t you have...somewhere to be?” I asked.

“Not particularly, no.” He thought to himself as he rolled his eyes, looking around and pursing his lips. “I’m not busy or anything.”

“If it weren’t for you, I’d be at work right now.” I sighed.

“But what’s the better alternative, huh?” he asked, wanting me to say that being with him was more fun than going to work.

It wasn’t.

I gave him a plain look so he knew what the real answer was. He wanted to hide his smile but he couldn’t.

“We should drink.” he suggested.

I’m still trying to detox from my five days of binge drinking. I’ve been clean since last night. I would like to keep it that way for a while so I can get myself together.

“You’re not a very good influence.” I said as I took the bottle of scotch he somehow had in his hands and put it away somewhere else.

“I ain’t exactly a very good person, Morgan.” he told me.

We both know that, it’s not like he has to tell me.

“I’m curious.” he started. He’s always curious. “I’m surprised to see that you’re not crumbling from your breaking mentality.” he said.

I looked at him again. Did he want me to cry or something? I did snap already, that’s why I was secluded for five days. Now I’m fine. But I stared at him anyway, a bit confused because it really does seem like he’s trying to mess with me more than he used to.

“You’re not trying to protect me or hide me.” he added.

“By the friends you have, you definitely don’t need my protection.” I scoffed as I reached in a cabinet to get a bowl.

“Are you scared of me?” he asked like it was an innocent question.

It really wasn’t. He tends to ask me loaded questions a lot. He’s going to act on it no matter how I answer.

“If I say yes, your ego will probably get extremely swollen. If I say no, you’ll try to condition fear into me.” I said plainly and shrugged. “You don’t need to know anything.”

I have my moments of absolute fear. But I’m getting too old to let myself get eaten away by things I’m not controlling very well. I’m tired of what I’m seeing, so I decided not to care.

“You’re very calm-”

“You’re invasive. And disrespectful. You don’t respect personal space. You’re sharp tongued and vulgar.” I listed the things I don’t like about him. “I can keep going if you need me to.” I said.

“You’re so mean to me.” he pouted.

I know I am. He doesn’t leave me alone. After some time, he stops being bothersome, but still.

I know what he’s waiting on. He wanted to know what’s going on with Vanessa. He wasn’t going to ask out loud, but he wants to know what’s going on. If I hide her from him, he will come for me. But I guess it’s a better choice anyway. Right now, I’m trying to get her hidden, and that’s what makes him anxious.

“She’s gonna die, you know.” He said when my silence continued as I moved around. He didn’t have to sound certain with me. It’s like he was stating a fact.

We both know she’s going to die. He’ll make it happen, and I’ll fail to stop him. I don’t think I wanted to put in the effort anymore. He already went through so much trouble to kill the rest of the family, the blow back we’ll receive when he doesn’t get Vanessa will be incredible.

He doesn’t mess around, and that’s why I don’t do that much more work anymore.

“Okay.” I shrugged again as I turned to look at him, putting the bowl down. “What am I supposed to do?”

“She can’t stay protected forever.”

“Again, I’m not doing anything.”

I give it a few more days before he’s literally aching to kill her. I’m not stalling with Vanessa, I’m stalling with Jaymin. I didn’t try so hard to kick him out because the longer he’s here, I can keep an eye on him. If I keep him here, Vanessa lives another day. I can always handcuff him to the bed.

That’s a good idea.

“Keep me here as long as you want, Morgan.” He figured it out rather easily. “You know I don’t mind staying with you.” He hopped off the counter and was about to leave but I stopped him, cornering him by putting my hands down on the counter. “You also know how to get me to stay down. The second you leave, I will, too. And you know what happens next by now.” He said.

If I keep him here, then everything is fine. I just don’t know how long I can keep him here. If I leave, he will, too. I can hold out for a few days, but after that, I don’t know what will happen.

I can expect a lot of things to happen.

“Gonna fuck me, or not?” He tugged on my shirt.

I thought earlier would be enough but for him, but it wasn’t. I shouldn’t be surprised. My hand tapped the counter so he would get on again. He got himself up slowly and sat obediently, his hands lifting to my face, his fingers touching my hair lightly as his palms touched my cheeks.

“You turn me on.” He said quietly. I wanted to roll my eyes but I didn’t. Instead, I just took a breath, trying to control myself. He saw how much effort I had to use to not fall for whatever he says. “You’re hot, Morgan. Gotta get used to me around you now.”

I sort of figured that.

I stopped fighting whatever he did to me. That’s just me giving up. I know what the inevitable is. I’m at that point where I don’t care.

“You’re not going to leave me alone, are you?”

We both knew that answer.

He smiled widely. “Never.”

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