Super Psycho

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Epilogue Two: The Psycho and His Murderer

I put the last box in the trunk of the car. There were three, and they were filled with different bottles of alcohol. I finally got scotch this time.

“You’re just fueling your alcoholism.” Jaymin walked up to me as he tossed a bag in the trunk. His hands pulled down the towel that was over his head to show his wet hair that he dyed bleach blond. He got it cut, too, but it wasn’t that much shorter.

I looked over to him when he called me an alcoholic.

“I’m not an alcoholic.” I said plainly to him.

“You’re only bringing vodka. You have one bag of clothes.” he pointed out for me to see since he thought I was blind.

I don’t have only vodka. I had to make sure he knew that.

“There’s scotch and tequila in here. Not just vodka.”

“There’s something wrong with you.”

I’ve been saying that about him for a while now. Clearly there was something wrong with me but he has a lot more going on. I looked back to make sure I had everything.

We plan on driving to Florida, but our final destination is Sanibel Island. Jaymin really does know some influential people and threatened his way to getting what he wanted. I’m sure the people that know him were excited to give him tickets to get far away from them as possible. I clearly don’t need all this alcohol but I’m going to do my best to bring it with me in case there isn’t any when we get there.

I was just ready to go.

The only thing on the news was the mass homicide of thirty five people in the city and a few severe fires that killed and injured twenty more. My face was absolutely everywhere considering I had the audacity to not be stealthy for my first big kill. The news is spreading to other city rather quickly, and I give it one more day till it spreads to other states.

Jaymin and I really need to leave, because if we don’t and we get caught, we’ll get the worst penalty.

“We have to get going.” I said since we were in a hurry.

“Wait, we have to make a stop in Atlanta.” he said quickly as I closed the trunk of the Lexus. “There’s something we have to do.”

No, we don’t.

“We have nothing to do. We have to be in Miami in three days.” I told him as I put my sunglasses on. He began to pout because I wasn’t giving him a chance to tell me what we were supposed to do.

I rolled my eyes and gave him the chance. I might as well listen or he will never leave me alone. It’s a long drive and I can’t deal with him complaining the entire way there.

“Okay,” he pulled a picture out of his jacket pocket. “This is Enrique Fernandez, a very wealthy restaurant owner in downtown Atlanta.” he showed it to me.

I haven’t seen this person in almost five years. I reached for the picture but he moved his arm so I wouldn’t touch it. Behind it was another picture of a woman.

“Enrique Fernandez apparently fled from Vegas to Atlanta five years ago when he had a mental break down, resulting in the murder of his ex girlfriend, Alessandra Trujillo -soon to be Caverly- on her wedding night.” he said, finally letting me snatch the pictures out of his hand.

She was wearing a short white dress and had her black cap on her head. My chest seemed to cave.

“She was dead within seconds, and her fiance was left in shock for days, barely able to speak to anyone as friends and family prepared for a funeral.” he explained.

I don’t know where he...

I remembered everything.

“We both know she wasn’t going to take your last name though, she was too successful already.” he said but I ignored him.

I stared at the picture of my fiance. I don’t know where Jaymin got this picture but it was taken when she graduated from law school. I was the one that took this picture that day. It was that day her dad gave her a job at his firm, and it was that night that I proposed to her.

It started to hurt all over again.

“Fernandez was never found because he changed his name. His real name is-”

“Mateo Cruz.” I could remember everything like it was yesterday and that’s what made me feel worse. I just... “He killed my fiance and got away with it.” I said quietly.

“Well, by tomorrow night, he’s really going to have an issue.” Jaymin laughed.

He wants me to kill Mateo for what he did. He killed my fiance and they could never find him. The police didn’t even try that hard. For months I wanted to find him but I could barely do anything because I was still so shocked.

And after a while, I just shut out the anger and pain and did my best to continue with my life.

Jaymin tried to reopen a deep wound. Does he want me to go on another anger binge where I kill for the fun of it and to release my frustration?

Not only would I kill Mateo, I would burn everything he owns to the fucking ground. And that’s the problem.

I ripped up the pictures. I had to swallow my anger so I wouldn’t lose myself. There’s no reason for me to be in Atlanta. I wanted to play oblivious. I wanted to pretend that Jaymin didn’t know about who Mateo was and where I could find him.

“No, we’re not going.” I said and dropped the pieces to the ground.

“Come on! If we’re going to leave, we have to make sure there’s no regrets.”

Regrets? I would regret killing this man...years later while I’m laying on the beach. Okay, Jaymin and I both know I wouldn’t regret it but that’s not the point.

“Jaymin, I’m not going to torture this man-”

“After he killed your fiance? Seriously, Morgan?” he had that tone like he didn’t believe me. “You don’t even have to torture him. Just shoot him in the face.” he tried to reason with me, but I wasn’t having it.

“We’re not going to Atlanta.” I wanted that to be final.

“You’re no fair.” he whined.

“Sorry I don’t want to kill someone for the fun of it.” I commented sarcastically and walked around the car to the driver’s side.

“I’ll suck your dick if you take me to Atlanta.”

That didn’t make me change my mind.

“Get in the car, Jaymin.” I said so he would stop.

I just want to get to Miami so we don’t miss our flight. It’s bad enough that we’re wanted, but he wants me to go on a killing spree. I just changed my look, got a new identity, and I would prefer to keep this one clean since who I really am is being watched.

Jaymin only stayed quiet for five minutes in the car before something started bothering him. “I think we should go out to eat.” Jaymin said as he rubbed his hair with his towel.

I think we should get far enough away before we show our faces anywhere. As different as we try to look, I’m sure we could be recognized if we’re not careful.

“Dying your hair blond isn’t hiding.” I mentioned as I drove.

“Don’t worry about me, Sharpshooter, I can handle myself rather well.” he said.

I rolled my eyes.

“Though, if you like the hair, you can tell me.” he reached over, leaning on to me though I was driving.

"If I liked anything about you, I’d probably let you know.” I said but that didn’t stop him from kissing my face.

“My mouth seems to be something you like.”

“Your throat.” I corrected.

“Well you know what I’d like down my throat.” he was trying but I wasn’t picking up the bait. He kissed my neck, his hand moving into my shirt to touch my chest.

“I’m driving.”

“Is that supposed to stop me?”

“Can’t you wait a bit till we get somewhere?” I asked, slightly annoyed. He’s not supposed to get me excited. I had to push him away and make him sit in his seat.

I know I’m going to have to stop somewhere so he can let out his frustration. It’ll be a matter of time before he actually does lose it.

I took a back road I was familiar with just so we could get out of the city. Everyone was on high alert so there was police everywhere. It’s not that I don’t think we’ll make it. It’s just that it might be a little difficult. The back roads might take longer but it was quieter. There were barely any cars. And since it was early in the morning, we were practically alone.

Right on the two laned road, a police car was parked with the lights flashing. There were no other cars behind me or coming from the other side of the police car. My mind didn’t spiral to all these different scenarios to figure out how we were going to get away. In fact, I knew we would get out of this.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Jaymin said bitterly and sat up straight as we got closer to the car.

I didn’t panic.

I saw who was standing in front of the police car. I slowed down to stop, leaving enough distance just so nothing bad happens. I had to be on guard.

“It’s just Harley.” I said.

“You missed one?” he asked, referring to the shooting. “You did it on purpose, didn’t you?”

“She wasn’t even there that night.”

He wasn’t satisfied that I wasn’t as heartless as he was. I know he wouldn’t hesitate to kill Harley, so the second he reached for his gun, I stopped him.

“I’ll take care of her.” I assured him.

“The first mistake was letting her get away.” he reminded me. He wants no one to know about what I did but I’m sure everyone can put two and two together. “Kill her, Morgan.” he was expecting me to.

“Stay here.” I told him as I got out of the car.

Harley was waiting patiently for me since she knew I would leave this way. This is what I get for having a friend I tell all my hypothetical situations to. She was the only person here. I don’t know if she called someone, if she has back up coming, if someone is watching. I guess I trusted her enough to let me go. She kept her hands together in front of her as she stood in front of the police car with the lights flashing.

“He changed his hair again.” she gestured to Jaymin who was sitting in the car, doing everything he could to not kill Harley on a whim.

“What do you want, Harley?” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“You’re actually leaving?” she asked.

“I figured you saw the news...and all the evidence.” I said slowly since she wanted me to stay. I thought she’d yell at me.

It was lucky for her that she went home early that night. I wouldn’t have guaranteed she’d make it out of the fire alive. It’s not me being ruthless, it’s just me knowing that I so easily blacked out and lost it.

She should be happy she’s alive.

The way she shifted said she didn’t want to talk about what happened. She lost a good portion of her coworkers. She lost the place where she works. I practically ruined her life. Yet, she was standing in front of me, sad that I was leaving instead of angry about what I did.

If I leave, she’ll be alone.

“Just go somewhere else, Harley. There’s no reason for you to still stay.” I said, swallowing my guilt. Clearly it’s a problem that I feel this way. No wonder Jaymin wants me to kill her.

“No, I’s fine. I’ll make it work.” she looked away, shaking her head. “I won’t get far, Morgan-”

“It’s James now.” I corrected her.

“Got a last name?” She asked.

“Why? So you can put me on the no fly list?” I asked, a bit cautious. I know she’s doing her job, so I can’t put all my trust in her.

She sighed and moved slowly, wanting to come closer to me but she hesitated. We both know what’s going to happen here.

“I...won’t say anything for a few days.” She stared down at the ground. She’ll stall for us. “After that, if I find a trace of you anywhere, I’ll send people after you.” she warned me quietly, still staring at the ground.

“Thanks, Harley.”

“Would it be wrong for me to say be careful since you’re...a killer now, or something?” she asked.

“Don’t worry about me.” I don’t need her doing that for me anymore. “You need to get yourself together, now. Stop worrying about other people.”

“Okay.” she wiped her face.

“You’re letting us go?” I asked. She nodded slowly as she stepped aside.

I do feel bad for her. I didn’t think I would be so angry that night and literally kill everyone there for the fun of it. Well, it was for revenge but same thing. Harley has no one, and it’s my fault. After everything she’s done for me, she deserves so much better.

I turned away to go back to my car. Jaymin had been watching the entire time and he did not look happy as he sat in the passenger side. I don’t know what to do to make him happy. He knows I’m never going to hurt Harley.

I don’t know what to tell him.

I got in the car and he pouted angrily. It wasn’t till I turned to him that he decided to talk.

“She’s still breathing, Morgan.” he said angrily.

Right. That’s all he wanted from me. I’m not going to kill every single person that comes in contact with me or looks at me the wrong way.

“I’m not going to kill her.” I said.

“That threesome idea is dead now. She’s got to go.” he argued.

I ignored him as I drove by the police car. Jaymin grumbled to himself, and I bet he was making eye contact with Harley. That’s the only reason he got so mad.

From the corner of my eye, I saw that he reached into his jacket pocket to take out a gun.

“I’ll just get her myself.” he said as he loaded it.

I didn’t give him a chance to act on that threat. My other hand that wasn’t on the wheel reached for my gun quickly, pointing it right at his temple as a threat. If I hear his gun go off, so will mine.

“I don’t want blood and brains in the car, Jaymin.” I warned him.

He laughed dryly but he didn’t move. “You’re crazy.”

“Takes one to know one.” I said.

“Well now you owe me a body.”

I did. Since he doesn’t get Harley, I’ll have to find someone else.

Guess we’re going to Atlanta. I might as well empty the rounds I have in this gun. And who better to use it on than the guy who just about ruined my life and killed my fiance?

It was a cruel thought, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do, how much blood I wanted everywhere. I want a fire so bright that people will be able to see it for miles.

My hand tightened on the wheel as I put my gun away. I wanted to swallow my anger but I couldn’t. This time, I felt the burning fire that spread throughout my body.

It was just like two nights ago, but this time, it felt better. It’s my own volition to kill, and I like it.

“I’ll get you your body.” I said to Jaymin.

I’ll definitely give him something worth while.

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